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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/23/06

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Written By Suzanne

(missed the first ten minutes)

Matt drops by Josh's house to see him. They catch up on how they are doing and joke around. Josh is building shelves for Cassie's closet and asks Matt's help. Matt wonders about it, so Josh assures him that he's not moving in with her, just helping out. Josh tells him about moving Cross Creek here for Reva. Matt asks him what happened, but Josh tells him that it doesn't matter because Reva is leaving town. Josh uses power tools so that Matt can't talk to him any more, but then he stops. Josh tells Matt that just he had a nap, with a dream that Reva needed his help. Matt keeps asking him questions about Reva and Cassie. Josh assures her that Cassie is great and tells Matt why she's great. He claims that he is glad that Reva is leaving so that he has more of a chance with Cassie. They then discuss Billy. Matt asks Josh if he will go back with Reva, should she dump Billy. Josh doesn't think there's anything Reva could do or say that would make him want to leave Cassie. He doesn't want to hurt Cassie, especially given her past.

Billy and Reva sit in her new red sports car and talk about driving off to her death. She worries about Jonathan but says he will be fine. He wonders why he can't be so optimistic with herself. She just talks about how everyone in the family is good and all her affairs are in order. She says that Billy is the only loose end. She worries about leaving him alone. He assures her that he's fine and still has his family. He changes the subject by telling her he has one little surprise arranged for her. He gives her the keys to the car so she can drive them to the surprise. He adds that she should remember, "Dead Man Drivin', Live Guy Ridin'". LOL!

Billy and Reva go to Cross Creek. He makes her close her eyes and walk through. She opens her eyes and looks around, then she laughs. It is all decorated for Christmas. She is touched and they hug. Reva and Billy (wearing a Santa hat) share eggnog while Bing Crosby plays on the stereo. they joke around. Billy gives her a big present. It is a very gaudy Christmas sweater. Billy insists that she kiss him under the mistletoe, so they kiss and hug tightly. They both are wiping away tears throughout these scenes. Reva talks about how much she is going to miss life. She decides to go for a ride. Billy says he will go with her. Reva gets dizzy and faints, so he catches her. He makes her lie down on the couch and gives her some water. Billy blames himself for getting her too excited with all the Christmas stuff. She tells him how happy it made her. He says he is going to get some soup in the kitchen but gives her a little kiss first. Then Billy takes the keys off the table. Reva falls asleep, not noticing that he left.

Cassie goes to Billy's place and knocks on the door, but no one is home. Cassie steals the maid's pass key and goes in anyway. Cassie has a candlestick that she borrowed, to use as a pretense for being there. She sees the picture of Reva and Josh on the table and a picture of him by the bed. She is annoyed at herself and asks what she expected to find. She knocks something over and finds Reva's hidden stash of marijuana. Before she can think about it, the maid comes in, talking and laughing to someone. Later, at Company, Cassie phones Jonathan to leave a message for him to call her (about the pot). She sees some cops walk in, so she grabs the pot and tries to hide it in her purse, but she drops it and they turn around. The cops haul her into the station. She has phoned Josh, who shows up to ask questions. The cops show her the pot, but he can't believe it. They all want to know where it came from, but Cassie hasn't said yet. Cassie lies that she found it outside and was planning to give it to the cops. Josh vouches for her, and one of the cops returns, telling the other that her record is clean. The cops let her off with a warning. Josh wants to know what the real story is, but Cassie won't tell him except to say that it was from a friend. He wonders if it was Blake, but she won't say. Cassie excuses herself to go find her "friend".

At Olivia's hearing, Ava is questioned. She tells about their history. Ava tells the prosecutor that Olivia didn't try to kill her and that she just hired Gillespie to scare her. She maintains that Olivia is not a killer. A reporter tries to take a photo, but he is ushered her out by security. the prosecutor tries to get Ava to stick to her original story, but Ava refuses to say that Olivia tried to kill her. Gillespie gets up confidently and walks out. The prosecutor is asked by the judge if there are any more witnesses, but since Gillespie is gone, she doesn't have any. The judge dismisses the charges. Buzz and Olivia hug. Coop and Ava hug. Coop wants Ava to leave with him, but she insists on talking to Olivia. Ava admits to her that she knows now that Olivia is her mother. Olivia asks her if they can just get past this, but Ava blasts her. She tells Olivia that she knows about her past. She adds meanly, "Party on". Ava tells her that she decided to let her off because she doesn't want to be connected to her and because it was what her real mother would have done. Her "real mother", she adds. Later, at Company, Coop tells Ava how proud he is of her for forgiving Olivia. She tells him that it's because of how her mother raised her. Ava is really disturbed still that Olivia was raped by her father.

Mallet and Marina can't believe that Olivia got off the hook. Marina sees a guy outside the courtroom on a laptop and wonders if he is the blogger. Mallet doesn't think so but thinks the guy can help them. He goes over to the man, whom he knows to be a reporter, and asks him if he'd like an interview with him about what he thinks about the blogger. The man gets his pad of paper and pen out.

Olivia greets Emma at home. Buzz tries to get Olivia to see how Ava did her a favor, but Olivia only cares that Ava ripped into her afterwards. She thinks it's what she would have done. Buzz asks if she's ready for what happens next. Olivia doesn't think anything will happen now because of what Ava said. Buzz thinks that Ava will want to know about her father. Olivia doesn't know why she would want to know that, but Buzz points out that everyone wants to know where they came from, even if it's horrible.

Josh goes back to his place where Matt is still waiting. Matt wonders what the emergency with Cassie was, but Josh doesn't give him most of the story. Matt finds Josh's keys to Cross Creek and wonders about them.

Cassie visits Reva at Cross Creek. Reva makes up a big lie to Cassie about why it's decorated for Christmas (that they are testing out the decorations). Even though it's a lame lie, she believes it (or seems to). Cassie tells Reva that she thinks something else is going on besides her gambling problem. Cassie lets her know about the pot. Cassie tells her that she knows everything, so Reva looks worried.

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