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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/2/07

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Written By Kris

Reva is choking Sheila and has her pinned against the wall in Billy's hotel room. Josh and Reva are yelling at Sheila. Reva calls her a two-bit whore and wants to know why she was rifling through Billy's wallet. Sheila spits out that Billy told her to find his car service card in his wallet. Reva calls her a liar and Josh is yelling for Reva to let go of her. Josh finds the card for the car service and Billy walks in the room. Sheila runs to Billy.

Marina enters the Police station dressed like a hooker. A few of the officers whistle. Mallet stares at her outfit and asks her about her get up. Marina says she's working undercover with Mallet. "Didn't you get the memo" she asks? Mallet says he got no memo and proceeds to tell her that it is a fake memo and that she's been set up. Marina blames Mallet's camera crew. She stalks off to change clothes and her zipper on her top gets stuck. She asks Mallet to help her with the zipper. Just as Mallet is unzipping Marina's top, Dinah walks in.

Harley and Cassie are at CO2, watching their kids play baseball Cassie tells Harley that she can't find Tammy. She left without leaving a note for her room mates. "That's not like Tammy" says Harley. "No, but it is like Tammy & Jonathan" replies Cassie.
Jon & Lizzie are on their honeymoon, on an island. Tammy meets Jonathan out front and tells him that if he is going on a honeymoon, it's going to be with her. Jonathan tears off Tammy's shirt and they make love on the beach. Lizzie looks out the front door, looking for Jonathan and sees Tammy in Jonathan's arms. Lizzie goes wild, tearing up the room, ripping up pictures, throwing pillows, screaming NO!!!

Josh says to Reva "You've made your point, let's go" Billy tells Josh, this is what she does. Sheila tells Billy that Reva and Josh are crazy and just came into the room and attacked her. Reva tells Billy "She set you up" They proceed to tell Billy that Sheila has been in Tulsa checking out Lewis Oil and going through their archives and business. Billy shocks them by announcing that he told Sheila to go to Tulsa and go through the archives to find pictures of H.B. so he could hang them in Cedars. Billy then tells Josh "Reva got to you" The security guards then tell Billy that the saw Reva assaulting Sheila and asks if they should call the police. BIlly says "Yes. Call the police. Use my phone":

Dinah asks if the police uniform has changed. Mallet tells her about the fake memo. Dinah tells Mallet that he must be hurting in ratings if they are going the hooker route. Mallet denies this and tells Dinah that he is doing fine. Dinah tells him she thinks he's worried about cancellation.

Harley pushes Sidney in the stroller and tells Cassie that she only naps when walking

Gus runs into Judge Green coming out of the movies and tells the judge that he will be in his court room on a personal matter soon and would like to clear the air. He explains to the Judge that he was having trouble with painkillers the last time he was in court, but that he has been through rehabilitation and he is good now. Judge Green questions why Gus is speaking to him outside the court room and is very curt with him. Gus explains the situation with Sidney and tells the judge that he and Harley were practically already parents to the little girl and that just wanted to clear the air with the judge. The judge told him to save it for the court room. Gus says "No wonder everyone calls you Mean Joe Green" as the judge walks away.

Cassie and Harley continue their conversation about their kids Susan and Tammy. Harley expresses her regret of giving up Susan, getting her back and then sending her to boarding school, even though that is what Susan wanted. Cassie tells her not to worry, that she did what she could. Harley asks Cassie if she worries about Tammy. Cassies says no. 'Tammy is smart, responsible and level-headed." Then she admits that yes, she worries.

Tammy and Jonathan lay on the beach after making love. Tammy gets up and starts dressing. "Lizzie and Sarah are waiting inside for you" Jonathan says "I hate this sneaking around." Tammy asks him to meet her at her hotel later. They talk about having their honeymoon together and Jonathan decides that today is the day he will tell Lizzie the truth. He says it's not fair to her or them. He tells Tammy that Lizzie is strong and she is getting much closer to Beth and Lillian,so she won't be alone. She put Alan away and he thinks that she can handle this. "She's strong" he repeats.

Lizzie is crying and starts to clean up. She then says " I guess I don't have to clean up" and gets a devious look on her face.

Billy tells the cops "Take em away and let them cool their heels and think about it." Josh is yelling at Reva as they are being carted off. Reva tells Josh that she loves Billy and that Josh knows Sheila is bad news, even though she was innocent this time. "Enough" Josh says, "Enough".

