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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/20/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Olivia – Inside the Light
“Not Forever”

In the garage, Olivia sits behind the wheel of Ava’s car. She sees Ava standing in front of the car and remembers telling her that if anything happens to her daughter, she will make her pay. Olivia starts the motor, guns the car and heads straight for Ava. Ava jumps out of the way just in time. Frank arrives and asks Olivia if she is okay, but Olivia doesn’t answer. He goes to Ava and finds that she has a laceration on her arm. He goes back to Olivia and she lies. She tells him that she was waiting for Ava and her arm hit the shift accidentally. He tells them that he will get his car and take Olivia home. After he leaves, Ava yells at Olivia and tells her that she tried to kill her. Olivia whispers to Ava and asks her what she’s going to do about it. Ava tells her that she will not do anything, yet. “But, as soon as Emma wakes up”, Ava says, “I’m telling everybody what you did”. Ava walks away and leaves a very upset Olivia behind.

Later, Frank takes Olivia to Cedars. He asks her where Ava said she was going for she really needs a doctor now. Olivia doesn’t answer and Frank has to leave after being paged. Olivia remembers Ava’s last words and Buzz startles her. She tells him that she is sorry for leaving, but had to go on a walk. He tells her that he was here for Emma. She goes into Emma’s room and whispers to her as she sleeps in the coma. She says, “Mommy’s here. I know you’re in there and I never should have left you, baby. I just couldn’t think very well and she doesn’t know what it’s like to be a mother. She put you here and there are no accidents. I know. Mommy will never let anybody come between us”.

Later, outside Cedars, Olivia makes a phone call and says, “I need to see you. Someone is out to hurt me and I need her stopped right now”. Buzz goes to Emma’s room a few minutes later and finds Olivia gone.

On Main Street, Olivia watches as Coop talks with Ava. Coop notices the injury on Ava’s right arm. She tells him that she bumped up against the counter top. He sees her torn dress and she admits that she fell while in the garage, but doesn’t remember the scratches. He pins her down and asks her if Olivia hurt her. She tires to evade the questions, but he continues to ask. She finally tells him that yes; Olivia came by and was drunk. She tells him that she offered to drive her home and before she realized anything, Olivia was in the driver’s seat. She adds that Frank was there, too. He asks did she have Olivia arrested and she tells him no. She tries to make light of the situation and Coop tells him that she has to report this. She raises her voice and tells him that she will when Emma is better. Olivia continues to listen and cries. Ava tells Coop that no one will change her mind and that’s it. He continues to tell her that she must report this and Ava tells him she will when Emma is better.

A man walks up to Olivia and she takes him to a quiet area outside Cedars. She tells him the woman at the café (Ava) put her daughter in the hospital and now is coming after her. He asks the name and Olivia tells him. She tells him that he must make her go away. He begins to ask her just how much she wants her to go away. She tells him very badly. Suddenly, Buzz opens the hospital door and announces that Emma is awake.

In Emma’s room, Olivia is elated to see Emma awake. She tells Emma that everything will be okay now. Olivia sees Coop bring in Ava for medical attention and glares at her. Buzz leaves to find the doctor. Olivia talks to Emma and tells her that drinking the perfume was very bad for her. “Just like Sleeping Beauty”, Olivia tells her. Olivia asks her did she feel alone while asleep and Emma says, “My sister”. Olivia laughs and says, “You had a dream about Lizzie?” Emma shakes her head no. Olivia remembers her words to her mother, “My baby”, and tells Emma that Lizzie is her only sister. Emma tells her that her sister has brown hair. Olivia asks her if this sister has a name. Before Emma can answer, the doctor comes in to examine Emma. Buzz and Olivia leave the room and he hugs her. He asks about Emma’s dream and Olivia says that dreams can come true. She continues to remember Ava’s words, “As soon as Emma wakes up, I’m going to tell everybody what you did”.

Outside Cedars, Lizzie finds Coop waiting for Ava. She asks about Ava and Coop makes a sarcastic remark. He tells her that Olivia tried to run down Ava tonight. Lizzie is shocked and tells Coop that Olivia is just freaked out about Emma. He asks her if she sides with Olivia and Lizzie tells him no; she would go crazy if anything happened to her own baby. The two make small talk about her pregnancy and she tells him that Ava is lucky to have him. He tells her to take care and leaves Lizzie. Lizzie rubs her belly and says, “For once we can’t blame Olivia, huh?”

