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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/25/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the police station, Olivia listens to a voice mail from the man she hired to “take care of Ava”. She suddenly realizes the call was placed yesterday. She runs through the station and yells, “Frank! We have to find him”. Doris, the DA, stops Olivia and tells her that she needs to go back to her room. Olivia says, “I don’t want to kill anyone”. Doris tells her to enter a non-guilty plea, but that will not help for if Ava testifies against her, she (Olivia) will go away for a long, long time. Doris tells her that she will be facing murder charges and that her daughter could go in foster care. Olivia yells, “NO!!” Buzz arrives and tells her that he is here now.

In the elevator of Towers, the hired man tells Ava, “This must be my lucky day”. Ava looks uncomfortable and tells him that she left something in her room and needs to get it for her marine-husband. He blocks her exit and says, “Your husband is just going to have to wait”. The doors close and she asks him what he’s doing. He lies and tells her that he needs help with his locked room door. Ava looks terrified.

In her room, Tammy tries to study, but tells herself that the relationship Jonathan has with Lizzie will not be forever. She goes to another room and finds a ribbon tied to the ceiling fan. On the ribbon is a heart-shaped locket. She is elated.

At their room, Jonathan and Lizzie pack. He tells her that he isn’t going to get caught with Tammy for they will not be living above her anymore. Lizzie tries to convince him that they will like it in the penthouse. Jonathan tries to text message Tammy and Lizzie asks him to help her move some more stuff. She tells him again that they will be happy together, but he is preoccupied with the phone. She tells him that she wishes she could make things better. He tells her well, “It’s not going to be forever”. He kids with her a little and she laughs. Jonathan takes a large load to the hallway and finds Tammy there. Tammy tells him to be careful of the cameras. They make small talk and he asks did she get the locket. She smiles and tells him thank you. Lizzie emerges from the room and Tammy tells her that she came to tell them goodbye. Lizzie thanks her for stopping by. Tammy hands Jonathan a box with a watch that was Richards. She tells him that now, he can count down the seconds until the baby is born. They embrace and Lizzie has to break them up. Tammy tells them to be happy and walks away.

On Main Street, Cassie looks at her text message from Josh and wonders where he is. Harley walks up and asks her to go with her for a cup of coffee. Cassie tells her that she is waiting for Josh. Harley then tells her that since Cassie is her friend, she knows that first hand, Josh is a one woman guy. Cassie tells her that yes, he is and she is that one woman. She tells Harley that Josh and Reva signed the divorce papers. Harley tells Cassie that they can add those papers to their divorce papers collection. Cassie tells her that Josh is over Reva and that Reva gave them her blessing. Harley laughs at this. Cassie tells her that she has avoided all of this, but now is not running. Harley tells her that she needs to find Josh and she will help her.

In the garage of Towers, Josh yells for help to get him and Reva out of the garage. She tells him that since they are divorced, they don’t need to be together. She says to herself that she cannot do this and then says aloud, “Billy!” Josh asks her why she is afraid. She tells him that she was looking for Billy. Josh gets a drink from the vending machine and gets her one, too. She finds a protein bar in her purse and they share this. They sit on the hood of his car and try to talk, but he tells her they need to set some rules. He tells her, “no regrets or finger-pointing”. She agrees to this. He tells her that he got a post card from Shayne and that he sees a girl named, Heather. She tells him that she knows this for she saw him in New York. Josh gets offended that he didn’t get to be there.

Back at the police station, Buzz tells Doris that she needs more to convict Olivia than what ifs. Olivia steps away and phones the hired man. She tells him the job is off. He makes her repeat this and she says, “Don’t do it!” After he hangs up the phone, he turns to Ava and says, “That was maintenance. Looks like I won’t need you after all. Have a nice day”. He leaves the elevator and Ava looks relieved, but very shaken.

Cassie and Harley go to Cassie’s house and start trying to figure out where Josh could be. Harley tells her to think of some place that would mean something to Josh. Cassie says the lighthouse for it is a good beginning since he and Reva ended their marriage there.

