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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/19/06

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Written By Lizzie

Gus is sitting at the counter at Company. He's on the phone with Harley, whispering, wondering where she is. On the other end of the line, his wife, Harley is at the courthouse after finishing up a deposition. She promises to head over to the restaurant as soon as possible, so that the two of them can nag some criminals and then get back to 'baby making.' Smiling, Gus continues to keep an eye on the two criminals that he's been watching in the corner.

Harley rushes into Company, and sits down next to Gus. He mentions to her where the perps are, and she glances over quickly. She then tells him that she has something important to tell him that can't wait. "I'm late.” Gus doesn't get it at first, and thinks she is referring to her not being on time for the stake out. Smiling she tells him that she's talking about something else. Gus realizes what she is talking about, and assumes she is pregnant. He embraces her, and the two are smiling.

Coop walks in the restaurant, and as the door closes it startles Ava. She jumps out of her skin, and drops a pitcher of water. Coop tries to make her feel better, and even pulls her aside. He tries to explain to her that anyone would be jumpy after finding out that she was adopted. Ava screams at him, not wanting to hear what he is saying. After telling him that Olivia is not her mother, she slams the restaurant door. Coop is left alone outside, kicking himself for bringing the situation up.

Ava is back inside Company, and is clearly having trouble staying focused. She yells at Coop that there is no way that Olivia is her mother. "Connie Peralta was my mother." She tells her boyfriend as she tries hard to keep it all together. Coop talks to her, and reminds her that although the Olivia & Ava may share the same DNA, that they will never be alike. She doesn't seem to want to believe it, and he hugs her. Coop then apologizes for not telling her that he found out she was adopted before she did. Ava looks shocked, and wonders why he would keep such a thing from her. She begins to yell at him about lying to her before she runs out.

Coop follows her, as she yells at him. She demands to know how long he had the information about her being adopted before he said anything. He tries to explain how he found out, and casually mentions that Marina was with him when they found the adoption papers in Olivia's suite. This only angers Ava more. She can't believe that they both knew she was adopted and didn't say anything. Coop tries to explain that he never knew who the birth mother was, or why Olivia had the papers in the first place. Sarcastically, Ava wants to know why he wasn't able to put to two pieces together. Coop is trying hard to stay calm, and clarifies that he merely thought Olivia was trying to hurt her with the adoption information, and nothing more. She continues to yell at him about everything, and again he tries to calm her down. Ava hauls off and slaps him before walking away.

Back inside, Gus and Harley are still ecstatic. "We did it." Gus says with a mile wide grin on his face. Harley mentions feeling pregnant, and reminds him that they need confirmation. Gus nods, and begins to stand up. He wants to tell everyone. Harley pulls him back down and tells him that they should wait at least a few months before telling anyone.

As they are talking Coop walks in, and Gus begs to tell him. Harley remains firm telling her husband that her brother is the last person who can keep a secret. Coop overhears them talking about him and gets mad. He yells that secrets, whether you keep them or not, only suck. Harley goes over to the bar where her brother is sitting and gives him a hug. She wonders what is going on, and he explains things to her. She agrees that his not telling Ava was a mistake, but understands his motive. Coop then changes the subject, and demands to know what the big secret is.

Harley looks at Gus, and leaves the decision up to him. He decides not to tell his brother-in-law, and instead lies to him. He makes up some story about not wanting to ruin the end of a comic strip for him.

Back at their table, Gus still can't believe that his wife is pregnant. He is simply glowing and the two joke around about being parents. Harley reminds him that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves, and that she hasn't even taken a test yet. "I just got excited when I saw the date." She tells him. Gus wants to know immediately, and wonders if they can run over to the hospital and find out. Harley agrees, and then realizes that they are on a stake out. He runs over to their table, hand cuffs them and tells them that they will be right back. Gus and Harley then rush out the door.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia is standing alone in a corner out of sight while Buzz and Alan talk things over. Buzz reminds Alan that although he helped Olivia out of a jam that he doesn't own her and can't hide her out at the house forever. Alan claims that Olivia doesn't want to see Buzz, since the Cooper Family abandoned her when she was in need of help. He then calls to one of the employees and has Buzz escorted out of the house. As Buzz is leaving, he warns Alan that "it isn't over yet."

With Buzz gone, Olivia comes out into the study. Alan explains that he has to go to a meeting with his lawyer. He tells her that he hopes to get all the charges dropped. When she thanks him for all his help he reminds her that he would do anything for Emma. With that being said he walks out. Olivia pauses for a moment, looking distraught and then begins to head out the door as well. On her way out she runs into Buzz.

