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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/27/06

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Written By Siri

Billy – Inside the Light

“Make Sure it Fits”

In her room, Reva wakes up beside Billy. She leans over to him, smiles, and kisses him on the forehead. She looks at her medication bottle, gets up and walks to the balcony outside. She looks up to the heavens.

Meanwhile, Josh stands outside Cassie’s house and looks up towards the heavens. He touches his wedding ring, removes it, and places it in his pocket. He has a sad look on his face. Cassie walks out and kisses him on the cheek. He tells her that she just missed a shooting star. She tells him that her wish has already come true.

Billy comes out on the balcony and asks Reva what she’s doing. She tells him that she is thinking about how precious life is; every single minute and you don’t realize that until you are down to your last few. He tells her that she has lived life to the fullest. She asks him if she has made a difference. He takes her hand and tells her to get dressed.

Back at her house, Cassie asks Josh what he wants to do. They both appear to be nervous and finally admit that they are scared. In fact, Josh says, “I’m terrified”.

Billy tells Reva, after she is dressed, “Let’s do some living. Scared?” Reva says, “Terrified”.

Josh tells Cassie that they are just nervous around each other. She tells him that she loves him and he says he does, too. They both are awkward, but kiss.

Billy takes Reva to the roof and she asks him why she’s there. He tells her there are many people down there and she touched their lives. She says, “For myself, maybe”. He tells her she needs to ask her kids that and to look at all the sacrifices she’s made. He adds that because of her, he is in a good place. Reva smiles. She tells him that she cannot see herself the way he sees her. She says that she has no right to ask him anything more. He asks what and Reva says, “I need you to help me figure out how to die”.

Josh asks Cassie if she has a Western and she says she doesn’t think so for she’s never watched one. He finds the movie, “The Shootist”, with John Wayne listed in the newspaper and she seems less-than-thrilled. Her mood suddenly changes and she asks him if he minds going out again. She says that she found something in the paper and doesn’t want to tell him what it is. He says it is okay and tells her he will take her anywhere she wants to go. He has a confused look on her face.

Reva tells Billy that she is dying for she can feel it. He asks her not to talk like this. She tells him that she needs every ounce of strength to get through this. He tells her that he will help her as long as if he doesn’t have to give up hope. She tells him that she wants to have a say in how she dies. Billy walks away and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that no one can know she died of cancer and he tells her no one does. She says that if they do know, people will feel guilty, like Josh and Cassie. Billy tells her that Jonathan already knows and she tells him that she will let him know that he can give her the gift of keeping that secret. She cries and says that at least Marah and Shayne will know she tried to spare them. She raises her voice and tells him that at least she can control this. She goes to the edge of the roof and says, “Maybe I can spread my wings and fly”. Billy laughs and says, “No, I don’t think so”. He adds, “You’ll go splat. That will look good lying in the coffin at the viewing”. Reva stops and looks at Billy as he says these words. Reva says that he has a point. He tells her that he has HB’s gun collection and she says, “Talk about messy”. She tells him that it is hard for her. He makes jokes. Later, Billy takes her to Cedars. He tells her that here they have sleeping pills and poison and tells her they can steal it. She gets indignant and tells him that if he doesn’t want to help her to just forget it. Later, on Main Street, Reva sees her name up in lights: Sneak Preview: Reva Shayne Lewis Memorial Service. She looks funny and he asks what she’s doing. She tells him that she is thinking about her funeral. Billy tells her, “Not again”. She finally tells him that she used to tell Josh that when her time comes, she wanted to have a button where people would step on it and her voice would be saying funny things. Billy laughs. She makes him agree that no one will know about the cancer. She tells him that she wants a message in a bottle for the ones she loves and throw off the lighthouse, then in a while, they will find the bottles and then, they will know.

Cassie and Josh sit in a car and he tells her that this restaurant looks like a dive. She tells him it isn’t a restaurant. She looks sad and tells him they are going to a wake. He says, “You’re serious?” She tells him that this place is one of her old foster homes and she saw the notice in the newspaper for the obituary of Lois Singer. She tells him that she spent five years, 3 months and thirteen days in this foster home and this woman made her life a living hell. He tells her that she could have told him where they were going. She tells him that she needs to go in by herself and starts to cry as she walks toward the building. She says that she really stopped trusting people after she came to this foster home. She tells him that when Lois’s husband left, she became mean. She tells Josh that she remembers hearing Lois crying at night and Lois blamed her for her husband leaving and told Cassie that she wasn’t pretty or smart enough for anything. She continues and tells Josh about the time Lois told everyone that her real daughter wouldn’t have so many freckles. She says that she went home that night and tried to scrub them all from her face; scrubbed so hard her face bled. Josh tells her in a whisper that he is so sorry. She tells him that she used to fantasize after marrying Richard that she would show up on Lois’s doorstep wearing a tiara, but now…..and, Josh says, “You came back here to face your old demons?” She smiles and tells him that she is here with someone so much better and tells him that she has already faced the demons. He embraces her and tells her that she doesn’t have to face demons on her own ever again. She asks him to come in with her and he says, “Sure”. They walk hand-in-hand towards the home.

