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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/14/06

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Written By Kris

Lizzie and Jonathan are at Cross Creek. Lizzie is talking to Jonathan, trying to get him to help her convince Reva to go to the cancer survivors' meeting at Towers tonight. Reva is protesting. Lizzie is adamant, saying that she and Jonathan need time together. Jonathan is putting a mobile together for baby Sarah. Lizzie continues to talk Reva into going, and making it clear to Jonathan and Reva that she wants to spend the evening alone, with Jonathan. Lizzie looks through the mail and discovers an invitation to Josh and Cassie's holiday party. She tells Jonathan about it excitedly. Reva overhears the conversation.

Cassie walks into the living room with a stunning red dress on. Josh is wowed. They talk about the party. Josh tells Cassie that the dress is optional. He pulls her close and kisses her.

Tammy is sleeping on the couch at Cassie's house. Tammy dreams about Jonathan and Lizzie, and Sarah as a four- or five-year old child. Lizzie reprimands the child, and Sarah runs to Jonathan, who picks her up and soothes her tears. Tammy wakes up suddenly and sits up on the couch.

Lizzie, Jonathan and Reva are still at Cross Creek; they continue talking about Josh and Cassie's party. Reva surprises Lizzie and Jonathan by telling them that she is invited to the party, also. Jonathan asks if she RSVP'd with a middle finger. Reva laughs. Lizzie
continues flirting with Jonathan and telling him she wants to be alone with him. Jonathan looks uncomfortable and continues working on the mobile for Sarah.

Buzz comes up behind Olivia in her hotel room and wraps her in a robe. Olivia asks where he stole the robe from. Buzz talks briefly about Harley and the baby, Sydney, and then says he needs to head over to Company. Buzz leaves Olivia's room. Olivia talks to herself outloud, acting like Buzz, proposing marriage. There is a knock on Olivia's door. She opens the door to Jeffrey. Jeffrey comes into the room and Olivia promptly tells him to leave.

Coop and Ava are at Co2 talking about Coop's writing program in London. Alan-Michael is sitting at a table nearby having coffee. He sees Coop and Ava kiss.

Reva arrives at Towers for the cancer survivor meeting. She runs into Lillian, who is attending the meeting too. They have a conversation about cancer survivors and Reva states that she likes men with scars. Lillian introduces Reva to the other members at the meeting. Lillian says she is going to go get a drink and heads for the bar. Reva starts a conversation with a tall, dark-haired man. The man blows Reva off and stares at the waitress. Reva spars with the man about the age of the waitress.

Cassie comforts Tammy, telling her it was just a dream. Tammy counters :"More like a Premonition". Josh says he is going to Towers to finish details for the party and to let Tammy and Cassie talk. Tammy says Cassie and Josh are a good team. Cassie surprisingly states that so were Tammy and Jonathan. Tammy tells Cassie that she thinks she made a mistake and she is living every day wondering what if and if only. She states that Lizzie called her a homewrecker and she never thought that she would be the type to take a husband away from a wife and child, but what if Jonathan wasn't happy.

Jonathan is still working on the baby mobile. Lizzie comes out of the bedroom in red and black silky pajama. Jonathan looks at Lizzie and tells her that Sarah is cranky and that they should take her out to see the Christmas lights. Lizzie says it's too cold. Jonathan says he needs to work on the Nursery. Lizzie says, it can wait. Jon states that he will go to the Home store and get some things. A frustrated Lizzie asks "Is it that hard to be alone with me Jonathan" Jonathan says, I want to be a good husband,but I don't want to be forced. He says Super Dad needs supplies and heads off to town, sporting his black toboggan, after planting a kiss on Lizzie's forehead and telling Sarah "Daddy will be right back, Beautiful". Lizzie states to the baby, I get a kiss on the forehead and you get beautiful.

Cassie asks Tammy if she would like chamomile or orange blossom tea. Tammy declines. Cassie tells Tammy to learn from her mistakes. Tammy questions, do you think that you and Josh are a mistake? Cassie says no, but she says Josh and she have trust and if Tammy and Jon belong together, it will happen. Cassie tells Tammy, go easy. Trust. Tammy says that there is no trust with Lizzie.

