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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/30/06

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Written By Elizabeth

Lizzie wakes up to find Jonathan sitting at her bedside watching both her and the baby sleep. She looks at him as she opens her eyes and realizes that he’s been tearing up. She smiles, telling him how great everything seems now. The couple and baby girl look very happy.

Lizzie laughs and smiles at how happy Jonathan seems. They both remark on how everything seems so fresh and new to them now.

Lizzie slowly gets up. She heads into the bathroom adjoining her hospital room. On her way there she hears a knock at the door. She calls out to Jonathan that it is probably Lillian.

Jonathan stands up and opens the door, still keeping an eye on his new daughter. He sees Tammy at the door and invites her in. He explains that Lizzie is nearby, but is clearly preoccupied with his little girl. 

Tammy and Jonathan begin to talk about the baby. She compliments him numerous times and he thanks her. When Jonathan is able to soothe his crying daughter, Tammy seems impressed.

Jonathan notices that Lizzie is coming out of the bathroom. He calls out to her, alerting her to Tammy’s presence. Tammy takes this as a sign that she’s no longer welcome. She begins to get up and leave. Lizzie stops her. She thanks Tammy for helping out during the birth and really seems to mean it. The three make small talk about diaper changes. Eventually Tammy decides to leave, and the proud parents thank her for the gift she has brought.

Later on, Lizzie decides to try and breast feed her little girl. Lillian is there to watch over her and make sure that everything is being done correctly. Jonathan finds the whole scene very amusing. He is supportive of his wife though. Jonathan laughs when Lizzie asks her grandmother if the process is supposed to hurt so much. Lillian ends up taking the baby away after she has eaten. She tells her granddaughter that they will bring the infant back in a few hours. Lizzie nods, taking everything in and agreeing that her child must be tired.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan approaches his wife over breakfast. He reminds her that soon Lizzie will be released from the hospital. Alan tells his wife that they both need to work on getting her to come home as soon as possible. Beth looks shocked. She reminds him of the family moment they had at the hospital on Thanksgiving. Ignoring his wife’s comment, Alan reminds that that regardless of the good will exchanged on one day that they still need Elizabeth and her little girl to come home.

While Alan and Beth are discussing Lizzie they hear a knock on the dining room door. Vanessa strolls in. Both Spaulding’s look surprised, but pleased at her arrival. Vanessa congratulates the two on the new addition to the family and hands them a gift. Alan thanks her profusely and updates her on the status of Elizabeth and the new Spaulding heir.

Dinah and Mallet are in bed together. Both look happy until Ashlee bursts in the door. She startles the two of them initially, then the two look confused.

Dinah demands to know how Ashlee got in their room. The teen is pretty flippant about the whole thing. She explains that she got the key from the front desk. More importantly, she goes on to call Mallet her ‘boss.’ Ashlee elaborates that she is now working for WSPR, specifically for Mallet’s show “The Law.” Both Dinah and Mallet have trouble believing this, or the fact that Mallet has a fan club. Ashlee’s boss at WSPR, Vanessa, also wants to put out a calendar of Mallet shirtless as well.

Dinah looks shocked and wonders what the real reason is that her mother sent Ashlee. Not getting much in the way of a direct answer from Ashlee, Dinah decides that she’s going to have to deal with her mother face to face.  She demands that Ashlee get a hold of Vanessa and then begins to get dresses.

Harley is in bed alone, and doesn’t realize it until she reaches over for Gus. She raises her head only to find her husband fully clothes and pacing around the room. Sitting up, she asks him what is wrong. “It’s the Blake thing that’s bugging me.” He confesses. Harley gets up and while giving him a hug reminds him that nothing she has on him will hit the internet. This doesn’t seem to make him any more comfortable. Harley gently reminds him that they’ve gone over everything together. There is nothing in his past to be worried about. Gus nods, with a distant look on his face. “I want to go down to her room and check it out again.” He announces looking determined. It’s clear that he expects his wife to go with him to help.  

Harley and Gus are now outside of Blake’s suite. She makes him promise that as soon as they are done with the reconnaissance work that they will go back to trying to make a baby. With a kiss, Gus promises his wife that they will do anything she wants.

The two walk into the room and realize that the crime scene unit has cleaned the place up. Gus shakes his head, frustrated.  Harley raises her eyebrows. As she walks into the second room of the suite, she comments on how lazy the clean up crew is. Gus nods, smiling.