Inside Cedars, Buzz tells Olivia to go get some rest. He tells her that he needs to call Ava and let her know Emma is awake. Olivia grabs him and yells, “No”. He looks at her funny and she explains that until she knows Emma is okay, she just wants to keep it to them. The doctor tells her that Emma is okay and might be able to go home tomorrow. The doctor tells Buzz to make sure Olivia gets some rest and Buzz tells her to go home. Olivia kisses Emma goodnight.

While she sleeps, Olivia remembers Emma’s words, “My sister. Not Lizzie”. She also remembers the day of her mother’s funeral and says, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I did this to you”. Suddenly, young Olivia goes into labor at her mother’s funeral. She finally delivers, at the hospital, a girl. Young Olivia is elated, but when the doctor asks if she wants to hold her, Olivia tells him no and starts to cry. Later, the doctor approaches young Olivia again and asks if she is sure. Olivia tells him, yes and that she doesn’t want to see the baby again. She covers her ears as the baby cries. She yells, “Go. GO!” After the doctor and nurse take the baby away, she says, “Goodbye baby. Goodbye forever”. Suddenly, back to reality, Olivia sits up in bed and says, “Not forever. Not forever!”

Later that same morning, Olivia finds Lizzie outside her room at the Beacon. She tells her that Emma is awake. Lizzie tells her that she knows about the car incident. Then, she tells Olivia that ever since Ava came to town, she’s been nothing but trouble. Olivia tells her that finally they agree on something.

On Main Street, Olivia makes a phone call and tells a woman that she knows she signed away her rights, but needs help now. The woman hangs up on her. Olivia finds Jeffrey later at the courthouse and tells him that she needs a contact in San Cristobel. He balks and she tells him that she needs something from her past. He tells her to just leave it there and she tells him that she just needs some information. She tells him that if he doesn’t, she will stalk him until he does. He finally relents.

Back at Cedars, Olivia reads Sleeping Beauty to Emma and they laugh at the ending. Olivia asks Emma about the dream sister again and Buzz arrives with stuffed animals. Emma gives him her bear and he introduces him self to Mrs. Bear. He asks Mrs. Bear her name and Emma says, “Ava”. Olivia and Buzz are quiet at this. While Buzz talks to Emma, Olivia looks at the contact information that Jeffrey gave to her. The doctor comes in and announces that Emma can go home. Everyone is so excited. Olivia tells Emma that now they can go on vacation. She takes Buzz aside and tells him that maybe this trip needs to be just her and Emma. Buzz understands and tells her that she doesn’t need to explain. He tells her that little girls need their moms and he will be here when she returns. After Emma is dressed, Olivia tells her that she thinks her dream sister made her feel safe. Emma giggles and the two leave the hospital.

Coop comes to Ava’s room and tells her that Emma is now awake. They both embrace and she is so happy.

At San Cristobel, Olivia and Emma arrive. A woman approaches Olivia and tells her that she (the woman) could get into a lot of trouble for this. Olivia hands her an envelope full of cash and the woman hands her a file marked, “Olivia Spencer”.

Back at Ava’s room, Coop tells Ava that it’s time to turn in Olivia. He tells her that he can get Frank now. She asks what would happen to Emma and he tells her he doesn’t know. She tells him that Emma shouldn’t have to pay for not having a mother. She reminds him that her mother died when she was young and so did his. Coop is silent.

At San Cristobel, Olivia finds the names of the adoptive parents of her baby, Gregory and Constance Sutton. The woman tells her there are pictures of the adoptive parents clipped to the back.

In Springfield, Coop asks Ava what her mother was like. As she opens a drawer to show him, he spies a fairy tales book. She tells him that her mother always read to her and her favorite was Sleeping Beauty. She shows him a picture of her mother.

At San Cristobel, Olivia looks at a picture of the adoptive mother, a pretty smiling blonde young woman.

Back in Springfield, Coop tells her that her mother was beautiful, but he sees no resemblance between her and her mother. He looks at a picture of Constance Sutton. She takes the picture from him and says, that she never noticed that before. She says, “Man, I miss her”.

At San Cristobel, Olivia looks at the picture of Constance Sutton and smiles a tearful smile.

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