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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/18/06

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Written By Suzanne

Sins of the Father

At home, Jonathan wakes up to find Nate (Alfred) looking over him. Nate says to call him grandpa. Nate gets in bed with him and Lizzie. Jonathan jumps up, saying that he is dead. He tells Nate to leave him alone, but Nate taunts him about becoming a dad. Jonathan protests that he is nothing like him and would not hurt his kid. Nate tells him that at first he didn't mind having a baby, but later the resentment grew. He says that Jonathan will see as he goes back into bed. Jonathan jumps up in real life, awake. Lizzie tells him that she's going to her child-birthing class. Nate comes back in Jonathan's head, taunting him, saying that he should be like a real man and let her pop the baby out by herself. Jonathan shakes himself out of his reverie to tell Lizzie that he'll be there.

At the hospital, Nate offers his support, but Jonathan tells him that he doesn't need him. Jonathan wonders to Lizzie if she wouldn't rather have her mother there. She knows that he is trying to get out of it, but he assures her that he will be there. Jonathan is nervous about being in "class". Lillian arrives, saying that she is taking over for the regular teacher. She and Lizzie hug. Lillian starts the class and asks everyone to introduce themselves, starting with the dads. A man named Mike talks about how he is nervous, but Lillian assures him that she's seen a lot of nervous dads and the class will help him. She assures him that things will go fine.

Lillian writes some stuff on the chalkboard. The mothers all have dolls. Jonathan volunteers to be the first couple in their demonstration. Lillian shows him how to hold the baby, using the doll. She has the dads put the baby into the crib and other things. Lillian has to keep correcting Jonathan and Lizzie in what they are doing. Later, they are doing breathing exercises. Lizzie tells him that after the baby is born, they can travel around, showing the baby off to the other family members that he hasn't met. He reminds her that after the baby is born, he is moving back in with Tammy. She protests that he needs to bond with the baby first, but he tells her firmly that he will not be abandoning the baby, but he will be back with Tammy. Lizzie is upset about this and then says something doesn't feel right. He knows that she is just faking it to get him to feel guilty, so he gets up and walks out.

He looks back in at Lizzie, then he goes into another room to make a phone call. He phones Tammy but finds her number has been disconnected. Nate walks in again and starts to taunt him again about not being normal. When Nate makes lewd comments about Tammy, Jonathan tries to punch him but can't. He trashes the room. Remy comes in, hearing the noise. Jonathan blasts him for having Tammy's cell phone disconnected. They argue about Tammy moving in with him. Jonathan warns Remy angrily that he'd better not look at Tammy the wrong way, or he will come after him. Remy says that Jonathan will be too busy changing diapers, then he leaves, smiling. Nate, the voice of all Jonathan's insecurities, continues to taunt him in his head. Nate gets one of the dolls and uses it to taunt Jonathan, then he drops it, steps on it, and kicks it. Nate tells Jonathan that he has lost Tammy to Remy, and who will he be then? Jonathan says to himself that he knows where he has to be.

At Company, Marina and Tammy chat about moving in. Marina warns Tammy that she doesn't want to walk in on her and Remy showering together. Tammy acts like she's disgusted, but Marina points out how hot he is. Tammy goes to run an errand, but Jonathan grabs her from behind outside. She screams and yells for him to let her go. She bites his hand and he jumps back. She yells at him for scaring her. He says that he just wanted to surprise her. He adds that she turned off her phone and he doesn't know her address. She yells at him to stop following her, then she rushes off. He follows her to her hotel room, but she slams the door on him. He pushes it open as she screams for him to get away. They argue. She doesn't want to be hurt right now. He protests that he would never hurt her, but she declares that every time he puts his arms around Lizzie, or Lizzie calls him her husband, or she thinks about Jonathan being tied to Lizzie forever through the child, that hurts her. He tells her that he's leaving Lizzie and filing for divorce.

Meanwhile, Lillian helps Lizzie with the baby class. Lillian wonders if Jonathan is coming back. Lizzie tells her that she thinks Jonathan is just nervous about being a new dad. Lillian asks whether Jonathan has fallen for Lizzie or not. Lizzie admits that they're closer. Lillian thinks he's still too much in love with Tammy and that she can't force things. Lizzie is confident that the baby's arrival will push him toward her. Lillian keeps arguing with her and also proposes that Lizzie move home with her or Beth. Lizzie is not giving up on him.

