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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/8/07

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Written By Eva

At Company, Mallet and Dinah watch the last episode of the law with him in it and Dinah watches Mallet with Marina up on the screen and gets jealous. Mallet takes her by the hand and takes her outside to explain to her that she will never see him in a scene with Marina again because that is why he quit the show. Mallet gives Dinah a kiss and goes back inside to the station party. Dinah tells herself she trusts Mallet but the person she doesn’t trust is Marina. Marina tells Remy she will miss being a TV star because she gets perks like tickets to the people’s choice awards. Marina also tells Remy that she is going to give the tickets away to someone who needs to have some fun.

At the Church, Josh finds Reva and Alan and assumes that Alan kidnapped Reva but Reva jumps in to try to correct Josh but he tells Alan that he is sure he kidnapped Reva to force Jonathan to stay away from Lizzie but it won’t work because he (Josh) is sick of him (Alan) bothering Jonathan is Lizzie so he is going to call the police. Alan is happy to help Josh do so and gives him his phone to call the police.

At Cross Creek, Jonathan is in deep sleep because of the sleeping pills Lizzie gave him but Lizzie notices Tammy watching them from outside and gives Jonathan a long kiss so Tammy can think they made love. Tammy pounds on the door calling Jonathan’s name and Lizzie open the door and tell Tammy Jonathan is taking a shower because he is sweaty from their passionate love making session. Tammy refuses to believe Lizzie and tells her she knows that she has been faking the symptoms of post partum depression to hold on to Jonathan and no matter what she says she is going to tell Jonathan the truth today. Lizzie tells Tammy Jonathan would never leave his family because he loves Sarah. Tammy calls Jonathan’s name again and when he doesn’t come outside she decides to leave yelling at Lizzie that she will never have Jonathan’s love because he will always love her. Lizzie goes back inside the house to find a groggy Jonathan making his way to the door Lizzie guides him back to the couch and makes him lie down again. Lizzie is hurt when Jonathan calls out Tammy’s name in his sleep.

At Company, Dinah makes small talk with Remy whom she has never had a long conversation with in the past. Remy figures out that Dinah is trying to get information about Marina from him. Remy pulls Dinah out of the way when something almost falls on her and Dinah wonders if Remy wants to make $100 an hour just to look fine

At the police station, Mallet refuses to discuss Police business with Marina while the crew of the Law is inside the station.

At the Church, Josh is shocked when he notices the gun that used to belong to H.B in Reva’s hand and pointed at Alan’s back, Reva explains to Josh she never intended to kidnap Alan but he threatened to hurt Jonathan and Sarah so she had no other choice. Reva tells Josh she forced Alan to get in his car and drove him to the church because she hoped to have a civil conversation with him. Josh tells Alan he can leave and demands further explanation about her actions from Reva. Reva tells Josh that she had every intention of killing Alan to keep Jonathan and Sarah safe from him but she couldn’t go through with it. Reva tells Josh that Alan explains that Jonathan will get a large chunk of Spaulding sock when Lizzie gets her trust fund on her eighteenth birthday. Reva tells Josh Alan offered her a lot of money for Jonathan’s stock as well as something else if she would make sure Jonathan and Lizzie got divorced.

At the Police station, Marina questions a suspect in the hotel robberies and Mallet offers to help her when she doesn’t get anywhere with the suspect. Marina tells Mallet she doesn’t need his help they argue back and forth and the suspect makes a break for the door since Marina forgot to handcuff him. Mallet tackles the guy and puts the handcuffs on him with Marina close behind him. Marina bumps into the wall hard and gets a splinter in her finger. Mallet helps Marina get the splinter out and he is unaware the camera crew filmed the whole incident.

At Company, Tammy tells Cassie that she is a fool for being in love with Jonathan even though he is a married man Tammy explains to Cassie she went to Cross Creek to tell Jonathan that Lizzie has been faking the symptoms of post partum depression and when she arrived she saw Jonathan making love to Lizzie. Tammy tells her mom that she wants to leave Springfield and never come back.

At Cross Creek, Lizzie tries to make Jonathan think that they made love but he knows it’s a lie because he loves Tammy and although he has tried to make the marriage work it never will because he doesn’t love her. Lizzie begins to cry and tells Jonathan that Tammy has already left because she thinks they made love. Lizzie begs Jonathan to give their relationship another try but Jonathan is tired of trying and being miserable. Lizzie begs Jonathan not to leave her alone so he calls Reva to come stay with her. Lizzie sobs and Jonathan tells her she deserves a man who will really love her and make her happy.

At the police station, Mallet warns Marina to do her job or he will have Frank kick the cameras out of the station. Mallet tells Marina that she never would have left a suspect unhand cuffed if she hadn’t been focusing on the camera crew instead of doing her job. Once Mallet is gone the Law producer congratulates Marina because she just put the video of her and Mallet on the Law website and the phones hadn’t stopped ringing at the TV station.

At the Church, Josh offers to help Reva fight Alan but quickly takes back his offer when he gets a text message from Cassie wondering if he found Reva. Josh makes it clear to Reva he must break the cycle of coming to her rescue every time she needs him because the time he spent looking for her would have been better spent with R.J. or Cassie. Reva gets a text message from Jonathan a short time later and leaves Josh to take care of Lizzie and Sarah.

At Company, Cassie offers to take Tammy to the farm so they can talk until she feels better but Tammy tells her mom she must be alone to think for a while. Tammy gives her mom a kiss and promises to call her and tell her where she is so she won’t worry about her. Alan tells Cassie that Josh is with Reva when she confronts him wondering what he has done to Reva.

At the Beacon, Mallet arrives home to find Remy with no shirt on talking to Dinah. Dinah explains that Remy has agreed to help with an undercover sting operation they are going to film for her show and she was just putting the wire on him. Once Remy leaves Mallet tells Dinah that she is trying to provoke fights between them to keep the excitement going in their relationship. Dinah admits that is exactly what she is doing and though Mallet thinks its childish behavior he also thinks its hot so the two begin to make love.

At the Farm, Josh tells Cassie that Reva kidnapped Alan in order to force him to leave Jonathan and Sarah alone. Josh also tells Cassie that he made it clear to her that he is done helping her every time she gets in trouble.

At Cross Creek, Lizzie cries while Reva holds her and tells Reva that Jonathan left her and Sarah because he is in love with Tammy. Reva tells Lizzie that the hardest thing to do in life is to let go of someone you love when you realize life has taken him in another direction, which has led him away from you. Reva recalls that Alan promised to help Reva take Josh away from Cassie so that he could get back together with her if she made sure Lizzie divorced Jonathan.

Jonathan looks for Tammy at all the usual places they used to go but can’t find her anywhere.

At the Church, Tammy lights a candle and wonders what to do with her life now and she also thinks about the past. .

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