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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/27/06

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo


At the Spaulding Mansion, Reva, Jonathan, and Alan continue to argue with each other as Lizzie notices her water has broken and she tries to get the attention of everyone. Reva thinks Lizzie wants a glass of water but Lizzie explains that her water has broken and she is in labor. Alan calls for his car and driver but after a few minutes he returns because the car is stuck in the snow. Lizzie panics because the baby is two weeks early and she tries to talk to the baby to tell her to stay inside a little longer. Reva assures Lizzie that everything will be fine because babies are born early all the time and her little girl will be just fine.

At the farm, Josh and Cassie make plans to have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner but they begin to worry that nobody will come to dinner because everyone is late. Josh assures Cassie that everyone is probably late because they are delayed by the storm but Cassie is sure that nobody wants to come to thanksgiving dinner. R.J. is nervous about saying grace for the first time so Tammy tells him just to say whatever is in his heart and everything will be fine. Marah arrives for dinner determined to make Cassie’s day miserable the first thing Marah does when she enters the house is ask her father if her mom has arrived yet. Josh responds that Reva, Jonathan and Lizzie are probably running late because of the storm.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie gets even more nervous when she realizes they have no way to get to the hospital but Reva tries to keep her calm by telling her they will think of a way to get to the hospital. Alan wonders where Jonathan is and is calling him irresponsible for leaving Lizzie and the baby alone again. Jonathan comes back inside and tells Lizzie that his car is ready and wating to take her to the hospital. Jonathan picks Lizzie up and carries her outside and puts her inside his car.

At Outskirts, Rick arrives depressed because Mel and Leah went to visit Mel’s parents for Thanksgiving and they didn’t invite him to go with them. Rick orders a beer from Billy who asks him if he has been to a meeting lately so Rick changes his order to a club soda and some pretzels Rick also asks Billy why he isn’t having Thanksgiving with his family.

At the police station, Coop arrives and brings Marina her plate of Thanksgiving dinner. Marina asks Coop to stay and talk to her while she eats dinner because it has been so slow and boring today that she got all her Christmas shopping done online. Coop tells Marina that for the first time ever the Coopers had a happy Thanksgiving and marina tells Coop not to say anything because if he does something bad will happen to ruin it.

At the farm, R.J. wonders if Marah missed having Thanksgiving while she was in Paris. Marah tells R.J. she missed Thanksgiving very much and it looks like she will miss it again this year. Josh remembers one Thanksgiving when Marah was little when everyone had left over chicken and Frozen French fries because the turkey didn’t get defrosted in time. Marah smiles as she remembers that her uncle Billy told her the pilgrims wished they could eat such a wonderful dinner on Thanksgiving. Marah also makes sure that Josh recalls that everyone watched movies that made them cry and he and Reva always ended up snuggled on the couch together. Marah wonders why they didn’t do Thanksgiving at Crooss Creek this year so josh explains that Cross Creek isn’t his home anymore. Marah tells Josh that her mom still lives there and they should have had Thanksgiving there just like they always do. Tammy tells Marah that she should accept the fact her parents are divorced and Josh is with Cassie now and stop trying to ruin Thanksgiving for everyone. Marah wonders why Tammy is okay with this relationship but then corrects herself because Tammy did have a relationship with her own cousin so she shouldn’t see anything wrong with her mother dating her uncle.

Outside the Spaulding Mansion, Reva sends Jonathan and Lizzie ahead to the hospital while she and Alan wait for his driver to get the car out of the snow. Reva tells Jonathan and Lizzie not to worry and they will meet them at the hospital.

At Outskirts, Rick and Billy both admit that despite everything that has gone wrong in their lives they both have a lot to be thankful for because Reva got a second chance at life and Rick is alive because of Richard’s donation of a heart. Rick thinks that he has wasted his second chance at life and he hopes that Reva will use her second chance wisely. Rick encourages Billy to join his family for Thanksgiving even though it may be hard because he (Rick) would give anything to share a Thanksgiving meal with his family. Rick is just barely able to finish his plate of food that Billy gave him before he gets beeped by the hospital.

A the farm Remy who is still on duty arrives to pick up Tammy for a ride along. Cassie begs Tammy not to leave but Tammy tells her mom she loves her and supports her relationship but she has to realize not everyone will do the same turkey and stuffing won’ t fix everything. Tammy gives her mom, Josh, and R.J. a hug before she leaves with Remy. Josh asks Mara stop ruining Thanksgiving for everyone because he ad Reva won’t get back together this time. Marah admit that she is worried that Reva may have a relapse and possibly die if Josh isn’t there with her to make her want to live. Josh tells marah he will always lover mother and he will be there for him anytime she needs him

At the Spaulding mansion, Reva tells Alan that Lizzie is trying very hard and she thinks that she will be a wonderful mother.

Jonathan runs into trouble because Lizzie’s labor pains get worse and has car gets stuck in the deep snow. Jonathan is about to get out the car and push it out of the now when other car crashes into his car. Jonathan asks if Lizzie is Okay and she is but he has a deep cut on his leg. Lizzie begins to panic as Jonathan gets out to try to push the car out of the snow. Lizzie talks to the baby and tells her to be strong and courageous like her father. Jonathan begins to worry because despite his best efforts he can’t push the car out of the snow.

At the farm, Josh tells Marah that her old family will never be back together but this new family could also work. Billy tells Josh that it will take the family a while to accept this new relationship he has with Cassie and it is too early to have a family Thanksgiving. Billy also tells Josh that he can’t be H.B. and pull the family when it is broken. R.J. tries to tell everyone that the turkey is burning but nobody listens to him until it is too late and the turkey catches on fire.

The car is finally fixed and can take Alan and Reva to the hospital Reva tries to call the hospital to find out if Jonathan and Lizzie have arrived there.

Tammy thanks Remy for getting her out of a tense situation and promises to cook him a real thanksgiving dinner.

At the Police station, Coop notices that Marina is looking at her profile on an online dating service. Marina tells him she is happy being single and Coop tells her Frank is worried about her and wants her to be happy. Marina hopes that Coop will help persuade Frank not to bring over a nice guy from the old country if Frank should ever have that idea.

Remy and Tammy arrive to help Jonathan and Lizzie because Remy got a call about the accident. Remy calls for an ambulance and goes down the embankment to help the other accident victims who are stuck. Jonathan assures Lizzie that she and the baby will be fine. Jonathan admits to Tammy that he hasn’t been a good husband and won’t be a good father to his little girl. Tammy tells him that he did do what is best for the baby because he gave her up for the baby. Tammy helps Lizzie do her breathing and Lizzie begs the baby to wait until they get to the hospital.

At the hospital, Alan and Reva arrive and ask Rick if Lizzie was brought in but Rick is informed that accident victims are coming in and one of them is pregnant. Reva is worried when she can’t reach Jonathan on his phone so she decides to take a cab and go find him and Lizzie.

At the police station, Remy calls Marina to tell her Lizzie is in labor and she and Jonathan were involved in a car accident.

At the farm, R.J. goes to play his video games while Marah apologizes to Cassie for hurting her but she needs to go wish Reva a happy Thanksgiving. Marah cries and tells Josh she loves him as she says good-bye and gives him a hug. Once Billy and marah leave Cassie gives Josh a hug and then orders pizza for dinner. Josh decides to spend some time alone and shovel the snow so that the pizza deliveryman can deliver the pizza.

Lizzie worries that the ambulance won’t get there in time because the baby is coming too quickly. Jonathan promises Lizzie that if the baby starts to come before the ambulance he will help her deliver the baby.

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