Reva is talking to the same guy. She says she is enjoying watching him get slapped down by the waitress and asks him if the coat check girl still has her braces. The man introduces himself as Cal and tells Reva that he is guessing Hodgkins for her. Reva counters, nope, I had breast Cancer, and I still got em both. She then tells Lillian that she is leaving. As she reaches the elevator, Josh steps off. Reva smiles.

Jeffrey goes off on Olivia about Buzz trashing his room and throwing his clothes in the hallway. Olivia is amused and says coyly, My Buzz did that? Jeffrey continues his rant, stating you told me to stay away from Ava and I agreed. What more do you want. Do you want me to go to San Cristobel and turn myself in and tell that what I did so many years ago and let them put me in prison? Would that make you happy. Olivia replies Yes, let's go.

Buzz walks up behind Alan-Michael, who is staring at Ava. You look hungry, Buzz says. There is nothing on the menu that I want, replies Alan-Michael, referring to Ava. Buzz tells Alan-Michael not to ever underestimate his son. Alan Michael says he wont.

Jonathan is on the street. He drops a bag and a stuffed pink animal falls on the ground. Tammy picks it up. Jonathan smiles.

Coop and Ava are talking about landmarks of England and finding an apartment. Coop tells Ava that he has circled some listings. Alan-Michael, still seated nearby, starts talking very loudly on the phone, so everyone around can hear him. He is obviously trying to get Ava's attention away from Coop. he is angry. Ava tells Coop to hold on for one minute and heads in Alan-Michaels direction. Alan-Michael speaks into the phone..Never mind, I found someone who knows what she is talking about. Ava looks at Alan-Michael and says, You're hopeless! Ava sits down and they work through the "Problem". Alan-Michael wonders out loud what they will every do without Ava. Ava replies "Crash and Burn". Nearby, Buzz asks Coop if he trusts Alan-Michael and he says not with Ava.

Reva tell Josh that she was invited to the holiday party. Josh says he is running errands for the party. Reva tells him that it sounds like fun. Josh starts to say that he knows it will be awkward and Reva quickly states that she is coming, stating that she knows Thanksgiving didn't quite work out, but she would be there. Josh said good. Reva says, go plan the party, but beware of the Chef here at Towers, she is pushy. Remind her who is footing the bill. Josh laughs and turns to leave. Reva calls him back and tells him that she wasn't completely honest and that she was here for a Cancer Survivor Singles mixer and states laughingly that she's blames Lillian. Reva states that she knows it is Lame. Josh responds that he thinks she is brave. He leans towards her and kisses her on the cheek and then leaves. Cassie watches from the corner.

Lizzie is trying on clothes at Cross Creek and asking the opinion of Ashlee. She holds up a black dress and says to Ashlee that she would have to be nude for Jonathan to notice her. She states she has these big boobs and all Jonathan pays attention to is Sarah. Ashlee asks is she is jealous of her own baby. Lizzie replies that she is not jealous, but she feels like a milk factory. Sarah cries. Ashlee says, Milk factory, open for business.

Jonathan and Tammy chat. Tammy states that she needs to clear her head and asks Jonathan if he is shopping for stuffed animals. Jon replies that nothing is too good for Sarah. Tammy replies "Or her Dad". Jonathan turns to leave and Tammy calls him back. Maybe it was fate that brought us here today, she states. Tammy says that there is something Jonathan needs to know about Lizzie. Jonathan cuts her off by saying, I know, she thinks that I am too focused on Sarah and she's right, but I find myself just staring at her for like a half an hour, like I'm in a trance. Because you love her, states Tammy. Jonathan continues, It's just not there with Lizzie. I feel this need coming from her and it's just not there with her. Tammy states that Lizzie and Sarah are different. (Tammy then grabs Jonathan's face and tells him to leave Lizzie and bring Sarah and make a life with Tammy, Jonathan kisses her and says, you don't know how long I have waited

Lizzie comes bustling in the living room at Cross Creek where Jonathan happens to be playing with Sarah. She has a concerned look on her face and explains that they have an emergency. Reva is right behind her and interrupts Lizzie. “This is not an emergency. I would just rather stay home with the baby.” She tells her son and his wife. Reva looks a bit exasperated at the whole thing. With prodding from Jonathan and Lizzie, Reva finally relents and decides to go. She doesn’t seem excited about it though.