Olivia back into the room and reminds him of what she told him as she was being arrested. She clearly wants him to forget about her, and move on with his life. Buzz doesn't want to hear it. He reminds her that he isn't perfect, and that he isn't going to abandon her when things get tough. Shaking her head, Olivia doesn't want to hear it. She reminds him that there isn't a simple remedy to the problem. When Buzz proposes that she go to Ava and apologize, Olivia erupts in anger. She yells that she hates Ava, which stuns Buzz. He doesn't understand and continues to press her, wondering how she could hate someone that she just met. "I've hated her since before she was born, because of how she was conceived." Olivia shrieks.

Olivia clams down and explains about her childhood. She tells him about how she developed so much faster than her classmates. College men gave her attention when she was still in high school, and she liked it. There would be nights, she explains, that she would sneak out on dates. One night, she went to a party at an embassy and she loved it. She drank some punch without knowing it was spiked, and then she felt the effects of the alcohol. Olivia struggles to continue with the story. She continues to tell him about how a man she was dancing with led her to a bedroom in the embassy. This man then proceeded to force himself on her sexually. Olivia explains that she blacked out, and that when she woke up in the bed she was naked. "I knew what had happened." She tells him, as Buzz hugs her.

Buzz continues to ask Olivia about the night she was raped. She explains how shamed she was over everything. Olivia continues to tell her story, and how the embassy did nothing to help her. They only wanted to buy her off, and that she should never come back. Looking hurt, she tells him about how her mother was mad at her for what happened. "I wanted an abortion, but my mother wouldn't let me." Olivia continues to tell Buzz. She goes on to tell him all about how she and her mother fought over the child, and that her mother demanded that she give the baby up for adoption. Buzz realizes that this was the fight in which her mother had the stroke. Olivia is crying again, and tells him that by the time she had dealt with her mother's death that it was too late to terminate her pregnancy. "I was stuck with this thing growing inside of me that I resented." She tells him. "I spent the rest of my life trying to forget."

Buzz listens, and then reminds her that the most important thing to remember is that there are two people she can't blame for what happened - herself and her daughter, Ava.

Jonathan is in the hospital room with Lizzie at Cedars. He reassures his sleeping wife that everything is going to be fine as his phone rings. Tammy is on the other end of the line, checking on Lizzie and the baby. He explains that things are ok, but that the doctors have to get the pre-eclampsia under control. He is extremely worried. Tammy promises to stop by the hospital as soon as she can. Back in the hospital room, Lizzie has woken up. Jonathan rushes to her side, wondering how she feels. Looking upset, she tells him that she feels "screwed over."

Jonathan doesn't want to look at Lizzie, and apologizes for leaving her alone at the birthing class. He assures her that the baby is okay, and again tells her that he wishes he wouldn't have left. Lizzie looks mad, and explains to him that she was scared. "I needed you, and you weren't there.” She tells him as she realizes that he was off with Tammy at the time. She reminds him of the promise that he made her, and their child. With tears in her eyes, she wonders if perhaps he wished that something had happened to his child. "Then we'd be out of your life." She tells him.

Jonathan tells her to stop. He doesn't want to hear it, and exclaims that he wouldn't want anything bad to happen to his child at all. "Don't ever say that." He warns her.

In Tammy's room she looks at herself in the mirror as she remembers what happened with her and Jonathan the day before. She thinks of him telling her that he is leaving his wife, and then of the two of them making love. Looking frustrated, Tammy walks out of the room, glancing one last time at it before shutting the door.

Jonathan is wheeling Lizzie around in a wheelchair. She seems mad and distant. Despite Jonathan trying to keep her upbeat, she keeps making rude comments about Jonathan always leaving her and the baby to go see Tammy. Jonathan assures her that he's here for her now. Lizzie isn't sure if she should trust him and wonders if he's going to leave her as soon as the baby is born. Jonathan helps her get back into bed with the nurse and she finally begins to smile. As he continues to joke about watching 'The Price is Right' with Lizzie, Tammy walks in. "Now is not a good time.” Jonathan tells Tammy immediately.

Lizzie becomes upset and yells at her husband to leave. She knows he wants to go with Tammy. Her blood pressure and the rest of her vital signs begin to get high again. Jonathan then turns to Tammy and tells her that she needs to leave immediately. "Out now." He yells. "Go."

On the stretcher, Lizzie still looks like she's not sure if she can trust her husband. She begins crying and rocking back and forth. Jonathan is right by her side and reminds her that she needs to calm down. She refuses to settle down, and mentions Tammy again. "I don't care how mad you are at me - you have to put the baby first." He tells her. AS Lizzie lies back down she reminds him that he has to do the same thing.

Alan's lawyer arrives to greet him at the courthouse, and apologizes for being late. The two exchange niceties, and then get down to business. She explains to him that she is optimistically hopeful that she can get the charges against Olivia dropped. Alan pulls her aside and reminds her that he can be very generous, if the charges are dropped. As they are talking, Alan-Michael barges in. He mentions sarcastically that attempted murder isn't a big deal, and wonders why on earth someone would get punished for such a petty crime. His words are oozing with sarcasm. Shaking his head, Alan excuses his lawyer to have a few words with his son.

