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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/26/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the penthouse, Jonathan attempts to put together the baby’s bed. He curses after hurting his finger and Lizzie scolds him for it. She tells him that she doesn’t want Brandy to hear this. Jonathan asks who Brandy is and she tells him it is a name she is trying. He tells her that Brandy Randall sounds like a stripper. He adds that he wants to make the fake marriage thing work, but if he doesn’t see Tammy soon….

At the Bauer’s house, Remy tells Tammy that she cannot talk about Jonathan. She tells him, “Some friend”. She proceeds to phone Jonathan. Back at the penthouse, Jonathan takes a shower and while he’s in there, his cell phone rings; it is Tammy. Lizzie ignores the call and in a low voice says, “Jonathan, Tammy’s calling”. Of course with the water running, he cannot hear Lizzie. At the Bauer’s, Tammy leaves a message and tells Jonathan that she misses him. Remy tells her that he is going to take the phone and does. Mel tells Tammy that she is glad she is there and puts her and Remy to work helping to prepare the salad. Leah asks Tammy if she was a princess and Tammy tells her yes. Leah tells her that her father always thanks Richard for what he did. Tammy tells her that it’s nice that Richard’s heart found a loving home.

On Main Street, Olivia runs into Billy. He asks her to keep him company and sits down at his table. Billy grins. He serves her coffee and she tells him that she isn’t drunk. He asks about Bill and she tells him that he does check on Emma. Billy tells her that Bill loves Emma and she says she knows that and that she is doing fine raising Emma on her own. Billy tells her that he thinks she makes things harder on herself than needs to be. Olivia agrees. She asks him if he’s okay and Billy tells her, yes. He adds that he has a love and people who love him. He tells her to take care and adds that he really means it. Olivia smiles.

At the garage, Reva and Josh continue to dance. They look into each other’s eyes and suddenly begin to kiss passionately. Cassie walks up to the garage and begins to call Josh’s name. They break from their kiss and Josh answers Cassie. He turns off the music and goes to the gate. He tells her that the door slammed shut and that, “We have been in here for quite a while”. Reva walks up and Cassie is surprised to see her. She tells the two that she will open the gate. After Cassie walks away, Josh asks Reva what happened and she says nothing. Reva looks sad and her voice breaks, but tells him it is a plan to say nothing happened. Josh tells her, “But, it did happen and I’m glad”. He tells her that it was saying goodbye. He smiles and tells her that they have always done everything in the heat of the moment and now they can let go and move on. She says she wants that, too. He asks if she is okay with him and Cassie and she says she wants it for he deserves Cassie, but not to make it harder by asking her to talk about it. She says, “Goodbye, Joshua”. The door opens and in walks Cassie who says, “So, you’re free”.

Back at their penthouse, Jonathan emerges from the shower and asks Lizzie if anyone phoned. Lizzie tells him that she was listening to music and didn’t hear the phone. He finds a call from Tammy and chastises Lizzie for not catching the phone message. He looks out the door and tells Lizzie that he is going to go see Tammy. Lizzie tells him that is stupid for Alan is not going to give up. Jonathan tells her that he is going to see Tammy. Lizzie tells him if he gets caught it will be over for all of them. He tells her that he has to go and will bring back ice cream for her. He leaves. Outside the door, a man lurks. Jonathan grabs the man and tells him to get off his property. The man tells him he doesn’t know what he means. Jonathan starts to slug the guy and Lizzie walks out the door. She plants a kiss on Jonathan and tells the man to give that message to Alan.

