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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/2/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

In their room, Reva and Billy prepare to leave for Las Vegas to get married. She tells him that she’s ready for spontaneous and unpredictable. He asks her if she is marrying him only because she saw Josh and Cassie together. She tells him that part of it is, but she wants them to be happy and she wants to be happy, too. He asks her if this is a round-about way to say he makes her happy. She laughs and tells him, “Let’s go”.

At her house, Cassie looks online to see what type of medication Reva is taking. Josh tells her there is a storm coming up. Suddenly she looks online and exclaims, “Oh, my goodness”. Josh comes in and finds Cassie staring at the computer. She sees a sexy picture of herself online. He tells her that he downloaded it from his phone. They laugh and run around the room. They fall on the couch together and Josh tells her their first kiss was in a storm. He looks into her eyes and she gets up from the couch. She goes back to the computer and tells him that she is looking at something from Reva…..he interrupts her and tells her he doesn’t want to talk about Reva. They kiss again. Meanwhile, on the computer screen, these words appear: “Luprofen. A powerful cutting edge pharmaceutical …effective in the treatment of latter-stage breast cancer”.

Reva and Billy return to their room. She tells him that she is looking for a piece of paper with a prescription name on it. He tells her that if they don’t get moving, they will miss the wedding. Reva gives up looking for the paper and they leave again.

On the roof of Towers, Jonathan and Tammy kiss. Alan takes a picture of the two and tells Jonathan that the camera never lies. Suddenly, Jonathan breaks from Tammy and says, “You have got to quit it. I’m married. So get away and stay away”. Tammy looks shocked. Tammy understands what Jonathan is doing and tells him that she understands. Jonathan continues and in a hateful way, asks Tammy if she is happy now. Lizzie walks up and Alan tells her that Tammy and Jonathan were kissing. He says that he will take this picture to judge and that Jonathan can kiss his marriage and baby goodbye. Tammy says that she just needed to prove that she doesn’t miss Jonathan and now can move on. Alan looks skeptical. Jonathan tells Tammy to move on for he has a future with Lizzie. Tammy looks hurt hearing these words. Lizzie doesn’t say anything.

In her room, Olivia tells the hired hit man that he went too far. He tells her that Ava put up a fight. They fight and she tells him it is too much. The man, on top of Olivia on the bed, tells her the only problem she has is if she doesn’t pay him for the job. Olivia begs to know where Ava is. Suddenly, Frank’s voice is heard and he knocks on the door. The hired hit man asks who that is and Olivia tells him it is the chief of police. The man gets off of Olivia and tells her that she set him up. The man leaves and Olivia opens the door for Frank. He asks her where the man is and she tells him to just let him go. Frank asks her what is going on and she tells him that he doesn’t need to be nice to her. She says, “It’s just my daughter”. He tells her that he will take her to Emma and she yells, “It’s not Emma”. Frank takes Olivia to see Emma and as she walks in the door, she says, “Oh, she looks so much like her”. Frank says, “Who?” Olivia picks up Emma and hugs her tightly. Frank tells Olivia to put Emma down to sleep and he will take the babysitter home. She agrees to this and thanks Frank for all he has done. After they leave, Olivia clings to Emma and talks about the scary storm. She tells Emma there is nothing of which to be afraid. She tells Emma to go to bed and wait for her. Later, Olivia pulls out Ava’s baby picture and says, “What have I done? Did I kill one to protect the other?” Later, Olivia emerges from Emma’s room and tells her to sleep well. Olivia sobs and starts to drink. She says through tears, “I didn’t know. I didn’t know”. She hears sirens and thinks the authorities are coming after her. She continues to drink one glass after another and cries while mumbling to herself.

Back on the roof of Towers, Tammy tells Jonathan that she wishes him and Lizzie the best. Jonathan continues to berate her and tells her that she needs to get on with her life. Tammy looks so hurt. Alan tells Tammy that the kiss looked so real. Remy tells Alan to leave now, then turns to Tammy and holds her close to him.

Back at her house, Cassie and Josh kiss during the storm. She tells him that having him here at the house is just about perfect. He tells her that he thinks there needs to be a blanket and champagne and candles. She tells him he wants to make it magical and he says, “Yes ma’am”. Josh goes to the kitchen and a door swings open. The computer screen still displays the information about Reva’s medicine. Josh doesn’t see the screen and finally secures the latch on the door. Once that is repaired, the roof starts to leak. Cassie giggles as Josh places pans under the leak. He opens the champagne bottle and pours the two a drink. They toast weathering any storm. Cassie picks up the computer and takes it to the living area. Suddenly, the lights go off.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Reva and Billy arrive in a loud room full of gamblers. She tells him to get them a room. After he leaves, she has problems with the noise of the room. Suddenly, she sees Josh all dressed in a white suit. He asks her how lucky does she feel? Billy returns and Reva tells him that……and, collapses in his arms. Billy takes her to a chair and asks her if she is okay. She finally stands and he tells her that she needs to lean on him for that is why he is there. She shakes her head and tells him that she cannot let him do this. Billy drops his head and appears very disappointed.