Gus tells Mallet he needs character witnesses for the trial with Judge Green. Dinah pipes in that she will stand up for them. She says she can put on a show and tell the judge that Harley and Gus were born to be parents to this little girl. Gus kindly refuses her offer. Mallet agrees to be a character witness for Gus and then explains to Dinah that with her prison record, her word would not really help.

Jon find Lizzie surrounded by her mess. She begins crying and telling Jonathan that she is sorry. She says it was an accident. He asks about the baby and Lizzie reassures him that Sarah is upstairs sleeping. She tells Jonathan that it's too much. He asks her, what is too much and she tells him that when she is alone and the baby is crying or the phone is ringing or there is stupid ad on the television and Jonathan is gone, she can't handle it. She tells him it is really bad when she is alone. She tells him she has horrible thoughts. Jonathan tells her that she needs to talk to someone about post-partum depression. He packs their bags, texts messages Tammy and head out for Springfield. Lizzie thanks him.

Josh and Reva are in a jail cell still arguing. Josh tells Reva that she had Sheila pinned like a wrestler. Mallet shows up and asks them about assault and bribery. They both deny that they bribed anyone, although Josh admits that he did say he had money to take care of whatever needed taken care of. Mallet says "That sounds like bribery to me Josh" Reva pipes in "Me too". He tells them it is out of his hands and that they might be in jail overnight,if bail wasn't set. Josh is infuriated. Mallet tells them it could be Casa de Confinemento, all night in jail. Reva makes a dry, hacking noise when Mallet leaves and asks Josh for a mint. Josh gives a withering look.

Mallet returns with the news that the judge has set bail, but that it is very steep. Josh demands a phone call. Mallet allows him to call Cassie. Josh tells Cassie "We need you to bail us out" Cassie asks who and Josh tells her "Me and Reva" Cassies says she'll be right there. Cassies asks Harley if she can take RJ home. Harley says of course.

Harley spots Judge Green and approaches him, telling him who she is. He states I know who you are "Mrs. Hothead". Harley explains that Gus is the best parent ever and that they will be in court soon. She proceeds to tell him that she was wrongfully accused and jailed for Phillip's murder and although she could have sued the judges and lawyers that put her there, she decided that raising her children was more important. Judge Green asks if she is implying that if he doesn't give them custody she will bring a lawsuit? He then tells her that he does not appreciated veiled threats. Harley back tracks spitting out that is not what she meant. The judge leaves.

Tammy breaks in Jon and Lizzie room. She sees the smashed room.

Rick tells Lizzie that she has post partum depression and that she is not alone. He tells her many people suffer from this and it's not hopeless.

Cassie bails out Josh and Reva, but tells Mallet that she would like to leave one of them. Josh apologizes for missing RJ's game and kisses Cassie. Reva steps out of the cell and says "Thanks sis" and yells FREEDOM. Cassie proceeds to corner Reva and slam her for not calling Cassie. Reva states " You weren't around" She told her that she needed Josh for Billy and that they found Sheila rifling through Billy's wallet. Cassie told Reva that she wanted to make it clear that she would not allow Reva to use this situation to get close to Josh again. Reva replies 'Don't worry, I won't get Joshy arrested again". Cassie tells Reva that she can no longer pull rank because Josh is no longer her husband. "Am I making myself clear Reva" Cassies asks. Reva says yes and when Cassie walks away makes a monster face at her and raises her hands like claws.

Harley and Gus meet up at home. Gus admits to Harley that he accosted Judge Green outside the movies. " I blew it" he said. "Why do I always do that" "The same reason I do" says Harley. She then tells Gus that she did the same thing. They talk and tell each other that they are the right people for this baby and if Judge Green doesn't see it that way, then they will appeal. They kiss.

Rick tells Jonathan that Lizzie has post-partum depression and she is fragile. Unfortunately, Rick says, her family has mental illness in it, so she' s really fragile. Tammy appears in the back ground. Jonathan asks what he can do. Rick says spend more time with her, double your time with her. In fact, don't leave her side. Rick leaves to get papers, referring them to a specialist. Tammy walks up to Jonathan, who is holding baby Sarah, and LIzzie looks at them out of her hospital room, with an evil stare, unbeknownst to Jon and Tammy.

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