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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/4/06

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Written By Siri

Gus and Harley – Inside the Light

“Oh, Baby, Baby”

At Towers, Gus meets up with a woman who places a packet in his jacket pocket. He asks her how much it will cost and she tells him that he can afford it. She also tells him that if he is into sharing, “I will cut you a deal on that other thing”. He places a roll of money in her dress bosom. They start to leave and he sees Harley. He tells the woman in red that is his wife. They start to walk away and Harley starts to hit Gus with her purse. She tells him he should be home with the kids. She grabs the packet from his pocket, asks him if he is using, and asks where he got it. She goes to the woman and says, “Got it from you?” The woman in red tells her that this is between her and the man for she is just trying to make a living. Gus places the woman’s hands in cuffs and says, “Not any more. Sorry”. Harley tells her she has the right to remain silent and the woman says, “You a cop?” Gus tells her that they are actually detectives and tells her the cops…..as they walk in the door. Remy and Marina are the cops in question and Remy tells Gus that they will book her. The woman says, “I’m not a hooker”. Marina says, “He said, book her”. Harley tells the woman not to talk like that to her husband and then adds, “That part was true; he’s my husband”. Marina says, “She’s my aunt”. The woman tells them this is so messed up and Remy and Marina take her away as they read her her rights.

Later, on Main Street, Ashley brings Zack and Jude to Gus and Harley. She tells them that she will be glad to babysit anytime. Ashley tells them they have it all; the house, the kids and the job.

At their home, Gus serves up hotdogs for the family. Jude tells his mom that he doesn’t want to eat vegetables. Zack talks about his school project. Gus pours drinks for all and starts to propose a toast. Harley stops him and tells him not to say it doesn’t get any better than this. He stops and says, “Over the lips and past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes”. They all laugh. He tells stories to Zack and Jude. He acts silly with the boys and they are in awe of him. He refers to himself as super cop and to Harley as badge woman. Harley flashes a ‘look’ at him. She acts silly, too, and tells Gus that super cop is her hero. There is a knock at the door and Frank comes in. Everyone is happy to see him. She tells him that he didn’t need to come to thank them for the fine work at Towers and he tells them that he is there to assign them to another case. Gus and Harley tell the boys that they need to go off on another mission and they will stay with Uncle Frank.

Harley tells Gus that she doesn’t want to be badge woman; she wants to be the trusty side kick. They go on a mission to the Beacon and stealthy walk down the hallway, guns drawn. They stop for they hear something inside a room. It is a very loud noise. They argue about which one will kick open the door. Gus kicks the door open and they enter the room only to find the perp escaped out the window. Harley finds a baby on the bed and says, “He left something behind”. Gus is shocked that someone would leave their baby. Harley tells him the baby is a her. Gus is speechless that anyone would leave their baby. He calls the station and gives the information about the perp. Harley takes the baby and the three leave to go to the station. Gus brings the baby inside the station and Harley tells him that he could sing a song to the baby. They both sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song to the baby, but she cries. Frank comes in and tells them they have things to do. Gus asks about what is happening with the baby and Frank tells him that it will take a long time for Social Services to come down. The baby SCREAMS. Harley tells him to go home after he tells Harley to breast feed the baby or something. Harley says, “It’s not like a faucet; I can’t turn it on”.

Later, Gus plays with the boys at home. He gets them all ready for bed. Harley comes home….with the baby in tow. She tells him that she waited for Social Services, but they never came. She tells the boys that the baby is their first house guest. The boys say they need to name the baby and think of, “Spot”, “Scout”. Then, the boys ask for a dog. Gus says to let’s just name the baby. Finally, Zack tells Jude that he wants to name a puppy, Gracie. Gus and Harley love the name and give it to the baby. Gus takes the boys to bed.

Harley tells Gus the baby is so good and he tells her that he likes the baby more and more. They realize there is no bed for the baby for the night. Later, they sit in bed with Gracie and prepare for sleep. The baby whines and whimpers. Gus tells Harley this is kind of fun. Later on, Gracie starts to wail in the dark.

