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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/9/06

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Written By Elizabeth

Reva is in her hospital room listening to the radio, when the announcer asks his audience who is going to really live today. “I am.” Reva announces as she begins to get up and out of bed, monitors beeping and all.

Outside of Reva’s room her family gathers. Josh, Billy, and Cassie are standing around, wondering how Reva is really doing. They all seem to be hopeful despite not having seen the most recent blood work. As they are talking they hear the monitors in her room beeping and rush in to see what is wrong. When they get in there, they merely see that she’s hopped out of bed.

Josh shakes his head; he wonders why Reva always has to be so argumentative. Smiling, she tells him that she wants to go home. Billy, Cassie and Josh tell her that they need to find out what is going on with her before they can let her go home. They end up getting her to agree to wait for the results of the latest tests, which should be done any minute.

As Reva, Cassie, Josh and Billy are talking Dr. Rick Bauer comes in. He tells them that he finally has the results from Reva’s most recent lab work. Rick takes a deep breath and lets them all know that he was shocked by what he saw. He even had the test repeated to make sure no mistakes were made. Everyone in the room looks nervous. “There’s no sign of cancer cells anywhere.” Rick tells them, a grin breaking out on his face. Everyone seems ecstatic, though Billy is confused. He wonders why Dr.McCabe told them that the transplant didn’t work. Rick continues to explain that Reva’s immune system was simply slower to respond. Had she actually made it to any of her doctor’s appointments, she would have known that she was getting better not worse. Dr. Bauer also clarifies the only reason they almost lost her was because her body was depleted by everything that it had gone through in the past few months.  “So she was starting to get better when she was feeling worse.” Josh says as he himself is finally getting what happened.

Reva is overjoyed that she is better, and immediately wants to know when she can go home. Billy, full of smiles, is hugging her repeating ‘cancer free, cancer free’ over and over again. With happy tears in her eyes, Reva tells them that she had never planned to die anyway. It was just a first rate performance. Cassie is brimming with happiness as well and wants to call everyone to let them know that her sister is going to be just fine. Reva stops her, turns to Rick and wonders why she can’t make the calls. She lets him know that she wants to go home.

At first Rick is reluctant to give in. He reminds her that she is still recovering and that if she’s not careful that she could end up back in hospital. Before he has a chance to say too much else Reva butts back in. She tells him that she wants to take the risk, mainly because she never thought she would see the outside world again. She reminds her doctor that she has survived, and now she finally wants to live. Reva can tell that he’s still not on board with the plan. She preemptively promises to go to all of her doctor’s appointments, will get in home nurses, a nutritionist, and whatever else he thinks she needs. Smiling, Rick tells her that she can go as long as she is monitored all the time.  Reva has an ear to ear grin on her face, and thanks her doctor. She then pushes him, Billy and Josh out to door to get her release papers ready.

Cassie begins the leave the room too, but her sister stops her. She wants help getting dressed and getting all of the wires off of her.

Outside of Reva’s room, Rick has some papers that he has put in front of Josh and Billy. He tells the two men that they need to fill out the billing information as well as let the hospital know where Reva will now be living. Billy is quick to tell both Josh and Rick that Reva will be staying at Cross Creek. Nodding, Rick agrees that it sounds fine and leaves to get some more paperwork taken care of.  

Billy notices that his brother is quiet and hasn’t said anything. Instead of waiting for Josh to make a comment, Billy breaks the ice. “You can say it. You think she should be with you, right?” He asks his brother.

Back in Reva’s room, Cassie is helping her sister pack up. She makes it clear that she thinks Reva would do well to come home with her to the farmhouse. She even offers to fix up a room on the ground floor so she won’t have to negotiate the stairs. The whole time she is talking, Reva is giving her a strange look. When Cassie is finished talking, her sister begins to talk. She makes it clear that she will not be living with her sister. Cassie nods, accepts this, and lets Reva know that she only wants what is best health wise for her. Sitting on the bed, Reva makes a snarky comment. She wonders when it was that her sister became so concerned.

“Was it after the first time you kissed josh, or after the first time you slept with him? “ Reva asks, eyebrows raised. Shaking her head, Cassie realizes that the two of them are finally going to have this conversation. Reva continues talking. She lets Cassie know that she was hurt more by their relationship because she cares so much for her sister. Olivia she could see going after Joshua, but not her own flesh and blood.

Again, Cassie tries to end the conversation. She doesn’t want her sister to get all sick again over a stupid argument. Rev continues to ignore Cassie and wonders what their mother would have said about Cassie and Josh. Cassie has finally had enough and throws Reva’s marriages to both HB and Billy in her sister’s face. Immediately, she apologizes.  Reva calmly tells her sister that she merely wants to know where she stands. She thought she was going to die, and is now going to live. ‘It changes things.” Reva says.

