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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/16/06

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Written By Suzanne

Reva tries writing her letter to Josh for after she's dead, but she keeps crumpling them up and throwing them away. She gets a phone call from the hospital about the tests they want her to take. Irritated, she explains again that she is not interested and doesn't want to spend the time she has left there. Billy comes in and wonders if she's going to pack for Cross Creek. She has an errand to run first, so he goes with her. Reva takes Billy goes to a funeral home so she can pick out her arrangements. Billy is surprised, and so is the funeral director. Billy wants to leave, but the director assures him that it's a good idea to think ahead. Reva tells the man that it might not be that far ahead. She tells the man that she wants to be cremated. He says that she still needs to pick out a casket. She is surprised that she needs one with cremation; she thinks it's a total waste to have one that is just going to be burnt up. They discuss the options. Reva is very antagonistic, especially when she learns how expensive the caskets are. The man tries to tell her that the funeral is really more of a way to soothe those left behind. Billy tries to get Reva to leave. She thanks the man sarcastically that he has inspired her. She shouts that she wants to make her exit a big extravaganza for the whole town. She asks him if he rents mechanical bulls. When the man tells her to consider something that is appropriate, she goes off on a rant about how this whole thing has not been appropriate. She yells at him for what he said, so he apologizes. She walks out. Billy tells the man, "That mechanical bull I once rode 15 seconds". Later, Billy tells Reva that he will give her a circus if she wants. They joke around about it. Reva is exhausted, so he offers to take her home. She says she needs some air and wants to do some walking. She kisses him and then leaves while he watches sadly.

Josh gives Cassie one of the brownies he made. She is worried about Reva and explains to Josh about the things she's seen. He thinks it's none of their business and that getting involved will only bring them trouble. Josh makes brownie sundaes for them as they discuss it further. He wonders why she's really pushing the issue, if she has doubts about their relationship. Later, Josh finds Cassie knitting outside and apologizes for what he said. She tells him that she was not trying to hurt them. He knows that she just felt guilty, but she says they are past that now. She assures him that being with him is the best thing that ever happened to her. They make up, so she wants to go back to discussing Reva's problems. She asks him to find out what's going on, for her sake, so he agrees. He admits that something might be wrong with Reva.

Reva walks around Main Street, then she sits on a bench and leans back with her eyes closed. Josh comes up and sits down next to her. She is surprised to see him. He tells her that he's worried about her, so he's not going anywhere until she tells him what's wrong.

Jonathan's friend Dave goes to the old fishing shack but it surprised to find that Tammy is not there yet. Jonathan figures she's not coming by now. He phones Tammy's cell phone but gets her voice mail, so he leaves a plaintive message. He wonders worriedly why she's not there, then he starts trashing the place. Lizzie arrives and stops him. She guesses that Tammy didn't arrive. They pick up a little of the mess he made while they discuss whether he is stressing out the baby or not. She hands him one of the remaining sandwiches, and they share it and joke around, mostly about the baby. She asks him if he has any ideas about what to name the baby. They discuss possible names. Jonathan tells her about a female that once was very good to him. Lizzie is touched as he describes her, so she asks what her name was. He tells her that it was "Bingo". She laughs, knowing it was a dog.

At the police station, Tammy reads the message that Dave gave to her, to meet Jonathan. Remy can tell Tammy looks bothered by something, so he wonders if she is having second thoughts about becoming roommates with him and Marina. She assures him that she's not. Marina comes up and they all start joking around about it. Tammy congratulates Marina on becoming detective. Tammy goes to splash some water on her face. They wonder what is up with her. Tammy's cell phone rings, so Remy ignores it and tells Marina not to go get Tammy. Tammy keeps looking at the note, then she goes back to her friends. The lady that owns the building they are moving into arrives with the lease papers to sign. Remy introduces Tammy as the straight A student she is, and the woman is glad to hear it. She tells them that she screens out problem tenants from her building. After the lady leaves, they joke around about what rules they should have in their apartment. Remy tells Tammy that Jonathan phoned while she was gone. She asks why he didn't come get her. He tells her that tonight should be about her and having fun.

Tammy arrives at the fishing shack while Jonathan and Lizzie are laughing. Lizzie gets up and says she will give them privacy. Jonathan makes sure that she is okay to drive before she leaves. Outside, Lizzie is upset. Jonathan explains to Tammy that he had the place all decorated, but he trashed it when he thought she wasn't coming. He also tells her that Reva bought the place for them. She tells him that she got an apartment and will be living with Marina. He thinks it's cool until she adds that she will also be living with Remy. His face falls then. Tammy explains that she is only friends with Remy, but Jonathan knows that Remy is after her. They argue about their situation. She declares that it hurts her too much to be around him right now. That's why she came there, to let him know about what was going on. Outside, Lizzie is still listening in, so she smiles. Jonathan angrily finishes gathering up his stuff and tells her to break the lease. She grabs him and kisses him, asking him to stop fighting him. He still doesn't want her around Remy. She tells him that if he loves her, he will stop. She leaves, with Jonathan calling her name after her. Lizzie is still hiding nearby.

Marina jokes with Remy about how he feels about Tammy. She tells him seriously that she thinks that he is better for her than Jonathan.

Olivia explains to Ava, Buzz, Frank, and Coop that Ava is her daughter that she gave up years ago. They don't believe her, but Olivia says that she can prove it. Ava doesn't know she's adopted, so naturally Ava is sure that she's lying and insists that she get locked up. Ava tries to attack Olivia physically, but Coop holds her back. Olivia keeps insisting that she is Ava's mother. They argue. Coop asks Ava to consider that it might be true. Frank wants to take Olivia away, but they convince him to take the handcuffs off so she can hand Ava her birth certificate and other proof. Olivia goes on about Ava's parents. Ava looks stunned. Olivia explains how her adopted parents divorced, and then her adopted mother remarried, so that's why her name is Peralta and not Sutton (the name on the papers). Frank backs up some of Olivia's story with legal information. Ava keeps insisting that Olivia is lying, while Olivia keeps telling her that she's not. Ava is still angry and wanting to send her to jail. Olivia tells her that Ava can't help her, anyway, even if she wanted to. She tells Frank to put the cuffs back on and lock her up now. Before he does, the babysitter brings Emma there. Ava looks at her sister as if for the first time. Olivia hold Emma in her lap. Ava helps Olivia to explain that she will be gone for a while and staying with Buzz, but Ava will also visit her. Emma hugs Olivia goodbye before she leaves with Frank. Olivia strokes Buzz's face and tells him to walk away from her while there are still some good times to remember.

Ava reads Emma a story. She gets Coop to finish while she talks to Buzz. She tells Buzz that she is sorry, but he knows it's not her fault. Ava is still in denial about Olivia being her mother. Buzz asks her what will happen if she is.

Frank takes Olivia to the police station. She asks when she can get back to Emma. He tells her there may be no bail. Alan walks in and tells him that there will be bail and he will post it for her.

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