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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/20/06

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Written By Suzanne

Ava is in Alan-Michael's room with him, very drunk. He tries to get her not to drink any more, but she is too upset about all of her problems, which she tells him. He reminds her that they are in his room, and he is responsible for her. She gets very close to him and tells him to take responsibility. She compares herself to Olivia. Alan-Michael is tempted to kiss her but stops himself.

Meanwhile, Coop tries to phone Ava, but she is not answering. He worries but assures himself that she will come back after she cools off. Remy and Marina come up, wondering what's going on. He says they don't want to know, but he asks if she's seen Ava. She makes a joke and then apologizes, seeing that he's down, and asks what's up. He doesn't know if he can fix his big mistake. They all sit down in Company. Marina and Remy look at color swatches for their new place. They joke around about their new living arrangements. Coop tries to warn them about Jonathan lurking around Tammy. Coop stops a waitress, Lynn, to see if she's heard from Ava, but she hasn't. Coop tries to phone Ava again, but Marina stops him and reminds him that she will return when she's cooled off.

Alan-Michael gets coffee for Ava. Coop, so Alan-Michael tells him to take care of Ava. He warns him not to piss her off again, then he leaves them alone. Coop tells Ava that he was looking for her, then he apologizes for what happened. He explains that there's a lot he has to tell her. However, Alan-Michael returns and tells Ava that he found the guy that Olivia hired to get rid of her. She is shocked. He explains that he made him an offer and he took it. Ava hugs him gratefully. Coop reluctantly thanks him and shakes his hand awkwardly. Coop and Ava leave. Alan-Michael leaves afterwards.

Alan phones his lawyer to say they need to get the charges against Olivia dropped now so she can take care of Emma and not this other business.

Buzz tries to get Olivia to realize that she doesn't hate Ava, that she hates the rape that produced her but not her. Olivia is having a hard time letting go of those feelings that she's had so long. Coop eavesdrops on them outside Olivia's room. Emma walks in, so Olivia picks her up and tells her that she has another sister besides Lizzie. It turns out well because Emma is happy to learn that Ava is her sister. Later, at the Spaulding mansion, Buzz uses this to keep working on Olivia to stop hating Ava. Olivia finally tells him to stop because she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He changes the subject by asking her to move in with him. He is worried about what Alan expects in return for his help. She knows that he is right. She tells him that the reason she went to Alan instead of him is that she didn't want to disappoint him. Buzz just doesn't want her indebted to Alan. Alan-Michael arrives and tells her that she has bigger problems. Alan-Michael tells them about Gillespie testifying against her. Buzz wonders what Alan-Michael has against Olivia. Alan comes in and says this is about him, not Olivia. It's clear that Alan-Michael's issues with Alan are what is fueling his fight against Olivia, at least in part. Olivia is upset about Gillespie. Alan wants Olivia to come with him down to the courthouse and talk to his lawyer. Buzz wants her to come with him instead, but she chooses Alan's help. Buzz looks stunned.

Lizzie is still in the hospital. Alan brings her a cold soda and asks her how she's feeling. She wants to walk around, but he reminds her that she is to stay in bed. He chides her since she almost lost her child. He tries again to turn her against Jonathan. Lizzie rolls her eyes when he tells her that he and her mother will always be there for her and her baby. He urges her to get rest, then he leaves. Beth comes up and asks how Lizzie is doing. Alan tells Beth and Lillian that Lizzie is "starting to come around" and to let him know when the doctor decides to release her. He leaves, and they watch him questioningly. Beth hovers over Lizzie protectively, which irritates Lizzie a bit. Lillian comes in and tells them that the baby is out of danger now. Lizzie is hoping Jonathan will come back to the hospital. Later, Lillian and Beth show Lizzie how to change a diaper on a baby doll, but Lizzie is only concerned about Jonathan. They yell at her for not paying attention. Lizzie protests that she has seen the diaper demonstration before. Lillian gets angrier, but Beth tells her to stop and to leave them alone. Lillian leaves, so Beth decides to take up where she left off. Beth and Lizzie keep arguing about Jonathan while Beth pushes Lizzie around the hospital in a wheelchair. Beth urges her to wake up before she ends up loveless like her, with a daughter who hates her. Lizzie says she doesn't hate her. Beth knows what it's like to love someone she can't have. She tells Lizzie that Jonathan is not coming back. Lizzie cries about that and sobs that she will be alone. Beth assures her that will never happen. Later, Lillian helps Lizzie check out of the hospital. Lizzie is down in the dumps, hoping that Jonathan will arrive still.

