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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/25/06

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Written By Suzanne


Reva goes to the top of the lighthouse and says goodbye to the earth and everyone she loves. She yells, "Goodbye, Springfield!" and fondles the car keys in her hands. She holds back the tears, saying she is going to party and not cry.

Billy tries to talk Reva out of having the party tonight, rather than waiting, but she tells him it has to be like this because she's getting weaker. She helps him with his tie. He keeps trying to talk her out of it. She wants everyone to remember her living hard, dancing and drinking, and not being sick. Billy rails about how hard this is for him, to pretend to have fun when he is worried about her.

They drive to the party and she has the valet park it. She notices that she is missing her rabbit's foot, so Billy offers to look for it, but she tells him it's okay. She goes in, where all of her friends greet her warmly, drinks in their hands. Harley comments on all the great food and alcohol and jokes around with Reva. Buzz grabs her and dips her, then kisses her, joking around. Olivia is there, too, so Reva thanks them for coming. She greets Blake, Jeffrey, and Frank. Reva urges them all to have fun. Blake wonders why Reva sounds like her leaving is permanent. Reva counters that nothing is permanent, which is why you have to live in the moment.

Reva gets teary as she tells Jeffrey and Blake that whichever one wins the election, they need to promise to take care of the town of Springfield and its people because they are so special. Billy pulls her away, saying that the drink makes her sentimental. Jeffrey and Blake are a bit suspicious about the way she's acting.

Reva asks Rick where Mel is. He says that's a good question. Reva says she's sorry about what happened but advises him not to waste time feeling sorry for himself. Rick tells Reva in confidence that Harley and Gus are having a baby. Reva goes over to Harley and Gus to congratulate them. They are shocked that she knows. They look over at Rick, who is standing next to Blake. Blake gives them the thumbs up sign. Gus wonders if he should go over there and make sure Rick doesn't make a public announcement. Harley laughs. Reva is so happy for Harley but tearful still, and mentions "The Circle of Life", so Harley wonders if she is okay. Reva feels bad that she hasn't been able to spend much time with Susan but tells Harley to make sure to include her in her new family. Harley agrees.

Frank asks Reva why she invited Olivia. She lets him know that life is too short to hold grudges. She gives him a kiss and tells him tearfully to take care of himself and by happy. She goes to greet Lizzie and Jonathan as they arrive. She admires how big Lizzie's stomach is getting. Jonathan mentions that Lizzie's blood pressure is back to normal. Alan walks in, so they wonder why he is there. Reva tells them that she thought she should try to make nice before she kicks the bucket. Lizzie tells her adamantly that is not going to happen for a very long time and that miracles happen. Reva is glad that Lizzie got hers and tells Lizzie to go say hi to Alan, so she does. Reva takes Jonathan outside for fresh air. He tells her that he saw the car and guesses that he is planning to ride out tonight over the cliff. She tells him it's the perfect time, after a big party and lots of champagne and asks him not to stop her. He asks her not to do it tonight, but she tells him that her mind is made up. He looks very sad. She doesn't know how she will say goodbye to him now. They both agree that they like beer better, but they toast with champagne. When she mentions Tammy, he tells her that he and Tammy have broken up. He plans to stay married to Lizzie even after the baby is born. Reva is not happy to hear that they broke up/ He tells her bluntly that it's not her problem any longer. She will be gone and they need to move on. She is shocked and he walks back inside.

Reva greets Alan, wiping away the tears. He asks her if she's stoned tonight because he didn't bring any breadsticks (referencing the last time they met). Reva tells him that all that bullying and bluster will only leave him alone, like he is now. He assures her that he's not alone. She points out that he's in a loveless marriage and his children hate him. She adds that her grand-daughter would rather live with "this guy" (Jonathan) rather than have anything to do with him. Alan says that he is just there to watch her leave town with her lush of a boyfriend to find herself once again. He asks if this isn't the 50th time she's done that. Billy tells him to shut up, but Reva says he just likes to hear himself talk. A small crowd gathers around them. Alan points out that Reva made a mess of her marriage to Josh again and that he's found comfort with her sister. He calls her a coward for running off but toasts her, saying, "Bon voyage". He adds that life in Springfield will go on living happily ever after, including her new grand-daughter. Jonathan starts to attack him, but Reva holds him back. She tells Alan that he'd better be good to them or she will come back and haunt him. She corrects herself, saying she meant "hunt". Billy gets the party started again and people dancing.

Tammy arrives just then. Reva greets her and gets some champagne for her and Tammy. She tells her that she's sorry about her and Jonathan breaking up. Tammy tells her she's fine, but Reva knows she's not, and neither is Jonathan. Tammy says they'll get over it. She wants Jonathan to be happy and be there for his daughter. She asks Reva to drop the subject so they can have fun. Reva wishes she could be around to see Tammy grow into such a great young woman. Tammy impulsively asks her to take her with her wherever she's going. Reva tells her that her car only holds enough room for her and Billy. she also thinks that Tammy and Jonathan's story is not over yet. Tammy assures her it's over, so Reva says that Tammy will meet someone to love her the way she deserves. Tammy wonders if they only get one true love in their lives. Reva looks over then as Josh and Cassie walk in. Tammy asks how you let go of that, but Reva doesn't answer.

