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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/8/06

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Written By Eva

At the Police Station, Harley arrives and tells Gus that she is ovulating and she feels today is the day they will make a baby.  Gus tells Harley he is busy with work and he canít get away right now.  Harley kisses Gus a few times to try and persuade him to go make love in the evidence room.  Gus just keeps remembering the words the doctor told him on the phone that he might never be able to have a child.  Harley eventually talks Gus into making love to her in the evidence room and they make love but Gus still canít find the words to break Harleyís heart. 

On Main Street, Dinah catches Mallet buying flowers and assumes they are for her but he gives her a kiss and tells her the flowers are for a work thing and he will see her at home later. 

At CO2, Remy sees Tammy studying and tells her he is there to take her to lunch so she can eat at a real sit down restaurant.  Tammy refuses Remyís invitation because she has a very big test the next day and must study for the test.  Remy takes Tammyís hand and tells her to trust him and come to lunch so Tammy reluctantly gets up and leaves with Remy. 

At Towers, Reva, talks to Billy, Cassie and Josh and tells them she is worried about Lizzie, Jonathan and the baby because itís been a while since Lizzie called her.  Billy, Cassie, and Josh are also worried but are determined to find the young couple and tell them that they no longer have to fight Alan for custody of the baby.  Alan, Beth, and Lillian arrive and Alan tells Reva that he isnít leaving until she tells him the whereabouts of Lizzie and the baby.  Reva insists that she doesnít know where the young couple is but she is sure they are fine because Jonathan is taking wonderful care of Lizzie and the baby.  Alan thinks that the Lewis family has been a bad influence on Lizzie and he wants to get Lizzie home and away from the Lewis family before they have more of an influence on Lizzie.  Alan tells Josh that he must have had fun with both the Shayne sisters.  Josh demands that Alan show some respect to both Reva and Cassie and Alan and Josh come close to a physical fight until Lillian sees Jonathan and Lizzie walk in with the baby.  Everyone rushes to the young couple to make sure they are okay and coo over the baby.  Jonathan and Lizzie announce to their families that they have decided to name the baby Sarah and the Lewis family especially Reva is thrilled at her grand daughterís name.  Alan is upset because he feels that the Lewis family is taking his Granddaughter and great granddaughter away from him.    Lillian tells Alan that he should just be happy everyone is home safely and they can all discuss everything else later. so Alan drops the subject for the moment.  Tammy and Remy arrive for lunch and Tammy is beyond happy to see Jonathan, Lizzie and the baby Remy tells Tammy he found them and told them it was safe to come home because Alan had lost the custody hearing.  Tammy thanks Remy because she knows he only found them because she was so worried about them. 

At the Police Station, Harley and Gus finish making love and when they come out of the evidence room Harley has a big smile on her face as she tells Gus she already feels pregnant and puts Gusís hand on her stomach.  Gus takes his hand off Harleyís stomach and tries to persuade her to concentrate on the children they already have because she may not get pregnant.  Harley refuses to hear that sort of talk because she is positive she will have his baby soon.  Frank tells Harley and Gus that Rick called and told him to tell Harley that Zach and Jude are having a fun day with Rick at father son day at school.  Gus wonders why Harley didnít tell him about the special day at school.  Harley apologizes and tells Gus that he thought it would be good for Rick to spend some time alone with Jude because Rick has been depressed about his relationship with Mel.  Franks smiles and tells Harley that Zach asked his teacher if he could bring the new baby to school next year.  Gus hears this comment and throws all the things off his desk including the coffee he is drinking Harley looks over at him and thinks he is still mad that she didnít tell him about father son day at school.  Harley goes over to help Gus clean up the mess he made but he refuses her help and tells her he can do it and that he isnít mad at her but Harley apologizes again.  Gus apologizes to Harley for the weird way he has been acting today.  Frank gets a phone call and after he is finished on the phone he informs Gus and Harley that baby Sydneyís (the baby Gus and Harley found inside a crack house.) grandmother was found dead so the baby girl will be put in foster care since both her parents are in jail.  Gus and Harley rush to the grandmotherís house to check on baby Sydney and make sure the little baby is okay. 

