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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/6/06

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Written By Suzanne

Dinah runs into Vanessa in the hallway of the hotel, wondering why she is there. Vanessa tells her that she, Matt, and Maureen are moving back to Springfield. Dinah tells her that is not going to happen. Vanessa is surprised at her reaction. Dinah thinks that Vanessa is there because she's worried that she will have mental problems as a result of breaking up with Mallet. Vanessa assures her that they are there for job opportunities and not to watch over Dinah. They argue about the meeting the other day with Harley.

Olivia runs around at home, picking up Emma's toys. Ava's words echo in her memory. Olivia stares at the childhood picture of Ava that looks like Emma. Later, Olivia overhears Vanessa and Dinah's arguing in the hallway. She eavesdrops but then drops something, so she has to open the door and show that she's there. Vanessa speaks with Olivia briefly and then assures Dinah again before she leaves that she is not moving there because of her problems. Dinah tells Olivia how annoyed she is. Olivia asks Dinah some questions, having overheard that she was adopted. Dinah wonders why she's asking, so Olivia says she wants to know if deep-down she still hates her birth mother for giving her up. They sit down and have a drink while Olivia quizzes Dinah about her childhood. Dinah is very curious about why Olivia wants to know. Olivia lies that Emma has a classmate that is finding out that she is adopted, so she wants to know how she might handle it. Dinah can tell that is a lame story, so she asks her why she's really questioning her. Olivia tries to dodge her questions, but she's saved when Vanessa comes by again and thanks Olivia for her help earlier with the desk clerk. Dinah leaves Olivia's room and apologizes to Vanessa for how she reacted earlier. They hug and make up. Olivia is happy to hear it on the other side of the door, where she is once again eavesdropping. She looks at Ava's picture again and then heads out.

Ava runs into Coop in Main Street. She is late for work and tries to avoid talking to him, but he insists that she talk to him because she hasn't been returning his calls. He sees a big bruise on her arm and wonders what is going on. She says that she must have bumped into something, but he knows that she is lying and figures Olivia has done something to her. She explains what happened but tells him that she hasn't gone to the police yet. Coop calls Frank over, but she tries to stop him. Coop forces Ava to explain it to Frank, so she makes up a story that a guy in a pickup truck tried to run her off the road. Frank questions her. Coop looks at Ava angrily. Frank asks Coop if he's heard from Buzz since he went to the trade show, but he hasn't. Frank can tell that something weird is going on, but Ava assures him that things are fine, so he leaves. Coop asks Ava hotly how many chances she's going to give Olivia to kill her. She tells him that Olivia is worried that she will report her, so she won't hurt her now. Coop still wants her to report Olivia to the police, but she doesn't want to. She assumes that she knows everything now about Olivia, so she can't surprise her. This does not allay Coop's fears, and he keeps trying to convince Ava to turn Olivia in. Coop gets a call and has to leave for a minute. Ava gets some coffee. She goes into a cabinet to get something, and when she comes up, Olivia is there. Olivia tells her that she has to talk to her.

Cassie and Josh kiss at his place. He wants to get out some wine so they can toast to her, his new business partner. They joke around and flirt. While he goes to get wine, she sees "Reva & Josh 4ever" again on the mantel. He comes in and can tell why her mood is somber. He apologizes for bringing her there, but she says she can handle it fine. She suggests they make a few of their own memories, so they kiss. They agree on making more memories together, so they move around and kiss in various spots to do that. They are heading to the bedroom when someone from the TV station comes by with something that Reva might want that they found in the storeroom. It's a life-size cardboard cut-out of Reva. He leaves it before Josh can object. Josh carries it in; they wonder what they should do with it. He turns it around so that they can go back to kissing without "Reva" staring at them. They laugh about it but go back to kissing.

Alan and Reva continue to argue at Towers. Reva is trying to clean up some wine she spilled as Beth and Alan yell at her. Alan goes to grab her arm to stop her from cleaning for a minute, but Billy comes up behind him and grabs him, saying that Alan should take his hands off her. Alan and Billy start arguing. Alan tells Reva that if she and her pothead son think they are going to keep him away from Lizzie's baby, then she is out of her mind. Reva stops Billy from slugging Alan and takes him into another room. She is not doing well and tells him that he needs to get her out of there fast. They sit down, but Reva is still very dizzy. They discuss how to exit gracefully without anyone figuring out that she's sick. Billy gets an idea. He goes to tell Alan off, saying that he'd better not mess with Jonathan and Lizzie or he'll have to answer to him. Reva walks in and leans on Billy. He escorts her out, acting like he wants to get her home so she can stop fighting with Alan (or because she's stoned, not sure which).

Tammy tells Jonathan that their situation is too hard. He asks if she's breaking up with him. She talks about how bad it is to feel like she's sneaking around with a married man. She says she needs to get away because it hurts too much for her to see him with Lizzie, even though she knows it's an act. He reminds her that he didn't even want the baby, but she and Reva pushed him, and that it was her idea to live with Lizzie in the first place. She knows. They both cry as they talk about the situation. He can't leave the baby now, and she knows that, too, and adds that she loves him. He blames Remy for what she's saying and pounds his fist against the wall.

Rick and Mel are glad to have time together, but they can't help but see all of the drama that's going on in the restaurant.

Inside, Remy is worried about why Tammy is gone so long, so he leaves to look for her. Tammy tells Jonathan that it's not about Remy but adds that it is fun being with the Bauers because they are real and normal. She talks about how they can't do normal things or be together. Jonathan cries and scrunches up his face at the prospect of losing her. He begs her to spend time with him, but she can't. She walks away and cries in Remy's arms. Jonathan goes back to the table with Alan, Beth, and Lizzie. Alan goes on and on, insulting Reva and Billy. Jonathan can only stare at the table with Tammy. Rick asks Tammy if she's okay. She is fine but wants to leave early. Remy, Rick, and Mel joke around, so she promises to stay until dessert. Jonathan heads over to Tammy's table, but Beth gets up and stands in his way. She reminds him that he is not treating Lizzie with respect. They argue. Rick watches them and gets nervous, so he heads over to see what the problem is. Jonathan warns Beth and Rick off, making cutting comments about their relationship. Rick suggests they all chill out, but Jonathan is too angry. Tammy walks behind them and then goes over to Jonathan to ask him to stay away from her. He decides to show Tammy that the Bauers are not so "normal" after all, so he heads back into the restaurant and tells everyone that he has a big announcement. Alan wonders what he's up to. Jonathan rants and raves, leading up to his point, then he takes out the picture of Rick and Beth kissing. He waves it around and tells them that these two people are neither respectable nor perfect. Everyone is stunned. Tammy glares at Jonathan.

In Main Street, Billy jokes with Reva about smoking the pot. She tells him that she just smoked it because she wasn't feeling well, but she admits that having dinner with Alan was not the best idea. They are about to head home when Josh and Cassie come up. Josh has an idea about where Billy and Reva should live once they are married. Josh thinks Reva should still have Cross Creek. Reva tries to turn it down, but Josh won't take no for an answer. Cassie wonders if Josh should do this, but he thinks he should in order to keep Reva in his past. Reva tells Billy that she can sense her time is running out because she has less energy every day. She feels that she has made things right for everyone except for Jonathan. Billy disagrees that Reva will be gone soon. She wants to start getting ready to say goodbye. Josh and Cassie discuss the benefits of his moving in with her. He picks her up and takes her into the bedroom (both are laughing).

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