Lizzie, on the other hand, seems glad that she has the house to Jonathan alone tonight. She is grinning from ear to ear. Lizzie wonders out loud what they will do all night long and then she sees that the mail has come. She opens the envelope and sees that they have an invitation to Josh & Cassie’s holiday party.

Lizzie is enthused about the party and begins talking about it at once, especially what she will wear. Jonathan turns to her and reminds her that Reva shouldn’t hear them talking about the party. It is too late; Reva is standing in the room and tells them not to worry. She flashes her invitation to the kids and tells them that she is looking forward to the party as much as they are. Reva is smiling and then mentions that she has to get going to the cancer survivor’s mixer. After kissing Sarah goodbye she tells the kids to have a good night.

With Reva gone, Lizzie stands close to Jonathan. “So, do you think we could think of something to do?” She asks him. It is clear by her body language that all she wants to do is get closer to him.

Jonathan ignores his wife’s innuendos, and mentions that perhaps he should work on the nursery. He mentions how hard it is to get things done when she’s awake, and that the home improvement store is open late. The whole time Lizzie is getting close to him. She tries to get him to agree to ‘unwind’ with her, but he doesn’t budge. He’s set on getting things done for his daughter.

“Jonathan, is it that hard to be alone with me?” Lizzie finally asks exasperated. Jonathan gets closer to her and tells her that he does want to be a good husband as well as a father, but that they have time to figure things out. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he’s going to get supplies for the nursery. Jonathan stoops down, kisses his daughter goodbye and tells them both that he will be right back.

With Jonathan gone, Lizzie looks down at her daughter. She shakes her head, clearly not having a clue as to how she should get the attention of her husband.

At the farmhouse, Josh is finishing the last of the outdoor lights when Cassie comes out on the porch. She is dressed in a bright red cocktail dress that is low cut. Josh smiles at seeing her and all he can manage to say is ‘Wow.’ After climbing down from the ladder, he pulls her close and kisses her. Josh jokes that if she’s going to wear the dress to the party that they just might have to cancel the party.

Inside the house, Tammy is asleep on the couch. She dreams that Lizzie will continue to use Sarah to get to Jonathan her whole life. Tammy wakes up startled and upset. When she wakes up, Cassie and Josh are next to her. They assure her that it was merely a dream and that she should forget it. Tammy shakes her head. She’s determined that it is more of a premonition than a dream. Josh looks at Cassie, and then announces that he’s headed to Towers. He claims he has to deal with some party details. “I think you and your mom need some time alone, too.” He adds before heading out.

Tammy watches her uncle leave and comments that he and her mother work well together. Cassie smiles. She confesses to her daughter that despite her personal feelings that Tammy and Jonathan made a good team as well. Cassie reminds her daughter of why she gave Jonathan up in the first place, so that he could have a family Tammy nods. She admits that she’s been rethinking her decisions recently. Cassie reminds her daughter that Jonathan and Lizzie are trying to make things work, regardless of everything else. Tammy doesn’t want to hear it. She wonders why she should stay quiet, especially if Jonathan is unhappy.

Cassie offers to make her daughter some tea, but she refuses. Tammy tells her mother that she doesn’t want anything as she puts her jacket on. Cassie tries to stop her, and reminds her daughter that sometimes people need to trust that they belong together. She explains that it is how it worked with her and Josh. “I never tried to get Josh to choose between me and Reva.” Cassie clarifies for her daughter. Tammy shakes her head. She reminds her mother that Lizzie is part of the picture, which means that there is no such thing as trust.

