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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/9/06

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Written By Suzanne

At CO2, Olivia insists that Ava talk to her. Ava doesn't want to hear what Olivia has to say. She thinks Olivia is just going to say the same old thing and won't let her talk. Ava lists all of the things Olivia did to her. Olivia asks Ava to tell her about her life so she can understand her. Ava vows to make her pay for what she's done. Olivia points out that she has not gone to the police yet, but Ava maintains that she has a better way to get back at her. Olivia stops her from walking away. Ava tells Olivia that she is going to turn herself in and maybe she will get a lesser sentence than if Ava pressed charges. Olivia promises that she won't come after Ava anymore, but Ava doesn't believe it. Ava feels sorry for Emma, but she wants Olivia to suffer.

Also at CO2, Ashlee looks over Dinah's shoulder. Dinah is watching the Springfield Burns website, where there is a picture of Mallet and Marina in a heart. Marina looks at the website, too, shocked. Mallet enters and wonders what's going on. There are cameras there, so Mallet explains that they are thinking of giving him his own show. He has them take a break. Marina reluctantly shows Mallet the web site. He is annoyed and tells the camera men to go home. Dinah waits for Mallet at his desk; she makes a joke about his "new girlfriend". Mallet tells her to knock it off and then orders her to leave. Dinah lets Mallet know that she already knew about their trip to Chicago from Harley and Gus. Mallet accuses her of being the blogger, or tipping him off. He suggests that he interrogate her, but she tells him off, saying that this lack of trust is why she dumped him. As she walks out, he says that he dumped her.

The other cops keep leaving notes on Marina's desk to taunt her about the website. Later, Frank tells Mallet that they need to talk about his daughter. Mallet won't talk about it. The cameras are there still on them. Eventually, Mallet assures Frank that nothing's going on. He confides to Frank that he was thinking of putting Marina with another detective, but Marina comes up and yells at him for even thinking of doing that. She chews out both Mallet and Frank. Marina thinks that they should use this rumored affair from the website. Mallet agrees, but Frank doesn't like it. They joke around, but Frank leaves. Marina finds another joke present, so the two leave the station.

Dinah goes to CO2 to drown her sorrows. She finds Olivia still there, doing the same thing. Olivia confides to Dinah that Ava is her daughter and that she did something terrible to her. Dinah is shocked that Ava is her daughter. Ashlee brings their coffees. Dinah is further surprised to find out that Olivia, who hates Ava, didn't know that Ava was her daughter until recently. Olivia tells her about the guy she hired. She is glad that Ava isn't hurt, but she still feels this irrational hatred for her. She is also worried that Ava will go to the cops. Olivia asks Dinah not to tell anyone that Ava is her daughter. Ava walks by and warns Olivia that she has until tomorrow to turn herself in. Later, Ava goes to visit Frank. She asks if he'll be in tomorrow because there was something she wanted to talk to him about then. He suggests they discuss it now, but she says tomorrow is fine. Then she leaves, leaving Frank looking puzzled. Meanwhile, Dinah advises that Olivia find a guy to help her out that is not a do-gooder like Mallet or Buzz. Just then, Mallet walks by with Marina, annoying both Olivia and Dinah. Olivia thanks Dinah and rushes off. Dinah watches Marina and Mallet together.

The group at Towers is still shocked about Jonathan's showing the picture of Beth and Rick together. Alan storms out as Beth follows him, trying to explain. Mel also leaves without a word. Rick yells that Mel never did anything to Jonathan and that he will pay for this. Rick then follows her. Jonathan is nonplussed but says, "So much for the perfect family, huh?" Lizzie and Tammy are not happy about what Jonathan did. Tammy asks Remy if he's ok, but he goes to check on Mel. Jonathan tells Tammy that he did this to show that these people are no better than he and Tammy are. Tammy thinks he did it just because he was losing her. They go on the roof and argue some more about why Jonathan did this and about Remy's family. Remy arrives and punches Jonathan, so they start fighting as Tammy yells at them to stop it. She ends up coming between them physically. Lizzie walks in and asks if they're done. The guys start yelling at each other. The maitre'D comes in and tells Jonathan he has to leave. Jonathan is outraged, since Remy threw the first punch. The man threatens to call the cops, but Remy tells him that he is a cop. Tammy goes to leave with Remy, but Jonathan asks her to stop. Tammy yells at him for how he's acted and not letting her just be with her friend Remy. Jonathan tells her that he was just going crazy, thinking he was losing her. Tammy asks him if he honestly thinks that she would be with anyone else. Jonathan sputters as she leaves, saying she has to go. Tammy and Remy leave. Jonathan watches sadly. Lizzie looks up at him with concern.

