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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/13/06

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Written By Eva

At the Beacon, Jeffrey tells Harley that he has a long list of enemies that want to kill him and he can’t think of who could be responsible for poisoning Blake. Harley asks Olivia if she saw anybody suspicious on Election Day but Olivia tells Harley that she wasn’t working that day and has no idea who could have poisoned Blake. Jeffrey is still puzzled as to what happened with Olivia that night so she repeats the details to him once again and he apologizes to Olivia once again for his terrible mistake. Jeffrey tells Olivia he has spent his life paying for that mistake but Olivia doesn’t think that pretending to be Richard and going to fancy parties is a punishment for rape. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she is going to make sure that he pays for raping her and ruining her entire life. A campaign aid arrives to tell Jeffrey he has an interview and Jeffrey says he will be there shortly. Jeffrey tells Olivia he wants to speak to her about this later.

At outskirts, Lizzie takes drink orders and can’t remember what the customers ordered when she gets to the bar one of the customers asks for Tammy making Lizzie more frustrated because she isn’t as good a waitress as Tammy. Lizzie drops something and is again frustrated when she can’t bend down to pick up what she dropped on the floor.

On Main Street, Tammy and Remy fight over the shower curtains he picked out for the bathroom of their new apartment. Tammy insists that the shower curtains are to clear and you can see right through them and he could see her taking a shower if he walked in on her by accident. Remy smiles and tells Tammy he wouldn’t mind seeing her in the shower Tammy goes to playfully hit Remy but he sees Cassie coming and tells Tammy she can’t hit him in front of her mother. Tammy asks Cassie how things are with Reva and Cassie responds that she is happy about her miraculous recovery but it is an adjustment for her, Josh and Reva. Cassie wonders if Tammy likes her new apartment and she says yes she is very happy at her new place and is picking up some things she needs for her new place. Cassie gives Tammy and Remy a hug and tells them she will go by and see them once they are ready to have company. Tammy watches her mother leave and has a sad look on her face so she tells Remy she wants to get everything on their list tonight but Remy says all the stores are closed. Tammy tells Remy they don’t have to go to a store to get the rest of the things on their list.

At the farm, Reva tells Josh she didn’t come to see Cassie but to see him to find out what she should do with her second chance at life. Josh feels very awkward talking to Reva inside Cassie’s bedroom so he offers to make her some tea and make a fire downstairs so they can talk but Reva says it is warm enough right there so Josh goes downstairs to make the tea. Josh comes back upstairs after a few minutes with the tea and tells Reva she should sit down but Reva reminds him that she isn’t a fragile woman she is just tired. Reva tells Josh that Billy isn’t living with her anymore. Josh and Reva finally decide to tell each other how they feel about the break up of their marriage. Josh makes it clear that if Reva had told him about the cancer he would have done everything in his power to help her. Reva tells Josh that is exactly the reason she didn’t tell him about the cancer because she didn’t want him to stop his life for her. Josh tells Reva that he is tired of her complicated dramas and things are easy and good with Cassie. Reva wonders if Josh loves Cassie as much as he loved her. Josh explains that Cassie is a different woman and he loves her in a different way but he does love her very much and wants to have a future with her.

At outskirts, Jonathan tells Lizzie that she is a bad waitress but she is a good mother and she shouldn’t worry about being a good waitress. Lizzie is so happy about Jonathan’s comments that she gives him a kiss Tammy arrives to get her things out of the back room she also gives the customers who were asking for her free drinks and serves the drinks to them. Lizzie and Jonathan tell Tammy and Remy they can take as much time as they want to get her things.

Outside Company, Coop is teaching Ava how to play touch football for the annual Cooper thanksgiving touch football game and Olivia is walking by and Ava accidentally hits her in the forehead with the ball. Coop goes inside to pack for his business trip and leaves Ava to talk to Olivia. Ava asks Olivia to give her any information she can give her about her father explaining that she needs closure to the situation. Olivia tells Ava that she should concentrate on the happy life she has now with a wonderful boyfriend and let her biological father go.

At the farm, Reva tells Josh that she doesn’t know what to do with her life because she had gotten used to taking her life day by day and not thinking about the future. Reva thinks that her relationship with Josh is the same as it always has been but Josh makes it clear to Reva that she is in his past and Cassie is his future. Reva stands up and feels wobbly so Josh takes her hand to steady her just as Cassie arrives home. Cassie wonders what the reason for Reva’s visit is and Reva explains she was just trying to figure out what to do with her second chance at life then she leaves Josh and Cassie alone to talk but a nervous Cassie makes small talk to avoid the subject of Reva. Cassie takes down Josh’s suitcase and begins packing it and tells him that if he feels he needs to be with Reva and take care of her then she will wait for him until he returns to her. Cassie tells Josh that if he wants Reva back in his life in a romantic way then he should let her know now so she can step aside although it will hurt her. Josh tells Cassie that he isn’t going anywhere because he wants her to be his future not Reva and that is exactly what he had just finished telling Reva when she arrived home.

At outskirts, Jonathan gets a phone call and tells the person on the phone he is on his way. Jonathan asks Lizzie to come with him and asks Billy to find a waitress to cover Lizzie’s tables. Billy tells Tammy that he understands how much seeing Lizzie with Jonathan hurts her but Tammy know it was the right thing for everyone. Billy tells Tammy that he understands that sometimes doing the right thing can hurt very much.

At Company, Alan Michael gives Ava a fancy little black box but Ava doesn’t accept it because she knows there is expensive jewelry in the box and she doesn’t think its right to accept expensive gifts from her boss. Alan- Michael explains that a client gave it to him and he thought it would brighten her day. Coop is ready to leave and Ava leaves to drive him to the airport. Olivia gives Alan Michael the name of a man who could be Ava’s father and asks him to lead Ava on a wild goose chase. Alan Michael wonders why he should do this and Olivia explains that it gives him some time alone with Ava in San Cristobal. Alan Michael calls Ava and tells her about the lead on her father and Ava tells him she wants to go with him she just needs to pack a few things.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey is distracted as Olivia’s words play over and over in his head until he can’t concentrate anymore. One of his pretty campaign workers asks Jeffrey to have a drink with her but he tells her no because he is very tired. Jeffrey goes outside for some air and bumps into Ava who tells him she voted for the first time and she cast her vote for him because something about him makes her trust him. Jeffrey thanks Ava for her kind words then Ava heads to Company.

At Cross Creek, Reva gives Jonathan and Lizzie the good news that her cancer is in remission and they are so happy they both give Reva a hug. Reva asks Jonathan and Lizzie to move in with her and take care of her while she is in recovery and after she recovers they can all figure out a way to handle Alan. Jonathan wonders about Josh and Billy but Reva tells him they will talk about that later right now she wants to concentrate on her grandchild and her recovery. Jonathan and Lizzie are very happy to move in and help Reva with her recovery.

At Company, Ava leaves with Alan- Michael headed to San Cristobal and Olivia smiles because she will have some relief from Ava’s constant questions about her father.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey replays Olivia’s words to him and notices that she told him that she got rid of her meaning the baby was a girl and wonders how she new the baby was a girl unless she gave birth and possibly put the baby up for adoption. Jeffrey calls and orders someone to do a background check on Olivia and find out if she gave a baby up for adoption in San Cristobal twenty years ago.

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