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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/24/06

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Written By Eva

At outskirts, Jeffrey asks his old agency boss for a job because he doesn’t have anything to lose anymore.

At the Beacon, Alan Michael and Ava look over cost projections for Spaulding and Alan Michael pretends that he can’t find a statistic so that Ava will show it to him and he can look down her dress. Ava catches on to his trick and hits him on the shoulder with some papers for being a jerk.

At the hospital, Reva tells Marah she is sorry she can’t take her to the airport and asks her if she said good-bye to her father. Marah tells Reva she already said good-bye to Josh and made one last attempt to persuade him to leave Cassie and come back home where he belongs but she had no luck. Reva tells Marah she didn’t want that and it was her choice to let go of Josh. Marah tells her mom she can fool other people but can’t fool her with that story. Reva tries to make Marah stay and not go to back to Paris but Marah tells Reva she can’t stay because she can’t stand to see Josh with Cassie. Marah tells Reva that she has finally convinced herself her parents won’t get back together this time.

At the farm, Josh and Cassie decorate the house for Christmas and Cassie tells Josh she is sorry that his relationship with Marah is strained because she can’t accept that he and Reva are divorced. Josh tells Cassia he knew it would be hard for the family and he thinks Marah accepted that he and Reva wouldn’t get back together again. Sgt. Hal arrives locking for Josh and thanks him for the huge sacrifice he must have made building the H.B. Lewis Veterans hospital because it was worth it. Hal explains to Josh he lost his leg in combat and went to the hospital for treatment and it meant more then words can say to have his family staying close by during his recover. Hal also tells Josh that his sacrifice is aslo helping a lot of men and women.

At the mall, Alan calls the doctor in Chicago and discovers that Lizzie and Jonathan never went to their scheduled doctors appointment. Alan is angry and thinks that Jonathan kidnapped Lizzie and the baby but Beth tells him that Jonathan, Lizzie, and the baby are a family now and he must accept that fact. Beth reminds Alan that Lizzie loves Jonathan even though he doesn’t love her and that they bonded because they both share a common enemy him. Alan doesn’t believe that Jonathan will stay with Lizzie because he loves Tammy and Tammy might know where Jonathan took Lizzie and the baby. Alan sees Tammy sitting with Remy on a bench and demands that she tell him where Jonathan took Lizzie and the baby.

At the Beacon, Alan- Michael reminds Ava that he is her boss and she must obey him and he feels like going to a bar and having a beer. Ava wants to get a little bit more work done so they make a bet Ava tells Alan- Michael she can eat a handful of potato chips all at once without choking and if he can do the same they can go to have a beer. Alan –Michael takes his handful of potato chips and eats them all at once before Ava can get her chips out of the can to eat them.

At the hospital, Reva gives Marah a long hug and cries as they say good-bye and Marah tells her mom she doesn’t think her recovery will be finished until she and Josh are back together again.

At Outskirts, Jeffrey’s old boss tells him he won’t hire him because he is damaged goods and of no use to the agency anymore. Jeffrey’s former boss also tells him to quit blaming the agency for the mess he made of his life because that is his own fault. Jeffrey’s former boss also tells him to straighten out his life and get to know his daughter. Jeffrey tells him that he doesn’t want to mess up his daughter’s life like he has messed up his own. Jeffrey’s boss turns to leave and a very drunk Jeffrey throws a glass at him but almost hits Ava in the face with the glass. Alan- Michael goes to check on Ava and Jeffrey tries to explain he wasn’t aiming the glass at her because he would never hurt her. Ava offers to buy Jeffrey another beer so they can talk.

At the mall, Alan tells Tammy Jonathan left town with Lizzie and the baby and Tammy tells Alan she knew nothing about Jonathan’s plans. Alan grabs Tammy’s arm and demands to know where her boyfriend is but Remy tells him he better let Tammy go before he books him on assault charges. Tammy checks the messages on her phone and finds a good-bye message from Jonathan. Jonathan tells Tammy not to believe the bad things she might hear about him from people because he had to leave town to become the man she knew he could be and protect his child. Tammy is stunned and for the rest of the night doesn’t hear a word Remy is saying to her so he offers to take her home.

At the farm, Josh looks at the scrapbook Cassie made showing ever step of the construction of the veterans’ hospital. Josh can’t help but feel there is something missing so Cassie gives him a picture Hal left for him and tells him she is very proud of him.

At the hospital, Reva nervously waits for her doctor’s appointment and Lillian suggests that she join a wonderful cancer survivors group that might help her. Alan confronts Reva and tells her that Jonathan and Lizzie have left town with the baby and accuses her of helping them because Jonathan likes to follow her lead about everything. Alan tells Reva Jonathan ran away from his problems just like she ran away from cancer. Alan calls Reva selfish, arrogant, and egotistical just like her son. Josh and Cassie are walking by and Josh gets very angry with Alan and pushes him away from Reva and tells him he doesn’t know a thing about her. Josh explains to Alan that Reva was selfless enough to almost die alone without family just so that the veterans hospital would be built and help lots of veterans and their families. Josh tells Alan he didn’t understand just how much she sacrificed until a patient of the veterans came to thank him today and he realized the man should be giving his thanks to Reva not him. Josh asks Cassie to give him some time to talk to Reva alone. So Cassie gives Josh a kiss and tells him she will see him later.

At outskirts, Ava tells Jeffrey that she never had a father and she would like to try and be friends with him. Jeffrey tells her he isn’t ready to be a friend or a father to her. Alan arrives to ask Alan – Michael to look for Jonathan and Lizzie and bring Lizzie and the baby back home no matter what it costs. Alan Michael tells him he won’t help him hunt Lizzie and her baby down like dogs so Jeffrey offers to help Alan and bring them home no matter what he has to do. Ava tries to reason with Jeffrey so he won’t take this awful job but he tells her that she should stay out of his life and he will stay out of her life. Ava leaves with Alan –Michael and Jeffrey tells Alan he is trained to do the job no matter how much it may hurt.

Inside Remy’s car, Remy tells Tammy that he can’t keep trying to have a relationship with her because she is in love with someone else. Remy tells Tammy Jonathan was a fool to let her go when he (Remy) wishes with all his heart she loved him.

At the farm, Cassie talks on the phone with R.J. and tells him that she and Josh will meet him at the game later. Cassie goes inside the house and thinks about the way josh defended Reva at the hospital.

At the hospital, Reva cries and thanks Josh for defending what she did when Alan yelled at her. Josh tells Reva he meant every word he said and explains to Reva that it has taken him a long time to get past being angry at her and today thanks to Hal the patent at the veterans hospital he finally understands why she didn’t tell him about her cancer.

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