At Towers, Cassie tells Tammy that Lizzie and Jonathan owe her a lot because she gave up the man she loved for the sake of baby Sarah.  Lizzie notices Tammy looking at little Sarah and goes over to Tammy and lets her hold the baby.  Jonathan goes over to Tammy as well and tells Tammy Sarah is a good baby Tammy also notices that Sarah has the same look on her face that Jonathan gets when he is concentrating on something.  Jonathan and Tammy exchange some meaningful looks and smiles as they talk about the baby.  Lizzie is annoyed at the connection she sees between Jonathan and Tammy and gives the baby to Reva to interrupt the moment between Jonathan and Tammy.    Jonathan tells Reva that he is worried because the baby was born too early and is very small but Reva tells her son not to worry because Sarah is fine.  Reva tells Jonathan she is going to enjoy spoiling Sarah this Christmas because itís the first time she has gotten to be with one of her grandchildren when they were babies.  Josh and Reva recall when Shayne and Marah were little and Josh hated carrying their diaper bags because he thought they were dorky looking so he would hide them all over the house.  Josh tells Jonathan he will be a good father and he should enjoy Sarah while she is little.  Jonathan asks Remy to hand Alan a document when he demands to hold the baby.  Remy serves Alan with a restraining order stating that he stay 50 feet away from Sarah.  Alan lunges at Jonathan and grabs his shirt but Remy stops him and Lizzie tells Alan he brought this on himself.  Remy takes Alan out of Towers while Alan is shouting that Jonathan and Lizzie will regret having made this choice.  Jonathan and Lizzie start to leave with Josh and Reva to take the baby home but Beth wants to talk to Lizzie alone so Jonathan tells her to stay and talk to her mom.  Cassie decides to stay as well and talk to Tammy to see how she is doing.  Lizzie gives Jonathan a kiss on the cheek and tells him she is happy they had Sarah together.  Dinah and Mallet both try to persuade Vanessa to give their respective TV shows the one available time slot on the programming schedule.  Vanessa decides she had a good idea letting them compete because that will force them to improve the quality of their shows. 

At Baby Sydneyís house, Gus and Harley are told by the social worker that a neighbor called after she heard the baby crying for an hour.  The social worker also tells them that the police suspect her grandmother has been dead for a few days.  Gus and Harley are heart broken that Sydney will have to go into foster care since she doesnít have any other relatives.  Gus canít understand how people who are bad have children and good people canít have them. 

At Towers, Ashley gives Dinah a large file with all the information a guy in the mailroom at the TV station gave her about the Law TV show.  Dinah is about to pop a DVD into her laptop when Mallet catches them and smiles because he heard part of their conversation.  Mallet puts one of the DVDs into Dinah laptop and is amused because Dinah wants to study his on air style.  Dinah lies to Mallet and says that she was trying not to cover the same topics on her show that he had already done on the Law.  Mallet smiles at the weakness of Dinahís lie because the two shows donít cover the same topics.

At Cross Creak, Reva wonders how Jonathan is doing without Tammy and Jonathan responds that he is doing about as well as she is doing without Josh.  Jonathan tells Rev at that he just wants to concentrate on Sarah and Lizzie because they are his world. 

At Towers, Lizzie cries and tells Beth that Jonathan is a wonderful father and loves Sarah very much but Lizzie thought by now Jonathan would love her and she cries because it hasnít happened.  At a nearby table Tammy tells Cassie she canít stop thinking about Jonathan and she thought she did the right thing by letting him go but Lizzie is crying and unhappy even though she has Jonathan and little Sarah.  Tammy tells Cassie she canít get Jonathan out of her head or heart and she is beginning to wonder if she made the right choice.  Lizzie tells Beth that nobody has ever loved her back and she is tired of trying to gain Jonathanís love.  Lizzie tells her mom that Jonathan is only her husband on paper and he has always belonged to Tammy. 

At the Police station, Frank gets a call informing him that they have found a foster home for baby Sydney and the foster parents will arrive to pick the baby up in an hour.  Gus watches Harley looking at baby catalogs and talking about her future child with Frank and Marina.  Gus calls the social worker pretending to be Sydneyís foster father and tells the social worker he is on his way to pick up Sydney.  Gus sneaks out of the police station after he has finished his call and nobody notices he has left. 

At Cross Creek, Jonathan thanks Josh for his help with the custody hearing and Josh thanks Jonathan for taking such good care of Reva while she was sick.  Josh assures Jonathan he is a good father because he is always there when his family needs him.    Jonathan canít believe that he came to Springfield with no ties to anyone and now he has people who need him.  Josh reminds him that those people who need him are his family.   

At Towers, Tammy gets a text message from her study partner and since Cassie doesnít have a pen Tammy heads to the bar to find a pen.  Beth tells Lizzie that she just has the baby blues and she shouldnít give up on Jonathan.  Lizzie wipes her tears and she and Beth get up to leave and Lizzie tells Beth she is right after all she does have Sarah who she loves very much and she is the best trick in the book to get Jonathan to fall in love with her.  Tammy watches Lizzie and Beth get into the elevator and is stunned that she just heard Lizzie call her daughter a trick.  Tammy tells Cassie what she overheard and also that she thought she gave up Jonathan so that Sarah could grow up with two good parents but now she thinks Lizzie may not be what is best for Jonathan and Sarah.   

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