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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/22/06

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Written By Suzanne

Billy wakes Reva up. She chides him for not waking her up earlier. She does not feel very well, so he urges her to stay in bed. She says she just needs a few minutes to get herself together. Cassie arrives and asks Billy for his help because she can't find Josh. Reva hears that and bolts up as Billy questions Cassie. Reva invites Cassie in and Billy excuses himself at her request. Cassie is uncomfortable about talking to Reva about Josh, but Reva assures her that it is fine. Cassie is still not sure and points out that Reva's attitude seems forced or fake. Reva knows that it seems strange, but she has learned not to fight it when life throws you pitches. Cassie doesn't believe it and keeps questioning her. When Reva knocks something over after saying, "There's no time to waste", Cassie stares at her suddenly with worry. Reva assures her that she just hurt her back.

Josh is building something (well, hammering nails). He yells as he hammers the nails in, first yelling at Reva and then at Cassie. Billy finds him there. He tries to join him in taking out his frustrations on some hinges. Josh rants on and on about the Shayne sisters and how they have driven him mad. Billy points out loudly that he is partly responsible for that, since he loves them both. Josh tells him not to worry because he will not try to win Reva back. Billy says that he's not worried. Josh goes on and on about Reva. Billy asks how Cassie makes him feel, so Josh then goes on and on about her. He came there to get rid of all the craziness and suggests that they stop talking and just work. Billy agrees, laughing.

Billy phones Reva to check in. He urges her again to tell Cassie and Josh the truth. She won't, and he tells her that Josh is swearing off women for now. She asks him some favors, including taking Josh's cell phone so he can send Cassie a message. Billy doesn't want to do the second favor but has to agree. Cassie asks Reva what's going on. Reva tells her that she's worried about the kids because they haven't told them yet about their breaking up. Cassie tells her about Marah's call. Cassie gets the text message, so she tells Reva that he asked her to meet him. Reva urges her to go, so she does, apologizing. After she leaves, Reva throws something at the door in anger.

Coop awakens and finds Ava on the computer. She has been thinking about her mom, so she decided to write her a letter to organize her thoughts. He knows that she is also thinking about Olivia and Emma. She is still conflicted about testifying against Olivia, and Coop still argues with her about it. Coop theorizes that sending Olivia away might be a way to protect Emma, too. They argue some more. Coop gets behind her on the bed and kisses her to help her relax. They end up back in bed but are interrupted by knocking on the door. Ava throws on a shirt and answers it. Alan-Michael is at the door. He asks her for her help with a work crisis. Coop is not very friendly toward him. Ava kisses Coop goodbye and leaves with Alan-Michael.

Olivia is angry that Chicago cops had her delivered to Frank's police station. He asks about Emma, so she reveals that she left her with a sitter. She asks why she is there. He tells her what he found out about her running down Ava and that he thinks she left town to avoid her pressing charges. Olivia insists that she went on vacation, but he threatens that she might be in big trouble that he can't get her out of. Buzz arrives and gives Frank a hard time for listening in on his phone conversation. He threatens Frank to let Olivia go or he will make it ugly. Olivia hugs Buzz gratefully. Buzz asks her if she tried to run Ava down. Olivia claims that Ava is trying to ruin her life. He stops her by saying he doesn't care what Ava did--he is there about her. She tells him about the state she was in and how she felt about Ava. Buzz is appalled, but she says she wasn't trying to kill her. She just swears she wasn't in her right mind and begs him for understanding. He says that he still loves her, but she says that she needs help and he's not the one to give it to her. He walks away and Olivia looks disappointed. She listens to her teenage self tell her that it serves her right and that their mother always told them that the only person you can count on is yourself. Olivia argues with herself about her problems. Later, Frank comes in and warns her that he's still gathering information but things don't look good for her. He's trying to keep things from escalating, but he has to be fair. She knows that Buzz is not coming back, but Frank tells her that he doesn't know. Olivia checks her messages and learns that Gillespie plans to get rid of Ava. She comes out of the room yelling, looking for Frank. Instead, Doris is the only one there. She tells Olivia that she is the one that will be prosecuting her for attempted murder. Doris is very nasty to her about how she plans to put her away for a long time.

Gillespie phones Olivia again to leave another message about what he has planned for Ava. He gets coffee from Ashlee and questions her about where Ava is. She babbles on about having to take Ava's place and how pretty she is. She stops herself and apologizes, but he tells her to go ahead, turning on the charm. Gillespie follows Ava after she leaves home, watching her with Alan-Michael.

Alan-Michael brings Ava to lunch, so she wonders where the big emergency went. He admits he lied about that; he just wanted to help her with her problems with Olivia. Ava is shocked to learn that Olivia had left town and they dragged her back for questioning. Alan-Michael asks if she wants his help. While Ava ponders this, Alan-Michael suggests that he would be better help for her than the Coopers would. They discuss what happened with Olivia. He paints a very black picture of what might happen without his help. Later, Gillespie gets on the same elevator as Ava.

Buzz returns to work and finds Coop on his computer. He makes a sarcastic remark about Coop writing something nasty about Olivia for Springfield Burns. Coop protests that he would never do that, and Buzz apologizes. They talk cautiously about Olivia and her actions. Coop wonders if Olivia has some dark secret that is making her act evil lately. Buzz laughs about his being Olivia's protector. Coop asks him what he believes about whether Olivia ran Ava down or not. Buzz is not so sure.

Reva checks up with Billy at a parking garage. He is not happy to see her there because she should be in bed. She just wants to make sure that her plan will work. She plans to get Josh and Cassie stuck there again, so they can relive their first close time together. Billy leaves, and Josh sees Reva there. He asks her surprisedly why she is there. Reva claims that Billy is meeting her there. Josh thinks she must have missed him. Reva goes to leave, but Josh stops her and wonders why she was hiding behind a pillar. She says that's ridiculous. Josh sees that the garage's door is closing, so he rushes to stop it, but it closes anyway. They are both shocked to be stuck in there.

Meanwhile, Cassie has misunderstood the text message ("Meet me where it all began"), so she is at the place where they went to the Greek Festival rather than at the garage.

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