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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/6/06

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Written By Eva

At the hospital, Josh slowly walks out of the room as the flat line continues to beep he takes one last look back at Reva and notices that she took a breath so even though Mel is going to pronounce time of death he begs her to check and see if Reva is alive. Mel tells Josh it is common that family members think that their loved one is breathing when they are not its part of the grieving process. Josh begs Mel to check for a heartbeat and when Mel checks she does indeed discover that Reva ‘s heart is beating although it is a weak heartbeat. Ava tells Jonathan that Reva is very close to death now and they need him upstairs as soon as possible. Jonathan cries a little and so does Lizzie as she gives him a sonogram picture of their little girl to put in Reva’s room. Lizzie explains that his life will never be the same once Reva is gone but as he watches her slip away he should look at the picture and hold on to hope because his child is a symbol of hope. Jonathan gets a call from Cassie and Lizzie tells Jonathan to go be with Reva but Lizzie is surprised when Jonathan asks her to come with him to see Reva.

At Company, Frank tells Marina, Mallet Gus, and Harley that he knows that everyone is thinking of Reva but they must focus on protecting the Mayoral candidates tomorrow. Mallet volunteers to protect Blake because he really doesn’t want to be responsible for protecting Jeffrey. Harley walks over to talk to Dinah who is worried about security for Clarrissa and she tells Harley she hopes that the police are also going to protect the families of the candidates. Harley tells her yes and suddenly gets an idea and asks Mallet to protect Dinah and Clarissa tomorrow. Mallet agrees and wonders if he should go over and talk to Dinah but he doesn’t go to her he goes to talk to Gus instead and asks Gus if he should talk to Dinah. Buzz lights a candle for Reva as well as a candle hoping that Olivia and Ava will mend their relationship. Coop tells Buzz not to expect Ava and Olivia to mend their relationship even if he lights a bonfire. Coop also tells Buzz that he hopes Ava and Olivia stay apart because he doesn’t want anything else to happen to Ava.

At the hospital, Ava notices the expression on Olivia’s face when she saw Jonathan and Lizzie looking at the sonogram of the baby. Ava wonders if Olivia ever felt a motherly connection to her when she was pregnant. Olivia doesn’t want to hurt Ava anymore so she refuses to answer the question. Ava keeps pushing Olivia for an answer so finally she just blurts out that all she felt when she was pregnant with her was a deep emptiness. Olivia alo tells Ava that she also wanted to throw herself down the stairs but she was too selfish and worried something would happen to her (Olivia) to actually go through with it. Ava tells Olivia that she must find her biological father because obviously any goodness she has in her comes from her father. Olivia reminds Ava that he father was a rapist who forced her to be with him. Once Ava leaves Olivia remembers when she was pregnant with Ava and the baby wouldn’t stop kicking her so Olivia tells the baby not to be scared because the storm will soon pass. Once the baby heard Olivia’s voice it stopped kicking and Olivia was relived but she also told the baby that she didn’t want her to think that this meant she was going to be suckered into keeping her.

At Company, Dinah tells Harley that she is glad that someone will be protecting Clarrisa tomorrow. Gus tries to persuade Mallet to talk to Dinah but finally Gus and Harley take them both to the middle of the room so they have to talk to each other. Mallet and Dinah make awkward small talk but then Mallet tells Dinah not to worry about Clarrisa because he has been assigned to protect them both tomorrow. Mallet tells Dinah that he doesn’t want to protect Jeffrey for obvious reasons but he hopes that she will be happy with him. Dinah tells Mallet that she had invited him for a drink in her room because she hoped they could at least be friends but he left so quickly after Jeffrey arrived that she didn’t get a chance to explain things to him. Dinah is happy to discover that Mallet is truly worried about her safety because even though he doesn’t say anything she can tell by the tone of his voice.

At the hospital, Josh, Billy, Cassie, Jonathan and Lizzie are very happy that Reva is on her way back to them. Josh tells everyone to gather as many friends and family of Reva’s as they can so they can take shifts talking to her until she awakens. Lizzie and Jonathan offer to go get food for everyone at Company and also tell everyone there about the plan. Josh cries as he begs Reva to come back to him Cassie looks inside from the hallway as she realizes that Josh’s love could bring Reva back to life. Cassie tells Olivia the good news and Olivia reminds Cassie that if Reva leaves it could mean the end of her relationship with Josh, Cassie tells Olivia that she is just happy that she could have her sister back in her life.

At Company, Coop, Buzz, Gus, Harley, and Dinah all head over to the hospital to visit Reva. Ava stays behind because she gets a call from Alan Michael. Jonathan apologizes to Lizzie if the baby ruined her plans with Coop. Jonathan explains to Lizzie that he fells like God gave reva a second chance because he decided to protect the baby like Reva asked him to do. Jonathan tells Lizzie he will try his best to be a good father to their little girl and make their marriage work so both the baby and she could have a happy life. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she loves him for saying those words and she just loves him.

At the hospital, Josh tells reva that all the people who love her are going to visit her and help her fight and he is going to stay with him and not let her go. Josh goes out in the hallway when he hears a huge crowd of people and he is happy and thanks everyone for coming to support Reva. Josh sets up a schedule and everyone takes a time slot. Josh apologizes to Cassie for neglecting her and Cassie tells him Reva is all that is important now and they will talk later. Tammy takes the first shift with Reva and tells her how much everyone loves her. and how they are all there to support her. Tammy sees the sonogram picture and cries a little bit as she leaves the room.

At Company, Jonathan asks Lizzie if he did anything to lead her on she says no it just happened while she saw how hard he fought to protect the baby. Jonathan tells Lizzie he will do his best to give her a good life for the sake of the baby but he doesn’t love her. Lizzie smiles and tells Jonathan she always knew that so she tells him to stop worrying and she continues to pack food to take to the hospital.

At the hospital, we see all of Reva’s friends and family go in her room one by one and talk to her as Jewel’s song life uncommon plays in the background. Dinah tells Mallet that she is going to watch TV with Reva and catch her up on the soaps both Dinah and Mallet that Josh managed to bring Reva back to life. Dinah tells Mallet that it is amazing that even though Josh and Reva are not together anymore they still have such strong feelings for each other. Coop tells Buzz that Ava isn’t coming to help Reva because its best she stays away from this situation.

At Company, Ava talks to Alan Michael on the phone and he asks her to meet him at 9 a.m. in his room because he has some information about her father. Olivia overhears the phone conversation and tells herself that she can’t let Ava find her father.

Outside Company, Tammy tells Remy she saw the sonogram picture of Jonathan’s baby inside Reva’s room. Remy tells Tammy not to cry for Jonathan because she isn’t worth it. Tammy thinks it is amazing that Reva knew she was dying so she pushed Josh and her mom together even though she must have hated it. Tammy admires Reva for doing the right thing and she is positive that she also did the right thing pushing Jonathan toward Lizzie for the baby’s sake.

At the hospital, Josh cries as he watches Reva open her eyes Reva thinks she is in heaven but Joish makes it clear that she is in Springfield with him and he will never let her go. Cassie watches Josh and Reva and hears Josh’s words to Reva and some tears roll down her face.

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