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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/10/06

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Written By Eva

At Cassie’s house, Josh and Cassie toast to Reva’s recovery and Josh makes it clear to Cassie that Reva’s recovery won’t affect their relationship. Josh also toasts to he and Cassie’s future and Cassie gulps the champagne quickly and then Cassie tells Josh he must go now. Josh has a puzzled look on his face and Cassie explains that Reva’s doctor Collin McCabe is in town for the day giving a lecture and today is the only chance he has to talk to him about Reva’s condition and recovery care. Cassie gives Josh a kiss and assures him she isn’t worried that Reva’s recovery will hurt their relationship. Josh gives Cassie another kiss and then heads to the hospital to talk to Dr. McCabe.

At cross creek, Reva calls Lillian and tells her she is going to accept her offer for her to be her nurse for a few weeks and she should come over right away. Billy tries to persuade Reva to eat some toast and tea Reva says no she doesn’t want the toast Billy asks again and Revas says no again and when Billy asks a third time Reva yells that she doesn’t want the toast Billy thinks that Reva is in a bad mood because of Josh and that she is also waiting for him to come back to her.

At Company, Marina and Harley still can’t believe that Blake was the Springfield Burns blooger. Marina sees Jonathan and goes over to congratulate him on Reva’s recovery and is surprised when Jonathan doesn’t know Reva is being released from the hospital. Jonathan is so happy to hear the news he gives Marina and Harley a hug and tells them he is going to the hospital.

At the Beacon, Mallet stops Dinah from getting on the elevator because he thinks she is responsible for poisoning Blake Dinah refuses to answer the Mallet’s questions because she is sure he won’t believe her when she tells him that she didn’t poison Blake. Olivia catches Jeffrey in Blake’s room and is determined to confront him about the rape. Olivia continues to have flashbacks of the night Jeffrey raped her as she looks at Jeffrey. Jeffrey thinks that Olivia is upset because he broke into Blake’s room since she is talking and what she is saying is very confusing to him. Jeffrey tells Olivia they suspect Blake is the Springfield Burns blogger so he has every right to look for evidence. Olivia explains to Jeffrey that she has something she has been trying to tell him so he tells her to come in because he doesn’t think they should talk in the hallway. Olivia continues to have flashbacks when Jeffrey closes the door and offers her a drink. Olivia refuses the drink and tells Jeffrey he should be at the party downstairs because he will probably have women throwing themselves at him. Olivia wonders if he has ever been to a fancy party and gotten a woman drunk so he can sleep with her Jeffrey remains confused by Olivia’s words and wants her to explain what she means by her comments. Ashley catches Jeffrey in Blake’s room and wants to call her mother the D.A. and report him but Olivia tells Ashley that Jeffrey had a search warrant so she let him into Blake’s room. Jeffrey thanks Olivia for helping him dodge a bullet but Olivia makes it clear that she didn’t do him a favor she just needs to talk to him that is why she lied to Ashley.

At Cross Creek, Reva admits to Billy that she thought Josh would come back to her now that she isn’t dying and she is very mad at Josh for choosing to stay with Cassie. Reva tells Billy that even though it hurts she has to accept that Josh has moved on with Cassie.

At the hospital, Dr. McCabe tells Josh everything about Reva’s condition and the thinks he must watch for regarding her recovery and care. Dr. McCabe tells Josh that he never agreed with Reva’s decision to keep her condition a secret from him he understood that she only did it because she loved him and wanted to protect him. Dr. McCabe tells Josh that he is happy Reva finally told him the truth and they are back together because he and Reva belong together. Jonathan notices that Josh made no effort to correct Dr. McCabe when he assumed he was back together with Reva and because of this Jonathan asks Josh not to give Reva false hope about their relationship. Jonathan thinks that Josh wants Reva and Cassie both and he can’t have it both ways because Reva has been through a lot of physical and emotional pain fighting the cancer and pushing him toward Cassie and he doesn’t think she can take anymore pain.

At Cassie’s house, Cassie is stunned when she hears the news that Blake is the blogger and Harley arrives to ask her why Blake called her three times today. Cassie explains that Blake called her twice to remind her to vote and a third time to make sure she voted. So then Harley shifts to a best friend conversation and wonders what Cassie is going to do now that Reva isn’t dying.

