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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/12//06

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Written By Suzanne

Harley phones Gus at home to see if Rick is still around because it's time for them to make a baby. He tells her to meet him in the shed, but ends up picking up the other phone. He still thinks that their "new addition" is to their house, not to their family, so he says that he will meet them there and bring his sledgehammer. Rick lets Harley knows that he took the week off. When Gus drops some hints, Rick finally gets the point about them wanting to have kids. He is thrilled with the idea that they are working on having kids. Leah arrives to give Rick his things, so that Mel would not have to see him. He tries to connect with her and asks how Mel is, but she tells him that he shouldn't go home. Leah walks off, and then Rick leaves, too. Gus and Harley talk about the responsibility of having kids as they clean up after Rick's visit. Gus knows that it is a big job but thinks it lasts 25 years. Harley protests that it may be longer than that. She thinks he should think longer about it, but he already knows what he wants. He jokes that he wants twins as he picks her up and swings her around.

Jeffrey is stopped by a reporter, who asks his reaction to the latest post about him on the Springfield Burns website. Jeffrey tells him that he doesn't pay attention to gossip, but then he rushes back to his room to check it out. It asks, "What does our wannabe Mayor have to hide? Why did he use Dinah Marler to steal his dirty little secrets? Is that a skeleton in your close, Mr. O'Neill?" He slams his hand down on the desk in anger.

Dinah goes to the police station and overhears the cops giving Marina a hard time about becoming a new detective. As they start to tease her about Mallet, he walks in with flowers. Marina asks him angrily what he's doing, since people are already talking about them, thanks to that website. He puts down the flowers and grabs her, kissing her, saying, "Maybe we should give them something to talk about". Dinah watches with her mouth open. Mallet gives her the flowers, saying they are from her mother. Marina blasts him for kissing her, but he points out that it made the cops walk away. Jeffrey comes up and chews them out for not solving the website case yet. Mallet insults him about spending time with Dinah. Marina walks away from them and sees Dinah there. Dinah tells her that Mallet is a lucky guy. Marina informs her that Mallet is just her partner, that they are not dating. Dinah pretends that she didn't mean that. Marina tries to get away from Dinah, but Dinah keeps hinting to her about Mallet. Marina gets suspicious when Dinah mentions that Marina and Mallet were at a particular hotel in Chicago--which they didn't go to, but the blogger got it wrong, too. Marina accuses Dinah of being the blogger. They argue about it. Marina goes to phone someone to find out about Dinah's internet history. Dinah stops her by grabbing her hand. She tells Marina that she's not the blogger, but she did tip him off about them being in Chicago, claiming that she was just acting as a concerned taxpayer. Marina is disgusted and calls Dinah "pathetic".

Jeffrey and Mallet keep arguing about catching the creep. Mallet goes over to Marina and Dinah to find out what the commotion is about, so Marina tells him. Mallet takes Dinah aside to talk to her. First he asks if she's jealous, and then he arrests her. He lists the charges as consorting with the blogger and assault. They argue about Marina and their relationship. He points out that she went from being the blogger's victim to being a willing participant, which might put her in a dangerous situation. She wonders defiantly why he cares, so he comes close to admitting that he still loves her, but he stops himself. Mallet asks her to promise to take care of herself, so she does. Marina interrupts them about some police business, so Dinah walks out in a huff, telling him to come up with some decent charges if he wants to arrest her. Marina tells Mallet that Dinah thinks he's falling for her. Mallet is clearly still in love with Dinah but puts on a joking face and says to Marina, "Who wouldn't?" Dinah watches them together for a moment before leaving for good.

Coop goes to see Ava. As he knocks on her door, he remembers Marina finding the adoption papers. Ava almost attacks him, since she's scared because of Olivia. She tells him that she had hoped that Olivia would turn herself in, but now she has to go press charges. She doesn't want to be the one to take Emma away from her mother. Coop cringes when she adds that maybe Emma will find a decent mother like hers. He stops her and says that he has to tell her something. She is intent now on turning Olivia in, but he first wants to find out some more information. He asks her to trust him, and she does, so he asks her to stay there and wait for him, locking the door. He leaves, but Beth is waiting outside. She has a flashback to Alan telling her to get rid of Ava. Beth knocks, so Ava opens the door. Beth asks to come in so they can talk. Ava wonders if she is talking about Lizzie, but Beth tells her dramatically that it's about saving her life. Beth barges in past her as Ava recalls that Beth locked her in a meat freezer before. Beth protests that she was just protecting her daughter. Alan-Michael arrives to save the day once again. He tells Ava about Beth and Rick's affair and guesses that Beth is there to talk Ava out of pressing charges against Olivia, which she has to do in order to make it up to Alan. Beth says this is a good thing to everyone and offers to buy Ava off. Alan-Michael tells Beth to leave, reminding her that Ava works for him, so he will take care of her. Beth suggests to Ava that she remember that Beth is not the one trying to get her into bed. Beth leaves, leaving the two of them looking embarrassed. Ava tells Alan-Michael about how someone tied her up and threw her in the car trunk, and she shows him the bruises. At first he wonders if she is imagining it, but then he realizes she isn't. He whispers sympathetically that he's sorry and hugs her. He tells her to take as much time off as she needs. She thanks him. He asks what the police said, but she tells him that she hasn't gone to the cops. She tells him that Coop is taking care of it, but he doesn't think Coop will get it done right because he's too nice. She thanks him and opens the door, so he leaves. He asks her not to tell anyone else at work about the extra sick days. She thanks him, knowing that she has said that a lot. Ava pus on the TV, but she's still angry, so she throws the remote down. She says she's not going to be a prisoner in her own place, so she gets her purse and leaves.