Buzz and Olivia are inside her room at the Beacon. The two are joking around and mention their trip away. She tells him that it would have been better had they stayed for the whole time that they were supposed to, but that she understands why he needed to be back here for Harley. Hugging her, he thanks her and tells her that he knew she would understand completely. “You are a mother after all.” He reminds her. Olivia grimaces and tells him that they agreed not to talk about Ava. Buzz shakes his head. He tells her that he wasn’t talking about Ava at that moment, and then asks if Olivia is going to call her daughter. Shaking her head, she tells him that Ava is better off with both her biological parents being out of the picture. “Jeffery has to stay away from her.” Olivia mentions. Buzz smiles and tells his girlfriend that he thinks Jeffery got the message that he isn’t wanted in town. She looks confused by this, but doesn’t have a chance to ask about it. Buzz hugs her once before running off to make sure that his restaurant is still standing.

All alone, Olivia looks at her left hand. There is no ring there. She is talking to herself and imagines that Buzz is asking her to marry him. She is excited about this and is interrupted when there is a knock on the door. Olivia runs over to answer it, thinking that Buzz will be on the other side. She gets a surprise when instead of Buzz she sees Jeffery. “Hi. You know if you wanted me to leave town, you could have just told me yourself.” He announces as he walks into the room uninvited. Olivia’s reply is as clear as day. “Okay. Leave.” She tells him.

Jeffery seems unimpressed by Olivia’s candor and mentions that he doesn’t appreciate it when Buzz appears in his life, trying to get him to move out of town. Olivia seems confused by this, until Jeffery explains further. He mentions that Buzz came by his room and threw all of his belongings out in the hallway. “He left this note.” Jeffery tells Olivia as he shows her the slip of paper Buzz had left in his suite. Olivia has a huge smile on her face. She is clearly excited that Buzz would do such a thing for her.

Jeffery doesn’t care how Olivia feels about her current man, and reminds her that there is so much abuse that he can take. Olivia shakes her head. She doesn’t want to hear him anymore and blames most of her problems on him. Shaking his head, Jeffery doesn’t understand how or why she has to blame all of her problems on him. Olivia is pissed that he is not taking her seriously, and Jeffery doesn’t know what to do either. He tells her that if she wants his head on a platter that they should just do it. He mentions heading to San Cristobal, where he will turn himself in to the cops and confess to taking advantage of her so many years ago. Calling him on his bluff, Olivia begins to gather her things. “When do we go?” She asks him.

Olivia continues to call Jeffery on his bluff. She details the numerous things that they will do to make sure that he is punished appropriately for his crime. Jeffery looks stunned. “You’re serious?” He asks her. Olivia smiles. She tells him that she realizes he would never turn himself in, but that she wanted to call him on it.

Annoyed, Jeffery tells her that she would never be able to convince a judge that she was innocent. Indignant, she reminds him that before the night with him that she was full of innocence. Shaking his head, he reminds her that he’s already promised to stay away from their daughter. There’s nothing more he can do, or so he thinks.

Coop is looking through numerous brochures on Oxford when Ava comments that he looks extremely excited about everything. They are on Main Street, near CO2 and continue to talk about their upcoming move. Coop admits that he’s a bit nervous, but that he thinks he’s ready for it. Ava smiles. She tells him that she knows he’s more than ready for the writing program. The two hug one another. Alan-Michael is nearby, in a corner, and watches the two with a look of disgust on his face.

Buzz approaches Alan-Michael and reminds him that Ava is with his son. Alan-Michael begins to explain that if he wanted Ava, that he could have her. Buzz, however, cuts him off. “Do not underestimate my son.” He warns Alan-Michael before walking off.

Near the paper stand on Main Street, Tammy literally runs into Jonathan. He has numerous bags with him and has dropped a stuffed animal.

Tammy jokes with Jonathan about being on a late night stuffed animal run. He smiles and admits to her that he had to get some baby supplies as well as some tools to work on the nursery. He seems genuinely happy. Tammy seems nervous and mentions something about fate. She tells him that she didn’t go out looking for him, but that it must have happened for a reason. Jonathan looks at her strangely and tells her that he’s not even forcing to pretend to understand what she’s talking about. The conversation turns to the baby, and then Lizzie. He admits that he can feel how much she wants him, but that he’s just not there yet. “If I can be a good dad, maybe I can be a good husband.” Jonathan says. Tammy shakes her head. She reminds him that those are two very different things.