Jonathan takes off the ring and puts it on the bedside table. Tammy doesn't think he can do this, but he says he can. He declares that it was a bad idea, and he couldn't make it work without her. He assures her that the baby will still be his, but he has to be with her and not Lizzie. She wonders what will happen if Alan goes after Lizzie again, but he just shrugs and says they will figure something different out. He just knows that he has spent too much time away from her. She melts and they kiss, ending up on the bed.

Later, Lizzie praises how Lillian ran the class. Lillian wishes that she had raised Lizzie to think more of herself so she wouldn't be with Jonathan, someone who doesn't love her. Lizzie doesn't want to talk about Jonathan any more. Lillian is paged away. Rick comes up, so Lizzie mentions why she's there. He jokes about the childbirth films with all the screaming and blood. She laughs and then asks him about whether he thinks people have one true love. He says that he thinks it's difficult to become involved with someone who is already tied to someone else, and he mentions Beth and Philip. She wonders if Philip would have liked Jonathan being with her. He says that he thinks that if Philip knew Jonathan was taking care of his little princess, he would be Jonathan's best friend. Lizzie smiles and says she is sure that Jonathan will take care of her.

Jonathan and Tammy bask in bed together. She feels guilty for not finishing her packing. He mentions that he was supposed to be at the birthing class. Tammy tells him that she likes him "soft" this way, not angry. He assures her that he wouldn't be angry when he's around her. She wonders if he really
meant it about leaving Lizzie. He assures her that he is done with Lizzie, and he isn't afraid of Alan. She asks him when he will tell Lizzie, but he doesn't answer. Instead, he kisses her.

Lizzie goes home and is a bit disappointed not to find Jonathan there. She says hi to Roxy, then she collapses in pain on the floor. She tells Roxy to fetch the phone.

Jonathan hears something (perhaps a psychic connection to Lizzie or the baby), then dismisses it. Tammy and Jonathan laugh and talk about getting a place together, rather than her moving in with Remy and Marina. He says that maybe they should get a house and a dog. Tammy is very happy to have him back.

They go to Lizzie's place. Tammy is nervous about how to tell Lizzie in a kind way. She wants him to take her out to dinner first and assure her that they'll still be checking on her. They open the door and find Lizzie on the floor, groggy and bleeding. Tammy suggests calling an ambulance, but Jonathan thinks it would be faster to carry her, so he picks Lizzie up and takes her out. Nate stands in his way, telling him to leave her there, but Jonathan yells at him to get out of the way.

Jonathan and Tammy take Lizzie to the hospital. Beth and Rick examine her. Jonathan tells Lillian that Lizzie had cramps earlier. Jonathan cowers in the corner, upset and afraid, while Nate tells him in his mind that he ruins everything he touches. Jonathan feels guilty and says that he was supposed to be there. Tammy tells him that it's not his fault, but he can't hear her right now. They order him out, so he goes to Company and walks around, talking to himself. He asks God to save Lizzie and the baby. Reva comes up, wondering what's wrong, so he tells her. He keeps blaming himself, so Reva assures him that he is not to blame. He tells her that he was going to leave her. He thinks this is payback from God because he screwed up. Reva tells him firmly that this is not true. She gives him a speech, but he can't hear it. All he sees is that he is Nate's son and that he is going to lose his daughter because of his selfishness. Reva reminds him that he's her son, too, and that Lizzie sees that good in him. Jonathan cries, hoping he has a chance to be a dad. Reva walks him back to the hospital. Tammy tells them that Rick is still working on her, but Lizzie and the baby are still hanging on. Reva sits down, tired. She tells God that she will go right now if he just gives Jonathan his daughter back. Tammy and Jonathan watch the doctors work on Lizzie.

Lillian comes out and is very cold to Jonathan. Reva hisses at Lillian that it's not Jonathan's fault and that he feels guilty enough. Jonathan pleads that he is sorry. Reva yells at Lillian some more, saying that Jonathan is the father and deserves to know. Lillian informs them that Rick is coming out to give them the news. Rick tells them that Lizzie is table for now. She has pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and is prone to seizures. He says that they have to try to get the blood pressure down or else they will have to induce labor. They are allowed to go in and see Lizzie. Tammy offers her hand, but Jonathan takes Reva's instead. Tammy looks disappointed, so Reva tells them that they should go in, instead. Jonathan ends up going alone. He kneels by Lizzie's bed and cries. He looks up at Tammy and asks sorrowfully, "What did I do?"

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