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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/24/06

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Written By Suzanne

At Company, Gus gets a fattening dessert for Harley, but she doesn't want to eat something so heavy. He saves it for himself but makes her a sandwich instead. They joke around, as usual. She doesn't want that, either, but he makes her eat it. He eats some, too. Gus is feeling empathetic.

IN a court room, Marina looks at the Springfield Blogger's site on her website, which says, "Beware. No one in Springfield is safe after the little stunt you just pulled. More secrets will be exposed...and you could be next. Yes, you." Mallet knows that his plan worked to rile up the blogger. Mallet lists all of the suspects that he wants to interrogate (a very long list). Mallet wonders why she is smirking. She points out that he left off Dinah's name and then laughs at him.

Dinah comes out of Jeffrey's bathroom, wearing a towel. Jeffrey is annoyed that the blogger has been riled up. They argue about how she was attacked by the blogger, but he only cares about this all getting in the way of his election. Mallet and Harley phone Dinah in a conference call, asking about Springfield Burns. Blake joins the conference call. Dinah, Marina, and Gus listen in through speakerphone. They all wonder why they are on conference rather than talking individually. Mallet tells them that he wants them to all pool their resources to catch the blogger and asks them to come to the courthouse to chat about it. They all try to make excuses about why they can't come, but Marina thanks them all for their cooperation and Mallet hangs up, leaving them no choice. They all look disgusted as they hang up. Marina teases Mallet for flirting with Dinah, but he denies that's what this is about.

Billy phones Colin for help. Apparently all the doctors are saying that Reva is beating the cancer, yet her body is still dying. Josh finds Billy coming out of his room and gives him the extra set of keys that he has for Cross Creek. Things are a bit awkward while Josh tries to make small talk. He asks about their "trip" out of town. Billy is surprised that Reva mentioned it. Josh wonders if Reva is going to see the kids. Billy invites Josh in and they have some soda and watch football. Josh proposes that they have a big family get-together so everyone can adjust to the changes in their relationships (meaning Josh and Cassie, and Billy and Reva). Billy tells Josh that he is the foundation that their family is built on. Josh is not so sure but thinks that Billy is that for Reva. Later, Josh tells Billy that he knows he hasn't been on the wagon very long, but he thinks that he has a lot more strength that he gives himself credit for. Billy is happy to hear it. Josh also tells him that he's glad that he's there for Reva. Billy thanks him for that and asks Josh if Cassie makes him happy. Josh admits that she does and also tells him that he thinks it's good for him and Reva to be going away (to give him and Cassie the time together). Josh is about to leave when Billy asks him if he really thinks that Cassie is the one for him. Josh says that she is, so Billy notes that Josh really deserves it. Josh thanks him and leaves. Billy, annoyed at himself for lying about Reva, hits something.

Cassie tells Reva that she knows her secret. Reva is shocked and upset. Cassie tells her how she guessed, chides her for not sharing with her, and reminds her that she's her sister. She hopes they can deal with this. Reva tells her that they can't and that there is no cure. She goes into the other room, looking like she's going to throw up. Cassie reveals that she thinks Reva is addicted to pot. When she sees Reva with pills, she wonders if she is addicted to those, too. Reva has to scramble to change her story, so she admits that she is taking pills, too. Cassie thinks that Reva is going away to rehab. Reva tells her that's not the case but says it's all under control. Cassie is still suspicious. Reva babbles on about how things change in life. They talk about how Reva still loves Josh, but she says that things have changed. They have a similar conversation to Josh and Billy's. Reva assures Cassie that she can be with Josh and love him as long as they live. In fact, she wants them to be together. Cassie is amazed and tells Reva that she's incredible. She tells her that with the way she's battling the addictions, she is very proud of being her sister. Cassie tells Reva that she's inspiring and wonders how she does it. Cassie talks about how great her kids are, even Jonathan, and says Reva should be proud of them. Reva is overwhelmed and asks Cassie politely to leave her alone so she can get some things done. Cassie hugs her and asks her to call her day or night, and that she will always be there for her. Cassie leaves and Reva leans on the mantel, feeling very sick and finally able to show it. Billy comes in and holds her up from behind. He tells to stop being a hero. She replies that she's not and says she's ready to go. Billy rants about how this whole situation is nuts. Reva reminds him of her wishes and how she wants to make sure everything is fine before she gets in the car and hits the gas pedal. Billy tells her that he will not let her go. They argue as Billy gets more and more angry. Reva does agree that she should say goodbye, so he wonders how she will do it. She proposes a big party and asks him to phone everyone to invite them. He wonders if she will be up for it, but she assures him that she will use her last bit of energy if she has to. Then she talks about making her exit. Later, Reva makes out the invitations, including Josh's.