The next morning, Harley and Gus run around to get the boys breakfast and get them ready for school. Gracie continues to cry. Finally, they get the boys out the door. Gus realizes that one of the boys is still dressed in his pajamas. Harley calms down the baby and Gus says it is quiet. Gus tells Harley to go on to work and he will take care of everything. She is somewhat apprehensive, but he tells her he will handle Gracie. She leaves and Gus rocks Gracie.

At the station, Frank tells Harley that she’s had too much coffee and she tells him that Gracie kept them up all night. He is shocked that she has named the baby and then tells her that she doesn’t belong to Harley. She tells him it was Zack’s idea and that Jude wanted to name the baby, Spot. Frank laughs. He tells her that Social Services called and wants to speak with them.

Harley makes a phone call to Gus. Gus tells her that Gracie said her first words and they are, “The Cubs”. She tells him that Social Services called and he tells her that he has everything under control. After he hangs up, he realizes that Gracie needs a diaper change.

Frank asks Harley if Gus contacted Social Services. She is worried about Gracie. Frank tells her that Gus is too attached to the baby and Harley tells him that she cannot blame him. She leaves and goes home. The house is very quiet and clean. She tells him the house looks great and then asks where the baby is. Gus tells her that the baby is with her grand mother. He tells her that the grand mother was very worried about the baby, whose name is, Sydney. Harley is so disappointed, but Gus tells her that the grand mother had rights. He tells Harley that now; she has her home back, just like she wanted. He leaves a confused Harley standing alone in the kitchen.

Harley follows him outside and asks him what he meant by that. He tells her that he tried to take care of everything and that he knows she thought that Gracie was a hand full. He tells her that it is over now. Later, Harley tells Gus that she wanted to say goodbye. They go to Towers and Harley meets the grand mother. She tells Harley that she is so happy that they rescued Sydney. She tells Harley that Gus quizzed her until he was sure she was okay for the baby. Harley asks to hold Sydney and she does. She tells the grand mother that Sydney was the perfect little house guest and they will miss her. She hands the baby back to the grand mother and looks sad and happy at the same time. Harley turns to Gus and tells him that she didn’t get to say goodbye, but realizes he handled the goodbye better than she did. Gus tells her that he didn’t the first time. He looks sad, too.

At the station, Frank asks Harley how things are going and she tells him that Gus didn’t get attached to the baby for he handled everything. They banter back and forth. Frank finally tells her that Gus is a wild card. Then, she leaves him at the station.

Harley finds Gus on Main Street eating a meal. She asks him does he think that she only wanted her house back. He tells her that it really isn’t what she wants, but he looks confused with the conversation. He tells her that he’s not afraid to talk about kids and she tells him that he doesn’t have any of his own. He tells her that he’s okay by this. They talk over each other and finally, she tells him they need to discuss this. He tells her to stop and she tells him that maybe he wants a kid of his own. Gus tells her they can talk about it. She tells him that she was impressed with how he was with Gracie. He says that he doesn’t know what he wants…..

At the station, Gus and Harley continue to talk about babies. They try to figure out if they can do the same things that they did this morning. He tells her that Zack was wearing his pajamas to school and he changed a diaper this morning.

Later, they have a drink at Towers and they continue to talk about babies. They talk about Harley being pregnant and going through labor. She tells him that at the end of nine months, they have a beautiful little baby. They kiss.

At home, Harley plays with the boys. Gus watches them. Harley tries to pick a color for the boy’s room. Harley talks to Gus and tells him they have to be fair to the boys, too. Gus looks pensive. They try to decide how the boys will adjust.

Later, as they get ready for bed, Gus tells Harley they can go round and round about this. He asks her does she want this. She asks him the same thing and he tells her that he isn’t going to force her. Gus tells her that he would love to have a baby and wants one with her. She smiles at him. They giggle. She goes off on a tangent and Gus holds his head. Finally, he asks her what they are saying and she says, “We’re saying what we’re saying”. Gus says, “I think we are”. He tells her that he loves her. They kiss and Harley says, “A baby”. Gus kisses her again and says, “Yeah, a baby”.

They turn off the lights and giggle….

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