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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/5/06

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Written By Suzanne

Reva is weak and fighting to keep walking, in CO2/Main Street. Nearby, Josh is talking to Cassie on the phone, making plans to meet. He rushes off and she watches him go, sadly. She says that now that she has made Josh and Cassie happy, it's someone else's turn.

Cassie chats with the foreman on Josh's project about making some changes. He says Josh will have to approve, and she says knowingly that he will. The guy makes a joke about how she is dressed, sort of flirting with her. Josh walks in and makes a joke about firing him for hitting on his girl. Cassie is surprised but not displeased. The foreman, Clay, apologizes, and so does Josh, for over-reacting. Cassie and Josh beam at each other about how nice it was for him to call her "his girl". She teases him about being jealous, too. He tells her that Reva would have kicked his butt for doing something like that. She reminds him that she's not Reva and gives him a big kiss. Later, Josh gives Cassie a key in a gift box. She guesses that he gave her a new car, but he says no. He gives her some hints and then reveals that it is an office at Lewis next to his. After he's done with this project, he would like her to keep working for Lewis. She jokingly negotiates with him and they kiss. Josh's secretary Wanda walks in, not looking too happy about them being together. She clears her throat to let them know that she's there. Josh tells Wanda that Cassie might be joining the company, then he leaves them alone for a minute. Cassie tries to make nice small talk with Wanda, who picks up the phone. Wanda is short and dismissive with her. Cassie takes the phone out of Wanda's hand and hangs it up. Wanda is annoyed at Cassie for stealing Josh from Reva. Cassie protests that she didn't steal him and that Reva is with Billy. Josh comes out, oblivious to their arguing. A pretty woman named Andrea arrives for their meeting. He introduces himself, Cassie, and Wanda. Wanda leaves, telling them, "Good luck...you're gonna need it", then she leaves. Josh gets a phone call and steps away. Cassie mentions to Andrea that she didn't think their company worked with smaller local construction firms. Andrea glances in Josh's direction and says there are exceptions to every rule. Cassie tells her that Josh is involved with someone. Before the woman can protest, Cassie stands up and says this isn't going to work out. She grabs the woman's hand and ushers out. Josh hangs up on the phone call to ask Cassie what she's doing. Cassie tells him that while she may not be Reva, she can act like her sometimes. Josh blinks, confused. He wonders what's going on, so she explains that the woman was only after him. He laughs at her being jealous; she is embarrassed about it. He asks her to be a full partner at Lewis. She hugs and kisses him gratefully.

Alan hurries Beth to get ready. He goes to have the car brought around. Beth phones and leaves a message for Rick, asking if they can see each other later. She mentions that she is having dinner with Alan and Lizzie. She sounds a little desperate when she asks him to call her. She turns and Alan is standing there with a suspicious look on his face. He asks if something is the matter. She doesn't answer, so he asks who it was on the phone. She lies that her mom may be joining them. He's happy to hear it. Beth is amazed when he mentions "good old-fashioned family togetherness". They discuss how she used to be when she was more innocent and whether he liked her then. He swears that he's finally realized what an asset she is to him and that he can't imagine what it would be like without her. She is shocked.

Tammy has a nightmare...She tries to phone Jonathan, but he won't pick up. She is in the room with Jonathan and Lizzie. He is massaging Lizzie's feet and calling her "pumpkin". Jonathan keeps saying that the baby comes first. Tammy wonders why he won't pick up and then points out that it's been two years. Lizzie joins him in saying that the baby comes first. Tammy says that she can't wait forever. She turns and looks in the mirror. She gasps because she looks old and ugly. Tammy wakes up, yelling out Jonathan's name.

Rick, Mel, and Leah are sweeping up leaves outside their place. Rick gets a phone call but has the ringer turned off, so he ignores it. Remy arrives as Leah goes to get something in the garage, so they put him to work raking. Mel picks up her phone, remembering the hotel key card she found, and phones the hotel to check and see when he was there. Leah returns and starts throwing leaves around. They all have a leaf-fight, so Mel says "never mind" and hangs up, joining in the fun. Later, Rick is getting a drink, so they all dump baskets of leaves on him. Tammy drops by and mentions to Remy that she had a nightmare while taking a nap. Rick proposes that they play football, boys against girls. Rick gets another call but shuts off the phone and ignores it. They play football. Remy enjoys tackling Tammy, but she is having fun with his family and laughs. Mel takes Remy aside and asks him if he should be getting involved with Tammy, since she's in love with Jonathan. He protests that Jonathan is married to someone else. Mel warns him to be careful. Leah asks Remy if he wants to get something to eat with her before she goes to study. Remy says that Rick and Mel are taking him to an expensive dinner. Mel quickly says that nobody said it would be expensive, but Rick just as quickly says he will gladly treat everyone and invites Tammy as well. Mel adds, "unless you have something else to do". Tammy is happy to join them.