In her mind, Tammy imagines Jonathan telling her how much he owes her. They embrace and she tells him that they need to take the baby and start a family of their own.

Jonathan interrupts Tammy’s thoughts. He asks if everything is all right with her. She assures him that she’s fine, and urges him to go home to his family. Jonathan nods, still looking worried about Tammy. He takes off anyway, anxious to get home to his daughter.

As Ava and Coop continue to discuss their move to Europe, Alan-Michael shows up. He sits down at a nearby table and begins talking on his cell phone loudly. Coop looks disgusted as Alan-Michael discusses problems at work loud enough so that everyone around can hear. Ava continually looks over at him, obviously distracted. “This is just going to take a minute.” She tells Coop before she heads over to her boss. Coop shakes his head and warns her that he will be over to whisk her away before she knows it. The two kiss, and Ava goes off to help Alan-Michael.

Coop stands next to his father who has just shown up. They both agree that they don’t trust Alan-Michael. Coop watches his girlfriend closely and then reminds his father that Ava will be leaving town with him.

Ava seems to have gotten everything straightened out at Spaulding Enterprises for Alan-Michael. He is grateful and comments that he won’t know what to do without her when she’s gone.

At the counter, Coop and his father continue their conversation. Coop calls his father on the fact that he hasn’t proposed to Olivia yet, while Buzz wonders why his son hasn’t interrupted Alan-Michael and Ava yet.

Smiling, Coop takes the hint. He walks over to the table where Alan-Michael and Ava are. He asks how things are going, and then pulls Ava aside. He mentions wanting to talk to her. She smiles and the two walk away from Alan-Michael. “I’ve been thinking about our trip.” He tells her. Immediately, she looks worried.

Coop tells Ava that although his program doesn’t start for a few more weeks that he was wondering why they were waiting to go to England. He mentions that perhaps they should move over there now so that they have time to get settled. Ava shakes her head and assures him that she will be fine waiting until the classes start. Coop presses the issue. He tells her that he wants to leave right now. “No.” Ava tells him. Coop asks her why she is so hesitant, and she hugs him.

Reva is just about to leave the mixer at Towers when Lillian shows up. Lillian reminds her that there is nothing to be afraid of, in terms of the party. She urges Reva to stay and explains that the party is only about cancer. ‘It’s about meeting a few people.’ Lillian explains. The two women walk up to the bar, and Reva is introduced to everyone.

Eventually, Reva decides to strike out on her own. She sees a man standing alone and approaches him. She begins talking to him, though it is clear that he’s interested in younger women. He doesn’t want her around and makes it clear. “So maybe you should move on. I don't want her to think that I'm taken. “He tells Reva who looks crushed.

Reva walks away and then revels in the fact that the waitress he was interested in slaps him in the face. He looks up and sees Reva standing by watching with a grin on her face. He walks over to her and they begin to talk again. He finally introduces himself as Cal. Cal jokes that before the cancer he was a woman magnet. Reva laughs at him and the two joke around a bit. Soon after talking to him, she heads to the bar.

At the bar, she says goodbye to Lillian and explains that she’s not ready to be at a mixer just yet. She waves goodbye to Cal, and then heads for the elevator. As the door opens and she is ready to get in it, she looks up. Josh is standing in the elevator alone.

Josh approaches Reva, and the two head closer to the bar. She lies to him that there was a big blow out party that was lots of fun for her. Reva motions to all the cancer survivors and forces a smile on her face. The two make small talk and Josh tells her that he’s there to run errands for the holiday party. Before he has a chance to ask, she tells him that she’s going to go to his party. Josh smiles, he’s clearly glad that she’s coming. He begins to take off, but Reva stops him. She tells him that she wants to be 100% truthful with him. “This is a cancer survivor’s mixer.” She admits looking embarrassed. Reva foes on to explain that it was Lillian’s idea, and mentions how lame it all seems now. Josh looks at her intently for a moment before telling her that he feels she’s brave for coming. He then leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Reva thanks him and heads back to the party. Josh, on the other hand, heads out the door. While he is headed to the elevator we can see that Cassie has shown up at Towers and witnessed the entire exchange between the two of them.