Alan-Michael can't believe that his father is defending Olivia. He goes on to explain that Ava is part of the 'Spaulding Enterprises' family, and that they need to protect her. Alan looks interested in what his son has to say and wonders when Alan-Michael began such a friend of Ava. He infers that perhaps the two of them are having a relationship. As he gets in the elevator, Alan-Michael warns his father that he is now head of the company and the family. "And you're damned lucky I let you stay in it." He tells his father before the doors close.

Just as the doors are closing, Alan hops in the elevator with his son. He reminds Alan-Michael that the one person who can verify what Ava has said is missing. He looks smug, and his son knows what is going on. He vows not to let Olivia get away with trying to kill someone. Alan reminds his son that there isn't much he can do since the hearing is only in a few hours. Looking satisfied, Alan walks off the elevator leaving his son alone inside wondering what he is supposed to do.

Alone, Alan-Michael pulls out his cell phone and tells the person on the other end that he has a job for him.

Jonathan looks out the door window and sees Tammy standing alone. He looks torn between the two, unsure of what he should do.

In the hallway, Tammy is standing alone looking upset as Gus and Harley walk by. They stop when they see her, wondering what is going on. She walks off without saying a word, leaving the married couple alone.

Jonathan realizes that Lizzie has fallen asleep and heads out of the room, and after Tammy. As soon as he opens the door Alan is right there. He accuses Jonathan of abandoning his granddaughter, and mentions that perhaps he should go pray at the chapel for his unborn daughter. He accuses Jonathan of not caring about the baby. Jonathan gets mad and tells Alan that the baby will never be raised as a Spaulding. Lillian ends up having to break the fight between the two up and reminds them both that Lizzie doesn't need any extra stress in her life right now.

Lillian then rushes into her granddaughter's room to check on her. Luckily, Lizzie is still sleeping. Both Alan and Jonathan both try to defend themselves. It seems that they both want what is best for Lizzie, and the baby. Lillian reminds them both that neither has always put Lizzie and the baby first.

Jonathan walks away as Lillian explains Lizzie's condition to Alan. While he is walking down the hallway, Jonathan overhears Gus & Harley talking about being parents. She is reminding him of what a huge commitment it is, and wonders if he is ready for it. Smiling, Gus lets her know that he is more than ready. Jonathan looks like he is thinking about being a father as well. He asks if they have seen Tammy, and they tell her she took off a while ago. Harley also mentions that she looked upset. Jonathan nods, and leaves.

Alan-Michael is on the phone, as Ava bursts through the door. He looks surprised to see her, and wonders why she's been drinking. She falls to the fall, and he sits next to her. She drunkenly tells him that her life is falling apart. Alan-Michael reminds her that she needs to worry about herself for once. He goes on to tell her that he's begun to set some wheels into motion to make sure that Olivia gets what she has coming to her.

Alan-Michael explains to Ava that Olivia has recruited the help of his father, but that he is working hard to make sure that she doesn't get away with the crime. Ava gets closer to him, and mentions that she's not sure if she wants Olivia to go to jail still. Alan-Michael reminds her that no matter what has happened that some people don't deserve to be parents. He offers to be strong for her, while she needs someone to help him.

At the Beacon, Buzz is dragging Olivia down the hallway. He tells her that she has to see her baby. Olivia doesn't think that she's ready and Buzz gets a picture of Emma out for Olivia to look at. She gushes on and on about how much she loves her daughter. When she is done, he gently tells her that if things had been different, perhaps that is how she would have felt about Ava. He challenges her to open her eyes, and love both daughters.

Back at the mansion, Olivia tries to block out what Buzz is telling her. He reminds her that although what happened was wrong, that dealing with it this way isn't helping anything.

Out in the hall, Coop is arguing with an employee. He yells that he needs to see Olivia, and that it is extremely important. The employee walks away, and Coop stands by the door. He hears his father and Olivia talking about Ava. Buzz hugs Olivia, and reminds her that she doesn't have to hate Olivia, only the rape. Coop looks like he realizes what happened.

Back at the Beacon, Alan-Michael and Ava are having fun. As she tries to stand up, he catches her and the two almost kiss. They pull away from one another and Alan-Michael offers to help her back to her room. She tells him that they can't, and tells him that they are going back to his room. She pulls his room key out of his pocket, stumbles into his suite and collapses onto the bed. Alan-Michael follows her, and shuts the door.

Alan is with Lizzie as she wakes up. She looks around for Jonathan, and her grandfather reminds her that once more he has left her when she has needed him.

At the fishing shack, Jonathan meets up with Tammy. He apologizes for yelling at her. She goes on to tell him that things between them haven't been okay for a long time. She tells him that they both know he has a choice to make - it's either her or the baby.

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