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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/13/06

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Written By Suzanne

Cassie does some baking at home while she looks at some architectural plans. She says to herself that they are not right, then she gets a phone call from her mechanic. She will be without a car for two days. Then she spills coffee on her plans. Then her brownies burn. Josh comes in and wonders what's going on, so Cassie tells him everything that's gone on and yells that her life is chaos. He grabs her and hugs her. While they clean up the mess, Josh suggests that she rent a car. He suggests that she buy some brownies at the bakery, but she admonishes him for that idea (passing off store-bought brownies as home-made). She is still frazzled and worried about the plans, so he offers to drive her to the office to work on that and says they will worry about the brownies later. She is about to leave with him but remembers that R.J. will be home any minute and it's Mrs. Chitwood's day off. He gives her his keys so she can drive herself and insists on taking care of R.J. while she is gone. They laugh as he takes off her apron and hustles her out the door. She asks him if he can whip up another batch of brownies while she's gone, but that is one task he can't do. She kisses him and teases that she thought he was perfect. Then she leaves, with him watching.

Reva is in Main Street, sitting on a bench. She phones to cancel her doctor's appointment today, saying that she wants to spend her time with people she loves rather than taking a bunch more useless tests. Jonathan comes up and notices that Reva is looking at a car brochure. He jokingly offers to buy her a car, but she tells him to save her money for his kid. She reminds him that they were talking about her driving off into the sunset in a red convertible. He wonders if she's planning suicide. She doesn't answer but instead asks him if he plans to stop her. He replies, "Hell, no!" and asks her to take him with her. He says that flying through the air without a care sounds great. She is sorry to hear that her life is so bad. When he makes sure that she is planning it for real, he gets annoyed. He says that Tammy has left him and now she is, too. She demands to know why he is so unhappy, so he explains to her what happened with Tammy. She gives him a reproving look. He knows he messed up - we can see it in his face - but he doesn't admit it. He tells her that her plan seems like a glorious way to go, and she is cheered by that observation. He gets quiet, tears in his eyes, and tells her that he doesn't want her to go. He looks like a lost little boy. She puts his arm around her and they hug. She whispers that she doesn't want to go, either, but it's not up to her. He worries that she will leave without saying goodbye, but he assures her that she won't. She maintains that she still has work to do here. They walk around. Reva tells Jonathan about her mother dying and how it made her feel. She lets him know that her mom is always a part of her and always there, just like she will be for him. He asks her if Billy knows about this and if he's okay with it. She admits that Billy knows but is not ok. He looks at the brochure. Reva says she's sorry that she has saddled him and other kids with so much. She knows he is strong and asks him to keep his secret after she dies. He looks upset. She tells him that she bought the fishing shack that he and Tammy used to go to, and it even has a condemned sign on it. He is impressed with her gift and tells her that since she's lived life on her own terms, she should end it that way, too. She agrees, wiping away the tears. However, he asks her if she's really sure that she doesn't want Josh to know that she still loves him. She thinks he'll know anyway, even though he'll be happy with Cassie. Cassie comes up behind them as Reva is saying this. Reva tells Jonathan that she wants him to know (that she loves him), too. She knows this is hard, but it's the right thing to do. She says this is the way she wants to leave. Cassie watches them intently. Jonathan asks how soon it will be, and Reva replies that it will be soon because she can feel it. Cassie, nearby, wonders where Reva is going. Reva tells Jonathan to go get the place set up for him and Tammy. He laughs that his problems with Tammy don't seem important right now. She tells him that they are and that he should get the place set up for Tammy and make it romantic. She assures him that she's not dying today. They kiss and he leaves. He runs into Lizzie, who has been wondering where he is. He fills her in about the place where he wants to meet Tammy. He tells her that if anyone asks, he is going to see Clayton, the beer distributor.

Reva runs into her doctor at Main Street. He is worried about her because she is susceptible to all sorts of things because of her damaged immune system. She tells him that she doesn't want to spend her last days at the hospital. so they are done. Reva walks away from him. Cassie, still hiding, follows her. Reva goes back to Billy's room and looks for some stationery. Cassie peeks in to Reva's room and then wonders what she is doing. While Reva is in the other room, she grabs a bank statement on the desk that says "$250,000 withdrawal", then she sneaks out again. She looks at it curiously.

Tammy plays loud rock music while she packs a box. Remy arrives in uniform and asks her to keep the music down because she's disturbing the peace. She jokes that he should arrest her because jail is better than being there. Remy takes her away, joking back that she is under arrest as they walk out. Tammy is surprised when Remy actually does take her to the police station. He makes her sit down and then goes on the computer. He shows her a website with an apartment and asks her how she likes it. She does, and he asks her to move in. She is stunned and says nervously that would be a big step. He lets her know that they would just be roommates, along with Marina. He laughs at what she thought, but she denies it (unconvincingly). She tells him that it won't work because she has a room at The Beacon. He reminds her that she doesn't like that room because of memories of Jonathan. She says that Jonathan doesn't like Remy, so he wonders if every decision she makes is based on Jonathan. She says that it was, when they were together. He keeps trying to talk her into it, telling her all the reasons it would work. Marina comes up and asks if he's convinced her yet. They joke around about how the women might cook for Remy, and Marina tries to convince her, too. Tammy says it's tempting. Marina has to run off when Frank calls. Tammy tells Remy that she'll think about it. He tells her with a sad face that they have to sign the lease at 6pm or lose it.