Josh peaks his head into the room, wondering what is happening. Cassie tells him that nothing is going on, but that they’re going to need another minute.

As Josh comes out of his ex-wife’s room Billy has a wheelchair waiting for Reva. Josh stares at it for a moment, and Billy wonders if he has over stepped his bounds. Quickly backpedaling, Josh tells his brother that it’s all right. He just wonders if Reva is truly ready to leave the hospital. Billy seems to think that it doesn’t matter when she leaves because all they are doing is delaying the inevitable. Surprisingly, Josh takes that as some kind of sling towards he and Reva reconciling. His brother shakes his head. “I think that's past.” Billy says. “What she needs, Reva needs is care, and she needs attention, not somebody who's being pulled between her and her sister?” He finishes saying. Josh waits a moment before reacting.  He reminds his brother that had he been informed of what was going on with his wife’s health that he would have been there. Josh brings up the fact that Billy remained loyal to Reva, only to betray him. Billy nods. He fully agrees with everything that his brother has just said and explains that he was only trying to do what was best for Reva. “So if you want to have it out right now, let’s do it.” He says calmly.

Back in Reva’s room, the two women continue to talk about their situation. Reva wonders if perhaps they should have it out and wrestle over Josh. She is joking, but Cassie is still uncomfortable with the conversation. Again, she tries to change the subject. She demands to know if Reva wants to come back to the farmhouse with her, or not.

Reva shakes her head. She wonders if Cassie is going to give Josh up for her, or not.

Jeffery is giving a speech on Main Street about how he will assume the duty of mayor until Blake is feeling better. He promises to fulfill not only her campaign promises, but his as well. While he is talking, Olivia looks on. She is disgusted at the man she sees before her and picks up her cell phone to make a call.

“I’d like to report an assault.” Olivia tells the 911 operator. When the operator probes Olivia for questions she ends up getting frustrated and hanging up. “I’ll take care of it myself.” She mutters.

Inside Blake’s room at the Beacon Detectives Mallet and Cooper are working hard. Mallet is watching Jeffery give his speech via the television, while Marina is pouring through some papers found in the desk. She reminds her partner that they found the culprit behind Springfield Burns and that they should be trying to figure out who poisoned Blake, not watching Jeffery.  He nods, though as he stares at the television he tells Marina that trying to figure out who poisoned her shouldn’t be too hard. It’s obvious that he’s blaming Jeffery.

Mallet continues to watch the broadcast of Jeffery’s speech on TV. Marina wonders if he wants to blame O’Neill because of personal reasons. Her partner claims that it is bogus. “It’s obvious” He tells her. “Blake wins the election and then becomes ill. Who’s the last man standing?” Marina shakes her head. She lets him know that she can’t help but feel that there is something else going on.

Marina’s phone rings, and she tells the person on the other end of the line that she will be there as soon as possible. As she hangs up, she tells Mallet that Blake’s condition has been upgraded. Blake is still not awake, but is no longer in critical condition. Marina wants to head over to the hospital to see if she will actually wake up. “You go. I’ll catch up later.” Mallet tells her, still staring at Jeffery on the television.

Back on Main Street, Olivia continues to watch as the mayor-elect gives his speech. He opens the audience up to questions, and Olivia steps forward. She tells him and the crowd that she has something to reveal. Something that everyone needs to know about Jeffery. She continues to make short sentences alluding to the rape, but no one else seems to get them. It also doesn’t help that Jeffery, confused by Olivia’s ramblings is making jokes. Just as Olivia is about to spill the beans Mallet shows up. He pushes Jeffery aside and lets Jeffery know that they need to talk.  Olivia is left standing alone, very upset at what has just happened. Alone at the podium, she jumps when someone taps her on the shoulder.

It turns out that Buzz is the one to startle Olivia. He looks worried and tells her that he’s been looking all over for her. Olivia is teary eyed and tells him that it is too late. She walks away.

Buzz continues to follow Olivia. He refuses to give up and makes many jokes to try and get her to laugh. She refuses. “Have dinner with me.” Buzz asks.  Olivia turns around quickly and yells at him to stop. She wants him to leave her alone.

Buzz refuses he reminds her that he knows what it is like when the past catches up with you. “You’re going to have to face it.” He tells her. He lets her know that when Ava finds her father that the both of them will have to face him, and he knows that it will be hard to deal with. Buzz promises to be there for her through it all. Olivia cries, shaking her head. She doesn’t think that anyone understands how much this is all hurting her.  Hugging Olivia, Buzz wonders what it is that she needs.  She pulls away from him and tells him the he can’t give her what she wants.