Reva and Cal are together at the bar again. He comments on the chemistry that she had with the man she was talking with (Josh). Smiling, she tells him that unfortunately that man isn’t one of them. “He’s my sister’s boyfriend.” Reva explains awkwardly.

Cal and Reva seem to be having a good time together. They are doing shots and joking about the holidays coming up. It suddenly dawns on Reva that she should invite Cal to Cassie & Josh’s holiday party. She even jokes around with him, telling him that he can use the party as an excuse to pick up women that are more his age. Smiling, he tells her that as long as there are women like her there that he will be all set. The two high five on an agreement to attend the party together.

Lizzie is at home alone with Ashlee. She’s going over what to wear at the party and comments that Jonathan isn’t noticing her at all. She laments that her husband is only focused on his daughter. Ashlee laughs and mentions that it almost sounds as though Lizzie is jealous of her own daughter. “No, I just feel like a milk factory.” Lizzie admits.

Ashlee watches Lizzie wander around the living room for a few minutes longer before she says anything else. Then she opens her mouth. Ashlee tells Lizzie that she needs a good kick in the pants. She urges her friend to ‘do something’ if she wants things to change with Jonathan. Lizzie nods as Ashlee challenges her to change the way Jonathan thinks of her. Smiling, Lizzie tells Ashlee that she has a plan. She’s going to use the holiday party as an opportunity to get close to Jonathan. Lizzie enumerates the things she will do to get his attention – sexy dress, nails, hair and fragrance. “Jonathan will have to be dead not to notice me.” She tells Ashlee.

Josh returns to the farmhouse and doesn’t see anyone around. He notices a small pile of clothes near the door, but doesn’t seem to think anything of it. His cell phone rings and it is the party planner from Towers. He realizes through the course of the conversation that Cassie was just at Towers and most likely saw him with Reva. Josh also finds out that she has canceled the party at Towers. He looks down at the pile of clothes again and watches as Cassie comes out of the bedroom. She throws more clothing onto the pile. Josh immediately tells her that he wants to explain things to her. “Don’t bother.” Cassie responds. Josh looks crushed and tells her his side of the story anyway. He mentions that he was at Towers, ran into his ex and decided to support her. Cassie nods and admits that she saw the two of them together. She also adds that she isn’t angry. This shocks Josh a bit. He wonders why she is throwing his clothes out, and why she canceled the party if she’s not mad. Laughing, Cassie tells him that the clothes are in the kitchen because she has to take them to the cleaners the next time she leaves. She then goes on to tell him that she canceled Towers, not the party. “I want us to entertain right here in our own home. “ Cassie explains to a relieved looking Josh. “You need to have more faith in me, Josh.” She tells him again. Josh embraces her and kisses her. Picking her up he carries her into the bedroom telling her that he loves her.

Olivia finds Buzz on Main Street and runs over to him. She hugs and kisses him repeatedly. He kisses her back, but wonders what her sudden burst of affection was for. She thanks him for trying to send a message to Jeffery. When Buzz mentions that it sadly didn’t work, Olivia tells him that it was the gesture that counted. “Let Jeffery live knowing that everyone he hurt is happy in spite of him.” She tells Buzz.

In front of the movie theatre, Ashlee and Tammy run into one another. Ashlee mentions the party, and that she can’t wait to go. She even manages to make a remark about Jonathan and Lizzie being there together. “You don’t have to pretend with me. I understand.” Ashlee tells Tammy. “Lizzie has everything – the man, the baby and the wedding ring.” She says before heading off to do her own thing.

As Tammy is walking away, she wonders if perhaps she has been too nice when it comes to Lizzie and Jonathan.

Back at Cross Creek, Jonathan returns home to find Lizzie asleep on the couch. He covers her up with a blanket before going over to check on Sarah. Lizzie opens her eyes and smiles. She’s clearly thinking about Jonathan, and the upcoming party.

to hear you say that. We then realize that part was a daydream) Are you alright, Jonathan asks, snapping Tammy back to reality. Don't let me keep you, Tammy tells Jon. Okay, Jon replies. See ya at Josh and Cassie's party. See ya, says Tammy.

