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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/29/06

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Written By Suzanne

Reva paces and looks at the ring Billy gave her. She tries it on and he walks in, admiring how it looks. She tries to get it off and then can't. He suggests that she leave it there and take it for a test drive. He reminds her that he's still waiting for an answer. She tells him that they have to do something first before she can answer. Reva phones Cassie to leave a message, asking if she and Josh want to join them for dinner so they can spend some time together. Billy doesn't think it's a good idea. They hug. Reva tells him that she wants to spend more time with Josh and Cassie before she's gone.

Cassie babbles nervously as she and Josh get ready to go to Tammy's party. He stops her by kissing her. He tells her that he's a lucky guy but wonders if she's nervous. She claims she's not, since Reva is supporting them. They kiss some more and then she rushes them out.

Lizzie admires how good Jonathan looks after he gets dressed up for Tammy's party. She asks if she looks fat, but he just tells her that she looks pregnant. He is nervous about being there but not really being able to go with Tammy. They walk outside--Dr. Baker is there. Jonathan is eating a sandwich, so he offers half of it to Baker, saying that Alan probably doesn't even give him a lunch break. Baker takes the sandwich. Lizzie wonders why Jonathan is being so nice to him, so he tells her that it is a laxative sandwich. She laughs, appreciating the joke.

Remy shows up at Tammy's door to escort her to her party. He gives her a corsage but jokes that it looks awful because it's so big. He says she can toss it, but she insists on wearing it. She tells him that he doesn't have to escort her since it's not a real date, but he assures her that he's just going as her friend. they go to Main Street for her party. She looks around for Jonathan. Josh and Cassie arrive. Cassie tells her how proud she is and hugs her. Tammy is shocked that Cassie and Josh are together, and with Reva's blessing. Lizzie and Jonathan arrive, still talking about Dr. Baker. Lizzie tries to make Jonathan leave early by saying that maybe the doctor won't eat the whole thing. Jonathan shakes hands with Josh. He tells Josh and Cassie that even though this whole situation makes him want to bash his head against the brick wall, he promised Reva that he would play nice. They all agree to be cool. Josh offers to help Jonathan with any dad stuff, like putting together the crib, but Jonathan informs him coldly that he's already done it, then he walks away. Cassie finds she has a message on her phone from Reva. They are shocked to hear about the invitation for dinner. Cassie thinks they should go, but Josh thinks it's a bad idea. He agrees to go and that it's a good idea. Cassie tells Tammy about the call, so she tells the it's okay to go. Josh admires how quickly and easily they communicated, then they leave. Josh and Cassie show up to Reva and Billy's door. Josh whispers in Cassie's ear what he has planned for later, so it cheers her up. Things are very awkward between the four. Josh and Cassie fill them in on what's going on in Main Street. They joke about Cassie having post-it notes everywhere. Reva tries to clear the air by saying how awkward things are. They get out the drinks. Reva spills wine on Josh and insists on wiping it off. She hands the cloth to Cassie so she can finish wiping Josh's shirt off. They sit down to eat dinner. Reva is clearly having a bad time. They keep drinking. Everything is echoing and moving in a weird fashion for Reva, particularly when Cassie touches Josh's hand. Reva gets up suddenly and goes outside, saying she's going to get ice. Billy follows her out to make sure she's okay. He suggests that she tell them the truth. She asks him to stand by her, so he says he will. They go back inside. Reva prepares to tell them something. Instead of telling them about the cancer, she shows them the ring and says they are engaged. Cassie congratulates them and hugs Reva. Josh is not happy at all but stays silent as much as possible. They toast them and break out the doughnuts that Josh and Cassie picked up on the way at a gas station. After Cassie and Josh leave, Billy is very ecstatic that Reva is marrying him. She is literally reeling from the dinner. Reva tells Billy how much she needs him and appreciates him. Her voice breaks when she says that he is the person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. He replies that he knows that's not true, but it's nice to hear. They hug. She tells him to leave the dishes because they have to pack so they can get hitched in Las Vegas.

Josh and Cassie talk about the weird dinner. Josh confesses that he was surprised by the engagement. Cassie tries to be understanding, but he kisses her and thanks her, saying he doesn't want to talk about Reva right now. They keep kissing. Cassie picks up a note, think it's one she wrote, but it's not--it's a website address that Reva wrote down. While Josh goes to get more wine, she goes to the computer to type it in.

Jonathan is not happy when he sees Remy's arm around Tammy. Lizzie notices the corsage. She tries to make Jonathan feel better by saying that this will help them with their cover-up. Tammy is shocked to find that Remy's whole family has read her paper and admired it. They all joke around. Jonathan has words again with Remy about Tammy. Lizzie notices that Jonathan is jealous of Remy and Tammy. She figures that Tammy likes hanging out with Remy's family because they are like a sitcom family. Jonathan is shocked to consider the idea that Tammy might want that kind of life. When Lizzie says that they are "Happy, healthy, and perfect", the camera zooms in on Rick. Jonathan notes that no one's perfect. They go over to Tammy and Remy--they congratulate Tammy. Tammy is called to the stage, so everyone applauds. She makes a short speech. Jonathan is not too happy to see Tammy thanking and hugging Jonathan. He gets angry and says that the whole family are hypocrites. He keeps glaring at Rick.

Mel and Rick have a chat where she tells him that she would like to forgive him. She goes on and on about great he is. He hugs her and tells her how much it means to him. They kiss and tell each other, "I love you". Rick goes to get them drinks. He threatens Jonathan that if he tells anyone about him and Beth, he will be very sorry. Jonathan and Rick argue about it. Jonathan tells Tammy to meet him on the hospital roof. She tells him that she'll be there. They meet on the roof and kiss. He tells her how hard it was for him to be downstairs with her. Alan takes a picture of them and says, "Gotcha!"

Meanwhile, Lizzie talks to Remy, saying that she's glad that Tammy has him for a friend.

Olivia is shocked to hear that Ava is her daughter. Buzz asks her what's wrong, so Olivia tells him quietly that he has to go. She tells him that he was right--they need a break from each other. He is surprised at her sudden change in attitude. Olivia gets very upset and flashes back to giving birth. She tells herself that Ava can't be her daughter. She phones the guy in Chicago back, leaving a message that there's no way Ava is her daughter. She heads out after giving the babysitter some instructions. Olivia goes to Ava's room and snoops around. She steals a photo album. Coop comes in and finds her, asking her what the hell she's doing there, surprising her. She claims that she is checking the plumbing for a leak, then she runs out. She looks in the album outside and sees pictures of Ava's family. She notices that the picture of Ava as a little girl looks just like Emma. Olivia gets very upset and scared, sobbing, and says, "What have I done?" She phones Gillespie but finds that the number has been disconnected. She phones Ava but gets voice mail. She then knocks on the door and asks Coop frantically where Olivia is. He is not helpful and tells her that she went to work. He tells Olivia to leave her alone and tries to slam the door in her face. Olivia says that she realized that Ava was not trying to hurt her and she wants to apologize. Coop can't believe that she just now figured that out. Olivia urges him to find Ava, wherever she is, then she leaves. His mouth drops open because of the weird way she is acting.

Olivia gets Frank to track down Gillespie for her, then she gets Frank to go get her bag for her so she can see Gillespie herself. Frank leaves, so Gillespie brings her in his room. He tells her that the job is done as he packs. She asks him what he did, but he doesn't give her specifics. She screams that she wanted Ava out of her face, not to kill her. Gillespie tells her that it's too late.

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