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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/21/06

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Written By Kris
Proofread by Suzanne

Tammy and Jonathan argue heatedly outside, on the porch of Cassie's house. The fighting soon turns to passion as they fall into each other's arms and begin kissing passionately. Jonathan pushes Tammy against the wall and continues to kiss her aggressively.

Reva and Cal are in the hotel room, having drinks. Cal mentions that now he's met two of Reva's ex-husband's, Billy and Josh. The two chat about the Lewis brothers. Cal pulls Reva close and flirts with her. Reva smiles.

Lillian is baby-sitting for Sarah at Cross Creek, while Jonathan and Lizzie are at Josh and Cassie's party. Alan knocks on the door. Lillian reminds him that there is a restraining order against him and he cannot come in. Alan chides Lillian, saying that Lizzie and Jonathan aren't there and they won't know the difference-- he just wants to see his great-granddaughter. Lillian half-heartedly objects, reminding Alan that he caused this himself. Alan dismisses this and states he just wants to see his great-grandbaby. Lillian gives in and allows Alan into Cross Creek. Alan talks to the baby, stating. "What they don't know, won't hurt them"..

Josh feeds Cassie. Cassie says the food is really good and asks who brought it? Josh tells her it was Buzz. Cassie expresses that the party was a success. Josh wonders out loud, in Cassie's ear, how to get the guests to leave so they can be alone. He pulls her in the kitchen and kisses her.

Lizzie is looking for Jonathan. She asks Marina if she has seen him. Marina tries to calm Lizzie down by telling her that he is probably somewhere with RJ, playing video games or something. She says that maybe he took a walk. Lizzie tells Marina that she is not a hovering wife and that he is probably somewhere with RJ.  She replies that she hadn't thought of that.

Tammy and Jonathan are in the barn on a blanket, kissing passionately, Tammy takes off her shirt as they continue making out. Jonathan takes off Tammy's bra as they kneel together in the barn. Tammy scratches her nails down Jonathan's back as they make love.

Billy and his date, Sheila, chat with Josh. They toast to a new beginning. Josh comments that Billy is in a good mood. Sheila asks Josh if Billy is always so charming. Josh replies that he can tell her some stories. She encourages this. Billy downplays it. Josh talks about Billy being a football hero. Billy warns Josh, laughingly, not to scare off Sheila because she's a good influence. Billy says he feels like his old self again. Sheila tells Josh that all Billy can talk about is getting back to work at Lewis. Billy tells Josh that he and Sheila have gone out two-steppin'. Josh replies, "Yee Haw". Sheila says she will freshen their drinks, so she walks into the kitchen. Josh tells Billy that it looks like he found a good one. Billy tells Josh that actually Reva found her for him. Josh is not surprised.

Cal and Reva are on the hotel bed kissing. Reva stops, stating she is not ready. She stands up, straightening her outfit. She tells Cal that she always ends up marrying who she sleeps with. He laughs and says that it's good they stopped. They talk about cancer. Reva explains that she is baffled at a lifetime ahead, when she was planning on not being alive. They continue to talk about the disease.

Lillian is holding Sarah. Alan wants to hold her. Lillian refuses, stating that Alan would probably take off with her like a foot ball tucked under his arm. They chat about the baby and then Alan turns the conversation to Jonathan and Lizzie. Lillian promptly throws Alan out of Cross Creek.

Cassie and Lizzie are in the kitchen at Cassie's ranch. Cassie is cleaning up. Lizzie asks if she can help and thanks Cassie for inviting her and Jonathan. She tells Cassie that it is their first night out without the baby.  Lizzie asks Cassie if she and Josh are happy. Cassie says yes;  Lizzie proceeds to ask her how to get someone to quit obsessing about their past. Cassie, not so kindly, reminds Lizzie that Tammy is her daughter. Lizzie then asks Cassie "How is Tammy?" Cassie replies that she is fine. Lizzie says "Good, great"!

Tammy and Jonathan are laying in the barn, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Jonathan rubs Tammy's cheek with his finger and Tammy kisses his finger. Jonathan tells Tammy that he just wants to touch, smell and taste her. He says he wants no outsiders. They kiss again.

Reva is laying on the hotel bed, watching a movie. Reva tells Cal to come and watch the movie, patting the bed. Cal responds "I must be losing my touch" Again, the conversation returns to the Lewis boys. Reva tells Cal that her life without the Lewises is weird. Then she tells Cal that she set Billy up with Sheila. Cal tells her that he has heard about Sheila and that Billy could be in trouble.

Rick is cleaning up at Cassie's. Lizzie is freaking out to Marina because she cannot find Jonathan. Marina tells her to calm down, reminding her that Jonathan is not big on family events. She tells Lizzie to let go of the leash and give him some space. Frank walks up and asks what is wrong. Josh asks if Lizzie checked with RJ. Marina states, again, that he is probably taking a walk. Cassie shoots a look of doubtfulness, yet states, "I'm sure he'll show up".  Rick asks Lizzie if she needs a ride home. Lizzie replies "No, Uncle Rick, what I need is my husband".  Josh puts on his coat to help look for Jonathan. Frank asks Josh if he needs any help. Josh declines. Rick and Frank leave, kissing Cassie on the cheek.

