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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/21/06

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Written By Suzanne

Mallet works on his laptop at Co2, annoyed that he can't get WiFi to work. He complains to Buzz that he doesn't provide it so the signal is not strong enough from the place down the street. Buzz doesn't understand why he's complaining. Marina walks in and gives Mallet a hard time for being such a grump because of Dinah. Mallet claims that he's in a bad mood just because Marina hasn't found out yet about who is running the Springfield Burns site. Buzz and Marina try to console him about Dinah, but he doesn't want to talk about it at all. Gus comes up, so they all talk about how badly Mallet looks. Mallet admits he's a wreck as Gus leads him away to help him.

Harley, sporting a very odd new blonde hairdo (looks way too young for her), greets Dinah at a bar. Dinah is not in a good mood, either. They spy Matt and Vanessa walking in, so Dinah wonders why they are back in town. Harley insists on going over to say to them. They all pretend it's a surprise, but obviously it was a set-up to get them back to help out Dinah. Harley invites them to lunch. Dinah looks suspicious. Harley and the others compliment Dinah and act very peppy about her. They even toast Dinah and say corny clichs. Dinah figures out that the whole thing was a set up. She knows that they are all nervous that she might lose it again. They deny it, but she goes on and on about being crazy and accuses them of having an intervention. They deny it and just say they are trying to spend some time with her. Dinah tells them sarcastically how she's been having crazy feelings about stabbing people and setting things on fire. She sets a nearby baked Alaska on fire and then waves it around, trying to make them look nervous. Harley tells her to put it down on the table. Dinah does and they all pour wine on it to douse the flames (which of course wouldn't work if were really wine....). Dinah tells them off. Vanessa tells her that they just love Dinah and are worried about her. They argue about her and Mallet breaking up. Dinah yells that she doesn't want to talk about Mallet, then she stalks off, running right into Mallet. They realize that they were both set up. Dinah has him take her hand. They announce to everyone that they don't need their help and that their relationship is dead. They drop hands with this announcement. They go on and on about how dead their relationship is and how it's very laughable for these people to give them relationship advice. The others watch silently as Dinah and Mallet, once again making a great team, tell them off. Vanessa asks Mallet if he loves her and asks why they aren't together. Dinah turns it on Vanessa and Matt, trading insults. Harley interrupts the fighting to point out that Mallet and Dinah just had a great display of teamwork. Dinah decides to leave. Mallet leaves, too.

Vanessa and Matt leave after that. Gus and Harley lament that they've had such a messed-up history, but all is forgotten when they kiss. They are so passionate that people at nearby tables stare at them. They kiss and laugh.

Jeffrey questions Marina at the station about why there aren't any updates about the Springfield Burns case. She lets him know that they are investigating, but they can't do much right now. When he threatens to find someone else to do it, she wonders why he's not asking about all the robberies and murders they are investigating. She questions him some more about why he's so interested in the website, insinuating that the website might reveal some dirt on him. She jokes that maybe the blogger is someone like her, who has a gripe against one of her bosses.

Ava looks at a picture of her mother while she talks about her to Coop. Ava sobs as she talks about how much she misses her. Coop reminds Ava that she has to decide what to do about Olivia. He thinks they should make her pay. Ava worries that Olivia will lose Emma if she gets in trouble with the law. Cooper grabs her as she is going out the door and insists that Ava listen to him. They argue about it. Frank comes up while Ava is talking about how Olivia tried to run her over. He asks if that's her official statement. They all argue about whether she should press charges against Olivia or not. Frank is shocked to learn that Ava threatened Olivia that she would turn her in after Emma got better. He rushes out to investigate. Coop confesses to Ava that he phoned Frank to come there. Ava yells at him for doing that when she told him that she didn't want to report her to the cops yet. They argue some more about Olivia. Ava still feels guilty for what happened to Emma. Coop declares that he will not lose her, so they end up kissing, then they go to bed. She apologizes to him for how she's been acting and talks more about her mom. He comforts her. They kiss some more. Coop wonders if Ava is worried about Olivia, but she's not.

Olivia looks at the adoption file to find that Connie Sutton was the mother of her baby. The picture looks just like the one that Ava has. Olivia writes down the couples' address and promises to the woman that she won't tell anyone where she got the information. Olivia tells Emma that they are going to Chicago to see the Cubs instead of going to San Cristobal. They go to Chicago. Olivia asks Emma to draw her a picture as Olivia talks to some guy in a warehouse. She sees a young woman with dark hair, Laurie, talking lovingly to her dad, Greg. Olivia goes up to him and asks if he's Greg Sutton. Greg knows from what she says that she is looking for her daughter, but he quickly sets Olivia straight that Laurie is his daughter, not hers. He tells her that the woman she is looking for is Birdie, who is no longer around any more. Olivia, upset, asks what he means. She asks if she's dead. He tells her that he doesn't know how the girl is. He explains that he and his ex-wife Connie had a bad marriage. Connie set up the adoption when they went to San Cristobal. He admits that he wasn't ready for a child, so they split up. Connie took the baby. He knows that Connie passed away but not what happened to the baby.

Buzz tells Frank that Olivia went on a little vacation. Frank thinks she's on the run instead and that they should find her. Frank and Buzz talk about Olivia trying to run Ava down. Buzz doesn't think that Olivia was running away and points out that she was happy when she left. Frank asks where she went, but Buzz just tells him that he can talk to her when she comes back. Frank tells him that he's going to the station. After he leaves, Buzz wonders to himself what Olivia did. Buzz calls Olivia and then asks how her vacation is doing. She reveals that it's not quite turning out like she planned. They make small talk. She lies that the weather is bad and then says that her phone is dying. He stops her and asks her for another number to call. She gives him the number. He realizes that the area code is Chicago. Her phone dies. Frank, nearby, hears the number and calls the Chicago PD.

Mallet goes to the police station. He asks Marina if she wants to get a bite to eat. She suggests that instead he work on the Springfield Burns site. She shows him that they have a lead. Someone in Chicago is hosting the site. He tells her that they are hitting the road.

Jeffrey comes back to his place and finds Dinah there on the bed. She is looking at a gun while she lies on his bed, but it's really a lighter. She flirts, asking if he's going to help put the fire out. He says that all he's interested in extinguishing is the Springfield Burns website. She wonders if there are more nude photos, but he informs her with disgust that there's nothing new at all, which makes him suspicious. He is worried that information from his FBI file will get out, costing him everything. She says "Good, then we'll be even" as she kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Olivia asks Greg if Connie remarried, so he remembers that she did. He can't think of the last name, though. She asks about the name "Birdie". He explains that it was just a nickname because her neck was so long. She asks what her real name was. Before he can answer, two officers from the Chicago PD come up (a man and a woman) to tell her that she has to come with them to answer questions about an auto accident back in Springfield. She asks the cops to give her a minute, but they can't. Olivia gives Greg her card and asks him to contact her if he thinks of anything. He agrees that he will. Olivia gathers up Emma and her things, explaining that they are going for a ride in the squad car. The female police officer tells Emma that they will let her hear the siren. Olivia thanks her and they leave. After they leave, Greg remembers that Connie's new last name was Peralta. Buzz tries to phone Olivia back again, but she doesn't answer.

The man that Olivia was talking to the other day about taking out Ava, Gillespie, phones Olivia and leaves a message that he is assuming she wants Ava completely gone. He assures her that Ava won't be bothering her any more.

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