Everyone that Mallet called gathers down at the courthouse. They act impatiently, not wanting to be there. Jeffrey tells them that he thinks Max Bonivitch should be checked out because he just confessed to stealing credit card numbers off the internet. Gus doesn't think that guy would have the brains for this, but Mallet and Marina agree to check it out. They all start arguing.

Mallet is jealous of Dinah still spending time with Jeffrey, while she counters about him and Marina. He wonders why she tried to trap the blogger. She doesn't give him an answer, but he realizes that she only did it so he would save her. She tries to turn it around on him, asking if he made this meeting so that he would impress her. Marina makes a comment about them being childish. Dinah and Mallet both want the other to admit what they did. They argue in the usual way. Marina interrupts them and asks if they want to go to a Coldplay concert, since she has tickets. Dinah tells her off for butting in. Mallet apologizes and gives Dinah a hard time for being so mean. Dinah yells at him that he should go to the concert with Marina if he can stop kissing her long enough. She storms out but then berates herself for how she reacted.

Harley gets a phone call, telling her for sure that she's pregnant. Gus is overjoyed to hear it. He wants to tell people, but she insists that he not tell anyone until three months have passed. She is worried that he will blab. They make out inside Company. Blake arrives and hugs Harley. Gus almost tells her not to squeeze his baby, but he stops himself. Harley lies to Blake that he's just worried about her back injury. Blake thinks it's sweet that Gus is being so protective. She asks Harley to go shopping with her, but Harley says they have something to do. Blake accepts it and leaves. Harley and Gus go back to planning to have sex, then they leave Company in a hurry. Gus carries Harley into their hotel room as they joke around more.

Blake invites Jeffrey to meet her again for sex. They run into each other later at the hotel and ask each other about whether they are nervous about the meeting they had with Mallet. Jeffrey finds Dinah lying around, eating potato chips, in her sweats. She knows that Jeffrey gave Mallet that name even though he knows that it was not a real tip. She points out that he's supposed to be working with the police. He says that's not how it works in the real world. She accuses him of wanting to catch the blogger himself so that no one else will get his secrets. She sits on his lap and offers him a chip, but he turns her down. She then offers sex in the same off-handed way she offered the chip, and she gives him passionately before he can reply.

Cassie goes home and finds Josh working on her shelves. She jokes around with him about home improvement. Josh brings up his staying there for good. Cassie smiles but doesn't reply. He babbles on, wondering if he brought that up too soon. He assures her that he only cares about her, not what anyone thinks. She agrees to his moving in and kisses him. They joke around as they keep kissing.

Marina says to Mallet that she is a horrible match-maker. He tells her not to be so hard on herself and thanks her for keeping him from making a big mistake. They discuss Jeffrey's tip; Mallet thinks it was bogus. He is worried that Dinah is back to being dragged down into the muck by Jeffrey. Then he asks Marina to go to the concert with him, so she agrees.

Dinah and Jeffrey get on the bed, but she suddenly stops, saying she's not into this. He thanks her sarcastically for getting him excited. She proposes that they watch the game, so he says he will go get the ice. She puts on the TV. Mallet lurks around outside. Marina brings him coffee, knowing that she can't talk him out of this. She watches him worriedly.

Later, Blake buys a gun from her bodyguard. He assures her that no one will get to her on his watch, but she tells him that the gun is just in case. She doesn't plan to use it.

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