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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/16/07

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Written By Eva

At the Beacon, Cassie and Josh are finishing a romantic dinner but Cassie wants to leave because Billy has been at the office all day and she thinks its time they go to work. Josh insists they wait for dessert and when it arrives on the plate is a beautiful bracelet. Cassie wonders why Josh gave her a present and he explains it is the three month anniversary of they day they said I love you to each other. Cassie doesn’t think they should celebrate such things because whenever they are too happy something bad always happens to spoil their happiness.

At the hospital, Lillian informs Reva that her friend Cal’s cancer is bad and the prognosis isn’t good. Reva cries a little and is determined to support Cal through this no matter how much he says he doesn’t need anyone.

At Cross Creek, Beth is surprised not to find Lizzie so she makes a phone call to try and figure out where Lizzie may have gone.

In the car, Lizzie explains to Sarah that today she is going to have to tell her father a little story to get him to come back to his family.

At Tammy’s place, Jonathan and Tammy plan to live happily ever after and plan to buy a house with a big back yard so Sarah will have a place to play. Jonathan also plans to always give Sarah lots of Christmas presents like the kind his stepfather Alfred always promised him but never gave him.

Outside the church, Lizzie puts on a tape of the story of the three little pigs and tells Sarah she loves her and would never leave her alone unless she had a good reason. Lizzie gives Sarah a kiss and tells her that she will only be alone for a little while because her father will soon arrive to get her. Lizzie goes inside the church and tells father Ray that she needs to talk to someone about her post partum depression because she feels very alone and confused all the time. Someone gets into Lizzie’s car and starts the engine unaware that Sarah is inside the car.

At Tammy’s place, Jonathan tells Tammy that he used to think that guys who talked about their families all the time were losers and now he is being so mushy about Sarah. Tammy tells Jonathan she always knew he was mushy but he never showed it because he was afraid to be happy.

At the hospital, Reva encourages Cal to fight for his life because there is still a lot of life to live but Cal knows he won’t survive the operation so he tells Reva not to waste another second of her life because from now on she will be living for the two of them. Cal jokes that if Reva lets them put Caleb on his tombstone he will come back from the grave and haunt. Reva is upset that Cal didn’t tell her that he was sick and wants to know the reason why Cal chose not to tell her. Cal explains to Reva that it was the same reason she chose not to tell Josh about her illness.

At the Beacon Josh calls the baby sitter to make sure she can spend the night with R.J the baby sitter says she can do so and hopes that Cassie was happy with her surprise. Josh tells the baby sitter that she was and they will be staying at a suite at the Beacon in case of an emergency.

At the Church, Someone interrupts Father Ray’s session with Lizzie and informs him that someone stole her car. Lizzie panics and admits to Father Ray that Sarah is in the car and that she left her there so she could get her husband back. Lizzie Cries and begs Father Ray to call the police so that they can find Sarah. Lizzie calls Jonathan who is search in the newspaper for houses at Tammy’s place. Lizzie cries and tells Jonathan that someone stole the car with Sarah inside and she is at the church talking to father Ray. Jonathan doesn’t believe her and hangs up the phone before Lizzie can get Father Ray to tell him what happened. Jonathan tells Tammy that something happened to Sarah and they rush to the church to meet Lizzie.

At the hospital, Cal asks Reva to tell him about the steak dinner she had with Alan and also about her complicated relationship with Alan. Reva explains to Cal that she and Alan were married once and now their relationship is even more complicated because Jonathan is married to Lizzie and they are fighting about Sarah. Cal tells Reva he is sure that Granny Reva will win the fight. Cal tells Reva about his first love Julia whom he married and loved very much but their marriage ended in divorce. Cal tells Reva that her relationship with Josh reminds him of his relationship with Julia. Reva wonders if Cal wants her to call Julia but Cal tells her it’s to late for him and Julia but its not to late for her relationship with Josh. Lillian arrives to take Cal to his operation but before he leaves he tells Reva to honor his memory by going out tonight to have fun and celebrate his life. Reva cries a little and gives Cal a kiss on the cheek before he leaves the room.

At the Beacon, Josh and Cassie begin to make love but because of all the candles in the room the smoke detector goes off. An employee arrives and sprays both Josh and Cassie with the fire extinguisher. Josh pays the employee for the damage and asks him to leave them alone. A few minutes later room service arrives with a note saying compliments of the management. Josh and Cassie are happy because finally their luck is getting better. Josh and Cassie open the plates and discover the hotel has gotten the orders confused and given them two children’s plates with food that looks inedible. Josh and Cassie decide not to eat and instead make love.

At the Church, Jonathan arrives and demands to know what Lizzie did with Sarah. Lizzie cries and tells Jonathan that she only left her alone in the car for a little while and came inside to talk to father Ray about her depression. Jonathan tells Lizzie to stop lying because he knows she is faking her depression. Jonathan tells Lizzie she doesn’t care about Sara that she would sell her on the internet as long as she could get whatever she wanted which in this case happens to be him.

At Cross Creek, Reva calls Billy and explains she has had a hard day and needs to go out and dance and have fun. Reva is getting dressed to meet Billy and feels pain when she lifts her arm she looks at herself in the mirror and fears that her cancer has returned.

At the church, Frank arrives and tells Jonathan that they found the car and the baby. Frank explains that as a precaution the paramedics are checking Sarah but she is fine. Jonathan holds Sarah and vows to never let Lizzie hurt Sarah again. Beth arrives and Lizzie begs her not to let Jonathan take Sarah but Beth agrees with Jonathan that the baby should stay with him until the custody hearing. Jonathan tells Lizzie he is filing for sole custody tomorrow and letting the courts decide who should keep Sarah. A devastated Lizzie sobs and tries to grab Sarah away from Jonathan but Beth Holds her back and Jonathan leaves with Sarah and Tammy.

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