In their cabin, Tammy tells Jonathan that they both know that he has to choose between their relationship or the baby. They discuss it. Jonathan thinks that he can still have both of them, but Tammy says that the juggling is not working. He accuses her of giving up. She talks about how much she has loved him. She admires the way he has been about the baby, proving to everyone how much he can love. They argue. Jonathan gets angry and starts smashing things again. He is very upset and reminds Tammy that she was the one that pushed him to support Lizzie and the baby. She says that she may have pushed him to do the right thing, but he got there on his own. He denies it and calls her a liar because she had promised to help him raise the baby. She says he will be fine and has Reva. He gets angry and smashes something else. Tammy is also upset and tells him that she is angry because she doesn't know how to go on without him. They both cry and yell at each other, at an impasse. They calm down and talk sadly about their breaking up. She is upset about not having a future with him. He assures her that she'll be fine without him. He reminds her what his life was like before her. She knows that he's not like that any more. He doesn't know what he is now. They try to say goodbye but it's very difficult (they are crying throughout). He gives her his hand so they can walk out together. They go to Company, still dragging things out. He walks away reluctantly, going into Company. She turns away, but he watches her from inside. Jonathan gets a call. Tammy walks away from Company finally. He tells someone on the phone that he will be right there.

Remy and Marina leave Company. She is disgusted at Coop and Ava's problems, saying she plans to stay single forever. Marina tells Remy that she thinks Tammy is going to need a guy like him after she breaks up with Jonathan.

Coop and Ava discuss their fight at Company. He tries to apologize, but she stops him and apologizes herself, saying that she didn't give him a chance to explain. She doesn't know how she would have told him if their roles were reversed. He tells her that he overheard Buzz and Olivia talking about her birth and why she put her up for adoption. Ava gets upset that she is the product of rape. Alan finds them outside Company and asks them not to go to the hearing. He wonders why she wants Olivia to go to jail. He assures her that she's safe and reminds her that Olivia is her mother. He asks if she wants revenge between her and her mother for the rest of her life. Ava asks if doesn't want to end this with a threat, "just for kicks". he tells her that's not the way he does things and asks if she does that, either. Alan walks away. She wonders what she should do. Coop says that Alan has a point, as much as he hates to admit it. Ava still doesn't know what to do.

Jonathan goes to the hospital. He takes out his wedding ring and puts it on, then he grabs the door, but he hesitates before going in. He finally does go in, smiling, to face Lizzie. Jonathan tells her that he's there to help her go home. She asks if Tammy is there, too, but he says that Tammy is gone. Lillian wants her to get off her feet, but she asks for a minute with him. He assures Lizzie that he is fine but then says, no, things are not so great. He brightens in a fake way and assures her that he is there now for her and the baby, for good. She hugs him gratefully.

Meanwhile, Tammy goes back to her room and finishes packing. She looks at her engagement ring, then she takes it off. She stares at it for a while. Later, Remy finds her sitting on the floor, crying. She hugs him and he tells her that it will be okay. She steps back and says that she needs to finish packing. he offers to help and gets started.

Olivia, Buzz, Alan-Michael, and Gillespie show up in the courtroom for Olivia's hearing, along with the lawyers. Alan tells Olivia not to look guilty and to relax because Ava is not showing up. But then, Ava does walk in and glares at Olivia.

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