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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/11/06

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Written By Suzanne

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Marina wakes up to find Gus, Frank and Coop, standing over her bed. It reminds Marina of the ending of "Wizard of Oz". Harley arrives with muffins and coffee, and Zach, whom Marina calls "Toto". They are there to have "Marina Day", to celebrate the fact that she made detective so young--the youngest detective in the history of the Springfield police force (which is repeated throughout the episode). They joke around but end up leaving. Harley makes sure Marina gets up when she tries to go back under the covers.

In Main street, Marina waves her arms around saying she loves Marina Day, while Gus and Harley help her with her shopping. Harley insists that Marina not lift a finger. Gus and Harley share their own stories about becoming detective. When they say that she has made it now, she gets a look on her face like she is worried that she has nothing to look forward to. Marina wishes that Buzz were there. Harley assures her that it will be a great promotion celebration, even without him. Gus leaves them alone to chat when Mallet's name comes up. Marina assures her that there is nothing between her and Mallet, despite what the Springfield Burns website says. Marina swears that he will never be more than her partner. She has no social life, she declares.

At the police station, Remy suggests that Marina try out a detective chair, but she doesn't want to jinx it. She tells him that she will soon have her own chair and be the next in the long line of Cooper cops, but her face looks very worried as if this all scares her. Marina shoots at the firing range, with everyone's words echoing in her brain. Mallet comes up and makes a lame joke. She tells him about the big ceremony. He asks if she has a date, but she tells him that she doesn't. As she goes back to shooting, she rants and raves about her past boyfriends, putting holes in the targets, picturing the faces of Shane, Danny, et al. Mallet tells her that he was just wondering if there was anything going on with her and Alan-Michael again. He walks away after she doesn't answer.

Marina questions her sanity as she waits for Alan-Michael in a parking garage. He chides her for sneaking up on him. She says they got interrupted the other day when Coop pulled her away. A carjacker comes up just then and wants their keys. Marina tells him that she needs her car. Alan-Michael tells the thief that Marina is a cop and will kick his butt, but then he notices that she doesn't have her gun. She reminds him that she was coming to chat, not save him. Marina grabs Alan-Michael's keys and hands them to the guy. He doesn't want them phoning the cops to stop him, so he opens Marina's trunk and insists that they get in. Alan-Michael tells the guy pointedly that he will remember this. The man locks them in the trunk. She has a tiny flashlight.

Alan-Michael notes the smell in the drunk. She tries to explain why she came there and mentions that she will be a detective now. He is amazed at how quickly she got there. She wanted to invite him, even though it's not his type of thing. He thinks that she'd be the last person she'd want there. She says they had some good times, to which he agrees. He strokes her face after she says she wanted him there. He finds a screwdriver underneath his body; she helps him get it out. They use it to pry open the trunk and climb out. They are fine aside from some stiff necks. He asks if she still wants him there, and she admits that she does. He can tell that she is not as excited about becoming detective as she should be. She says this is what she always wanted, but she wonders if she just sort of ended up there.

Alan-Michael and Marina go back to the firing range. He wants to make up for screwing her over, he says, so he offers her a job in his security department. She says she has to get going so she can get her promotion.

At home, she gets a phone call from Frank that there is a surprise so she'd better get a move on. Coop calls her for help, but she reminds him that it is Marina Day, so she doesn't want to help him iron his shirt. She collapses on the bed for a second, but then someone knocks. She opens the door but no one is there. Instead she looks down and there is a big bouquet of flowers. She thinks they are from Frank, but when she opens the card, she sees it's from Alan-Michael. She grabs her uniform and goes to take her shower. Coop is in there already, so she has to wait. There is another knock on the door, and she opens it to find her mom, Eleni, there. They hug and Eleni tells her that she's so proud of her. She offers to iron her uniform. Marina protests, but Eleni says she doesn't mind. She also offers to get Marina out of this whole thing, if she wants to. Marina assures her that this is what she's wanted since she joined the force. Eleni is not surprised because she knew she could do it and is proud of her. Eleni can tell that Marina is not so sure about things. Eleni comments about how strange it is to be back, since Springfield was her first home in the U.S. Marina comments about her leaving but then immediately apologizes. Eleni says it's ok and that sometimes you have to leave. Eleni wonders if Marina is doing this just to make her dad happy. Marina denies it vehemently as Eleni continues to question her. Eleni reminds her that she wanted to be an actress, but Marina replies that lots of things happened, like Ben and Shane. She says that Eleni wasn't here, so she can't criticize how she made her choices. Marina is upset when Eleni keeps pointing out that she has given up on her dreams. Marina wonders if she just doesn't want her tethered to her dad. Eleni is only worried that she is doing this just to please Frank rather than doing what she wants with her life. Marina declares that she made her choice and is happy. She asks Eleni to just be happy for her. They hug and Eleni assures her that she's happy for her and loves her. Eleni makes sure that Marina is very sure that this is what she wants, so she tells her that she'll see her at the ceremony, calling her "Detective Cooper". Eleni leaves.

