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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/5/07

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Written By Richard

Marina was shopping on the bargain rack for a dress to wear to the Television Studio party. Dinah approached her and told her that the dress she was buying was all wrong for her. Mallet wanted to drop out of the TV Show and he was at Vanessa's and he told her that. She didn't want him to drop out, she said that the show needed him. Josh and Cassie arrived at Reva's house and they discovered that Reva wasn't home. Jonathan was talking to Tammy on the main street, and he told her that he was going to end his marriage to Lizzie, and Lizzie overheard him. She panicked and ran away and she ran into her Mother Beth who told her to do anything to hold on to her husband.

Beth found pills in Lizzie's bag, but Lizzie said that they were to help her sleep. Beth convinced Lizzie to get what she wanted the most, her husband. Lizzie ran to Jonathan and Tammy and pretended that she couldn't breath to get Jonathan to leave and go with her. Cassie called Reva's phone, and she overheard a voice message that sounded like Reva was with Alan. Mallet convinced Vanessa to let him drop out of the Television contest so that Dinah would win. He wanted Dinah to be happy. Dinah taunted Marina about her feelings for Mallet. Marina tried to tell Dinah that her and Mallet were only partners in work. Dinah kept on taunting her, and Marina made a comment about the dress that Dinah was going to buy and told her that it was not a dress for everyone. Marina walked away. Tammy walked into Reva's house, and she found a DVD hidden behind the pictures entitled "I hate My Baby." Lizzie and Jonathon sat outside together and he tried to break up with her but she would not let him say it. She kept interrupting him and talking about her family. Lizzie faked stomach pains so that Jonathan would get her some water, and she had an idea to spike Jonathan's water with some of the sleeping pills.

Tammy watched the DVD, and she realized that Lizzie was faking her illness, and that she was acting out and learning everything to say from the Movie. Beth walked into Reva's house and told Tammy to leave Lizzie alone. Tammy said to Beth that Lizzie was faking her illness and that she was going to tell everyone. Tammy left the house. Beth stormed out after her. Marina came to Mallet's Apartment and she was angry that he wanted to quit the TV Show without even telling her first. Cassie found from Rick on the phone that Alan had been released. and that he ran into Alex and was angry. Cassie and Josh were worried about Reva, and they both went to look for her.

Marina told Mallet that Dinah was upset with her. Marina said to Mallet that she signed an autograph today, and that she always wanted to be an actress. She said that "It's Cool Being A Cop!" You could tell the excitement that she had in her voice when she talked about being an actress. Lizzie and Jonathan were sitting outside together, and Lizzie wanted to make a toast together. All the while, she had put pills in Jonathan's water and he didn't know. Beth was outside now following Tammy and she tried to stop Tammy from telling everyone about Lizzie's lies. Beth accused her of being a jealous ex girlfriend. Josh went to Billy's Apartment and asked him to help him find Reva.

Cassie learned from Alex that Alan was upset because his family was slipping away from and there was nothing that he could do. Mallet and Marina walked into the Television Show party and then Dinah made a grand entrance in a sexy dress. Mallet told everyone in the audience that he was dropping out, and that Dinah was the winner. Beth got angry at Tammy and attacked her, and pulled her hair. Tammy fought back and she slapped Beth and knocked her to the ground. Tammy told Beth that "Her Little Psychopath Was Toast". Tammy went to go find Lizzie.

Dinah thanked everyone at the party for coming, and then everyone watched the Video of Mallet and Marina together and they liked it. Lizzie walked into the house with a drugged up Jonathan, and she put him into bed. Lizzie then got into bed with him as Tammy watched from the window. Josh and Billy arrived at a Church and Josh got out ran to the door and went inside. He had hoped that Reva would be there and safe.

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