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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/17/06

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Written By Suzanne

Gus goes to the police station, acting stranger than usual. Mallet wonders why he's there, since he's not working tonight. They joke around, along with the desk sergeant. Gus tells Mallet that he and Harley are trying to have a baby. Marina arrives and knows all about it. Gus leaves. Marina wonders if Gus thinks that she and Mallet are an item. Mallet doesn't think Gus or anyone else took it seriously. He tells her that since they will be working together closely, they should talk about their feelings. Marina looks very confused. They go into another room, with Marina acting very suspicious. Mallet tells her that he can't deal with talk radio in the car, health food on the stakeout, and that he likes to drive. She laughs and gives him a shove for putting a joke on her. He assures her that he has had this same talk with every partner he's had. She asks him if he had it with Harley, and he admits he didn't. He says that Harley was just like a guy, so she tells him to treat her like that, too. She leans into him and tells him to forget that she is a woman.

In Jeffrey's hotel room, Dinah asks him if there's anything new on the blog. He tells her there's nothing new. She jokes about the blogger and how he might affect Jeffrey's career. Jeffrey is testy as usual about the subject. He goes to take a shower, so Dinah gets on the computer. She uses Jeffrey's password to send an email to the blogger, saying that it's time they had this out, face to face. Dinah takes all the towels from the bathroom and hides them under the bed. She goes back to the computer, where she's got a reply. Jeffrey comes out, with one small towel wrapped around him. She takes the towel off and tells him that it is dirty and disgusting, so he should get some clean ones. He goes back to his shower. She leaves, yelling to him that she is going to have a drink with a friend. Outside the room, she phones the police to tell them in a fake voice that she's got a tip about the case Mallet's working on. She says that he should meet her at the fishing shack on pier 7 if he really wants to see Springfield Burn. He asks who it is, but she hangs up. Dinah goes to the fishing shack and then goes inside. Her head is covered by a scarf, and she is wearing a jacket. She gets out a tape recorder and looks around. A rat scares Dinah, so she jumps up. Someone hits he over the head with something, and she falls.

Later, Mallet and Marina wrestle a suspect together. Marina jokingly gives Mallet a hard time for being out of breath. They leave the station without checking their messages. Later, Mallet finds Dinah on the ground and asks her what happened, so she explains everything that happened, and how she tried to bust the blogger. She adds that she was trying to make things right because she missed him. They are very close, but then Marina comes in, calling his name. She stops short and asks if she is interrupting. Later, Marina explains to Mallet that she tried to chase the guy but lost him. Jeffrey arrives, saying that he saw her email and was worried about her, so Mallet blasts him for putting Dinah in danger. They argue for a moment. Mallet wants to escort Dinah out because he's worried about her head injury, but Jeffrey insists that he help her so that Mallet and Marina can process the scene for evidence. Mallet is still annoyed about Jeffrey after they leave. He wonders if Jeffrey arrived for some other reason than what he said. Mallet declares that he will have to catch the blogger before Jeffrey does, and keep Dinah safe.

Jeffrey tucks Dinah into bed and chides her for putting herself in danger. He urges her to be more careful.

Harley goes to Cassie's house to ask to borrow her fertility books. Cassie hugs Harley, very excited for her. They discuss it. Harley wonders where Josh is, so Cassie tells her that he's with Reva and why.

Josh tells Reva that he's worried that she might be in some kind of trouble. He tells her what Cassie observed. Reva is annoyed that Cassie stole her bank account receipt from her room. Reva gets up and yells that she already gave him up to Cassie, and wasn't that enough. He wonders what she means. He reminds her that she pushed him away and wonders if there's not some reason for it all. He can tell by her reaction that something is wrong and insists that she tell him right now what it is. He keeps working on her, telling her that she's family, begging her to tell him, etc. She assures him that she's fine. He says that she looks tired and worn out. Reva confesses to him that she has a gambling problem. Josh is not happy when she tells him about Billy being there for her, giving her what she needed. She is honest when she tells him that she knew he would just want to fix her, and she didn't want to get in the way of his important work with the veteran's project. He knows that she is telling the truth. He says quietly that she is better off with Billy, and he is better off with Cassie, so they both made the right choice. Josh gets her a soda and asks her some more questions. He wonders how they can help her. She says that it's all settled now. He offers to give her money or sell Cross Creek. She gets upset and begs him never to sell Cross Creek. She goes on and on about how important Cross Creek is to her and how many memories they have there. She reminisces about being there with their family. Josh smiles and observes that it seems like she doesn't seem to have moved on like she said she has, judging from the way she talks. He asks if she's okay despite the gambling problem. She says sadly that it was a tough fight at first, but it's almost over now. He realizes she really is leaving town, so he asks where she's going. She says she is not sure where she is going until she gets there. He asks if she will be back for Thanksgiving or Christmas. She answers that if she's not, he should have it at the cabin. She adds that he should check Marah's secret hiding place to find a note from "Santa" there. She assures him that she will say goodbye before she leaves. He glumly says that he will see her, then he leaves. She breaks down after he leaves.

Gus goes to Cassie's place and flirts with Harley. They kiss and talk about having a baby. They are kissing on the couch when Cassie returns with the books. She makes fun of him, so then Harley ushers Gus out. Cassie gives the books to Harley. Harley wants to know why Cassie sent Josh to talk to Reva, so Cassie explains that Reva has been acting weirder lately. Harley is curious, but Cassie assures her that it doesn't need a detective. Harley thinks that her sending Josh there was a bad idea. Cassie insists that she's not worried about Josh, but Harley keeps glaring at her until she admits that she is worried. Cassie keeps checking the door to see if Josh is home yet. Harley and Cassie chat about Reva and Josh. Harley mentions seeing Reva and Billy in Vegas. Cassie is shocked to hear it. Harley tells her what happened. Cassie can't believe Harley didn't tell her and asks why they didn't go through with the wedding. Harley doesn't answer. They look through the books until Cassie asks her again. Harley explains that Reva said she was sure that she wanted to marry Josh. Cassie is not happy to hear that, but Harley explains that she thinks it was an honest mistake. Harley tries to reassure Cassie and gives her a big speech about love. She urges her to let herself be happy. Harley finds one of Cassie's CD's that has "Don't Worry Be Happy" on it, then she prepares to leave with her books. She teases Cassie about clearing a drawer out for Josh. Gus arrives to pick up Harley, then he literally picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. The two exit, laughing.

Harley and Gus look at the baby-making books in Main Street, then they head home to put them to work.

Josh arrives at Cassie's house. He finds a big bow on the drawer that she cleared out for him. She tells him that she cleared it out for him, and he laughs in mock surprise. Josh gets a beer, still reeling from the meeting with Reva. He tells her about Reva's gambling problem. She wonders what he will do to help her, but he tells her that he is not planning to do anything. Reva doesn't want their help. He is glad Cassie sent him there because now everything is out in the open and they can concentrate on each other. He kisses her and thanks her for the drawer. They kiss.

Reva finally writes her goodbye letter to Josh. She talks about how great he is but does not mention the cancer or death. She finishes it by saying that he will always be the love of her life and "With Love always".

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