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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/20/06

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Ava allows Jeffrey to come inside her room because he feels they should have a talk.  Ava quickly tells Jeffrey she expects nothing from him and he wonders if he can ask her some questions about her life. 

At Company, Buzz struggles to find the words to propose to Olivia but she just keeps telling him about how she canít stop thinking about Jeffrey and Ava.

Outside outskirts, the reports descend on Tammy and start firing questions at her about Jeffrey even when she tells them she doesnít want to answer any questions about Jeffrey.  Tammy starts getting nervous and Jonathan puts a stop to the reporters to leave before they see some real violence. 

At Towers, Marah gives Josh and Reva a hug and they both smile and welcome her home.  Marah tells her parents she is happy to see them together like they should be and Josh and Reva both feel uncomfortable because of Marahís words.  Marah tells Josh and Reva that she is so happy that Springfield hasnít changed at all since she left.  Reva wonders if Marah knows what has been going on with them.  Marah tells her mother that she knows that she kept her cancer a secret drove Josh away and now he is shacking up with Cassie.  Marah tells Reva that she shouldnít have kept the cancer a secret from her family because they could have helped her through it but she does understand she was trying to protect her family and shield them from pain.  Marah doesnít understand however how Josh could be in a relationship with Cassie. 

At Outskirts, Beth is surprised to see Lizzie as a waitress and doesnít understand why Lizzie is working when she could be home being waited on hand and foot.  Lizzie tells Beth that this is Jonathanís business and she wants to share every part of his life.  Lizzie also explains to Beth that she loves Jonathan because he accepts her with all her faults and doesnít try to change her.  Lizzie tells Beth she loved Coop but eventually she was going to let him down because she couldnít live up to his expectations of her.  Lizzie tells Beth that this is her chance to have a real family one that is different from the Spauldings.  Beth takes Lizzie home and Jonathan and Tammy enter the room a few minutes later. Tammy and Jonathan canít believe they are there together and it seems like old times even though their lives have changed they both canít seem to let go of the past.  Jonathan suggests to Tammy that they have a drink and toast to their good times together. 

At the Beacon, Jeffrey explains to Ava that what he did to Olivia was a mistake and he is very sorry he hurt her.  Ava thinks that as badly as Olivia was hurt that night she finds it hard to believe that Olivia considers what he did to her a mistake.  Ava tells Jeffrey she knows that he didnít know she existed until Olivia told him about her so she doesnít expect him to bond with her.  Ava tells Jeffrey she was lucky to have a good mother who taught her right from wrong and taught her how to make her own prom dress.  Ava continues by saying she lived in Chicago for a while until her parents divorced and then she and her mom moved around until they ended up in Shrewsbury. .  Ava also tells Jeffrey she doesnít need him to give her fatherly advice about boys or the birds and the bees because she is all grown up now and its to late for him to help her with advice. 

Cassie arrives and interrupts Ava and Jeffreyís conversation and Ava takes the opportunity to leave and get some air.  Cassie thinks that Ava and Jeffrey are having a relationship to which Jeffrey quickly responds no and Cassie thinks that is good because Ava is too young for him.  Cassie tells Jeffrey that she is disappointed in him because she thought they were friends and now she doesnít know if she should believe the allegations against hi.  Jeffrey thinks itís a good sign that Cassie is talking to him because a small part of him must still believe in him.  Jeffrey promises Cassie he will find a way to make things right and clear up the allegations against him. 

On Main Street, Buzz tells Olivia that she makes him happy every time she walks in the room and she also gives him clarity and peace. Olivia thinks she has only caused Buzz problems.  Buzz tells Olivia he wants to be a better man when he is with her and she makes him a better man every day.   Buzz shouts to Springfield that he loves the woman standing beside him Oliva laughs and thinks she has finally driven buzz crazy.  Buzz feels like a giant weight has been lifted off of his shoulders and he is so happy he gives Olivia a kiss and a hug.  Buzz starts to propose but is interrupted by Ava who tells her that Jeffrey went to visit her and at least tried to get to know her.  Ava wonders why Olivia canít let go of the past and her hatred of her and concentrate on enjoying her life with a great guy like Buzz.  Once Ava is gone Olivia again starts talking about how she must get Jeffrey out of town.  Olivia also wants to cause Jeffrey as much pain as he caused her and make sure his life and career are ruined. Buzz takes the ring out of his pocket then quickly puts the ring back in his pocket once he realizes Olivia is too distracted to pay attention to him he tells her that what he had to say to her wasnít important and can wait until later. 

At Cross Creek, Lizzie tells Beth that the place doesnít look like much but it is cozy and feels like home as long as she can be with Jonathan.  Beth returns to outskirts to get Lizzieís purse and tells her to put her feet up and rest.

At Towers, Josh explains to Marah that he and Cassie didnít intend to develop a relationship but it has happened and they are both very happy together.  Marah tells Josh she understands that her mom gave him up when she thought she was dying but she is well now and they belong together.  Reva tells Marah that this time she and Josh wonít be getting back together.  Cassie arrives and Marah blasts her and demands that she admit her relationship with Josh is a mistake and insists that he and Cassie go back to being friends. Cassie tells Marah that she understands how she feels but she will never admit that her relationship with Josh is a mistake. 

At Outskirts, Jonathan tells Tammy that he is committed to being a good father to his baby but he will always love her until the day he dies.  Jonathan tells Tammy that he and Lizzie donít ever have sex but Tammy knows Jonathan is a man and wonít be able to never have sex again.  Tammy tells Jonathan she knows Lizzie loves him and encourages him to make his marriage to Lizzie a real one and go home to his wife.  Beth overhears the end of the conversation and asks Jonathan to make his marriage work because she knows he loves his child because he gave up Tammy for the sake of the baby.  Beth tells Jonathan to be a good husband to Lizzie because there are worse things in life then going home to a loving wife. 

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Jeffrey that she wants him out of her hotel and wonít stop until she has ruined his life.  Ava listens to the fight because they are fighting outside her bedroom door.  Olivia also tells Jeffrey to stop trying to bond with Ava and stay away from her.  Ava walks out into the hallway and tells them she is sick of listening to them fight like children. 

At Towers, Reva tells Marah not to speak to Josh and Cassie that way anymore and Marah wonders why Reva isnít fighting for Josh.  Reva explains to Marah that she is too tired to fight and doesnít even know if she wants Josh back in her life.  Reva tells Marah she wants to concentrate on her recovery and living each day that she has been given and enjoy her family and friends. 

At Company, Ava tells Buzz she canít sleep because she saw her parents fighting in the hallway and Buzz tells he has also had a bad day. 

At the Beacon, Jeffrey wonders if Olivia is willing to fill her heart with hatred just to make him miserable.  Olivia thinks ruining Jeffreyís life is worth the sacrifice. 

At Cross Creek, Jonathan comes home and finds Lizzie asleep with a plate of food on her stomach.  Jonathan takes the plate off Lizzieís stomach and she awakens.  Lizzie tells him Buzz brought the plate of food for him.  Jonathan eats a little of the food and shows Lizzie a few things he bought for the baby.  Jonathan takes out a teddy bear and tickles Lizzie with a plush dog. 

On Main Street, Tammy sees Remy and tells him she feels sad because she spoke to Jonathan Remy tells Tammy he is tired and hungry so they both decide to get something to eat. 

At Towers, Marah tells Josh, Reva, and Cassie that she understands everything now but she still thinks they are all making a big mistake.  Reva tells Cassie she has changed her mind and decided to accept her invitation to thanksgiving dinner. 

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