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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/11/07

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Written By Eva

Outside Company, Two fans of The Law recognize Mallet and Marina and get their autographed pictures. The fans of the show think that Mallet and Marina are dating and Mallet denies the rumor and the fans leave smiling with their autographed pictures not believing that they just met Mallet and Marina. Inside Company, Dinah sees the message that aired on the TV station in which she pleads for viewers to call and e-mail the station and ask them not to cancel The Law. Dinah decides to show this to Mallet because she is sure that he doesn’t know anything about it.

At CO2, Ava arrives to say goodbye to Coop before she goes on her business trip to Paris. Coop warns Ava that Alan- Michael wants to be more then her boss but Ava makes it clear that she is only going to Paris for one day and the trip is strictly business. Ava thinks that Coop is making these accusations against Alan- Michael because he is upset that she asked him for some space.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey sees Alan Michael and tells him he wants to discuss Ava’s new contract because he is her lawyer. Alan – Michael thinks that Jeffrey wants to discuss his intentions towards Ava because he feels he must protect her because he is her father. Jeffrey explains to Alan- Michael that he has looked at other Spaulding contracts and he has given Ava more perks then his gives other employees in the same position. Alan- Michael tells Jeffrey that he knows that Ava is a good employee and he is simply giving her incentives to be a better employee for the company.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Harley has a web cam chat with Susan now known as Daisy in which Daisy apologizes for worrying her the other day Daisy promises to come home and testify at the custody hearing for Sydney because she is very happy to finally have a little sister. Harley sees a man on camera and Daisy lies and tells Harley he is a priest because she is in church and using a computer isn’t allowed so she must go now but she smiles and promises Harley she will call her later. Daisy’s boyfriend G is impressed at how well daisy lies to her mother. Harley tells Gus that she is worried about Daisy and admits she wants daisy to come home so they can all be a family.

At Company, Dinah sees mallet arrive with Marina and runs over to show him the plea for the show Marina made on TV. Mallet reminds Dinah that he quit the show and now Marina is the star although he thinks it’s very sweet of Marina to want him back on the show. Mallet thanks Marina for her kind gesture and reminds Dinah that he and Marina are partners at the station and they protect and look out for each other but they don’t have a romantic relationship. Mallet goes to get some doughnuts for everyone and Marina tells Dinah that her plan didn’t turn out the way she wanted Marina reminds Dinah that she shouldn’t feel insecure or jealous of her because she (Dinah) has Mallets love so much so that he gave up the show he loved so that she could have a chance with her show. Marina encourages Dinah that if she truly loves Mallet she will put him first just like he always does with her. Dinah is upset with Mallet because he defended Marina and she thinks Marina has a hidden agenda. Mallet tells Dinah that Marina isn’t the type of person to have agendas and almost tells Dinah that Marina isn’t like him but stops him and Dinah finishes his sentence for him.

At Co2, Coop hears Alan- Michael talking to somebody on the phone in Paris about Ava not being like other women she needs to be cultivated. Once Alan- Michael leaves Coop is suspicious and tells himself he must do something to warn Ava about Alan- Michael’s intentions toward her.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey stops Ava from signing the contract and tells Ava that Alan- Michael is giving her more perks then other employees and that when he spoke to Alan- Michael he got the impression that he wants to be more then just her boss. Ava smiles because Jeffrey seems worried about her like a father should be although he won’t admit it to her. Ava assures Jeffrey that she can handle Alan- Michael after she signs the contract she assures Jeffrey that she can take care of her.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Harley worries that Gus already considers Sydney part of the family and she fears something will go wrong at the custody hearing. Harley tells Gus Daisy has never given her or Dylan much trouble in the past but she worries that Daisy will become rebellious. Gus notices the door to the house is open and goes to check if things are missing from the house. Gus is stunned to discover his gun is missing and fears being suspended from the force for this offense. Gus is even more afraid that the fact his gun was stolen will have a direct impact on the custody hearing. Gus calls Mallet and Marina to help him find the gun without telling anybody at the department.

At Company, Dinah asks Remy what she has to do to trust people because when she looks at the world all she sees is hate and lies. Remy advises Dinah to concentrate on the good things in her life and that will help her see thee good things in the world. Dinah advises Remy to fight for Tammy and find a way to get Tammy to see him as more then a friend.

At the airport, Alan- Michael and Ava get ready to board the plane and Ava goes over some business so that Alan- Michael will be ready for the meeting Alan- Michael tells Ava he doesn’t want to discuss business on the plane. Alan- Michael wants to take Ava shopping while they are in Paris but Ava insists she is going there to work not to have fun.

At the Beacon, Coop arrives to tell Jeffrey what he over heard Alan- Michael say on the phone. The information makes Jeffrey suspicious and he does some quick research and discovers that Alan- Michael lied to Ava when he told her they were only going to be there for a day the truth is they are going to be there for a week. Coop decides to go to Paris after Ava and he heads to the airport to trade in his tickets to London for tickets to Paris.

At Daisy and G’s house, Daisy sees G with Gus’s gun and he lies and tells her it was a present from his mother. G also gives Daisy some drugs and tells her to take them. Daisy thinks it’s two early in the day to take drugs but she takes them anyway.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Harley writes an e-mail to Daisy asking her to come home now.

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