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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/4/06

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Written By Eva

At the Mall, Josh, explains to Reva that he understands her actions and appreciates her sacrifice for the veteran’s hospital. Josh makes it clear to Reva that he still thinks it was wrong to keep the truth from him because he wanted to be there to support her through her illness. Reva cries and tells Josh she has always hoped that he would understand why she kept the truth from him. Reva also tells Josh that the day she watched him get his medal on the Intrepid she felt like she was right there with him and it felt right like they were both together sharing a special moment. Reva also tells Josh that she was very proud of him and explains the hardest day for her to keep the truth from him was when he gave her Cross Creek because she had just had her first chemotherapy treatment and she just wanted to fall into his arms and get comfort from him. Reva’s story is interrupted when Cassie arrives and gives Josh a hug and wonders why he took off so quickly. Cassie sees thee tears in Reva’s eyes and wonders if she interrupted something but Reva explains that she and Josh were just talking about the veteran’s hospital.

Inside Remy’s car, Remy offers to find Jonathan and bring him back to Springfield so that Tammy can finally decide which one of them is the better man for her. Tammy tells Remy she appreciates the offer but it really wouldn’t be fair to him or Jonathan because Jonathan has a family now and he must be with them. Tammy admits to Remy that it hurts to know she won’t see Jonathan again but he is doing what is best for his family.

At a hotel, Lizzie talks to her baby girl and tells her that she and her daddy love her very much and they are going to make a wonderful home for her no matter where they decide to live. Lizzie tells the baby Jonathan is getting her a stroller and all of the things that she needs because they left in such a hurry. They didn’t have time to bring her things with them. Lizzie also tells the baby that she knows her daddy doesn’t love her (Lizzie) now but once its just the tree of them alone she is positive he will fall in love with her.

At Towers, Alan gives Doris Wolfe some very expensive wine to drink and asks her to help get custody of Lizzie’s baby before Reva and Jonathan find out. Alan tells Doris that Jonathan isn’t a good father but he and Beth could help Lizzie make a good home for her daughter. Doris tells Alan that she agrees with him especially after what Jonathan did to Ashley.

At the Mall, Reva tells Josh and Cassie that she wants to find Jonathan, Lizzie, and the baby before Alan does and something terrible happens to them. Tammy arrives and tells Reva, Josh, and Cassie that Jonathan left a message on her cell phone and told her he and Lizzie were leaving town for good this time to keep the baby safe from Alan. Reva decides to try and contact Lizzie and Jonathan and try to talk some sense into them. Josh offers to take Reva home but she refuses his offer so Josh tells Reva to call him if she needs help with Alan but she tells him she can handle Alan although she appreciates his offer.

At Towers, Ashley defends Jonathan when she overhears Alan and her mother plotting against him. Ashley tells Alan that Jonathan is her friend and a good guy who is just misunderstood by people. Ashley also tells Alan that Jonathan is a good father and if she had a baby she wishes he would be its father. Alan tells Ashley that he is just trying to make sure Lizzie and the baby are safe that is why he is trying to bring them home. Alan tells Ashley that he knows that Jonathan is a free spirit and shouldn’t be tied down with a baby and when he comes home she can help persuade him of that fact. Ashley smiles and tell her mother to help Alan bring Jonathan home Doris is amazed at how well Alan handles her daughter. Doris flirts with Alan a little and tells him that she hopes that his wife knows how lucky she is to have him.

Jeffrey stands outside Lizzie’s hotel room and recalls Ava’s words that he is a good man and shouldn’t do Alan’s dirty work for him. Jaffrey repeats that it’s just a job as he knocks on Lizzie’s door. Lizzie calls Reva and tells her they are fine but she can’t stay on the phone long because she can’t risk Alan tracing the phone call. Lizzie tells Reva that she and Jonathan may never come home unless Alan drops his custody plans. Lizzie opens the door to Jeffrey who tells her Alan is very worried about her and just wants her to be home safe. Lizzie wonders why everyone just can’t leave them alone the baby begins to cry and Lizzie wants to take the baby with her to find a bottle but Jeffrey tells her to leave the baby with him. Lizzie gives the crying little girl to Jeffrey who doesn’t know what to do with her. Jeffrey talks to the baby but she can’t stop crying so he sings to her. Once the baby has calmed down he tells the baby about his own daughter which he never knew because he never wanted to get to know her. Jeffrey plays with the baby a while until Lizzie gets back with the bottle. Jeffrey gives the baby to Lizzie just before Alan calls to demand that Jeffrey tell him if he has found Lizzie yet. Jeffrey tells Alan he hasn’t found Lizzie yet. Alan tells Jeffrey that if he doesn’t find Lizzie soon his career is over so Jeffrey tells Alan that he will do his best to find them. Jeffrey tells Lizzie not to stay in five star hotels and make sure to take the baby to the doctor so that people won’t say she is a bad mother. Lizzie gives Jeffrey a hug to thank him and promises to follow his advice.

At CO2, Cassie gives Tammy some hot chocolate and Tammy goes to get some sugar cookies. Josh tells Cassie that he is trying to let go of his anger with Reva so that is why he told her that he understood the reason why she kept the truth from him. Cassie tells Josh she thinks that this is a positive step and she is grateful to Reva for helping them fall in love.

At Cross Creek, Reva watches a video of Lizzie, Jonathan and the baby before Beth arrives to talk to her. Beth tries to persuade reva to convince Jonathan to come home because she fears Alan could hurt Jonathan. Beth also tells Reva Alan has hired Doris Wolf to represent him in the custody hearing today.

At Towers, Alan sits with Ava and he tells her he hopes she wasn’t upset when he hired her father to work for him. Ava tells Alan she doesn’t care what Jeffrey does with his life.

At the court house, Reva arrives to fight Alan at the custody hearing she gets a little dizzy and Mel thinks she should call Josh, Cassie, and Tammy for enforcements but Reva says no because they have enough to handle with Tammy. Mel ignores Reva and a few minutes later Josh, Cassie and Tammy arrive to help Reva fight for Jonathan’s child. Josh tells Reva that he and Jonathan may disagree at times but he still doesn’t want Alan to raise Jonathan’s baby. Tammy tells Cassie that it’s hard for her to be in that courtroom because that is where she had to give up Jonathan. Tammy explains to Cassie that although it still hurts she knows she did the right thing even though she had to give up what she loved most in life. Tammy calls Remy and asks him to find Jonathan and bring him back home. Cassie looks at Josh and Reva talking to Mel and considers Tammy’s words to her.

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