Remy takes Tammy back to her room. She looks so sad. She tells him that she can handle this just like every other time. But, she says it feels different this time. She says it feels like a trap getting tighter and tighter. Tammy picks up the phone to call Jonathan and promptly hands it up again. She starts to put on her jacket and tells Remy that she wants to go out. He says, “You do not have to tell me twice”. They leave together.

On Main Street, Jonathan and Lizzie wait under an eave as the rain falls. He tells her that he has to find Tammy. She tells him not to be worried. He yells and tells Lizzie that the fight with Tammy this time felt real. Alan walks up and tells the two he will take them home. He also tells Jonathan that he wants proof that he will stay with Lizzie. He makes a snide remark about Tammy and Jonathan grabs Alan’s collar and says, “You shut the hell up about Tammy”. Alan tells Jonathan that he hit a nerve and that Jonathan’s actions speak louder than words. Lizzie tells Alan that the decision to see Tammy was her idea for it was Tammy’s big night. Alan offers to take them home again and Jonathan reluctantly agrees.

Back in Las Vegas, Billy tells her that he will get her some water. She tells him to just look at the people having fun and he says, “But, you already said yes”. She tells him that it just can’t happen for he will go from groom to caretaker to widower. He takes her hand and tells her that they need to do this Las Vegas style. He takes her to a lone card dealer. He tells her that the man will deal one card only and if it’s a spade or club, they will not get married, but if it is a heart or diamond, they’ll get married. She says, “One card, huh?” He nods and tells her, “The question now is if you are a player. Whether you’ve lost your never along with your hair”. Reva cuts her eyes and says, “Oh, now them’s fighting words, Billy Lewis. You are so on.” She tells the man to deal and Billy giggles.

Back at her house, Cassie realizes that Josh turned off the lights. He lights candles and the two finally sit on the floor to candle light. She tells him there is one thing to do and the two start to kiss.

Back at her room, Olivia pours another drink and appears to hear a noise. She goes to Emma’s door and says, “Emma?” She turns to take another drink when suddenly, Ava grabs a startled Olivia and says, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a ghost”. Olivia grabs Ava and hugs her and says, “Thank G-d you are all right”. Ava pushes Olivia off of her and tells her that she could kill her for she knows she sent that man to get her. Olivia sobs and hands Ava a towel to dry her wet hair and Ava yells louder. She tells Olivia that the man tried to rape her and she hit him over the head. She tells Olivia that she hitched back to town and only thought how she will make Olivia pay for what she’s done. Ava is distraught and tells Olivia that she tried to kill her twice and now this. Olivia tries to tell her that she almost lost her child and that she thinks she almost lost her mind. The whole time, Olivia clutches to the picture of Ava as a child. Ava screams at Olivia and tells her that she better think about getting a good home for Emma for she doesn’t deserve a daughter. Ava leaves and slams the door. Olivia crumples to the floor and sobs uncontrollably.

Back in their room, Jonathan tells Lizzie that he doesn’t care if the phone is tapped for he has to call Tammy. In Tammy’s room, her cell phone lies on the table. It rings and rings. Lizzie tries to tell him that everything will be okay. He yells and tells her to be quiet for she cannot help him. He yells louder and tells her no one can help him now. He goes on a rampage and tears up the room as Lizzie cries silently.

Back at her house, Josh and Cassie kiss in the darkened room lit by candle light. She tells him that all the waiting and wasted time wasn’t wasted for it was worth it to be here with him. She tells him that she wants him and he tells her the same thing. They embrace and kiss passionately.

Meanwhile, in Vegas, the dealer turns over the King of Hearts. Billy lets out a yell and Reva tells him that he is stuck with her. Billy tells her that he is happy and that he loves her. She tells him that Lady Luck is smiling on her tonight. Billy hugs her tightly and then flashes the okay sign to the dealer, who returns the sign. Reva asks what that was and Billy takes her aside. He tells her that he wants to make every minute count and that he promises to let her lean on him, yell at him, try to make her laugh, and never let her cry alone. He adds, “I’ll never give up on you”. Reva smiles. Billy grabs her hand and tells her to, “Let’s show this town a wedding”. He gives her a coin and she places it in the slot machine. Suddenly, the machine shows three stars in a row and spills out money to a very excited Billy and Reva.

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