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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/26/06

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Written By Elizabeth

Reva is sitting in her bright red car talking to herself. She shakes her head, not realizing that there would be so much fight left in her at this point.

Jonathan is at Towers, and wonders where his mother is. He asks Billy, who shrugs him off. "She's gone." is all he replies.

At Company, Lizzie places an order with the waitress. When she turns around she sees that Tammy is standing there. She comments to Lizzie that she has ordered all of Jonathan's favorite foods, and wonders why. "Jonathan was upset at Reva's party." She mentions. "He tried to hide it, but you know, I could tell." Tammy tells his wife. Lizzie nods, and says that even though he was upset that he no longer needs the help of his ex girlfriend. She's clearly annoyed by the whole conversation. Finally, she yells. "He doesn't need your help. For everything else, he has me."  Lizzie goes on to torment Tammy with a smile upon her face. She mentions the baby, and Jonathan's place in its life. Tammy merely nods, clearly not wanting to hear Lizzie's tirade.

Lizzie finally slips up. She mentions that she's been waiting to start her family with Jonathan for a while now. "Oh my God." Tammy says slowly as she realizes what Lizzie has just admitted to. "You've been planning this, and trying to take Jonathan away from me this whole time.' She says.

Atop the lighthouse, Cassie turns to Josh, wondering is he's really okay with Josh & Reva taking off after the party. He nods, and tells her that as long as the two of them are happy that he's okay with it all. He goes on to tell her that he brought her to the lighthouse because it was a special place for him and Reva. She looks shocked at such a thing, and he tells her that he basically wanted to take that symbolism away from the lighthouse. Cassie smiles, and tells him that together they will find their own special place.

Cassie admits to Josh that she was nervous before the party. She wasn't sure if Josh would be able to let Reva go.

Josh admits to Cassie that a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders when he realized that he is happy with Cassie. I'm ready to move on, he confesses to Cassie. The two of them hug, and as they are ready to take off Josh's phone rings.

As Reva is about to drive off of the bridge, Jonathan stops her. He slaps the hood of the car and tells her that he's not done with her yet. "I didn't get a chance to say goodbye yet." With tears in her eyes, Reva cuts the engine.

Reva doesn't want her son there, and demands that he leave.  Jonathan shakes his head, refusing to listen. He tells her that they have some things to sort out between the two of them.

Reva seems to accept this, and tells his mother that when he originally came to town that the only thing he wanted to do was to hurt people.  Reva nods. He goes on to thank her for helping him out, despite how hard he made it for her. He mentions how she has helped make him less angry, and helped him begin to live himself. Reva now has tears in her eyes. She lets him know that she didn't do anything out of the ordinary. She was simply a mother to her son.

Together the two of them talk about how grateful they are to have gotten to know one another. Reva also tells her son that she thinks he will make a fabulous father as well. She goes on to explain that she has to think that there is a bigger plan to explain what is going on between them. Mother and son end up crying together. They each tell one another that they love each other, and then Jonathan takes off. Reva is left alone in her car, to drive off the bridge.

Back at Towers, Billy approaches the bartender. "Bourbon in a glass." He says with a serious, yet sad look on his face. The bartender looks unsure, but hands him the bottle when Billy insists.

Josh and Cassie show up at Towers and see Billy at the bar. It is clear that the mysterious phone call was from the bartender.

"Leave it." Josh orders his brother as he grabs the glass of bourbon from his hand. Billy turns around looking surprised, and tells his brother to leave. He's clearly already had some alcohol to drink.

Cassie then steps in, pleading Billy not to take a drink. She wonders where Reva is, and why he has fallen off the wagon yet again. Billy makes some comments about giving anything to be with Reva at the moment, but that unfortunately it is too late. Cassie and Josh exchange confused looks. "She dumped you already?" Josh asks looking perplexed.

Billy doesn't reply to his brotherís question, just reiterates that he can't be with Reva right now. Josh presses the issue, demanding to know what has happened between his former wife, and brother. Unfortunately, this only angers Billy more. He remains tight lipped about Reva. Josh realizes he's not getting very far with his brother and picks up his cell phone.

At the bridge, Reva is inside her bright red car. She turns up the music, ready to drive off the bridge. Suddenly her phone rings. She debates on whether or not to even look at it, but ends up doing so. Josh is on the other end, and after it rings a few times decides to pick it up. 

