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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/3/07

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Written By Kris

Harley and Gus are talking at CO2. Gus is telling Harley she is lovable. They are chatting. Zach is hiding from Jude and climbs underneath a bench. He finds a briefcase full of money. He picks it up and sits on the bench. Jude runs over, sits beside him and yells "Mommy, Money" Harley comes over and says "Money, where did you find that" Zach asks if it is Finders Keepers? Harley tells him, not this time. This is not your money, somebody lost it. Buzz sits on the bench and goes through the case stating "There is tens of thousands of dollars here" A crowd gathers, including Frank, Jeffrey, Billy and Coop. Ashlee shows up announcing "It's mine" followed by "Just kidding" Zach stands up on the bench and yells "Anybody lose any money" There is any envelope lying on the ground unseen that says To the town Of Springfield on it.

Dinah is at the bar drinking. Mallet shows up with an envelope and tells Dinah that it is his ratings. Dinah says "And". Mallet replies that he hasn't looked yet. He tells Dinah "No hard feelings if my ratings are bigger" . Mallet opens it up and exclaims "Wow" Dinah looks at his great ratings and tells him that she wants him to be happy. Not at the expense of her, but she truly wants him to be happy. Mallet tells her to look on the bright side, she is beautiful, healthy and she has him. He tells her she doesn't need a silly show. Dinah says "So you think my show is silly" Mallet says "That's not what I meant" They bicker playfully. Mallet gets a phone call and says he has to go to work. Dinah tells him ratings mean nothing and that Light On Springfield will be him next week. Mallet asks Dinah to dinner and she says no, she needs to work on a new angle for the show. Mallet leaves and Dinah tears up the ratings. She makes a face and mutters "He's going to win" Ashlee calls Dinah.

Frank yells at everyone to back off of the money. People are arguing about what to do with it. Some are yelling split it. Gus whispers to Frank to remember who found it in the first place. Dinah and Ashlee stand in the background watching. Dinah spies the envelope and asks Ashlee what it is. She crawls down to get it. Billy asks her what she is doing and she tells him that her heel broke. She and Ashlee move away from the crowd. Dinah opens the envelope and reads To the People of Springfield, I hope you will put this to good use. Find your Light.

Dinah is interviewing Zach. She asked him what he was doing. Zach says "Hiding from Jude" Dinah asks him if he saw any bad men around or anything else. Zack says just the money. Dinah asks him if anything happened before he found the money. Zach hides his face and then asks for a cookie. Dinah cuts off the cameras. She then has an idea and sends Ashlee to the Hardware store to see if their camera caught any action.

Back at the hotel, Dinah is watching the tape that Ashlee retrieved. Mallet shows up and Dinah tells Ashlee to get rid of him. Ashlee confronts him in the hall stating "Nice gun" Mallet replies that he isn't wearing a gun. "Where's Dinah" he asks. Ashlee replies she is working on a job. Mallet leaves. Dinah is watching the tape and sees a man leave the briefcase.

Co2: Mallet is reading the paper and states "I can't believe that nobody has claimed the money in 24 hours. That's weird. No response from Dinah. Mallet asks her if she is interested. Dinah replies "I heard you" . She states there is no interest because there is no story. She then spots something in the paper Mallet is holding "Who's that" she asks pointing to a picture. Mallet replies some software millionaire. "I heard he was passing through town": he says.
"Gil Robson" Dinah says. Mallet confirms that is his name. Dinah leaves.

Dinah confronts Robson telling him she knows he left something. He denies this. Dinah presses on, stating that she just wants the story. Robson agrees with the condition that there are no cameras because he wants to remain anonymous. He tells her that on New Years Eve his son, Jason was in a boating accident. He was in town on business. He had lost his cell phone, twisted his ankle and missed his meeting and now could not get a flight. He told Dinah that Alan Spaulding overheard his dilemma and offered him the Spaulding Jet. He said Alan told him "Find your Light:" Robson said "Springfield was good to me". As he leaves, Dinah tells him that Alan Spaulding was in jail on New Years Eve and it made no sense. Robson then asked her what happened to the note he left. Dinah lied and said she did not know.

Dinah is interviewing Alan, in jail. She asks him where he was New Years Eve. He states "Behind bars" "Funny" Dinah replies. Rumor has it that you were in the airport loaning out your private jet. Tell me Alan, what does Find your Light mean. Alan says he is not at liberty to say, he must protect someone. Dinah pushes him and tells him she will protect his sources. Alan says that on New Years Eve, Rick Bauer came and told him that he would let him out of jail for New Years Eve to be with his family, if he returned the next morning. He stipulated that he would call the police if Alan did not show back up, but that he wanted to give him a chance. He said that Alan could use a break. Alan told Rick he would return the next morning. Rick simply told him "Find your Light" Dinah says "So, he is telling you to pass on the favor"..

Dinah talks to Rick in the hospital. She tells him she doesn't want to jeopardize his job, just wants to know about Find Your Light. Rick tells her he has patients waiting. She asks him if he did it out of guilt. He says "No, it's hard to explain". He said he was working New Years Eve, because he had no wife waiting at home for a kiss at the stroke of midnight and his kids had plans. He said it was the quietest night on record at Cedars. "I went outside to get some air and I heard the motorcycle" Rick says. Jonathan pulls up with Leah on the bike stating that he picked her up on 5th Street, alone and crying. Leah hugs Rick. Jonathan tells Rick that she just wanted her Dad and to consider himself lucky. Rick tells Dinah that Jonathan then said "Find your Light man" and left. Rick says to Dinah that the guy who almost ruined his life, brought his baby girl back to him.. Dinah calls and leaves Jon a message.

Mallet finds the envelope in Dinah's drawer. Dinah tells him it is a letter to the audience thanking them for watching her show. Mallet says that is a bit dramatic and that all she needed was one good story. Dinah takes the envelope and tells him that she'll just hold on to it.

Dinah meets Jon at the bar and asks him about Find the Light. Jon says "It was no big deal" Dinah says, "You rescued Leah" Jonathan says I just gave her a ride. You know the story, why are you bugging me. Dinah asks him why everyone was passing it on, was there something in the beer. Jon tells his story. He says "I was at the bar stocking on New Years Eve and Lizzie called saying that the neighbors were letting off fireworks and scaring Sarah." Jonathan said he was just going to go home. He went out and his motorcycle was dead. He said that Coop showed up, the last person he wanted to see. Coop looked at the bike stating that "It's my Dad's bike, I'll take a look" Jonathan said "Like you care" Jonathan then repeated the fireworks story to Coop and said he just needed to get home to check on Sarah. Coop then tossed Jonathan his keys and told him "Find your light"

Dinah goes on to find Coop, who says he heard it from Jeffrey when he got out of the hospital. Jeffrey states he heard it from Marina. Marina claims she heard it from her "favorite customer Charley". Charley heard it from police chief Frank Cooper, who says he heard it from Remy when Remy covered for him in an inspection. Remy said he heard it from Gus. Gus gushed that he heard it from "His girl Harley". Harley said Billy hugged her and told her, "Find your Light." Billy said he heard it from Maggie.

Mallet comes in the hotel room and tells Dinah that it's "Mad Money and it brings out the worst in people" Dinah looks at him and replies "Ya think"?
She then tells him the truth about the envelope and her story. He tells her to tell her story.

CO2: Zach is standing in front of everyone. Dinah tells everyone that Zach has decided that he thinks the money should go to charity. Dinah states they will start a foundation and glue the cracks of the town back together. Zach then tells the world "Find your Light:"

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