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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/2/06

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Written By Elizabeth

Billy opens up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He confesses about how numb he felt at what he thought was the loss of a friend, and that he took a drink. With tears in his eyes he explains that he needs to stay strong for his friend, even it is only to let her go in the end.

Beth walks into Cedars looking like she clearly has an agenda. Alan is right behind her, and she begs him not to intrude on the Lewis Family during a difficult time. He makes a comment about how he and Reva are old friends and that they are family now. Shaking her head, Beth asks her husband not to use the situation as a pawn in his attempts to control Lizzie and wonders what he is truly up to. He refuses to tell her and makes a snide comment about her infidelity before walking away.

In another area of the hospital, Mel gives Rick report on how Reva is doing. She explains that Reva’s breathing was strong all night. Mel is obviously exhausted, and her husband suggests that she go home and get some rest. Mel refuses and explains that she has to let the family know what is going on. “I promised Cassie I would talk to her this morning.” She says. Shaking his head, Rick mentions that he can’t even imagine what it would be like to watch someone so sick. Mel is shuffling through papers and mentions that she does know what it is like. She goes on about how hard it was for her when Rick was in the hospital, near death, with his heart condition. He looks at her, grabs her hand and mentions having a family dinner together. Mel refuses and begins to walk away. “I can’t think about that right now. “ She tells him. Rick yells out to her that sometimes the living need live their lives and be thankful that they can do that. Mel stops short and looks at him before he walks away.

Josh and Cassie wake up in one another’s arms at the farmhouse. As soon as Josh has his eyes open he darts up and grabs the phone to call the hospital. Cassie sits back, not saying a word. Josh calls a doctor and tries to get him to come to Springfield to work on Reva’s case. The news is not good, and he hangs up looking dejected. He slams the phone on the ground and begins to cry.

Jonathan walks into his mother’s room and makes himself comfortable. He sits down next to her, hold her hand and looks at her.

The screen zeros in on Reva’s face and we see her the night she was planning on committing suicide. We can guess that this is all going on in her mind. She sees Josh beside her, and the two drive off together.

Suddenly, back in Springfield, the alarms on Reva’s hospital monitor go off. Jonathan races out of the room, yelling for someone to help his mother.

Back at the farmhouse, Cassie picks up the slammed phone silently. Josh comes in the room, while he’s getting dressed and apologizes for losing his temper. The two mention how neither of them slept, and when Cassie offers to make Josh some breakfast he refuses. He tells her that it is best if he doesn’t stop. The best thing for him, he explains, is to keep moving. Cassie reminds Josh that whenever anyone is sick that all people want is for the things around them to be familiar. Josh nods, agreeing that they should surround her with the things that she loves. Josh is excited about this, and mentions getting the mantle off of the wall at Cross Creek. He heads out the room, leaving Cassie sitting alone on the bed.

Alan and Beth run into Rick at Cedars. “We were just talking about you.” Alan remarks to the doctor, and then assures him that it wasn’t all bad. Rick doesn’t seem happy to see the two of them, and continues about his business. He urges Alan to get to the point which merely angers him. Alan reminds him that perhaps he should be worried about repercussions from his affair with Beth. Rick shakes his head clearly not wanting to deal with the situation. Beth tries to diffuse the situation and urges her husband to stop.

Alan turns the tables on his wife and makes it clear that he knows his wife is still calling Rick. He thanks the doctor for not returning his wife’s calls. Beth seems shocked that her husband is still having the two of them followed, but Rick seems unfazed by everything. Alan reminds Rick that they old friends, and walks off with him. “I’m going to have a word with the good doctor.” Alan calls out to Beth as the two men walk away.

Jonathan looks worried as Mel continues to check on Reva. She assures him that his mother is stable for the moment, and that she is comfortable. “There is not much else we can do.” Mel tells him. Jonathan wonders why she keeps having these spells and asks Mel to explain it to him. She tells him that her heart rate dropped which is why the alarms went off. She then goes on to explain that her body is simply slowly deteriorating and getting weaker and weaker. Jonathan doesn’t like this answer is upset when Mel urges him to simply be with his mother while he can. He goes back into her room and sits by her bed.

Reva opens her eyes when Jonathan grabs her hand. She thanks him for being there, but tells him that he should be with Tammy. Smiling, he tells his mother that he is where he needs to be. He then wonders if there is anything he can do for her. “Joshua.” Reva whispers. “I need to know that he is okay.”

Josh fingers the mantle at Cross Creek, clearly thinking about Reva. Cassie interrupts his thoughts, and catches him staring at photos of his ex-wife. Cassie assures him that she will love them bringing all of their favorite things to her. Josh nods, and as he moves a picture frame notices a note written out to him. He immediately realizes what it is, and explains that Reva mentioned it to him. He grasps it in his hand and mentions the significance of where she has hidden it. Josh hands her the letter, clearly wanting Cassie to read it.

The letter mentions that Reva doesn’t want anything left unsaid between the two of them. She mentions that he has been her life. She goes on to mention that the happiness of him and her children means the world to her. Josh stares off into space crying while hearing the words being read.

The letter goes on to call Josh the love of her life. Cassie ends the letter by telling Josh that it was written very beautifully. Tearfully, Josh thanks her for reading it. She reminds him that now they have to focus on supporting Reva because she needs us. Again, Josh thanks her. Smiling, Josh thanks her for being so wonderful and selfless. “Once Reva gets her love and support, she’s going to have no choice but to get better.” He stoops down to pick up a box and head to the hospital, but Cassie stops him. She wants him to repeat what he has just said. Josh tries blowing her off, but she doesn’t let him. “Reva…she’s dying, Josh. And no matter how much you want to save her, you can’t. “She tells him through bleary eyes.

