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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/15/07

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Written By Richard

Reva knocked on the door of Cal's Apartment. She noticed he was wearing a baseball cap and she feared that he was sick again, and that the cancer was back. Beth and Alan were together at a Restaurant, and Beth accused Alan of trying to come between Lizzie and Jonathon. Lizzie came in and said to them that her and Jonathon would be together and she yelled at Alan for thinking otherwise. Tammy and Jonathon were at Reva's house and they were kissing each other. Tammy told Jonathon that Lizzie was sick, and that she would not let her stand in their way of being together anymore.

Tammy said to Jonathon that Lizzie lied about everything, and that she was acting out her depression and her breakdown from a TV Movie Of The Week. She said that she was so good, she should win an Emmy. Jonathon told Tammy that he was a fool to believe Lizzie, and that he was going to leave Lizzie. Lizzie said to Alan that he was trying to ruin her life and she walked out. Beth told Alan to back off and leave Lizzie alone. Alan told Beth that he was going to take Sarah away from her. Reva was worried about Cal and Cal told her not to worry about him. Cal felt that he really didn't have that much time left, and he said he wasted a lot of time chasing after brainless bimbos. Cal told Reva to go out and get a nice steak dinner, and think of him when she had it, and that was the way she could help him. Reva left with tears in her eyes.

Tammy wanted Jonathon to leave with her, and he told her that he wanted to wait and tell Lizzie that he was leaving. Lizzie saw Tammy and Jonathon kissing each other through the window. Tammy left Reva's house. Beth told Alan to give up on his plan to hurt Lizzie, and Alan said to her that she could either help him with his plan or to get out of his way. Beth left the Restaurant. Reva walked in and sat down at the table next to Alan. Remy told Tammy that if she chose Jonathon that she would be losing out on the better man, meaning him. Jonathon told Lizzie that he knew all about her lies, and that he was going to leave her. Lizzie cried and begged Jonathon to stay. She said that she was sick, and Jonathon wanted to take her to the hospital so she would stay there until she gets well. Lizzie refused and told him that their daughter needs both of her parents with her. Jonathon left saying that he couldn't be with her, and Lizzie said that if he left something bad might happen to her and Sarah. Jonathon turned around and looked at her and wondered what she meant.

Reva told Alan that she would not help him in his plan to take Sarah away from Lizzie. Reva ordered her and Alan a steak dinner. Reva showed Alan pictures of Sarah and Alan's eyes lit up when he saw them, and Reva wondered why Alan couldn't act like this all the time. Remy told Tammy that he can't always be there for her, and he left. Jonathon asked Lizzie if she would ever hurt herself or Sarah. Lizzie cried that she would never ever hurt her. Lizzie said that if Tammy wasn't in the picture that they would both be together with each other. Jonathan stormed out and left, and Lizzie yelled that he promised to always take care of her and Sarah. Just then, Jonathon came back in, and he said that she was right. Beth warned Tammy that something bad was going to happen to her if she didn't leave Lizzie and Jonathon alone.

Tammy told Beth that Lizzie and Jonathon were broken up now, and that she couldn't do anything about it. Beth told Tammy that she felt like something bad was going to happen to her, and she walked away. Alan told Reva that their family is all that they had left. Reva and Alan both agreed that Sarah was their hope for the future. Jonathon told Lizzie that their daughter does need her two parents to raise her. Lizzie ran to Jonathon and hugged him. Then Beth walked in the hose, and Jonathon said that he called her over here so that Lizzie would not be alone, and he left. Lizzie cried and cried and was devastated.

Reva said Goodbye to Alan, and they enjoyed their dinner together. Lizzie cried and Beth tried to console her. Jonathon went to see Tammy and he said to her that he had broken up with Lizzie. Lizzie got up and went over to Sarah and picked her up and she said to her that she was all she had left, and that she was her bargaining chip to get Jonathon back.

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