Reva hugs Cassie and welcomes them. Billy is offered a drink but turns it down. Buzz chats with Billy about Reva. He didn't think anything would ever break the bond between her and Josh, but he's glad she's with Billy. Billy notes that he doesn't think anything will break that bond, even....and then he trails off, leaving Buzz to wonder. Billy changes the subject, asking Buzz if he saw that sports car outside that he bought for her. Nearby, Gus tells Billy that if he's buying presents, he can buy him one, too. Jeffrey agrees. Frank is there, too, so they talk about the car.

Cassie asks Reva where she and Billy are going, so Reva replies that they are not sure yet...they are just going to hit the road and see where it takes them. Jonathan sighs that this is harder than he thought it would be. He then gets Lizzie out to dance. Reva and Cassie discuss Jonathan and Tammy's break-up. Reva asks Josh and Cassie to look after Tammy and Jonathan while she's away. Josh thinks that Reva and Billy may get bored and come home. Josh tells Reva that he had a weird dream about her. They were at Cross Creek at Christmas time, expecting everyone to show up. But then Reva said, "Help me, Bud" and she held out some car keys. Then he woke up. Cassie says they didn't know what they meant. Josh thinks he dreamt that because Reva may not really want to leave. Reva doesn't answer. Billy comes over to rescue her. She drinks more champagne. Her dad and Rusty arrive, so she goes over to greet them. Hawk is agitated, saying the party doesn't make sense to him. He still doesn't understand why Cassie and Josh are together, or why she's with Billy. Rusty tells him to lighten up and Reva tells him not to blame Cassie because she's had a hard life. Hawk keeps on ranting and raving. Reva tells Rusty to go have fun while she takes Hawk aside. She tells Hawk that she and Josh will always share a part of themselves. She hugs Hawk tightly.

A karaoke machine is wheeled in, much to Jonathan's dismay. Reva tries to get some people to sing. She finally talks Billy into it by telling him that she needs someone to distract people while she catches her breath. Billy sings "Pretty Woman" very badly off-key. Reva goes over and makes jokes about Billy and his singing. Reva tries to get people to sing. They all insists that Reva go next. She makes a tearful speech about all of her friends and how she will never forget any of them. Then she sings "Landslide" while we see past Reva clips. They are all very quiet after that, but she says, "What, no applause?" so they clap. Jeffrey is next to sing. He sings "My Girl" with help from Blake and one of the other women. Meanwhile, Reva tells Jonathan to distract the crowd while she goes outside. He asks if she's leaving now, but she lets him think that she will say goodbye before she goes. Jonathan gets the guys to have shots with him. Billy watches Reva as she makes her way over to the door, smiling. An Asian lady comes in, so Reva asks if she knows her. She said she is staying there at Towers and heard the party. Reva tells her to stay and party, but she points her toward Billy, saying that he knows where all the best places are in town. The woman goes over to Billy.

Josh stops Reva before she leaves. He says, "You didn't really think you would get away with it, did you?" He thinks she was planning to sneak out without saying goodbye. She laughs that he knows her so well. He says that if he knew her for another 100 years, he still wouldn't know her. She says they only have tonight, not 100 years. He wonders if this has something to do with his dream. He tries again to get her to tell him what's going on. She says she is off to her next big adventure. He says that's the way it's always been with them, she is off looking for adventure and he is always off looking for her. She changes the topic to Cassie, saying they are good for each other. They wish the best things in life to each other. Someone sings "Bye bye love" in the background, so Reva urges Josh to go over and join them. They say goodbye. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and wishes her a safe trip. She turns as he's walking away and then just waves goodbye before she leaves. Josh goes back to Cassie and gives her a kiss. Reva looks around at her friends and family, laughing, singing, and happy (except for Jonathan, who looks down). She kisses the ring on the chain around her neck and then walks out.

Reva goes out to get the keys to her car, but he doesn't have them. Billy comes out; he has them to make sure that Reva said goodbye before she left. They hug. Billy cries, saying he isn't as tough as he thought he was. She tells him that he's her knight in shining armor. She asks him for the keys. He knows that she sent the lady over to him. Billy finally gives her the keys after more pause, so she thanks him. He tells her that every minute has been a real pleasure. She asks him not to be sad or let anyone else be sad. She climbs into the car as she asks him to get back to the party. She closes her eyes and then puts the keys in the ignition. She laughs as she starts to put the seatbelt on, then she lets the seatbelt slip back. She says to herself, "All right, this is it" and drives off.

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