Back on Main Street, Reva and Billy continue talking and he tells her it is strange to inspire her of the ways to kill herself. She asks him does he mind leaving her alone for a while and he makes her promise not to…..she stops him in those words. After Billy walks away, he makes a phone call and tells the person to meet him in his room for it is a matter of life and death. Jonathan walks up to Reva and they embrace. He tells her that he needed a break from the wife. They sit down at the table. Meanwhile, later in his room, Billy welcomes a man who arrives carrying a briefcase. He opens it and Billy says, “Oh, perfect”. The man tells Billy that he hopes ‘she’s’ worth it and Billy says with a wink, “She is”. Reva asks Jonathan when the last time he saw Tammy and he tells her that he just runs into her and that’s all for Alan has spies everywhere. She tells him it will not be much longer. Jonathan tells her that love sucks and she tells him that he is wrong. Reva starts to cry and he tells her that he doesn’t want to take a trip down cancer memory lane. He shows her the watch Tammy gave him and tells her that she needs to get one to count down the seconds until she and Josh get back together. She tells him they signed the divorce papers and he’s with Cassie now. She asks him wouldn’t it be great if they could go back to normal things a mother and son could do. He laughs and tells her maybe an ice cream….with sprinkles. Later, he stuffs his mouth full of ice cream and Reva giggles.

Jonathan and Reva have fun on the roof. She plays hop scotch and he calls her a cheater. They laugh and she puts a sucker in his hair. Jonathan tries to play hop scotch and stumbles. Later on, on Main Street, Reva and Jonathan emerge from the movies. He calls her mommy and she giggles. She tells him that she is really tired for they shoved a lot in a short time. He agrees and tells her he will take her home. She tells him no for he needs to get back to Lizzie. She tells him she needs to go home and he tells her that he likes Billy, but Josh is her boy. She says that everyone makes sacrifices. She makes him promise that when she is gone, he will let his little girl know Josh. He asks why and she tells him that maybe this way, the baby will know there was a crazy lady named Reva who will always love her. He promises this. She tells him good boy. Jonathan starts to cry and says, “If I’m so good, why couldn’t I make this go away?” She tells him that he tried. He tells her that he never saw her going out like this and tells her that he thought she would put on a crazy dress, hop in a convertible and drive off in the sunset like a tragic movie star. She laughs and Jonathan tells her that is the way he sees her. They embrace tightly and both cry. He tells her he will see her later and leaves Reva. She listens to his motorcycle rev up.

Back at the foster home, Cassie tells Josh that she didn’t think her life would get better. He asks when that changed and she tells him when she found her sister. She tells him that Reva gave her the first family she ever knew. She tells him that she is afraid to lose Reva, her anchor. He hugs her and tells her that she will never lose her sister.

Back in her room, Billy opens the door for Reva. He asks where she was and she tells him about seeing Jonathan. She tells him that Jonathan had a good idea how to end it all. She says, “Like Thelma and Louise. Get a sexy sports car, drive out to the edge of the damn and drive off the edge into the sunset”. He tells her that she has already tried going over the edge once. He adds that the real leap of faith is right here in this room. He takes a small box, opens it to reveal a diamond ring and says, “Marry me?” Reva smiles.

Josh takes Cassie home and she thanks him for going with her. They kiss and she tells him that she loves him. He kisses her harder. She tells him that she is lucky to have him in her life. He tells her that he will call her in the morning and she makes him say that he will call when he gets home.

Meanwhile, Billy tells Reva that he can do something for her by filling every moment she has left. He makes her laugh. He tells her that he will be a full-service person for her. She listens with tears in her eyes. He starts to cry and tries to compose himself. He tells her that when the time comes, he will be there to hold her hand. She tells him that he is strong. Billy also tells her that once she is his wife, she can be on his insurance. Reva tells him that she doesn’t think he knows what he’s getting into for it will be bad. He reminds her of the bad times when he was drinking. Reva tells him that he has already given her a chance at life. He takes the ring and tells her to take it, then says, “If and when you want to wear it, we will make sure it fits. Okay?” He places the ring in her hand and she closes her fist around it. Tears well up in Reva’s eyes.

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