Josh is obviously on the other end of the line, and demands to know where she is immediately. Reva ignores the question, which only pisses Josh off even more. "Fine. You don't owe me any explanations." He tells her. "Billy has taken a flying leap off the wagon. He's drunk." Josh explains angrily. Reva is shocked, and wonders how bad things really are. Her ex husband seems put off by the question, and lets her know that he expects her to return to town to clean up her mess. "The man loves you. He needs you." Josh reminds her.

Reva shakes her head. You can tell that she's having a hard time with this. Over the phone she tells Josh that he and Cassie will have to help Billy out. She can't be bothered to return to Springfield. "He'll know why I had to do it." She tells Josh over the phone before hanging up.

Tammy is exasperated. She can't believe that she even thought for a moment that Lizzie had changed. She demands to know how long it has been since Lizzie has wanted to be with Jonathan. Shaking her head, Lizzie reminds Tammy that she's the one who pushed the two of them together. She also explains that she never meant to fall in love with Jonathan. It just happened. Tammy stands alone, stunned, not saying a word. This prompts Lizzie to tell Tammy that she is going to have to accept their marriage, and their baby. Like it or not.

Tammy storms off. As she is leaving, Marina and Remy walk into the restaurant. They realize that she's in a bad mood, and Remy heads off to find and talk to her.

Lizzie happens to find Jonathan at the lighthouse. She lets him know that she figured he would be at one of Reva's favorite places. She goes on to tell him that she figured out what was going on at the party. "Reva was saying goodbye - wasn't she?" Lizzie asks. Jonathan doesn't want to hear or talk to his wife. She remains by his side though, reminding him that she is now a mother, and that mothers are always right.

Jonathan nods, wondering when Elizabeth Spaulding became so wise. She smiles, and mentions what a great person Reva was. "You can tell your daughter how wonderful Reva was, how much you loved her, and maybe even how much she reminds you of Reva because you know that a little of Reva is going to sneak in there somewhere. " Lizzie tells him. Jonathan smiles and the two of them chuckle over their daughter possibly being a hell raiser.

The mood becomes serious again, and Jonathan confesses about how his mother is planning on killing herself tonight. He confesses to her how badly he felt about waiting till the last minute to tell her that he loved her. Lizzie listens to him talk, and eventually he lays his head in her lap while the two of them talk about their parents, and becoming parents.

Remy finds Tammy inside her room at the Beacon. She ignores him, obviously not wanting to talk to anyone. Remy, always the true friend, remains in the room. He is going to help her, whether she likes it or not.

Eventually the conversation turns to Lizzie and Jonathan. Remy reminds Tammy that Jonathan's place is now with the baby, and his wife. He asks his roommate, where it is that she thinks she belongs now. Tammy turns around quickly, and kisses him. She lets him know that she wants to be with him.

Remy pushes Tammy away. He doesn't want to be the person to help her forget about Jonathan. When she kisses him, he wants it to be for the right reasons. When Remy sees Tammy crying, he hugs her. He lets her know that he will be a friend to her, and that right now being a friend means that they will be going back to their apartment to hang out with Marina.

Josh approaches his brother cautiously. He makes it clear that he doesn't want to get involved between Billy & Reva, but is definitely concerned about the drinking. Billy is a jerk back to both Cassie and Josh. He makes comments about the two of them being involved with one another. He also mentions how neither of them truly know what is going on.

At this point Josh has had enough. He doesn't want to hear it anymore, and lets his brother know that if he wants to continue to be a drunk that he can. Josh hands money to the bartender, asking him to make sure that he calls a cab for Billy when he's had enough of the bourbon. Cassie seems reluctant to leave, but follows at Josh's insistence.

Billy feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around. He sees Reva standing behind him, and wonders how she is still alive. Shaking her head, she tells him that Josh called her and explained everything. Billy looks ashamed that she had to find him like she did. Smiling, she tells him that she will hold for a few more days till he is ready for her to leave. He nods, smiling, and promises her no more booze. They smile at one another, and make jokes.

Billy turns to pay his bill so that Reva can drive him home. When he turns around he sees that Reva has collapsed.  

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