Jonathan and Tammy are lying on the blanket, in the hay, talking. Tammy says she would like to stay here forever, live in the barn. Jonathan agrees with Tammy, but she adds that they can't do that. She asks Jonathan what he is thinking about, so Jonathan replies, "Sarah". He says he wants to live the kind of life that Sarah will be proud of. Tammy comforts him, saying, "You love Sarah and you will give her a good home". Jonathan exclaims that'll he'll ruin her by doing this. Tammy tells Jonathan that she loves him. She says, "I can't imagine my life without you in it". They kiss. Lizzie is outside the barn door. Alan stops her. Jonathan and Tammy hear Alan say Lizzie's name and scramble to find their clothes. Jonathan tells Tammy that he didn't want it to end this way. Tammy tells him to go out the back. Jon grabs his clothes and goes. Lizzie returns to the farm house. Alan follows. Lizzie tells him to go away, that she has a restraining order and has nothing to say to him. Alan reminds her that the restraining order is for the baby, not her. Lizzie tells him again to go away. Alan tells her he just wants to talk to her and then she can go back to her hoedown. Josh and Cassie show up at the door and tell Alan that he was not invited, nor was he welcome. Alan snidely asks Lizzie where her husband is. Lizzie lies and tells him that Jonathan is inside and that she doesn't need Alan lecturing her. Alan tells her that he will not be banished from her and that he loves her and does not want her to be alone. Jonathan walks up and puts his arm around Lizzie, telling Alan that Lizzie is not alone.

Cal tells Reva that Sheila likes men with money and that she dated a friend of his that she met at the Clayton Country Club. Reva states that she has been on the other side of rumors and that the stories are not always right. Cal states that she should warn Billy. Reva tells him that it's just rumors and that she doesn't think Billy would approve of her sticking her nose in.

Rick and Frank arrive back at Harley's house. Rick tells Frank to be quiet because the kids are sleeping. Frank reminds Rick that it's his sister's house. Rick joking tells Frank he didn't get permission to bring friends home. Rick asks Frank if he wants a beer. Frank declines but accepts a cookie. They chat about what a good party Cassie and Josh threw. Franks expresses gratitude that Marina never got involved with someone like Jonathan.

Jonathan tells Alan to leave, that Lizzie doesn't want to see him. Lizzie tells Alan that they just want to have a life. Alan replies "You call this a life?" "Go, just go", retorts Lizzie to her grandfather. Alan leaves. Jonathan tells Cassie and Josh, "We'll leave'. Lizzie apologizes. Josh tells her there is no reason for her to apologize. Tammy shows up from inside the house. Cassie asks where she's been, with a knowing look on her face. Tammy replies, "In RJ's room, he's sleeping" Cassie replies, "Well, it's a big night for him, for all of us:" Another look of knowing. Lizzie states that she left her purse in the house and goes to get it.

Reva is leaving the hotel. She thanks Cal for a nice time. They kiss and plan to do it again soon. Billy and Sheila come up the hallway. Sheila moves ahead, leaving Billy and Reva alone. Reva asks Billy if he is okay. She proceeds to question Billy about Sheila's occupation and how well Billy knows her. Billy is getting annoyed and tells Reva that she did a good thing with Sheila. Reva tells him that she thinks he is moving too fast. Billy tells her that she has no say in it, kisses her on the forehead, and leaves.

Rick asks Frank if he needs shoes. "Are they sexy?" he asks. He explains that he's scared that if Mel doesn't come back, he will be forced into the dating world again. Franks says he'll sic Marina on him. Rick thanks him jokingly. Frank says, "Not like that" He explains that Marina gives him make-overs and that he will let her do that for Rick. He asks Rick if there is a chance with him and Beth. Rick states that she is married to Alan and he thinks they were just trying to recapture their youth.  He also adds, what would he do if Phillip showed up? They contemplate why people can't just stick it out. Rick reminisces about Bert Bauer and says he misses a lot of people this time of year. Frank says, "Me, too."

Lizzie phones Lillian to say they are coming home and asks if she needs anything. Alan goes into the barn and finds the blanket.

Cassie asks Tammy if she is spending the night. Tammy asks if that is alright. Cassie says that of course it is. Cassie kisses Tammy and says good night to Jonathan. Tammy asks Jonathan if she heard Alan's voice. Jonathan says yes and says he came to attack him and Liz. Tammy and Jonathan look long at each other. Tammy says, "That was amazing." Jonathan says he waited a long time for that. Tammy replies, "Too long". Lizzie comes back out and asks Jon if he is ready. Jonathan shakes his head yes. Tammy gives him a lingering, slightly puzzled look.

Cassie is cleaning up. Josh tells her that cleaning can wait. Cassie says that will drive her crazy. Josh grabs her and says, "Let me drive you crazy". Cassie says she is worried about Tammy. Josh says, "At least she is over Jonathan".  Cassie replies that she doesn't know about that. Josh pulls Cassie on his lap on the couch. They talk about the future. Josh pushes her off his lap and turns on some music. "It Came upon a Midnight Clear" plays as Josh and Cassie dance in the living room.

Reva chases Billy down the hall, still harassing him about Sheila. Billy tells her that his life is none of her business. He reminds her that she didn't want him, and now she wants to rule his life. Reva exclaims, "Excuse me for caring"  Billy tells her that he has a life, and she has a life, and Josh has a life. He walks away. Reva calls Josh on her cell phone. She leaves a message that Billy is headed for trouble. She then says to herself, "What am I doing?" She apologizes in the message to Josh and says she is just used to him being the one to fix things. She tells him never mind, that she will handle it herself.

Lizzie tells Jonathan that they need to get back home. She says to Tammy that it's good that the three of them could be together without it being awkward. Lizzie says they need to go to see Sarah. She states she had fun, but she can't wait to see the baby. She says goodnight to Tammy. Tammy says goodnight. Jonathan turns to go with Lizzie, and Tammy looks at him questioningly.

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