As Marina gets ready, the instrumental background from "These Boots Were Made for Walking" plays. Marina looks reluctant to keep getting ready. She sings the song a bit, using her hairbrush as a microphone. She jumps up on the bed and sings the song, acting it out like the video. She stops after looking in the mirror, holding her hat. She gets dressed in her uniform, having made up her mind.

Marina's family and friends arrive for the ceremony. Frank, in uniform, greets Eleni. Things are a bit awkward. Eleni is very warm, calling him "Frankie", but he is a bit cold. Marina sees them talking and runs over to keep Eleni from grilling Frank about why she might be doing this. They joke around. Frank tells Eleni that Marina is very sane, grounded, and does well on the job. Harley comes up, greets Eleni, and tells Frank that they are ready. They all sit down in the chairs as Frank goes up to the podium and greets the crowd. He starts the ceremony. He makes a nice speech about Marina and then introduces her. There is applause as Marina goes up to the podium. She has flashbacks to when she was young and had to be apart from Frank. Later, Eleni asks Marina if she is happy, and Marina assures her that she is. They hug again.

Marina has a fantasy about being old and worn out, waiting on Frank, Coop and Gus, who are also old and complaining a lot. Alan-Michael comes to the door, still looking young and handsome. He takes one look at her and says, "I'm too late. Well, we had our chance, Marina." He says he has to go because her mother is waiting in the car. He says, "as long as you're happy". Back in the real world, Mallet puts his hand on her shoulder, so she jumps and cries out that she's happy. He asks her if she wants to get out of there, so she happily nods. They go back to the police station. There are streamers all over her desk. He remembers becoming a detective himself. Marina vents about being in her family and all the expectations they have. Mallet gives her a pep talk. Marina notes that if he quit, he wouldn't break the chief's heart like she would. He wonders if she is only doing this for Frank, but she denies it. She doesn't look too sure, though. He thinks she should make sure that she's doing it for the right reasons because she enjoys it. She is overwhelmed by all of the choices she has, but he tells her that she will always have lots of choices. He advises her to trust her instincts and follow her bliss. She laughs at his spouting his clichés. He tells her to find that thing that makes her happy and then spend the rest of her life doing it. He tells her that he'll see her later at the party. She thanks him. She looks at her new desk with her nameplate. She sits down to try out the chair and promptly falls on the floor. She laughs that this is a sign. She goes home and thinks while people's comments keep echoing in her head. She packs a duffel bag and rushes off. She runs into Remy, who wonders where she's going with the bag. She says she's following her bliss. He doesn't know what she means. She goes to Harley and Gus' house, where they are having a party for her. She stands outside and greets the next chapter of her life. She goes in and they all greet her. They notice the bag, and she says it is just dirty laundry. She was hoping Harley would let her try out her new machine. They all joke around. She has presents for all of them. Frank asks why she got them presents, so she explains that she loves them all. Frank and Harley hug her. Mallet asks how the desk was. She replies that she fell flat on her butt. He is sorry and looks worried, but she assures him that it's fine--she just needs a new chair. Frank pushes him aside so he can talk to Marina. He promises to do everything he can to make sure that the job won't consume her. She thanks him but says that she has everything she needs, right there. Zach runs up and asks how the story of Toto ends. She tells him that the girl decides there's no place like home. Marina hugs Frank and they all have food. Marina hugs Eleni again.

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