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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/12/07

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Written By Richard

Lizzie and Reva were at Reva's house, and Lizzie asked Reva if she knew when Jonathon would be coming home. Reva didn't know, and she asked Lizzie if she would be OK with the baby if she went out for a little bit. Lizzie told her that she would be fine. Buzz and Olivia were looking at Wedding cakes. Ava was sitting in Alan Michael's hotel room with him, and she asked him if he brought her to Paris for work or for something more. Rick came over to Reva's and Lizzie asked him to help her find Jonathon. Tammy was in the Church and Cassie came in and found her there. Tammy asked Cassie to stop her from doing something really bad. Josh was at Billy's hotel room when Shelia walked in, she told him that Reva was wrong for treating her the way that she did, and that she had no right to treat her like that. She told Josh that she really loved Billy. Josh received a phone call, and Shelia overheard Josh saying that money was being transferred into Billy's bank account. Josh wanted to apologize for the way Reva acted, and then Reva burst in and was angry at Josh for speaking for her.

Ava accused Alan Michael of trying to use the business trip to get close to her. Alan said that this was only business and that Ava could leave if she wanted to. Ava chose to stay, joking that she would bolt the door at night since they had adjoining rooms. Jeffery approached Buzz and Olivia who were sitting at a table together and he told Buzz that he talked to Coop and that Coop was working on a plan. Reva and Josh staged a fight so that they could leave Shelia in Billy's hotel room. They wanted to set her up so they could catch her in the act of stealing from Billy. They had a picture of her trying to break into Billy's bank account on their cell phone, and they were going to confront Billy about it. Just then, Billy came in and took the phone out of Josh's hand. Rick told Lizzie that no matter what happens with Jonathon, she didn't have to raise Sarah alone. Tammy told Cassie that she was very sorry that she made her worry about her. She said that she knew that Lizzie had set her up to make it look like she had slept with Jonathon. Tammy told her that she would fight Lizzie for Jonathon.

Jeffrey told Olivia that he was watching out for Ava, and that his getting involved in her life had nothing to do with her. He was only looking out for Ava, and he asked her if she had wished that she had someone looking out for her when Olivia was her age. Ava walked into Alan Michael's hotel room wearing a red beret. She talked all about the beauty of Paris. She told Alan Michael that she was sorry about what she said before, and that she wanted to work together. When Ava got up and went to her room to get her computer, there was a knock on the door, and Alan Michael opened the door, there was Coop. Josh, Reva, and Billy walked into Billy's hotel room, and caught Shelia with Billy's check in her hand. Shelia had tried to explain, but Billy accused her of being a thief. Tammy told Cassie that she would be ok, and Cassie left. Then Lizzie walked in the Church with Sarah and told Tammy that she trying to steal her husband.

Tammy told Lizzie that she was aware of her games. Lizzie said that Jonathon was with her because he wanted to be with her, and that Tammy was "a slutty home wrecker". Billy had known that Shelia was trying to steal money from him, and he called he on that. Shelia tried to talk her way out of it, but it was no use. Billy said he wished that Shelia had signed his name to the check then he would have the cops after her. Shelia told him that there was nothing that he could do to her, and that he was a washed up alcoholic and she was only with him for his money. Shelia stormed out. Reva wanted to go after her, but Josh and Billy stopped her. Josh said to Billy that he was sorry that this turned out the way it did. Olivia called Ava and told her that she was worried about her. Coop stormed into Alan Michael's hotel room and demanded to see Ava. He told Alan Michael that he would tell her that he tricked her into coming on this trip. Alan Michael informed Coop that she didn't need a watchdog, and he tried tostop Coop from getting to see Ava. Coop punched Alan Michael out and Ava looked on.

Ava yelled at Coop and told him to stop. Coop had tried to convince Ava that Alan Michael forced her to come to Paris but Ava would not hear this, and she pushed Coop out the door. Lizzie picked up a Bible and she asked Tammy there was anything about Cousin's sleeping together in there. She told Tammy that it was wrong, and that everything about her and Jonathon was wrong. Tammy said that Lizzie and Jonathon were a mistake, and she told her that Jonathon was hers and that he was going to leave her and divorce her. Lizzie was clearly upset now, and she told Tammy that she would tell Jonathon that she said their baby was a mistake. Lizzie said that she hated Tammy. Tammy said, "I don't hate you Lizzie, I feel sorry for you." This hurt Lizzie as well. Tammy said that she would tell Jonathon everything about all the lies that Lizzie told him, and that Jonathon would leave her, then she left the Church. Lizzie picked up one of the Church Candles and she threw it on the floor in anger. Reva and Josh sat together and talked about how they got Shelia out of Billy's life, just then Cassie walked in and hugged Josh much to Reva's dismay.

Ava sat with Alan Michael on the floor, and she told Alan Michael that it was Coop's fault about the fight and not his. They then decided to share some dinner together, and made a toast. Coop called Jeffrey and asked him to dig up something on Alan Michael. Reva was worried about her next checkup, since she was cancer free for awhile now. Lizzie knelt down next to the baby carriage and said to Sarah "Don't listen to anything that mean lady (Tammy) said to them." Tammy walked into Reva's house, she was looking for Jonathon, and just then Jonathon walked in and he ran to Tammy and they hugged each other.

Written by R.A. Vilane

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