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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/4/07

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Written By Kris

Coop picks up an envelope lying outside of Ava's room. Ava opens the door, in a towel and snatches the envelope from Coop's hands. She opens it and says "It's my new contract from Spaulding" She then asks Coop if he was going to throw it away too?

Jeffrey and Mel are discussing office space. Jeffrey says he spoke to Harley about the Harley's Angels offices. Mel says that would be good for the law office. Mel asks Jeffrey about Ava and if she can help him. He tells her that work is his life. She reminds him he has a daughter. Jeffrey tells Mel to focus on picking out office furniture.

Cassie and Reva run into each other on the way to Lizzie's shower. Reva asks Cassie if she is still going. Cassie replies yes. Cassie then apologizes to Reva for being harsh with her when she bailed her out of jail. Reva retorts that Cassie accused her of trying to get close to Josh through helping Billy. Reva says "Back off of that". Cassie then smugly tells Reva, "If I was worried about you and Josh, I would have only bailed one of you out" She flounces away. Reva raises her eyebrows.

Jonathan has the bar decked out in pink balloons. He talks to Sarah, telling her that the party will make Mommy feel better, like a star. Tammy enters the bar and she and Jon kiss. Tammy pulls away saying Lizzie could walk in at any minutes. They repeat that they wish they could quit sneaking around.
Lizzie watches a video of a girl talking about post-partum depression. Lizzie studies what she says and repeats it, practicing the lines the girl is saying. " I hate my own baby" "I waited all my life for this baby and I love my child" . She continues repeating what the actress is saying. She takes notes. She then clicks off the TV stating "Sorry Jane, time to get depressed" She removes the video and places it behind her and Jon's picture on the mantel. She practices her lines again and leaves Cross Creek.

Alan signs his release papers that Rick has given him Alex appears in the jail room stating that they have a problem. She hands Alan papers and tells him she wanted to break the news while he was confined. Alan goes off, demanding their lawyer be fired. He states that they must do something because Lizzie will turn 21 in a month and will have full control of her trust with voting rights, giving Jonathan the same control. Alex tries to calm Alan by saying "Look on the bright side, Jonathan doesn't give a fig about business" Alan angrily reminds her that Jon will do anything to damage him.

Coop explains to Ava that he is in the hotel delivering food to Mr. Kimmelman. He shows Ava the order slip. He then says "Don't you trust me". Ava replies "You don't trust me". She then tells him "If you didn't notice I just got out of the shower'. She shuts the door, refusing Coops pleas to let him in. Coop mutters " I noticed" to a closed door.

Jeffrey and Mel are working at Towers. Mel says "Do you know what Leah's first word was" Jeffrey answers "Myocardial infarction" Mel smiles and states that Leah's first word was Dada. She says that even though Rick has hurt Leah they have a bond. Jeffrey tells Mel that he has no relationship with Ava. That she's a good kid but is better off without him in her life. Mel's phone rings. It is Ava. She asks Mel if she will look over her new contract from Spaulding. Mel agrees to meet her at Towers. After hanging up, Mel tells Jeffrey she is leaving to look at office furniture. Jeffrey looks bewildered.

Jon and Tammy, kissing again, at the bar. "People will be getting her soon" Jon says. He tells Tammy that he has to help Lizzie and he wants her to be happy. He says that she is really upset and that she loves the baby. Jonathan says he needs to go get some wine. Tammy says she'll go along. They agree to leave the baby on the counter, sleeping.

Lizzie comes in and yells for Jonathan. She spots Sarah and starts talking to her. "Mommy missed you and Daddy" . Lizzie is smiling and playfully interacting with the baby. Tammy watches her, unseen.

Ava enters Towers and promptly runs into Jeffrey. She explains she is looking for Mel to go over her contract. Jeffrey explains that Mel left to look at furniture. He then tells Ava she can wait at the bar and that Mel will be back soon. Ava thanks him for the incident at Outskirts. He denies that he did it for her and says that the guy was a loudmouth and they fought for a completely different reason. Ava replies "Okay, I take my thank you back" Jeffrey says he can look at the contract if she wants him to. Ava says that she would like that.

