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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/28/06

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Written By Suzanne

Lizzie is happy to get china from her Aunt India, but Jonathan is not in a good mood because he misses Tammy. Tammy comes by, pretending to put on a show about being angry that Jonathan has not picked up his junk (for Doctor Baker's sake). As soon as she gets inside, though, she and Jonathan start kissing passionately. Lizzie is a little surprised that they are ignoring her. Tammy and Jonathan pretend to yell at each other and throw things, in-between kissing. Lizzie doesn't think this will work and thinks Tammy will go. Lizzie stops Tammy from throwing her new china. Jonathan sees that Baker moved down to the other end of the hallway. They go back to kissing. Lizzie imagines Jonathan picking her up and kissing her that way. Jonathan suggests to Lizzie that she go take a long shower and give them some time alone. He escorts her to the bathroom and closes the door, then he goes back to kissing Tammy. Lizzie listens to them through the door. Tammy tells Jonathan about her paper being published. He is proud of her and wants to have sex. Tammy reminds him that Lizzie takes quick showers. She suggests that he come to her party in Main Street to celebrate her being published and says that maybe they can get together privately. He agrees. After Tammy tells him about Remy helping her with her paper and their having dinner at his house, he's not too pleased but hides it from her. Later, Tammy wonders if maybe she shouldn't have told him since he can be possessive. He assures her that it's fine and kisses her. They put on their mad act again, and Tammy leaves. Lizzie comes out; Jonathan notices that her hair isn't wet. She lies that she did take a shower but just didn't wash her hair. She asks him if he wants to go out, but he replies that he has to rest up for his date with Tammy. Jonathan thinks about what Tammy said about Remy. Remy shows up to investigate a call from the neighbors about the yelling. Jonathan is not very friendly but tells him what the shouting was about. Remy gives Jonathan a hard time about what he's putting Tammy through. Jonathan tells him that he doesn't like him. They argue. Remy warns that he might be there to pick up the pieces if Jonathan keeps treating Tammy badly. Before he leaves, Remy warns him to keep the noise down. Jonathan throws something and yells, "Pig!" after he leaves.

Tammy sees Lizzie out on the street, so she wonders if Jonathan is there. Lizzie tells her that Jonathan is back at their room studying a baby book that Beth got for him. Tammy is shocked to hear it, since he didn't mention it. She is not very thrilled when Lizzie goes on about how cute Jonathan is being about the baby and that she got him leather saddle bags for his bike that he's wanted for a long time. She also calls Jonathan "My husband" and then corrects herself, "My pretend husband". Tammy reminds her that Jonathan is not her real husband and that she shouldn't be buying him gifts. Lizzie denies that she has feelings for Jonathan or would do anything to get him. Tammy is not put at ease by what Lizzie says. She angrily walks away from Lizzie.

In their room, Ava tells Coop she wants him to go with her to visit Emma, but he objects to the idea because he's afraid that she'll see Olivia. She knows that Olivia will not be there, so she drags him off. Emma's babysitter is confused about why they are there, but then Emma comes running out to see Ava. Ava picks her up, and Coop asks her to leave them alone, so she does for just a minute. Ava sits Emma down and apologizes to her for not protecting her when she got into her perfume. Emma nods, so Ava kisses her and reads her favorite book. Coop admires how they are together. Ava is amazed at the connection they have. Coop suggests that Ava hurry up, knowing that Olivia will be home soon.

At the Beacon, Buzz tells Olivia that he's going to the restaurant owners' convention in New Orleans. She offers to go with him, but he says they need to take a break. Olivia thinks that he is breaking up with her and that Coop is to blame, but he tells her that it was his own idea and that he's just leaving town so that things will calm down. They argue. Frustrated, he hugs her and reminds her that he loves her. He needs her to make it right, he tells her, then he leaves. Olivia blames Ava again. Olivia hears Ava and Coop saying goodbye to Emma; she looks angry but doesn't let on that she's there. Olivia then yells at the babysitter for letting strangers in to see Emma. Olivia looks at the book, "Treasure of Tales", that Ava was reading to her. Emma comes running up, so Olivia picks her up and hugs her, assuring her that she'll keep her safe. Olivia has Emma go in the other room, but Emma asks where Ava is. Olivia tells her that Ava is gone. Olivia phones Gillespie to tell him that she needs his services again. He tells her that it'll be difficult to get her alone because she's usually around some guy. She assures him that she'll handle that. Olivia throws Emma's book across the room in anger. Later, Olivia goes outside for some air and finds Buzz there waiting for her. He says he realized he was being a jerk and came back. He tells her that the most important thing to him is their relationship. She hugs him gratefully. Greg Sutton phones her to tell her that the name of her daughter is Ava Peralta.

Ava is very cheerful after leaving Emma. She's relieved that Emma is not angry with her. She and Coop chat a bit and then they end up on the bed. They are interrupted by the phone. On the phone, Olivia pretends to be Stephanie from Spaulding, asking her to come in to work for an hour at Alan-Michael's request. She goes to her car but finds Gillespie in her back seat. She turns and he puts a cloth over her mouth.

Gus and Harley jokingly give Remy a hard time when he's out patrolling tiredly. He jokes back that he doesn't know how he got this shift instead of Marina, but Harley points out that Marina figured out where the Springfield Burns server is. Harley and Gus bemoan the fact that it is so quiet in the town.

Dinah awakens to find a flashbulb in her face. She sits up and turns on the light to see that someone has written "Shame shame shame" and "Springfield Burns" in red on the wall. Gus and Harley arrive after she phones, expecting to find Jeffrey since it is his room. She shows them the letters and explains what happened. They question her. Things are a bit awkward. Gus and Harley are suspicious that she set the whole thing up in order to get Mallet to rescue her. Dinah gets very angry and makes sarcastic comments. Gus gets a phone call from Mallet, explaining that they haven't found anything in Chicago yet. Dinah is surprised to find out that he's in Chicago with Marina. Gus and Harley leave, telling her to dead-bolt the door behind them. Harley reprimands Gus about mentioning Mallet's whereabouts in front of Dinah. Dinah cleans off the door, complaining about Mallet. Jeffrey comes in and wonders what's going on, so Dinah tells him what happened. Jeffrey is not happy to find out that Dinah phoned the police. She is annoyed that he has no concern about her safety. He only cares that the cops may have gone through his stuff or that the blogger might have gotten dirt on him. She tells him that he'd better apologize or she won't do the thing with whipped cream that he likes. He reluctantly apologizes, saying he's worried about this destroying his chances for being mayor. She says that maybe she was the target, not him. Dinah is still in a bad mood. Jeffrey tries to persuade her to stop fighting with him. She suggests that he help her clean off the walls, but he says that he has a school board meeting to prep for. He suggests that she check the website to make sure there are no new posts about them. She goes to the site and sees everyone's picture up on the site. She pauses and then types in something about Mallet and Marina to add to the website. It looks like she is sending an email to the site's administration. Is she the blogger or just feeding him dirt?

Gus and Harley investigate a lead that the Springfield Burns website's server is in a room (looks like The Beacon), so they prepare to go in. They go in and find a computer and printer, but Gus says no one has been there for a while. It has a camera there, so it shows Gus and Harley standing there. The caption on the computer says, "Springfield's Keystone Cops strike out again!".

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