As Josh struggles to pull down the sign for Cross Creek, Cassie continues to tell Josh how badly this is all hurting her as well. “I don’t want to lose my sister.” She tells him. Josh shakes his head, not wanting to hear any of it and yells at her. Again, Cassie tries to remind him that the doctors have little to no hope for Reva. She tells him that she simply wants him to be prepared. Josh doesn’t want to hear it, no matter what Cassie tells him. Josh tells her that he can’t let her go as he hugs Cassie. He just needs to let Reva know how much he loves her.

Rick and Alan are outside of Cedars talking about new beginnings, and changes. Rick is nonchalant about everything and basically wants Alan to spill the beans. He doesn’t want to beat around the bush, and explains that what happened between him and Beth is in the past. “So what are you going to do with me, Alan?” Rick challenges. “Are you going to have me fired?” Alan shakes his head and explains that although he though about it he’d rather have Rick wonder when the next shoe will drop. Alan then crushes a leaf in his hand before walking off.

Beth cautiously approaches Mel in the hallway, and asks how Reva is doing. Mel looks annoyed to see her and at Beth’s bad attempts at making small talk. “Mel, why can’t we just have a civil conversation?” Beth asks. She reminds Mel that she and Rick are friends, despite what may have happened. Shaking her head, the doctor doesn’t buy it. “You’re fishing to see if my husband and I have patched things up!” Mel exclaims. She goes on to get angry with Beth for not showing any remorse whatsoever for having an affair with a married man. Beth retorts by making a snide comment about Mel being a horrible wife. Another doctor approaches and Mel tries to end the conversation. However as soon as Mel’s colleague leaves Beth starts in again with Mel. “Good luck on the next marriage because this one’s not going to work.” She sneers before leaving Mel alone.

In the chapel, Billy prays. He apologizes for everything inappropriate that he’s done. He goes on to mention how he doesn’t understand why Reva has to go through so much pain. “Just try and lighten up on her, and maybe let her go easy.” He pleads. Before leaving the chapel he also prays for himself. He asks for the strength to go through this with Reva, so that he can be the ‘Billy’ for her that he’s always been. Billy lights a candle for her before leaving the chapel and heading to her room.

Jonathan is with his mother when she wakes up, and makes a joke about the hospital needing new reading material. Reva mentions Josh’s name once more. Jonathan assures his mother not to worry and brings up the subject of the baby. He promises to bring her a photo from the sonogram and at her request agrees that he will be the best father that he can be to his little girl. “And don’t let anybody separate you from your baby like we were separated.” She whispers. Jonathan nods, and assures his mother that he will fight to stay with his child – Reva Shayne style if need be. Jonathan gets up when he realizes his mother has nodded off to sleep once more. As he walks out of the room, Billy walks in.

Billy begins talking to Reva about the past. He shows her the picture from their wedding, and jokes about how much they’ve changed. Eventually she begins to wake up as he sings to her. She smiles and tells him to continue singing.

They stop singing, and Billy tells her that he has just come from and AA meeting. He apologizes for ruining her plans to end things on her own terms, and she tells him not to fret over it. He promises that he will be strong for her. “You’re my rock. I love you, Billy Lewis.” She tells him. Nodding he lets her know that he finally agrees with her. He doesn’t think that it is right that she is suffering in the hospital.

Billy goes on to explain that he’s come to terms with what is happening with her. He promises that he will be there for her until the end, and that if she feels it is time to let go that it is ok. Josh walks in on the tail end of the conversation and pulls Billy away from the bed. Josh slams his brother up against the wall, and warns him to stay away from Reva.

Rick is outside on his cell, and doesn’t realize that Beth is standing behind him listening in as he makes a phone call to Mel. On the phone he asks his wife to reconsider having a family dinner. As he hangs up the phone, Beth comes around the corner. She tells him that Mel thinks that she still wants to continue on with the affair. Beth gets closer to him as she tells him that Mel is right.

Rick backs away and tells Beth that he loves his family. “I want my marriage back.” He tells Beth. Rick then begins to warn Beth that Alan is going to retaliate for what has happened between them. Beth isn’t so sure, but he tells her that she does need to be careful. Shaking off his warnings, Beth begins to hit on him again. She tells him that he and Mel were never right for one another. “I’m the one who understands you.” She tells him. Rick walks away silently.

Jonathan comes around the corner with coffee in his hand and sees Alan standing outside of Reva’s room. He angrily accuses Alan of trying to use the situation to get closer to his baby. “Look, our relationship is very complicated. But believe it or not, we shared some good times together.” Alan tells Jonathan of his relationship with Reva. He then goes on to explain that although Jonathan’s daughter will be missing out on a great grandmother, that there is no reason at all that she should miss out on the rest of her family. He then tells Jonathan how sorry he is to see Reva dying. Jonathan shakes his head and makes it clear to Alan that his child will always come first. He mentions the past he had with his father and how he doesn’t want his child to go through any of that. Alan reminds Jonathan that despite his best efforts he will never be able to stay away from Tammy. Having come to some odd sort of agreement, together the two head into Reva’s room.

Mel runs into Rick, and wonders if he has heard about his new job. Rick seems to be clueless. “He wants you to set up that free clinic down in Clayton.” She tells him. Rick instantly realizes that this is all Alan’s doing. Mel seems confused, and then assumes that Alan merely wants Rick to stay away from Beth. She walks off in a huff wishing Rick good luck in his attempt to tear himself away from Beth. As Mel leaves, Beth arrives. She congratulates Rick on his new job. Rick seems determined not to take the job in Clayton. Beth eggs him on and then reveals that Alan didn’t set it all up. She did, and she is his new boss. Rick is floored. “Alan’s not the only one with persuasion.” She tells him. “So, I will see you bright and early on Monday morning.” Beth kisses him lightly before walking away.

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