In the garage, Josh takes a bite of Reva’s protein bar and tells her it tastes like chalk. He wonders how long it was in her purse. She looks at the expiration date: 2004 and tells him it was a very good year. He tells her that he will stick with the soda as she thinks that this was supposed to be Cassie and Josh not Reva and Josh. They stare at the other in silence and she says to herself, “Cassie should be with you long after I’m gone”. Her phone rings and Josh goes through her purse to answer it. Instead, he doesn’t find a phone, but an alert system reminding Reva to take her medications. He asks her why she has this and Reva looks very uncomfortable. She tells him that it’s time to tell him the secret. She says, “I’m not 16 anymore. I went to a specialist and I’m still dealing with menopausal issues”. He nods and tells her that he isn’t a spring chicken either. They laugh. He tells her that they are not going to wait another minute to get out for he will pry open the door. She laughs at him and starts to stand up. She falters and Josh catches her.

Back at the police station, Olivia asks Buzz if he feels sorry for her and he tells her that he didn’t want her to be alone. She asks him does he think she tried to kill Ava and Buzz doesn’t answer. Ava comes running up to the desk sergeant and says that she needs to report a shady character at the Towers. Olivia hears her and says, “Thank goodness you are all right”. Ava tells says no thanks to Olivia. Ava announces that Olivia tried to kill her and Olivia tells her that she cannot take her child from her. Buzz asks about the guy in the elevator and Olivia tells Ava that she doesn’t know anything about that. She gets upset and tells Buzz that she needs to go get Emma. He tells her that Emma’s teacher phoned and said that she was concerned that something was wrong at home. She tells him how dare anyone threaten her and that no one will take away her child.

At the penthouse, Jonathan and Lizzie arrive with their stuff. She tells him that they need to buy things to make the place their own. He tells her no. She suggests a housewarming party and he doesn’t agree to that either. He tells her that this is as far as he can go. Lizzie starts to cry and tells him that she is sorry for she didn’t mean to push. He tells her to stop crying and Lizzie continues and says, “I can’t do anything right”. He finally calms down and tells her that she isn’t messing up anything.

In her room, Tammy answers a knock at the door. It is Remy and her smile fades. He tells her for a second, she had a beautiful smile. He comes in and finds that she has been studying. He tells her that he will help. He does and she is amazed that he knows a lot about deviant behavior. He spies the picture of Jonathan and she tells him not to even think about Jonathan. Remy receives a phone call from Mel. He asks Tammy if she wants to go to supper at Mel and Rick’s house. She tells him yes.

Later, at the penthouse, Jonathan massages Lizzie’s feet and tries to make her feel better. He tells her that it’s weird they are together for they are like from different planets. She laughs and tells him that they really are not that different. She tells him that she wants her daughter to grow up to be unafraid like him. He tells her that he was thinking that it wouldn’t be too shabby for his baby to be a doctor. She tells him that it would be cool if their baby grew up to be horrible. Jonathan laughs out loud.

At the garage, Josh and Reva talk about the “night” at the drive in when they were much younger. She tells him she embarrassed him that night and he says, yes, but the guys were jealous. He tells her that she got him to dance with her. Reva turns on the car radio and starts to dance. She tells him, “For old time’s sake”. Josh tells her that they just got divorced. Reva continues to dance and finally, Josh does, too. They dance close, then apart. Both smile.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Ava hesitates before signing the complaint about Olivia. Buzz asks if she will sign it and Ava asks him if he still believes in Olivia. Buzz tells her that he thinks Olivia is at a breaking point and if she doesn’t let someone in, she will lose everyone she loves. Meanwhile, at the Towers bar, Olivia has a drink and the hired man sits beside her. He tells her that had she waited one minute later…..and his voice trails. She gives him an envelope of money and he asks is this what they agreed upon. She tells him that she might still need his services and consider this a down payment. He tells her to let him know when she wants him to pay Ava another visit, and then he leaves. Olivia says, “I won’t lose you, Emma. Not another daughter. Never”.

At a construction site, Ava’s adoptive father phones and leaves a message on Olivia’s phone. The message: “I’ve been trying to call you about the daughter you put up for adoption. I remember the name of the guy my ex-wife married. The name is Paralta. I hope this helps”.

At their penthouse, Lizzie and Jonathan giggle and eat ice cream and dill pickles. He bends down to her belly and talks to the baby and says, “Maybe when you are born, you will be the best thing that ever happened to me, baby”.

On Main Street, Cassie finds Billy. He looks surprised to see her and she tells him that she wants to know where Josh is. He tells her the last he saw Josh was in the parking garage. Cassie kisses him on the cheek and runs off. Billy smiles.

Back at the garage, Reva tells Josh that she remembers the movie that was playing the night at the drive in: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He laughs as they continue to dance. When they look into each other’s eyes, it is magical and they kiss, passionately.

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