Jonathan thinks he hears Tammy, but he doesn't. He is outside Reva's hotel room, so he knocks on the door. Reva asks him what's going on with him and Tammy. Jonathan is very frustrated as he tells her how hard things are. She is sympathetic. He worries that he's losing Tammy and going crazy. Reva pledges to fix this if it's the last thing she does. They hug. Later, Reva tells him that she phoned Alan. She thinks she can get Alan to back off because she has a way with him. She explains that she hopes to make it right for them with Alan. She sways and almost falls, so he catches her. He looks worried and tries to get her to lay down, but she won't. He asks her questions about her health, but she waves him off. She asks him to hand her her purse. She gets out a little baggie of pot. He laughs and she corrects that it is medical marijuana. He keeps laughing as she tells him that she's not sure if she's been doing it right. He offers to share it with her, but she says this is for her, not him. She implies that now that he's going to be a father, he shouldn't be doing drugs. He laughs at her giving him an anti-drug talk so late in his life. Reva smokes a joint as Jonathan laughs at her reaction. They have more mother-son bonding as he watches her smoke. She asks him if he can count how many last names she could have had. He can't, so she lists them all. She ends with saying Lewis many times as they laugh together. She's happy that the pain is gone, but suddenly she is hungry. He laughs at her craving munchies. She gets up to find her phone but is a little woozy. She makes jokes about Alan's name as she prepares to phone him again. Jonathan stops her, but he keeps laughing at her. She keeps telling him to give her the phone, so finally he does.

Reva phones Alan, but Beth answers. Alan tells Beth to tell Reva that he's not home, but Reva hears and threatens to come hunt him down. Alan sighs and gets on the phone. Reva makes Alan meet her and Jonathan at Towers. Jonathan and Reva arrive, but he keeps laughing, since Reva is still high. Lizzie arrives and wonders why they are there. Jonathan makes a smoking motion to let her know what Reva has been up to. She is surprised that they are meeting Beth and Alan as well. Reva bends down and kisses Lizzie's stomach, making baby noises, as Lizzie's eyes open wide. Alan and Beth arrive; Beth is wondering why they agreed to meet them there. They discuss whether Reva sounded funny on the phone. Alan intends to put Reva in her place and leave her with the bill. Reva hugs Lizzie and tells her that she's not as bad as everyone says she is. Reva points to Alan and makes a kissing face and noise, then tells him that he is the devil. Reva goes on and on about the breadsticks, but Alan is not interested. Reva proceeds to tell Alan that they need to discuss things. He wants to order first, but she tells him that he can look at the menu while he listens. Reva tells him that he needs to stop spying on the kids. He is about to call Alan a son-of-a-bitch but stops when Jonathan laughs and puts the breadstick in her mouth. Lizzie looks shocked but smiling. Beth tells Reva that Alan is just trying to do what's best for Lizzie and her baby. Reva corrects her that it's also Jonathan's baby and wonders if Beth really believes that. Jonathan adds that he doesn't, but Lizzie replies, "no comment". Reva goes on to ask Beth to remember how many times Alan has stuck his nose in her business, and she adds that he's a "nose-sticker". Alan replies dryly that Reva is the pot calling the kettle black. Reva laughs at him. Alan tells her that she's in no condition or shape to be giving him advice. She just laughs when he calls her grandma but warns him seriously that she can still fight and that he'd better lay off the kids. He says that they need to take care of the kids and be a stabilizing influence. This leads to him bad-mouthing Reva's family. Reva knows that Alan thinks they are "Tulsa trash", but she's heard it all before. She proceeds to tell Alan that his family is all "scary" except for Lillian, who is not a Spaulding. When Beth tells her to back off, Reva says that she is not the one sleeping with Alan. Jonathan keeps laughing throughout. Alan then starts to put down all of Reva's family, but when he gets to Tammy, Jonathan warns him to leave her out of it. Just then, The Bauers and Tammy arrive, so Alan says that might not be possible.

Jonathan and Reva warn Alan to keep his mouth shut about Tammy and the Bauers. Beth excuses herself, saying she is going to get the waiter and a bottle of wine. Instead, she goes to phone (or text-message) Rick. Jonathan is not pleased to see Tammy there with Remy and his family, but Lizzie warns him that Alan is watching him. Tammy wonders to Remy what is going on over there and mentions that they look like a family. Remy adds that they look like the Addams Family, so they both laugh at that comment while Jonathan watches, still annoyed. Rick's phone rings so he goes over to the bar to get drinks and take his phone call. Rick and Beth talk quietly at the bar. She wants to see him, but he says he can't because Jonathan is threatening to tell the whole town about them. She doesn't think he will, but Rick is not so sure. She looks over at Jonathan, who is staring at them. Alan and Reva start fighting some more. She goes to take his hand and tell him to listen to her, but he gets disgusted when he can smell the pot. He accuses Jonathan and Reva of being high. Jonathan laughs some more. Reva tells Alan that he didn't smoke it, he rolled it. Alan doesn't think that makes any difference and wonders why Beth is taking so long. Beth tells Rick that she will talk to Jonathan. Rick tells Beth that it is over between them and that he is back with Mel. He walks back to his table and sits down with his family. Tammy is having a hard time being so close to Jonathan and Lizzie, so she goes to splash some water on her face. Beth returns to the table with the wine and proceeds to pour it. Reva spills her wine on Jonathan in a transparent attempt to get him to go meet Tammy. Alan starts insulting Reva, saying that she has never been there for any of her children, so he doesn't think that she will be there for Lizzie's baby, either.

Jonathan finds Tammy and kisses her. She pushes him away, saying she can't do this anymore.

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