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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/10/06

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Written By Suzanne

Ava looks at the bruise on her arm in the mirror and remembers how she got it, as well as remembers warning Olivia that she'd better turn herself in. She wonders what Olivia will do.

Olivia tells Olivia to go with the babysitter to the park while she finds someone to protect them.

Harley finds Gus marking off a calendar with red X's and jokingly asks him if he's checking his ovulation schedule. He says it's been three months since he kicked the pills. She is surprised that the time has gone so fast and gives him a kiss. He wants to make sure he's a great dad and role model. She assures him that he already is.

Rick fixes Leah's bike outside their house, saying he should have done it a long time ago. She says that she hasn't ridden it in years. He asks if she has any plans for today, so she knows something is up. She has seen Mel acting really weird, too. Rick tells her that he did a stupid thing, made a terrible mistake. She does not comprehend, until he explains that he made things worse with her mother by bringing someone else into the picture. She is upset that he cheated on her mom and figures out that it is Beth. Leah pushes the bike over in anger. Rick holds her while she cries, telling her that he is human. He apologizes for hurting her and her mom. He maintains that he was very lonely and that Beth was there for her. Leah is very upset. She tells him, "I hate you" and runs off.

A uniformed officer brings in the drug dealer whose kid they found last week. He is complaining and wriggling around, saying that some cops took his daughter away. Gus steps up and tells him that he is the cop who took his daughter away. The guy breaks free of the cuffs and rushes at Gus. Gus easily slams him down to the desk and avoids his head-butt, since the guy is cuffed and out of control. Gus throws him down on a chair and chews him out for how he treated his daughter. The cop takes the bad guy away after Gus tells the guy that he hopes to make sure that he loses his baby girl forever. Harley stares at Gus, stunned, then she gives him a big kiss. She is proud of him. Harley puts his calendar away so that they don't talk about or think about his previous drug problems any more. She wants to get down to business, she says, and they joke around about making a baby as they kiss. The other cops watch them curiously, so they go home. They are in a hurry at home to make love. Gus takes some things out of a grocery bag that he got to make their evening more romantic. He tells her about this Chinese stuff he picked up that is sort of like Viagra. They both get ready for their hot night. Rick knocks on the door, so Harley tries to get rid of him. She asks if she can visit him later at home, but he tells her that Mel kicked him out. She is shocked and sympathetic. Gus comes back, ready for sex, but then he's stunned to see Rick standing there. Gus and Harley's evening is ruined by Rick sitting around, moping about his marriage. Gus gets Rick to get up off the couch and urges him to go fight for his marriage. Harley agrees. Rick figures out finally that they had plans. Gus and Harley tell him that they were planning to celebrate a new addition to their home. He thinks they mean construction, not a baby, so he offers to help with the addition. Gus and Harley laugh at his misunderstanding. Rick goes to change into some other clothes, so he can help. They laugh some more, wondering how to get rid of him. Gus tells Harley anxiously that the drug is starting to take affect, so she has him put on his tool belt to cover it up. Gus comes back in with his stuff, inviting himself to stay in their guest room. Harley can't say no. Gus is partially bent over in pain.

Beth goes to the hotel room that she has been to with Rick and remembers their laughter. She hears a noise and turns around, thinking it's Rick. It's Mel, who tells her that her husband's busy and will she do. Beth sits down, quiet, and Mel chatters on about Rick. Beth tells her that she and Rick didn't meet to hurt her and reminds her of what she and Rick were coping with when it started. Mel doesn't understand how Beth and Rick can comfort each other with sex. When Mel calls her "desperate", Beth has had enough. She closes the hotel room door and lays into Mel, saying that she didn't go after Rick--he was there for the taking. Maybe if Mel had been a better wife, he wouldn't have needed her, Beth says adamantly. They argue about Rick and Mel's marriage. Mel ends up calling Beth a "slut". Beth throws the key down, saying that Alan has forgiven her so she doesn't need the room any more. Mel reminds her that if that's true, Alan's price for that will be steep. Beth tells her off some more and then leaves.

