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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/3/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Mel meets up with Rick. They realize they are working on the same shift. At Company II, Remy finds Leah. She tells him that it’s too quiet to study at home for Rick and Mel are still fighting and Rick is never around.

In Las Vegas, Harley sits at a slot machine and feeds coin after coin with no luck. Gus tells her she’s addicted. Gus watches as Harley continues to gamble and serves her drinks. She continues to lose again and again. He tempts her with a room key and she makes him go away.

In their room in Vegas, Billy tells Reva that he has all the arrangements for the wedding. Reva appears to be unenthused. After Billy walks out, she envisions Josh, once again dressed in a white suit. She tells “Josh” that she knows she needs Billy, but the truth is that staring down death, she is scared. She tells him that she is worried about pain and dying alone, but because of Billy, now she will have him. “Josh” doesn’t speak. She tells him to go back to Cassie for she will marry the greatest guy she knows. Reva paces her room, looks through brochures and looks at the wedding rings. She finally picks up a picture of Josh and places it in her purse. Finally, she starts to dress. Meanwhile, Billy prepares himself for his wedding. He smiles as he finds a flower for Reva.

Meanwhile, at Cassie’s house, Josh and she prepare to make love. He looks over every inch of her with desire. They kiss passionately and she asks him if he is absolutely sure. He takes her face in his hands and tells her that he does not want to turn back and has no doubts. Slowly and sweetly…

Josh and Cassie make love…..Reva stares at wedding rings…..Billy, waiting on Reva, has a wide grin…

Gus tries to explain to Harley that she is only playing a computer and is amazed that she likes gambling. FINALLY, she hits the jackpot and wins $25. She is very excited and Gus tells her that she is actually down $275. He gets her to stop and tells her that now; she has lost four times $275. He takes her away from the slots. Billy walks up and Harley hugs him. He tells them that he is here getting married and Reva walks up. Gus and Harley laugh nervously. Reva tells them that she and Billy make the other happy and they need a couple of witnesses. Harley looks at her coins and Gus tells her that the machine will be there when they get back. Billy and Gus share a soft drink at the Blackjack table. Gus makes a reference to Josh and Billy asks where he is going with the conversation. This stops Gus. Billy tells him that he wants Reva to have something to remember about the wedding. Gus tells him that he has it bad and tells Billy that he needs to be careful with someone who has a ‘history’. Billy tells him that he and Reva have been there before and that Reva is his savior and he loves her. Meanwhile, Harley and Reva are together. Harley tells her that she looks great. Reva tells her that she is glad that she is there with her. She tells Harley that Billy is wonderful, but still looks hesitant. Harley asks her if she is ready and Reva says, “I’m ready. I can’t wait to marry Joshua”. Harley looks confused.

On Main Street, Mel and Rick walk around together. They both remark that life is so complicated. He tells her that he has made lots of mistakes and she tells him it is time to let go of that. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her. Mel smiles. He tells her he loves her and they kiss. Meanwhile, Leah and Remy look on from afar. Leah is so excited to see her parents together. Mel and Rick vow to never let anything or anyone get in their way again. Suddenly, Alan walks up and tells Rick he needs to see him about his wife. Rick looks very nervous. Rick walks away with Alan and asks if Beth is okay. Alan asks him if he has been with Beth recently and Rick tells him that he hasn’t seen her much lately. Mel tells Alan that Rick saw her when James was sick and that he went to lunch with Beth and Lizzie. She tells Alan to stay out of it all and Alan walks off. Rick smiles at Mel and tells her they need to get something to drink and she agrees.

At her house, Josh and Cassie share a post-lovemaking moment. She tells him that it feels so right with him. She continues to talk and talk and realizes that Josh is snoring. She laughs and he tells her that he heard every word. She asks if they did this too soon and he tells her he can’t figure out why they didn’t sooner. He tells her everything he wants in life is in his arms right now. She smiles. Suddenly, there is noise outside and Cassie squeals that it is RJ. They scramble for their clothes and laugh. Once Josh is dressed, he opens the door. RJ walks in and they are glad to see him. Both are laughing and RJ asks what is so funny. RJ tells Cassie that he wanted to come home because of the storm. Josh says that he has the best thing for a storm and starts to serve cookies and milk.

At Vegas, Harley tells Reva why she thinks she said something about marrying Josh. Reva tells her that it is over and that he is happy with Cassie. Harley asks why she said his name and Reva tells her that she thought she would spend the rest of her life with Josh, but now, will spend her life with Billy. They leave for the wedding.

At the scene of the wedding, Gus and Billy wait on the women. Billy tells him that he wants things to be perfect and in walks Reva. Reva finds a cowboy hat for Billy and he places it on his head. Harley asks about the hat and Gus tells her that is a cowboy thing. The preacher arrives and the ceremony begins. Reva has a flashback of her and Josh’s wedding by the lake. She sees Josh placing the ring on her finger and when the preacher asks Reva if she takes Billy, she doesn’t answer. Billy tells her that is her cue. Reva starts to cry and tells him, “I can’t. Billy, I’m sorry”. Billy looks crestfallen.

On Main Street, Leah and Remy follow Rick and Mel. Rick and Mel sit down at a table and he tells her that he feels nervous. She tells him that it feels good and then she smiles at him. They talk about old times and giggle. She tells him that they need to thank G-d that they are still together and that they are not like Alan and Beth. She tells him that she always thought Beth would end up with someone like him. Rick’s phone rings and he walks away to answer it. Mel takes out a pen and writes on some paper, then places it in Rick’s jacket pocket. She finds a motel room key and this stops her in her tracks. She quickly replaces the key and Rick walks back. He tells her that it was the hospital on the phone and she asks why he walked away. With a stern look, she tells him that he has always been a private man.

Back at Cassie’s, Josh tells Cassie that this time their relationship is solid and real. RJ walks up and Cassie and Josh stumble around the words and try to tell him that Josh will be staying around more for they are dating. RJ says that he is very cool with this and Josh says that is a good thing. RJ is not fazed with any of it, but Cassie tells Josh that she doesn’t want to rush things. Josh and Cassie kiss and he tells her that he has to leave. He does and Cassie quickly opens the door when Josh knocks again. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be sensible and she grabs him again.

In Vegas, Reva tells Billy that she is so sorry. They walk away together and she asks him if he is angry. He tells her that he knew it was too good to be true. Gus and Harley look sad, but Harley tells Gus that maybe Reva wants to be married at home. Gus motions for her to come into another room and they start to dance. They crack jokes and he tells her that he is lucky. She is excited about winning $25 and he says, “Honey, you lost over a thousand quarters”. She replies, “I don’t understand”. Gus sighs.

Meanwhile, Reva tells Billy that he deserves to be loved by someone who will be head-over-heels in love with him. She tells him that she wants to live the rest of her life with him, but when she listened to the preacher and the vows, she knew that she couldn’t lie to G-d and to him. She tells him that she does love him and Billy says, “But, not with all your heart”. She asks him can he forgive her and he says, “I already have”.

All alone in her room, Reva picks up Josh’s picture and says, “I have to stop. I can’t have feelings like this, but I cannot help it”. She says that she doesn’t want to ruin anything for Josh, but he will be the only man she will ever call her husband. She cries, “To death do us part…..always”.

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