Olivia rushes around at home, throwing things around in a panic, out of breath. Buzz knocks on her door, so she opens it and hugs him tightly. She is very upset. He wonders what's going on with her place. She claims that Ava came there, completely insane, accusing her of all sorts of things. She asks him to tell her what to do as she falls into his arms, crying. They discuss it while Buzz helps her clean up. He listens to her but we can tell that he is a bit skeptical about Ava. He holds her and consoles her. He urges her to go find out what the truth is behind Ava's accusations, so she is forced to follow him.

Gus and Harley are just about to start kissing when Buzz and Olivia walk in (well, the door was open). Buzz wants to talk to the cops. Olivia goes outside to get some fresh air while she still can. Coop arrives, looking for her (making her jump). He tells her that knows about Ava's adoption. She questions him about what he really knows. He speaks in generalities, so she thinks he knows that Ava is her daughter, too. He says that he doesn't know how she could do it. She replies that she felt pressured and didn't have any choice. Coop argues with her. Olivia realizes from what he says that he doesn't know that Ava is her daughter, only that she's adopted. He keeps questioning her about why she had the adoption papers. He warns her that she is not going to find any dirt on Ava because she is very straight and clean, thanks to her adopted mom. He accuses Olivia of trying to take that from Ava by letting her know that she is adopted. Olivia asks if there isn't any way that they can get past this. Coop wonders what she is up to. She swears that she is not going to use anything she found to hurt Ava. Just then, Ava walks up and wonders what that meant. Coop starts to tell Ava about the adoption, but he can't bring himself to do it, so instead he tells her that Olivia found some information about the guy that tried to kill her and that she has nothing to do with it. Olivia tells Ava that she should know she does her own dirty work, but she adds that she is very glad that Ava is okay. Ava knows that she is just glad she's not in jail. Buzz comes out, with Gus and Harley trailing, and says they should talk things out. Olivia says they are trying to do that and that she wants a truce. Ava doesn't buy it and shows them the bruises. She accuses Olivia of hiring the guy that did it to her. Olivia asks with great emotion if Ava really thinks she would do that and risk going to prison or losing her little girl. Buzz believes Olivia and wonders why Ava doesn't.

Gus pulls Harley out to talk about how they are going to make love while they can. She pouts that they could wait a month, but he thinks that's crazy. They laugh and decide to sneak off to make love.

Buzz points out that Ava and Olivia are a lot alike in that they are both headstrong and both had difficult childhoods. Olivia apologizes sincerely to Ava and asks if she can get to know her and maybe even be friends. Ava scoffs. Olivia says she knows that is asking a lot, but she asks Ava to tell her what she needs to do to make it right.

Alan-Michael runs into Beth at Towers. They discuss Alan and their plans. Beth tells Alan-Michael that she loves being married to Alan. He asks if that's enough, so she says it is for now, at least until there are other options. She grabs his hand and looks at him seductively as she says this. He stares at her, not betraying any emotion. He wonders what she has to offer. She reminds him that she is his father's wife, so that must be an attractive offer. As she gets up, he cracks, "So much for learning from experience". She says that she's been a Spaulding long enough to know to keep your options open...then she leaves. Alan-Michael smirks.

Dinah and Jeffrey relax in his room with a drink, looking at the Website on his computer. Jeffrey is still annoyed about the blogger. Dinah suggests that instead of trying to shut the site down, they should give the blogger more tips in order to trap him or draw him closer. She thinks that Mallet plays it too much by the book so he won't be able to catch him. Jeffrey wonders if it's the blogger Dinah wants to draw closer, or Mallet.

Marina is frustrated when their line-up doesn't work out. She compares it to a party that fails, or a wedding, but then she realizes she has stuck her foot in her mouth. Mallet tells her not to think so much about what Dinah says because she is just really good about pushing people's buttons. Marina tells Mallet candidly that she is worried about Dinah. She thinks that maybe Dinah might have gotten herself in trouble by connecting to this blogger. Mallet appreciates what she says and hugs her, telling her that she is thinking like a cop. Olivia keeps apologizing and admitting that she has been wrong and asks Ava what she can do to win Ava's trust. Coop tells Buzz that she thinks Olivia is just doing this to save herself. Olivia begs Ava for another chance, but Ava turns her wrong. She accuses Olivia of lying and just wanting to get out of prison time. Ava starts to leave with Coop. As she does, Olivia turns and yells, "I'm warning you...I brought you into this world--I can take you out!" Ava looks shocked.

Gus and Harley go to a hotel room and make sure that all of their phones and pagers are turned off, so they won't be interrupted. They get into bed, giggling.

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