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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/11/06

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Written By Eva

At Towers, Tammy admits to Cassie that she may have made the wrong decision letting go of Jonathan because Lizzie is only using baby Sarah to make Jonathan fall in love with her. Cassie thinks that Tammy may have misunderstood what she heard but Tammy assures her that those are the words she heard from Lizzie. Cassie advises Tammy to think things through and not do anything crazy because Jonathan is married and has a family. Tammy reminds Cassie that Josh was also married and that didn’t stop her from going after him because she loved him. Cassie tells Tammy that the situation was different and she tried to stay away from Josh. Cassie remembers she must meet Josh to go pick out a Christmas tree so Tammy tells her she will be fine and not to worry because she won’t do anything crazy.

At Cross Creek, Jonathan asks Reva to help him pick out a bigger car because his car doesn’t have a back seat for the baby. Jonathan tells Reva he also needs a high chair for Sarah and Josh wonders why Jonathan isn’t doing these errands with Lizzie. Josh tells Jonathan that he can’t make a home for the baby if the parents are married in name only. Jonathan tells Josh that he cares for Lizzie and is determined to make his marriage work for the sake of Sarah because she is the most important thing in the world to him. The baby cries and Jonathan goes to quiet her while Reva thanks Josh for helping Jonathan put things together for the baby. Josh tells Reva that he thinks of Sarah as his granddaughter and he wants her to be a happy child. Jonathan holds Sarah and tells her that Josh and Reva are an example of two people who want to be parents. Jonathan tells Sarah that he never had parents who put his needs above their own and that she will have a wonderful childhood because she is the most important thing in the world to him.

On Main Street, Harley calls Gus because she wants to know where he is but Gus doesn’t answer his phone so she leaves a message telling him she can’t get baby Sydney out of her head and thinks it is terrible she has to spend Christmas in a foster home. Harley also tells Gus that she is picking out a Christmas tree and hopes he will meet her at the tree lot to pick out the perfect tree.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Rick has a beautiful table set and lunch prepared for Mel whom he thinks wants to talk about reconciliation. Mel arrives and doesn’t even notice all of Rick’s hard work and simply blurts out she wants a divorce leaving Rick speechless.

At Towers, Lizzie arrives because she forgot her cell phone and tells Tammy she must get back to Jonathan and Sarah because she does anything for the baby. Tammy confronts Lizzie about the conversation she over heard earlier between her and Beth. Lizzie denies having told Beth that Sarah was the best trick to make Jonathan fall in love with her. Tammy continues to push the issue until Lizzie admits she did say those things but she misunderstood what she meant to say to her Mom. Lizzie tells Tammy she won’t even bother to explain what she meant because she would never understand because she isn’t a mother. Tammy tells Lizzie she feels stupid for thinking Lizzie had changed and would put her baby before her own needs. Tammy thinks Lizzie is the same spoiled brat she always has been and she hasn’t changed at all.

On Main Street, Cassie and Harley pick out Christmas trees and find it strange that they can’t find Gus or Josh.

At a motel, Gus puts baby Sydney down on the bed and tells her they will see Harley soon but they must wait until she is all alone. Gus picks up the baby carrier again and he and the baby go find her something to eat.

At Gus and Harley’s house, Mel tells Rick its time they stop the state of limbo for Leah’s sake. Rick tells Mel that he loves her and once again pleads for another chance. Mel wonders if he is still seeing Beth and Rick responds that he broke up with Beth months ago. Rick suggests that they go to marriage counseling to try and save their marriage. Mel tells Rick she will think about it and leaves quickly without even saying good-bye to Rick. Beth arrives a few minutes later and assumes the romantic lunch is for her. Beth tells Rick that Jonathan and Lizzie are back and managed to get a restraining order keeping Alan away from the baby. Beth tells Rick she is afraid to go back home because Alan may want revenge against her because he feels she betrayed him. Beth asks Rick if she can stay with him tonight but Rick makes it clear he is trying to save his marriage and that wouldn’t be a good idea. Rick does offer to go talk to Alan with her and if she still doesn’t want to stay in the house he will driver her to the Beacon.

On Main Street, Cassie buys a Christmas tree and waits for Josh to arrive to help her take the tree home. Cassie notices that Josh isn’t coming so she calls him. Josh tells Cassie that he is helping Jonathan put things together for the baby. Cassie can tells Josh has forgotten all about picking out a tree with her so she tells him she will see him at home later.

At Gus and Harley’s place, Harley gets a call from Gus who asks her if Rick is home. Harley tells Gus that Rick isn’t home but he should be home soon. Gus tells Harley he is busy working on a case and won’t be home at all tonight.

At Cross Creek, Reva thinks about all the time she missed out on with Jonathan and admits that is why helping him with Sarah’s so special to her. Reva wants to have a combination Christening and baby shower for Lizzie and Sarah. Reva is excited about all the plans and thinks if they hurry and plan the party all the Christmas decorations will still be up everywhere and make the party more special. Josh suddenly remembers Cassie and the Christmas tree and rushes off to meet her. Reva asks Jonathan to go with her to Towers so she can begin planning the party. Jonathan agrees because Sarah seems hungry and he thinks Lizzie may still be there.

At the Spaulding mansion, Rick and Beth arrive and Beth is surprised to find Alan with a very provocatively dressed Doris Wolf. Beth is jealous but she doesn’t admit it to Alan when he asks her. Beth asks Rick to walk Doris out because she needs to talk to her husband alone. Alan tells Beth that Doris is going to help him get the restraining order lifted so that he can see baby Sarah. Alan tells Beth that he thinks that Doris is a very supportive woman the kind that any man would be happy to have beside him.

At Towers, Tammy can’t believe that Lizzie is being so dishonest with Jonathan Lizzie wonders if Tammy will tell Jonathan what she heard her say about the baby. Jonathan arrives with the baby and Reva and gives the baby to Lizzie so she can feed her. Tammy sees how devoted Jonathan is to the baby and he tells her that he is determined that Sarah have a wonderful childhood. Tammy can’t bear to break Jonathan’s heart so instead she tells him he has a wonderful family.

At the farm, Josh arrives and apologizes to Cassie for forgetting about the tree and explains that he was helping Jonathan put together some things for little Sarah. Cassie tells Josh she loves him for helping Jonathan be a good father but she needs to know she comes first in his life. Josh tells Cassie she is first with him and gives her a kiss. Cassie tells Josh to remember it is very easy to get sucked back into Reva world. A Reva call Josh from Towers and asks him what date would be best for him to come to the party. Josh tells Reva to pick a date and tell him when the party is and he will be there.

At Towers, Reva calls Lillian and asks her to tell her about the cancer survivor group she recommended for her because she thinks its time they both look for a man.

At Cross Creek, Jonathan and Lizzie put Sarah to sleep while Tammy stands outside watching them through the window trying to sort out her feelings and decide what she should do about Jonathan.

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