Jonathan orders a bottle of liquor at the bar and drinks it without a glass. He toasts to his life, adding, "May I never get it right". Lizzie says they are both messed up, so that's why they're so good together. He toasts to them, saying they should both get what they deserve.

Tammy keeps apologizing as Remy walks her back to her room. He only blames Rick, Beth, and Jonathan. They discuss the situation. Tammy gives Remy some water. Remy tries to get Tammy to see that Jonathan is not good for her. She protests that Jonathan loves her, so he asks if that's the kind of love she wants. She says that she doesn't know. Tammy fixes some ice for his bruises as she talks about Jonathan. She doesn't think he's ever intentionally hurt her, but sometimes he goes after other people and she gets caught in the crossfire. She says that's what she signed up for. Remy compared her to battered women he's met on the job.

Alan goes home and pours himself a drink. Beth arrives, breathless, wanting to discuss what happened. Alan puts on classical music and says that it's "La Traviata". He tells Beth that "La Traviata" translates to "the woman who strayed". He offers her a brandy, so she asks what he's going to do to her. Beth looks very worried. Alan reminds her that they did not marry for love, but he thought they had started down a new path. She tells him why she felt she needed Rick back when their affair started and how it made her feel young. Alan grabs her and reminds her that she is living in the present, not the past. She gave all that up for money and power. She tells him that the old Beth is still in her. He is surprised that she wants to live that way and suggests that she go find Rick Bauer. He won't stop her, but he tells her that she will be penniless and powerless. She says she wants to stay, so he tells her to go upstairs and think about their wedding vows. Alan tells her that's enough for the night and she should shut the door behind her. Beth turns off the music and tells him that she's not weak. He asks her what she calls her affair, then. She picks up a knife and waves it around, asking him to remember what she did in the cabin. He says he'll never forget it. She stabs his cigar and tells him to stop disrespecting her. She points out that he doesn't treat her like a wife. She accuses him of knowing that he created all of this. She gives a speech about how he wants love but doesn't know how to give it. She gets hysterical as she accuses him of driving her to Rick, driving Philip mad, and driving Lizzie away. He has had enough and tells her to go up and get the spare room made up if she's staying. He observes that she's a broken person and she should count herself lucky that he's there to pick up the pieces. He walks away, much to her annoyance. Beth looks up at Alan's room wildly.

Rick catches Mel as they reach home. Mel is very upset and yells at him. Rick confides that he felt their marriage was dead until very recently. She had hope that they were back on track. They argue. She ends up slapping him in the face and calling him a "son of a bitch". Rick tells Mel how ashamed and sorry he is. Mel doesn't see how they can save their marriage. She thinks that his past with Beth and Phillip is more important to him than his family, but he denies it. He reminds her that they love each other and asks her to believe in them one last time. He swears that he will never let her down again. With tears in her eyes, Mel looks at him. Rick comes over and tells her that his family is the most important thing in his life. They argue more about their marriage and his sleeping with Beth. Mel demands to know when it ended. Rick won't give her specifics at first, but then ends up telling her that they ended it tonight. Mel keeps yelling at him for what he did. Finally she tells him to move out and go to his hotel room, then she stalks off.

Jonathan, now very drunk, looks up at Tammy's window from down below in a dirty alley. Lizzie can't believe they are there. Jonathan throws rocks up at Tammy's window to get her attention, while Lizzie tries to talk him out of it.

Rick looks at pictures of Mel and his family in his hotel room as he drinks tiny liquor bottles from the hotel's mini-bar. Meanwhile, Mel throws his remaining clothes into the fountain, and the family barbecue grill.

Tammy comes out to her balcony when she hears Jonathan yelling up at her. He asks her not to throw away the best thing they've ever had. Remy comes up and puts a blanket around Tammy's shoulder, which makes Jonathan angrier. Tammy yells at Jonathan to go home to his wife and child, then she goes back inside her room as Jonathan keeps yelling at her pitifully.

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