Ava and Olivia continue to fight at Harley and Gus' house while Coop and Buzz try to keep the peace. No one has apparently heard Olivia say that she brought Ava into this world, only the part about her taking her out. Ava accuses her of threatening her life again. Olivia amends her statement, explaining that she meant that she brought Ava into the business world, which Ava wanted so badly. She keeps trying to apologize, but Ava won't have any of it and they both just get madder. Ava tells her that she is having her arrested for attempted murder. Olivia grabs her arm when she goes to pick up the phone and says quietly that she's not. Olivia keeps claiming that she did not have her kidnapped. She finally gives Ava the phone and tells her to go ahead and call Frank. She adds that Ava should explain why she took so long to come forward. Coop suggests they let Frank make that decision. Olivia says that she can go with them to the station and have Ava charged with reckless endangerment of a minor (because of the incident where Emma was poisoned). Buzz and Coop try to stop them. Ava insists on leaving. Outside, she is shaking with fear. Coop tries to comfort her, saying that Olivia is just desperate and Ava will win. Ava knows that her bruises are not enough. She declares that she needs more, then she walks off. Coop follows her reluctantly. Coop tries to call Frank, but he's too busy. They hang out at Main Street. Ava is very quiet but tells Coop that she has to make a call. Coop goes to check on CO2. Ava takes out her phone and calls Alan-Michael, telling him that she needs his help after all. He tells her to meet him at the police station. Coop is surprised to see Alan-Michael at the station. He has a photo of the guy who tried to kill her, much to Ava's amazement. Alan-Michael says they'll catch him but won't bring him in until they can take the first shot. Coop is happy to hear it, too. Frank comes in and wants to know what's going on. Frank recognizes the guy, Gillespie, as the man that Olivia was supposed to meet. Ava tells Frank that this is the man who attacked her and that Olivia hired him. Frank asks for proof, but all she has is the bruise. Frank tells them that Olivia said that Gillespie was threatening her and that she was afraid of him. Alan-Michael gets a disappointed look on his face. Frank tells Ava that without more proof, it's her word against Olivia's. Frank warns Alan-Michael to keep out of this because it's a police matter. They all argue. Coop hopes they can find proof. Alan-Michael assures Ava that Olivia won't get away with that and that he will double the men working the case. Coop glares at him as he ushers Ava out.

Inside, Olivia is still very upset. Buzz asks her to go to his place with him, so they leave. Back at his place, she thanks him for believing her. Buzz tells her that he doesn't believe her. He knows that she went after Ava and that she's not sorry. She keeps protesting until finally he grabs her faced and yells at her that she is tearing his family apart. He adds that she is trying to hurt the woman his son loves and he's not convinced that she won't do it again. She says very quietly that things have changed. He is not so sure. She suggests that she just leave and have Frank arrest her if she is such a monster. He stops her from leaving, saying that he can't because she's inside his heart and head. Buzz tells Olivia that he doesn't believe in bad or good people. He believes there are weak people, who are driven to things. He corners her and tells her that he saw how desperate she was when Emma was hurt. He wishes that he could protect her from herself because he loves her. She cries as he repeats that he loves her. They kiss. Olivia worries about what will happen to her and to Emma. Buzz agrees and knows that if he stands by her side, he might lose his son. She doesn't think he should do that, but Buzz says helplessly that he does believe in her and can't be anywhere else but here. Olivia strokes his face and they kiss again. They sink to the bed and start taking off their clothes. After they make love, she is in wonder about how he loves her, despite her flaws. He says that he does hate how she's hurt his family. She tells him that she's sorry but can't make up for it. He tells her that she can try. She replies that she feels safe and wish it could stay forever. He tells her that it can, as long as she trusts him because he will take care of her. She compares his love to Emma's. They discuss Emma and how she will understand the things she's done. Buzz assures her that Emma will understand. They kiss some more. She hopes to make him proud of her. Later, Buzz tells her that he's phoned the sitter to bring Emma over so she can take her home. Olivia is glad to hear it and they kiss again. Frank, Coop, and Ava arrive. Frank arrests Olivia for attempted murder. They all argue. Frank has the voice mail message that Olivia sent to Gillespie about having Ava killed. There is much yelling until finally Olivia yells, "I'm your mother!". Ava looks at her like she's crazy, of course.

Tammy goes to Cassie's place to find Josh taking the stove apart. He explains that he thinks Cassie's oven needs fixing, since she burned the brownies. She admires how at home he looks and wonders if he can help fix her stuff, too. She tells him that it's nice to see him happy and then shares how her life is going. Missing Jonathan is bad but other parts are going great. She talks about the apartment offer and her conflicting feelings about Jonathan. She asks him when he knew that it was time to leave Reva. He says he guesses that it was when he realized that he was more miserable than happy. He admits that it was hell, but he's glad that he did it, now that he's with Cassie. Tammy looks thoughtful. She walks around Main Street, thinking. She phones Remy to let him know that she will move in with him and Marina. Remy is overjoyed. Jonathan's friend Dave gives her a note to meet Jonathan. She opens it and smiles.

Jonathan goes to the fishing shack and gets it ready for Tammy. He makes it look nice and waits for her with flowers in his hand.

Cassie goes home, still wondering about the bank statement. She is surprised to learn that Josh has fixed the oven and made brownies. She tells him hesitantly that she thinks Reva's in trouble. Meanwhile, Reva sits down to write a letter to Josh for him to read after she's dead. She starts but then crumples it up and throws it away. She keeps trying.

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