In another corner of Main Street, Jeffery thanks Mallet for getting him off the stage. He confesses that he doesn’t know what the hell was going on with Olivia and her odd little speech.  Mallet does not look happy and all but accuses Jeffery of taking the job from the real election winner. He looks confused and explains that he never wanted Blake to become so tired that she had to be hospitalized. Shaking his head, Mallet gives Jeffery some shocking news. “It wasn’t exhaustion. It was poison.”

Jeffery realizes what the cop is getting at and doesn’t appreciate it one bit. He also takes some time to remind Mallet that at one time he and Blake were more than just political opponents. Mallet doesn’t falter. He reminds the new mayor that if Blake dies that someone will be charged with murder. He also goes on to tell Jeffery that they have finally found out who the Springfield Blogger is. “It was Blake.”  Mallet explains. Jeffery laughs, unable to believe it.

Dinah cautiously approaches Blake’s bed. She is clearly irate and wants to know why Blake would be so hurtful. Dinah continues to talk to herself, and ends up claiming that the sole reason Blake was behind the website was out of jealousy. Shaking her head she reminds Blake that she can get mad as well, and that she can do it a lot better than most people.

Dinah continues to talk to her comatose step mother. She is mad that Blake would ruin the one relationship she had where the man actually loved her back. “You destroyed what could have been the one true love of my life.” She yells. Blake’s monitor begins to blink and beep. Dinah smiles, realizing that perhaps Blake is able to hear her. “You deserve to be here, and you deserve to die.” She tells her.

Dinah continues to torment Blake, realizing that she will probably get away with no punishment for what she has done. As she is talking to Blake, Marina walks in. She demands to know what is going on.  Fleeing the room, Dinah tells Marina that they need to get a nurse right away.

Marina catches up with Dinah in the hallway and confronts her. Sarcastically, Marina wonders why Dinah is so concerned about Blake.  At first, Dinah claims that she came to see her step mother because they are family. Marina doesn’t buy it and reminds Dinah that she heard her call Blake a bitch. Dinah looks down at the floor. She admits that she wasn’t there to make nice. Before she has a chance to say much else, Marina butts in.

Marina informs Dinah that someone poisoned Blake. Dinah seems shocked, but slips up. She accidentally mentions Springfield Burns and makes it clear that she knows Blake is behind it.  Marina shakes her head, and heads out of the hospital. She leaves promising Dinah that she will get to the bottom of the case.

Marina ends up in the new basement of the police station and sees a fellow cop. She makes it clear to him that she wants to see the security tapes from the Beacon as soon as possible. Haines, the officer she is talking to runs of to get them. He hands her a box full of tapes. Marina rolls her eyes and finds the one she wants. The tape is the surveillance from right outside of Blake's room.

Marina pops the tape in the VCR and doesn't look too surprised at what she sees. It shows Dinah outside of Blake's room. On the tape, Dinah then breaks into her step mother's room. Marina raises her eyebrows and calls her partner.

Mallet shows up at the station, wondering what he had to rush over for. He lets her know that he had Jeffery right where he wanted when he was interrupted. Smiling, Marina sits him down and makes him watch the video. All he sees is Dinah entering and exiting Blake's room. Marina puts the video in slow motion. She points out to Mallet that in Dinah's hand are papers that have Springfield Burns information on them. "She's not happy." Mallet says as he realizes what Marina is trying to tell him. She sees that he is really bothered by what he has seen and softens a little.  She offers to sit on the evidence for a few hours, if that is what he wants. "It's your call." She tells him.

Billy shows up in Reva's room with a wheelchair and it is clear that he expects her to get into it. He reminds her that she promised to follow all of Rick's orders to be let out of the hospital. She smiles, and tells him that she will do everything that they say. Rick, Cassie and Josh are also in the room. Rick reminds her not to miss any medications, appointments and to get plenty of rest. Reva nods her head, promising to be a good patient.  With discharge papers in her hand, Reva tells them all that she's ready to go home, to Cross Creek.

Olivia finds Jeffery in his suite at the Beacon. She barges in, not wanting to hear about his latest City Hall crisis. She tells him that she hasn't forgotten who or what he is. Jeffery looks up and seems to wonder what the hell is going on.

Reva finds herself in a newly decorated Cross Creek, and can't help but look around in astonishment.

At the farmhouse, Josh and Cassie are in the bedroom. He has a bottle of wine in his hand and wants to toast the good luck that they've been having. Cassie seems unsure of everything. She wonders if perhaps Josh is wishing that they had brought Reva home. He assures her that he is where he belongs, despite what she may think.

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