Back at the garage, Cassie tells Josh and Reva that it is funny the two of them were stuck down here. Reva tells her that she was looking for Josh because she knew that Cassie was worried about him. She continues and tells them both that they owe her a lot. She says, “You know I’m dying here and you two get to go on”. Josh says, “If you had told me sooner…..” and Reva interrupts. She tells them that she was going to handle this on her own. Cassie says, “How do you handle cancer on your own?” Reva yells at Cassie and tells them both that they stabbed her in the back. “How dare you”, she asks them. She continues, “How dare you get to watch my children grow up? How dare you, Joshua, betray me and you, Cassie, with my husband? It’s not fair”…..suddenly, she returns to reality as Cassie and Josh look at her. She sighs and thanks Josh for keeping her calm while they were trapped. Reva walks off and leaves Cassie and Josh alone. Cassie tells Josh at least the power is on this time. Josh tells her that he is sorry for worrying her. He tells her that he needed some time to work out some things. Cassie tells him it was awkward just now. Josh tells her that he cannot lie to her and needs to tell her what happened with Reva. Cassie looks skeptical and he tells her that he caught Reva lurking and they got caught in the garage. He tells her about the dance and the whole thing was about saying goodbye. He tells her they kissed. Cassie says, “Oh, my G-d”, and runs away.

At her room, Reva tells Billy that she and Josh were trapped in the garage. She breathes hard and tells him that rotten luck always throws them back together again. She tells Billy that they had a deal to do this. Billy says, “Wait a minute…you kissed Josh”. Reva cries and says, “I still love him”.

Back at her room, Tammy checks her email and finds that her professor wants her to post her paper in the undergrad review. She is so excited and kisses Remy. Suddenly, they break away and she tells him that she wasn’t expecting that. Remy tells her that he has been thinking about doing that for a long time. He tells her that he knows she wants Jonathan. He tells her that she has been doing just fine without Jonathan. As he leaves the room, he says, “See you around”.

On Main Street, Jonathan attempts to call Tammy who is not answering. Lizzie tells him that he is driving himself crazy. She tells him that to be with her (Lizzie) isn’t that bad. He tells her that not having Tammy in his life…..and, she kisses him. He tells her to knock it off for it isn’t a good way to stop him. Lizzie tells him, “Maybe I kissed you for myself”. He tells her that isn’t good for her. Lizzie tells him that she is vulnerable right now and feels urgy. Jonathan says, “Urgy?”. She tells him it has been a long time since she’s been with another guy and worries about not having anyone ever again. Jonathan tells her that she will be able to date again. He tells her that even if she looks like a bloated elephant. Lizzie laughs. She tells him that she is going for ice cream and walks to a vendor. The man in the hallway at the penthouse walks beside her and Lizzie places money in his pocket. She says to the man, “Stay close. I want Jonathan to think my grandfather is always watching”.

On another part of Main Street, Josh follows Cassie. He tells her no more running. She tells him that he was running and now has found himself in a lip-lock with his ex. Josh asks why she went after him and she tells him because she is ready to fight for them. Josh says, “Kissing Reva was a good thing”. Cassie doesn’t understand. He explains that the time with her shows him they will always have a connection, but it cleared his mind. He says, “I want to be with you”. Cassie grins and tells him that she will not be afraid of Reva and their past. She continues and says that they will face everything and will not lose her chance with him. Josh tells her that he isn’t afraid and then, takes her hand.

Back in her room, Reva tells Billy that she doesn’t want to play with his emotions. Billy tells her that he is a big boy and he doesn’t want to take Josh’s place in her heart. They laugh and hug. He asks her what all of this means with Josh and she tells him it cannot mean anything for it was a moment of weakness. She adds that it also was a moment of forgetting for in his arms, she forgot she was dying. Billy tells her that he is rusty at all of this, but he is pretty sure he can make her forget if she gave him a chance. Reva grins.

Back on Main Street, Cassie and Josh hug and she tells him that never in a million years did she imagine being with him. Josh grins at this. Cassie says, “I love you, Josh, I do”. She tells him that he need not say a word. Josh says, “I love you, too, Cassie” He kisses her and they embrace.

In her room, Billy caresses Reva’s face. They kiss and Billy grins.

In their room, Lizzie watches Jonathan undress as he prepares for bed. She has a longing look in her eyes. She remembers kissing Jonathan. As Jonathan gets in to bed, Lizzie looks at him, longingly.

In her room, Tammy touches the locket Jonathan gave her. She has a far-away look in her eyes. She holds to the cell phone while in bed.

At the Bauer house, Remy thinks back on his kiss with Tammy and has a far-away look in his eye.

Tammy is alone and stares in the dark.

Reva crawls into bed with Billy. They embrace as he strokes her hair…

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