Inside Blake’s room, Harley comments on the amount of information that Blake gathered on everyone in the town. As the two are going through mounds of stuff in Blake’s room Mallet is out in the hallway. He hears someone in the room, and busts in. His gun is drawn and he’s ready to arrest whoever is inside.  Harley peeks around her old partner and tells him to shut the door. She doesn’t want anyone to see what they are doing.

Harley and Gus enlighten Mallet on why they are there. He shakes his head, wondering why they are looking for clues to the secret. He reasons that Gus should know his own past.  While Gus and Mallet are joking around, Harley daydreams. She thinks that perhaps her husband could have a son, is having an affair, or wants to join the priesthood. Shaking her head, she realizes that she is being silly. None of those situations are very probable, she tells herself.

Mallet eventually leaves the couple alone. After looking through piles and piles of Blake’s things, Harley finds something. A disk with the initials “GA” on it. She immediately thinks that it has something to do with Gus, and shares it with him. As they pop the disk into the computer, a photo of a woman named Brook Bailey pops up. She is blonde and attractive. Gus swears he has no idea who she is, but vows to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Tammy walks into the farmhouse, calling out to anyone who will listen. She wants to know if she is alone. When she doesn’t get anyone to reply she makes herself at home. She turns on the stereo, sits on the couch and begins to cry. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Marina is on the other side and tells her roommate that she’s been looking for her.  It’s clear that Tammy has been crying, so she explains to Marina that she went over to the hospital to give the baby a gift. Marina nods, and hugs her friend.

While Tammy and Marina are eating some pie, Remy walks in the farmhouse. As he sits down to join them, Marina stands up. She announces that they should all go out somewhere for a good time. Tammy and Remy agree, and the three head out the door.

Once on Main Street, the three stop in front of the movie theatre. Marina announces to Remy and Tammy that she thinks the two of them should do something on their own. With that announcement she runs of, smiling to herself. Both Remy and Tammy laugh and agree that Marina couldn’t be anymore obvious. They also agree that hanging out with one another isn’t a big deal.

Dinah and Ashlee meet with Vanessa at Outskirts. It is obvious that Ashlee wants to be in on the conversation and know what is going on between the mother and daughter duo. Dinah and Vanessa, on the other hand, don’t want her there. Ashlee reluctantly leaves, reminding them that they can call her if they need anything. As soon as she is gone, Dinah tells her mother that they have a serious problem.

Dinah flat out tells her mother that the plans for Mallet’s calendar and fan club are a not going to happen. She explains that he hates the idea. As she is talking and pleading her case with Vanessa she mentions that if either of them were to be in the spotlight that it definitely wouldn’t be him. Vanessa smiles. She realizes why this is all bothering her daughter so much. “: It's not that Mallet doesn't want to be a star. It's that you do. “  

Vanessa wonders if Mallet knows the real reason that she has such a problem with him being a TV star. Dinah lets her mother know that he knows as much as he needs to. She then wonders if Vanessa truly likes an idea that was pitched to her earlier. “I like it very much. We're always on the lookout for new ideas. I just have to make sure that we can do it cost effectively, that's all.” She tells her daughter. Dinah is all smiles. She promises her mother that they will be able to get it done well, and cheaply.

Vanessa nods, glad that her daughter is excited. She does worry though that Mallet will have a problem with it. Dinah promises that there will be no problems whatsoever.

Back at the hospital, as Lillian takes Lizzie’s baby back to the nursery Alan and Beth show up. Alan immediately wants to hold the new heir, but Lillian tries to take her away. It seems as though she’s merely trying to avoid a scene. Jonathan stops her though. He encourages Alan to hold his baby, and jokes to his daughter that she should try and get her diaper to leak on her great grandfather. Everyone laughs, and Beth asks if they’ve named the baby yet. Lizzie explains that they just haven’t talked about naming her just yet.

After Alan has had some time holding the baby, Lillian tells him that she does have to take her back to the nursery. Everyone waves goodbye to the baby and has smiles on their faces.  As Lillian is leaving, she urges Lizzie to head back into bed.  With her grandmother gone, Lizzie turns to her mother. She tells her that she wants to talk to her for a moment.