Baby shower: Cassie asks Tammy what is going on with her and Jon. Tammy tells her that thinks Lizzie is faking the post partum depression and that Jonathan is not living a real life. Beth and Lizzie talk and Lizzie puts on the depression act. Beth tells her that they can send everyone home. Lizzie says "No, she will just concentrate on making it a good day for Sarah". Beth asks her if Jon and Tammy were still together. Lizzie tells Beth that she saw them together, but she is handling it. Beth tells her that Jon needs to make a commitment to her and the baby. Lizzie tells her that she is handling the situation and that she is building a strong bond with Jonathan and Sarah. She says that Jonathan will see that he belongs with me and everything will turn out the way it is supposed to.

Alex gives Lizzie a silver cup. Lizzie is excited, jumping and hugging Alexandra. Tammy sees the change in Lizzie and knows that she is faking. Lizzie pulls Jonathan aside and tells him she needs him. He is her rock. Tammy watches.

Reva talks to Lizzie about post partum depression. She says for Lizzie to talk to her about it. She knows what she is going through and she can't be alone during this time. Lizzie repeat the lines that she has been practicing to Reva and Jonathan. "I love my baby, but I can't feel it" "I feel like I am in a fog" Reva says "You will feel it, we'll get you through this" Lizzie hugs Jonathan and gives Tammy a smug look. Tammy goes off to Cassie. Cassie asks if Tammy is sure and tells her that post partum is serious. Tammy is convinced Lizzie is faking to hold on to Jonathan.

Reva and Cassie agree to talk about any topic other than Joshua. Reva tells Cassie that Lizzie has been diagnosed with post partum. Cassie wonders aloud to Reva is Lizzie is telling the truth. Reva returns that Post partum is serious and not a simple thing. She continues that she knows Cassie's loyalties lie with Tammy, but Lizzie is sick. Cassie snottily replies "Maybe we would be better off talking about Josh"

Lizzie pulls Jon aside and tells him that she feels like a zombie, Weird. Jonathan says he wanted the party to be fun for her. She says that it was fun, but she really just feels right when he is touching her or looking at her. That is when she feels normal.

Ava and Mel go over the contract. Ava states there is a trip to Paris coming up for the Fashion Commission that A-M want her to attend, but she needed to sign the contracts first. Jeffrey pointed out that there was not a no fraternizing clause, but that there was a personal clause granting her clothes, and a car. Mel tells her the contract looks good and that essentially, A-M hooked her up. She then asks how dealing with Jeffrey was. Ava stated "Not bad, not bad at all"

Alan has a daydream that Jonathan has taken over Spaulding. He is dressed like a biker. He says "Hey Grand Dad, here are my plans for Randall works" Alan replies "Don't call me Grand dad" Jon continues that Randall works is a subdivision of justice and they are opening a national chain of tattoo parlors. Alan tells him that he can't do that. Jonathan replies that he already did. Lizzie appears decked out like a biker chick, hair in a ponytail, chomping gum and says "Radical". She then says that Sarah is a hot biker babe with training wheels. Rick brings Alan back to reality stating he is free to go. Alan mutters "About time"

Reva and Cassie put their coats on and decide to go somewhere and hash things out once and for all. Clear the air. No kids. Cassie says "How about now" Reva agrees. Reva tells Cassie to bring Josh along since she is so adamant that the three of them work together. Cassie agrees and says she will meet Reva at Cross Creek. Reva hugs Jon and Lizzie and leaves, saying "Hang in there"

Jon tells Tammy that he realizes that Lizzie needs to be around Lillian and Beth, who really care about her. He says "They love her like I will never be able to love her and never want to". He says that Lizzie wants him to be her rock, but he cant do that. He tells Tammy that he has to be honest with Lizzie and tell her that he wants to be with Tammy. Lizzie watches Jonathan and Tammy with a worried expression.

Beth carries packages to the car;

Jon tells Tammy that he can't live without her and that Lizzie will have to deal with reality. He says he needs to end the marriage and that it's not fair to anyone. Lizzie over hears the conversation.

Reva is in the alley behind the bar. She calls and leaves Cassie a message stating that her car won't start. "Hello Reva" she hears. She is startled and drops her phone; She looks up to see Alan. Alan says "Did you have fun at the shower making fun of me" Reva backs against the building looking frightened.

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