At Cross Creek, Billy is more then happy to take care of Meanwhile she recovers but he is very hurt when Lillian arrives to take care of Reva for a few weeks. Lillian goes over some brochures with Reva that detail her care and things she should and shouldn’t do right now. Lillian tells Reva that she is happy that Reva is a cancer survivor and is sure that the love of her family is what helped her survive. Once Lillian is gone Reva explains to Billy that she is very grateful to him for everything he has done for her but it isn’t fair to him to allow him to be her caregiver when he expect their relationship to be more then friendship and she doesn’t think of him that way.

At the Beacon, Dinah admits to Mallet that she found out about Blake being the blogger and she was angry at herso she went to the hospital to yell at her unconscious body but she didn’t poison her. Dinah asks Mallet to trust and believer her this time so Mallet looks at her eyes for a few minutes and tells her he believes her and Dinah is so happy she tells Mallet she is glad to have him back. Olivia continues to have flashbacks of the night she was raped while she talks to Jeffrey and she explains that an old friend of his reminded her of him and then the rest of what happened came back to her. Olivia pulls a gun on Jeffrey who is still confused as to why Olivia is acting this way. Jeffrey wrestles the gun away from Olivia and asks her to explain what she is talking about so through gritted teeth Olivia tells him that twenty years ago he was at an embassy party in San Cristobal when he met a very young girl sixteen to be exact he got her drunk then he took her up to his room forced her down on the bed and raped her. Olivia takes off her clothes until she is just in a bra and panties and asks Jeffrey if he remembers her body because she remembers every vile touch he made all over her body.

At the police station, Remy discovers an invoice for the champagne order for the victory party and he shows Marina the special instructions on the invoice what state to save the bottle of the 1999 champagne for O’neils victory party. Mallet comes out of the interrogation room and Marina tells him that she and Remy discovered that the intended target for the poison was Jeffrey not Blake and she shows him the invoice. Marina thinks Dinah wanted to poison Jeffrey because she hated him for ruining her relationship with him (Mallet) and breaking up with her recently. Mallet doesn’t want to ask Dinah that question because he doesn’t think Dinah would poison Jeffrey. Marina persuades him to ask Dinah the question and Dinah comes out and she is angry at Mallet because she trusted him and she thinks Mallet set her up.

At Cassie’s house, Cassie tells Harley that if Reva decides to go after Josh she is going to fight for him even though she is happy Reva survived cancer.

At Cross creek, Billy is hurt that Reva doesn’t need him or love him the way he wants to be loved by her but he does as she wishes and leaves the house. Reva sits on the couch and sobs because she hurt Billy so much.

At the police station, Mallet handcuffs Dinah to his desk so she won’t leave and Dinah screams that she didn’t poison anybody. Dinah wonders if she is under arrest and Mallet says no so Dinah demands that they uncuff her so she can leave so Dinah takes out the desk drawer she is handcuffed to and leaves the station. Marina smiles and tells Mallet Dinah gave a stellar performance that makes her look guilty. Mallet wonders why Marina is acting so jealous and also tells her he looks in Dinah’s eyes and saw frustration and sadness because she is tired of being blamed for all the crimes in Springfield but he didn’t see guilt in her eyes.

At the Beacon, Olivia demads that Jeffrey take responsibility for what he did to her so Jeffrey admits he made a terrible mistake but it was just one night. Olivia explains that she left that party and a few weeks later she discovered she was pregnant. Jeffrey is stunned but Olivia tells him not to worry because she got rid of the baby.

Outside Company, Cassie sees Billy and wonders if he is getting something for Reva but Billy tells her that Reva gave him his walking papers.

At Cassie’s house, Josh finds a note from Cassie saying that she had to run errands and will be back soon. Reva knocks on the door and Josh assumes its Cassie and he says hi beautiful before he turns and sees Reva who says right back at you. Josh wonders why Reva is doing at Cassie’s house.

At the Beacon, A knock at the door interrupts Olivia and Jeffrey’s conversation and Harley wonders if everything is okay. Harley informs Jeffrey that they have discovered that he not Blake was the intended target of the poison. Harley asks Jeffrey if he knows of anyone who would want to kill him.

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