Mel finds Leah putting her old toys in the trash. Leah tells her that she's a big girl now. Mel is sorry that she is not saving them for her own kids. Leah is upset, so Mel knows that she has found out about Rick and Beth. She tries to console Leah but they end up throwing things in the trash together as a sort of catharsis. They hug at the end and cry. Mel sits on the step with Leah's head in her lap. She suggests they make cookies, but Leah thinks she's too old for that. Mel tells her that no matter what she thinks about Rick right now, he is a good man and will always be there for his daughter. Leah doesn't believe she is saying that. Leah asks if Mel will take him back. Mel doesn't know and says she needs time to think. She gives Leah her favorite stuffed pig and tells her not to grow up so fast.

Alan looks at a happy picture of him and Beth, then he throws it down. Olivia visits, but he is not in a good mood. She says she needs his help, but he wonders why he would help her. She counters that he needs to help keep Emma, his grand-daughter, safe. They sit down and have tea. Olivia asks him if he will help protect Emma from Ava. She points out that he didn't visit Emma while she was in the hospital, but he says that he knows she wouldn't have let her see her. He phoned every day, he points out. She backs off, knowing that he is right. She tells him about how she did some things to Ava, who might go to the police. She wants his help to keep from going to jail and keep Emma with her. He tells her to keep dreaming if she thinks he will help her. Olivia just wants him to get Ava out of town for awhile. She reminds him that if not for Ava, Lizzie and Coop would be married right now. She agrees to help influence Jonathan and Lizzie. Alan says he might help her if she makes sure that Rick is not welcome at The Beacon. Olivia doesn't know why but agrees. Alan also asks her to tell Emma that she is always welcome there (but there is a veiled threat there).

Marina runs into Alan-Michael at Main Street. He compliments her, saying she looks great. She admits that his words still affect her. He asks her to grab a bite, so she goes with him.

Coop and Ava stroll around Main Street. He is being very over-protective of her. He still wonders why she is not turning Olivia in to the police. She asks him to grab a table while she makes a phone call, so he does, reluctantly. Coop asks Marina for a favor, so she pulls herself away from Alan-Michael to talk to Coop, saying that family comes first. Coop asks Alan-Michael to keep an eye on Ava until he comes back, so he agrees. Alan-Michael jokes with Ava about her taking a personal day. She assures him that she will be back tomorrow. She asks him to teach her to be ruthless. He advises her not to change anything about herself. Ava is frustrated by her conscience and says that she is a wuss. He offers to be ruthless on her behalf, but she turns him down for now.

Coop asks Marina to help him break into Olivia's room so he can search for information on the guy that roughed up Ava. She is not happy about it but does it anyway. They look around. Marina finds photos in Olivia's desk. Coop recognizes the photo of Ava's mom and wonders why Olivia has it. Olivia arrives and wonders indignantly why they are there. Coop holds up the photo and asks why she has it. Olivia tries to get them to leave and refuses to answer about the picture. She grabs it back and Marina makes Coop leave with her. Marina is surprised to learn that Ava was adopted. Marina shows Coop adoption papers that she found in Olivia's room. Coop doesn't think that Ava knows and that Olivia is planning to hurt Ava by showing her the papers. Ava comes up, so they hide the papers. Marina leaves quickly. Coop hugs Ava. Olivia tells Emma that she plans to fight back and that she will not admit to anything.

Alan finds Beth drinking to excess. He knows that she had an encounter with Mel. She laughs, knowing that he had her followed. He admits that he is now having her followed. She laughs that it's because he cares. She goes up to him and puts her arms around him, saying that she wants to be his wife in every sense of the word. He pushes her away, saying that those tactics won't work on him like they did Rick. She asks what he wants, so he says that he wants payback for every ounce of humiliation he suffered last night. She backs away, scared. He assures her that he won't hurt her. He picks her up and puts her on the ledge, threatening to push her over, but then he says that would be too easy. What he has in store for her is far worse. Alan threatens her some more and warns her that he will do anything he has to, in order to protect his family. He wants her to ensure the future of the Spaulding family. She wonders if he means having another baby, but he tells her that he wants her to get rid of Ava for good.

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