Lizzie is asking Ashlee her opinion on the clothes. Ashlee tells her that it doesn't matter what she wears. Ashlee says you need to give him a kick in the pants. Snap out of it. You are Lizzie Spaulding. Take Jonathan. You don't put up with things like this. You are Elizabeth Spaulding. Am I wrong? Lizzie replies. No, you're not wrong. It doesn't matter if Tammy is still in the picture. Lizzie decides to make a plan to get Jonathan to notice her. She says she will buy the sexiest dress she can find, a dress that will make any man fall
for her. She will have her hair done, use fragrance. Ashlee says "work it Mama" Lizzie says, Tammy will probably be there with Remy anyway and at the end of the night, who is Jonathan going home with, His wife! He doesnt' stand a chance!

Jeffrey and Olivia talk about going to the DA in San Cristobel. Jeffrey says should I tell him I was a selfish kid and go to prison. Are you serious? Olivia states that she knew he was bluffing. Jeffrey says that there is no way to convince someone that Olivia is innocent. She states she was innocent then. They talk about redemption and forgiveness. Olivia said she liked seeing him turn pale when he thought about going to prison. Jeffrey yells what do you want from me and storms out. Olivia says. "Everything".

Buzz is talking to Coop about Alan-Michael. Coop, obviously tiring of the conversation, switches it back on Buzz by asking if he has proposed to Olivia yet. Buzz says, not yet, its all about the timing. He doesn't want to force it on her. Coop says he is inspiring! Coop then walks across the area to Alan-Michael and Ava and says he needs to talk to Ava. He tells Ava that he wants to go to London now. Forget about waiting for three weeks, they will go and find Ava a Job. Ava says she does not want to leave right now.

Back at Towers, Cal asks Reva who the man was that she was talking too, and what kind of disease he had. Reva replied "Revaitis" and told Cal that it was her sister's boyfriend.

Josh returns to Cassie's house to find his clothes piled on the floor. The phone rings and it is the Chef from Towers stating that the party has been canceled by Cassie. Josh figures out that Cassie was at Towers and had witnessed him with Reva. Cassies comes from another room carrying another pile of clothes. She kneels down and starts stuffing all of the clothes into a trash bag. Josh says "Let me explain" Cassie replies "Don't bother" . Josh explains that he was lending support to Reva. Cassie stops him and says that she is not mad. She states that yes she saw him with Reva, but that it didn't bother her. Josh then asked, why are you throwing out my clothes. Cassies laughs and says she is taking them to the cleaners. She tells Josh that he needs to have a little more faith in her. Well why did you cancel the party, he asks. Cassie replies that she decided she wanted to entertain from "their" house. She then states that she loves Reva but she's not scared of her. No one can come between her and Josh. Josh picks her up and says I'll see you in the back for about fifteen or twenty minutes.

Cal and Reva have a drink. Reva asks Cal what he is doing tomorrow. He comes up with some lame story. Reva says "Oh your doing nothing, Calvin" Cal corrects her by saying his name is Cal, short for Caleb. Reva says she likes Calvin. She invites him to the party and the continue playing games.

Coop continues trying to talk Ava into leaving early. Ava says no, but hugs Coop tightly. Alan-Michael stares at the couple. While this is taking place, Olivia runs in and straight into Buzz's arms, hugging him, thanking him profusely for being her hero.; Buzz replies that
it didn't work, he was still there. Olivia continues to dole out affection. Jeffrey watches from the corner.

Ashlee runs into Tammy, who is out walking. Ashlee states that she can't wait for Josh and Cassie's party. Tammy seems less than enthused. Ashlee states that she doesn't blame Tammy for not wanting to go, after all, who can compete with Lizzie Spaulding. She has everything, money, baby and the man. Ashlee tells Tammy that she should quit while she is ahead. They part ways. Tammy walks past Santa Claus who asks her if she has been naughty or nice this year. Tammy replies "Too Nice"

Jonathan returns home to Cross Creek. Lizzie is asleep on the couch. Jonathan covers her with a red and black blanket and lovingly checks on sleeping Sarah in her bassinette. Lizzie opens her eyes and in her head says "He doesn't stand a chance"

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