In the hospital room, Beth and Lizzie bond over being mothers. Beth seems so happy that she and Lizzie can talk about feeling something so special. Lizzie can’t stop smiling, or going on and on about how wonderful it is be a mother. They are talking when they hear loud voices arguing outside.

Lizzie comes out of her room and into the hallway to hear Jonathan and Alan arguing. Alan has given Jonathan paper requesting custody of their child, which he has taken the liberty of naming. Jonathan wants nothing of the sort.

Lizzie demands that the two of them stop arguing.  Shaking his head at the situation, Jonathan simply hands his wife the court papers. She is irate with her grandfather. Lizzie can’t believe what he is doing, and demands to know if her mother knew what he was trying to do. Beth lies and tells them all that she had no idea.

Jonathan is eager to stop the yelling and butts in the conversation. He explains that he may have an idea that will work.  He reasons that for their daughter to be brought up in a loving home that someone will have to give up something. “That means me.” He announces. Lizzie naturally assumes that it means Jonathan wants to leave her and the baby. Alan looks pleased. Jonathan shakes his head. “Calm down.” He tells Lizzie. “It’s obvious what great gramps wants is to make sure you and the kid are okay. That's what I want, too, right? It's pretty simple. I think we move into the big house.” 

Lizzie is shocked and doesn’t say anything at first. Jonathan goes on to clarify that if it takes him moving in with Beth and Alan to prove that he wants to be a good father, that he’s willing to do that. Alan is speechless. Beth jumps in, commending Jonathan for his concession in the whole debacle. Alan still hasn’t said anything, but nods when Beth asks him if he is okay with the situation.

Jonathan then turns to his wife and urges her to get back into bed. He leads her into her room, where Lillian is waiting for them. Lillian tells them that she has to explain something to them about the baby, and that it sounds much worse than it really is. Both parents immediately become panicked. “The baby has a heart murmur.” Nurse Lillian tells them. “It is not life- threatening, sweetie. In most cases it clears up by itself. I had the pediatrician take a look at her and he's going to come in and explain it to you.”  She explains to them. Both Lizzie and Jonathan have a million questions and look down at their child with worry.  Together they decide that they want to take their daughter to a specialist in Chicago.  As soon as Lillian leaves to get them a referral, they begin packing up.

“Get dressed. We're not going to Chicago, and we're not moving into that mausoleum of a house. “Jonathan tells Lizzie who immediately is worried about their baby’s health. “The baby's going to get checked out, of course. But not anywhere where Alan can get his hands on her. “He explains. As soon as they are all packed up, the two of them quietly sneak out of the hospital.

Dinah is in her suite at the Beacon when Mallet gets home. The two kiss and she tells him how glad she is to see him.  Dinah announces that she got him off the hook in terms of WSPR, and his TV show.  She goes on to tell him that she also got a new job and that her show will be replacing his on TV. Mallet’s face falls as Dinah looks ecstatic.

“You got my show cancelled?” Mallet asks stunned. Dinah nods and reminds him that she promised to take care of things. He shakes his head and lets her know that he liked being on TV, but that some of the publicity stuff was too much. They are arguing a bit when there is a knock on the door.

Vanessa strolls into the suite and is immediately blamed by Dinah for Mallet being mad at her.  She stops her daughter short and tells them that they both could have TV hits on their hands. She goes on to explain that the WSPR executives are excited about both shows. However, they can’t financially do both of them for the long term. “This is what we’re going to do.” She explains to the confused couple.” We’re going to air them both on the same night and let the audience decide which one will stay on air long term.”

Alan and Beth are back at home. He is smug and thinks that he has gotten what he has wanted all along – Lizzie to come back home. Beth reminds him that Jonathan will also be with them and that regardless of what Alan thinks that Lizzie does love her husband. Alan brushes his wife’s worries aside and tells her that he will remedy that problem soon after the pair move in with them.  While they are talking the phone rings. Beth picks it up to hear Lillian’s voice on the other end.

Lillian explains to Beth about the heart murmur. She tells Beth not to worry and that the kids are talking care of the problem by seeing a specialist immediately. She even commends them for being such great parents. Alan senses something is wrong and rips the phone away from his wife. He demands to know how serious the heart problem is, and what is happening to correct it. Lillian repeats the information that she has just told Beth.  Alan looks defeated. By the look on his face it is clear that he knows Jonathan may use this chance to run away with Lizzie and the baby.

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